9 August, 2022


(Dr) Mervyn Silva’s Rants

By Uditha Devapriya

Uditha Devapriya

Uditha Devapriya

(Dr) Mervyn Silva wants attention. He craves for it so much it’s no wonder he was the Minister for Public Relations once. At present though, he’s an orphan. Has nowhere to go. Having been denied nominations from his own party despite his overtures to President Maithripala Sirisena (he was one of “Mahinda’s men” before he lost, as we know), he’s seeking a way out. He’s trying to find an ally. Trying to worm himself in.

This is not the first time he’s tried to jump ship. Not the first time he’s regretted the past and vowed to repent. If anyone reads up on his history (s)he’ll come across instances where he’s begged for forgiveness, promised repentance, got largesse, and broken that promise. Wherever he is, whatever he joins, he’s shown himself capable of forgetting the past and doing wrong by everyone around him.

He’s planning to jump again. He’s launching a campaign for Ranil Wickremesinghe and his good governance brigade. He’s betting on victory. To substantiate all this, he’s also accusing Mahinda Rajapaksa of denying him nominations when worse rogues are campaigning from the UPFA. He then foretells doom: if Mahinda returns, so will the White Vans.

Point well made, Doctor. But well taken? Of course not.

 People have preferences. Silva has his. They change as soon as his patrons do. Explains his allegation that the Rajapaksa family have taken over the SLFP. Explains why he remained blissfully unaware of what they were doing throughout these 10 years. If words are indeed worth a dime a dozen, the Doctor is selling himself. Cheaply. Yes, if it’s about preferring one outcome to another and choosing the lesser evil, he’s no different from most politicians.

But he’s insufferable. Then again most politicians are. In his case however, he has demonstrated that he is arrogant, doesn’t care for anyone’s dignity, treats state property as his own, and pays obeisance to whoever calls the shots. For him, politics is all about flattering patrons. Not democracy. Not helping the voter.

The Doctor has a plan. He wants to campaign in Colombo, Gampaha, Kalutara, Matara, Hambantota, and Tissamaharamaya. Among other districts. He’s supporting the Ranil Wickremesinghe-led United National Front for Good Governance (UNFGG). He’s forgotten that he was once a beneficiary of the same regime whose big-shots continue to oppose those in that Front. Sure, he’s offered excuses. “I was threatened,” he said. “I couldn’t budge,” he whined. “I’m with Maithri!” he yelled. All words. All rhetoric. Cheap.

Wickremesinghe mustn’t be taken in by him. Nor should Sirisena. Things are looking bleak however. Some people in their campaign have in effect “endorsed” this thug. No one who spoke as much against Mahinda Rajapaksa as they did would allow Silva in. That’s what these people have done.

Let us be clear here. If Silva is taken into the campaign, it won’t lose much. But it’ll be blemished. Forever.

That’s why he should be put out. Why Sirisena and Wickremesinghe, both would-be custodians of good governance, must come out. They must declare position. They must align with one side or the other. That side cannot include Silva. That’s not because he’s an orphan. Not because he’ll revert to his usual antics if he’s taken back in. It’s because he’s done this before. Pathetic if history repeats itself. Again.

The good Doctor has ranted. Time he’s given a talking to. Time he’s kept shut. For good.

*Uditha Devapriya is a freelance writer who can be reached at udakdev1@gmail.com. His articles can be accessed at fragmenteyes.blogspot.com

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  • 16

    The audio tape of him accusing Ranil of making a homosexual advance towards Mervyn in a hotel room in Bentota is widely available on social media. He said this at a public meeting for Rajapakse. He claims RW made overtures creeping into his bed and scissoring him.

    In 1999, Waruna K said he saw RW and his Sugath C together at Marawila sleeping together.

    Weerawansa is attacking RW about his red lip brigades of boys out of desperation. Sagala, Buddhika, Akila are all insulted as part of that because they’re out of valid arguments to defend the demented deposed fancy king of Medamulane.
    In all these cases, because they can’t pull RW down on ability, or honesty, they attack his sexual preferences which have nothing to do with qualifications to lead us out of this mess.

    Mervyn barged into a family wedding in 2012 where MR was an attesting witness and expected to be recognized. He was snubbed because no one in the family ran to greet him. He shamelessly in low class uncouth manner probably at MR’s instigation barged in saying he and the president had to go to Kandy. Why could he wait outside if he had any decency? They are from Hambantota, that’s why. Boorish, low class, unrefined, uneducated filth .

    Rumor is MR is afraid of Merv the perv because Silva knows the womanizing oversexed behaviors of MR using Kandy Presidential house for those rendezvous , Shasheendra, Namal etc being an actively supplier.

    RW will be an idiot if he has this Sinhala low country filth on his stage . Kick this filth out. He said filthy stuff about CBK, RW and now about MR.

    • 18

      Mervyn is history already. MR will be history in the near future. Don’t waste time writing about these individuals.

  • 8

    SUNDAY LEADER had this to write in 2007 –
    “(1) Introduction to the Mervyn Silva Investigation
    Mr. Mervyn Silva is a powerful Cabinet Minister in President Mahinda Rajapakse’s Cabinet. Not afraid to get his hands dirty and use his several connections to the drug barons and underworld of Sri Lanka, Minister Silva is a law unto himself and is one of President Rajapakse’s most valuable attack dogs. Not unlike his father, Minister Silva’s son Malaka has been notorious for terrorizing Colombo and its nightspots and is also a paid government official in Minister Silva’s Ministry. No one dares speak out against the Silva family due to their connections both with the underworld and their immunity due to presidential patronage.
    In September 2007 after a particularly gruesome attack on an innocent bystander allegedly by Malaka Silva, at a salsa club, I decided enough was enough and took the Silva family head on. I personally investigated the incident and CONTINUED to pressure the government with article after article that included details of Presidential patronage. Backed fully by the President, Minister Silva attempted to influence the judges, twist evidence, change the charge sheet and even had police officers that first handled the case transferred. I followed Mr. Silva’s machinations closely, backed up my investigations with documents and recorded interviews of lawyers, police officers and a large number of sources and pursued the case relentlessly. It would be the first time a journalist and a newspaper had dared to go after the Minister and his son so visibly.
    On November 20, 2007 a Wednesday, our Newspaper presses (Factory) not surprisingly, fell under an arson attack. Lorry loads of The Morning Leader newspaper of which I am Editor in Chief, were burnt in the attack as they were being taken for distribution.
    But I continued to investigate this case and stand up for what we believed was justice and fair play.
    Three months after my exposès and articles, on December 27, 2007, Minister Mervyn Silva was to storm into the State-owned Television Station – The Rupavahini Corporation and threaten and manhandle its News Director. Mr. Silva had been irate that the TV Station had given coverage the day before to a speech that praised a political opponent. By now however my newspaper The Sunday Leader had given the lead and emboldened other journalists to stand up to this bully. At no other time would journalists working for the State and mindful of who their paymasters were, ever have thought of standing up to such a powerful government minister. This time they did. (See Article Titled ‘Boxing Mervyn Day’ at page 15 of this document)
    Thus December 27 became a turning point for many journalists particularly for those who worked in State media. I believe this new found freedom was single handedly precipitated by The Sunday Leader’s relentless pursuit for truth, justice and fair play.
    In September 2008, for this series, I won the prestigious International Award for Investigative Journalism – The Global Shining Light Award presented by the Global Investigative Journalists Conference in Norway.
    Sri Lanka Project WINS Global Award
    http://www.gijc2008.no/” Source: Lanka Standard

    • 6

      Mr Punchinilame

      Hats off to you indeed for being a true journalist. Pity your efforts were in vain but hopefully, a new righteous regime will take note & justice will prevail. Vermin Silva, as he is aptly called, is a despicable, shameless thug who has got into Politics by kissing the feet (not literally either) of those in power & famous for jumping ship at the first sign of a losing streak. He was quick to distance himself from MR when the going got tough for his lord & master, who he publicly worshipped not too long ago & is now canvassing for the UNP coalition, obviously expecting some scraps from the table if they come into power but people need to have short memories (or stupid) if this punk is given any political credibility. I am sure Ranil & CBK have not forgotten how they were insulted by his foul language, & as for Ranathunga is concerned, he must be pretty desperate to seek the blessing of this yob. In fact, the Ranathunga siblings don’t seem to be any better when it comes to curruption, so I suppose Arjuna may be quite comfortable with him around.

      Vermin Silva publicly boasted that he was responsible for the murder of Lasantha. Maybe it’s only hype to promote his macho image but stupid as he is to make such utterances in public, it’s time he & his equally despicable son are investigated, not only by the Police & the Fraud squad but also by the Inland revenue.

  • 17

    Kudu Mervin is symptomatic of the terminal cancer that has kept in to our governance system. Prior to 1993 his ilk would never have been
    tolerated in the higher political circles. By then the system collapsed
    and scum of the earth, who should never have been seen around political stages were well within it – often running the show. Kudu is not the only crime this viper is identified with – contract killing, extortion, kidnappings, murder – you name it, he’s done it. There was mud on all our faces when this vermin was made Minister – and the Rajapakses naturally had to be thanked for that.

    And then he brings to the picture his son – chip of the old block and is certainly the rotten system will accommodate punchi putha.

    Shame on any political party and leaders who grant refuge to this
    disgusting scoundrel. It is time a few of those who suffered under this
    criminal’s hands expose him to the Police and legal system.



  • 12

    Look whom he is supporting now:


    So this is the good governance they hope to usher in? The types of this thug?

    The less said of Arjuna and his funny side stories as reported in the media and the perks some get as a result the better.

    • 14

      I agree. For Arjuna to associate himself with the irascible Mervyn tells more about who Arjuna is.

  • 14

    There is no doubt he was a thug and joker. He is good fit for Mahinda & Co. Udith you kept silence until he was with Mahinda? why now cry?

    • 10

      He was with Ranil too unp to the core abusive of CBK at Anura Bandaranaike’s behest when Mervyn was UNP. Ipso FACTO SLFP UNP SLFP NOW UNP. SCUM OF THE EARTH.

      • 0

        In other words what you are saying is that Vermin MervynS was engaged both by the UNP and the
        SLFP. during their respective terms of office to do the dirty tricks he specialises in is not surprising, considering the fact that the latter was created from the spare rib of the former.
        They are both the same.

  • 1

    Here is a choice rant of Mervyn Silva :-
    [edited out]

  • 5

    Mervyn was at one time the mainstay of the absolutely corrupt Rajapaksa family. He had done a lot of favours to the Rajapaksa clan leading to immense rewards – a Ministerial portfolio, Kudu business with impunity and even more a doctorate for hitman activities.

    Let us for a moment forget politics. But whatever institution gave Mervyn a doctorate must be pulled down, trampelled and thrown into a dustbin.

  • 3

    Mervyn at one time was one of the mainstays in the utterly corrupt and dangerous Rajapaksa regime. He was well rewarded for his services – a ministerial portfolio, multiple official vehicles and a retinue of body guards, drivers and state funded hangers on; a kudu business with impunity and even more – a doctorate.

    Forget politics; it is dirty no matter what party is in power in Sri Lanka. But whatever educational institution that gave Mervyn a doctorate must be pulled down, trampelled and thrown into the dustbin.

  • 10

    Arjuna should be ASHAMED to come on political platforms with this worm. Shame on RW, Arjuna, CBK and others. Mervyn accused RW about his homosexual behavior which are all Lies . The tape about RW wanting gay sex with this lowlife is all over social media.

    Merv claimed he slept with CBK and then tried to again get nomination from UPFA. He is angry with Mahinda because his son learnt a lesson from Gota. Shame shame shame on your Arjuna for showing up on TV with this lowlife water bearer uncouth uneducated scum who ruined MR and CBK. He says RW wanted homosexual relations with him. Why do you tolerate such liars? There is no more moral hetero sexual straight leader than RW today . He’s a Bodhisattva.

  • 1

    Mervin saw all Mervin did. I feel he is a different character very energetic if directed in a good path my view he could do lot. Such strength is rare in our country. I feel he is positive minded.

  • 5

    Realistically Dr Merve belongs to the Elite , Anglican and the Poodle Club in Colombo.

    I bet Mrs Merve has at least one Poodle.

    Junior Merves GF is not even a Hirunika, but a full on Foreigner.

    They frequent the Elite Night Spots in sleepy suburbs with the most expensive Post Codes.

    They do hip hop, drink Tequilas and down Shotties till dawn almost every night.

    They do their Lingerie shopping at ODELS..

    And my elders tell me Dr Merve was a full blown UNPer and that is where he cut his teeth in politics.

    Plus he is the Custodian of the old Kelani Viharaya which was bestowed by Venerable Buddharakkitha to Batalalanda Ranil’s great uncles.

    Elite , Anglicans and even the Vellalas may breath a sigh of relief, now that Dr Merv is giving them a better than even money chance to score heavily in the South.

    From Matara to Anuradhapura via Hambantota and even Beliatta is a heck of a lot of territory.

    Our FM may even have a chance now, when Dr Merve mounts him, sorry I mean Dr Merve mounts the stage with him.

    Is Yahapalana Heavy Weight Dr Rajitha’s mongrel pup still in the race at Belatta?.

  • 7

    Arjuna, you are highly respected. But beware that those who sleep with dogs wake up with fleas.

  • 2

    He nursed an electorate in the wrong way and made proportional representation a mockery. Anyone a member of the constitutional council thinking to change electoral system take him as an example!

  • 5

    Regarding the sexual advances by the luminaries such as Ranil Wickremeainghe etc. to the glamorous Mervyn is understandable. He could be attractive in a dress or sari with a low cut blouse.

  • 5

    As an old Anandian I am ashamed of what Arjuna is doing. Are these the kind of principle that Ananda inculcated in you?

    Our voters love the kind of talk that Mervyn is famous for. Still, somethings are not worth doing in the long run, however much appeal they may have on a temporary basis.

  • 3

    Don’t be in a hurry to believe what meets the eye. For all you know Mervyn coming to the aid of Arjuna could well be a ploy to cause confusion.
    These people don’t have any scruples so don’t be surprised if Mara might be Mervyns puppeteer still.

  • 3

    Dear Mr. President/Mr. Prime Minister

    Mervyn and his stupid son have done every notorious things one can imagine, including terrorizing the public, taking bribes, trafficking drugs. If you are for “Yapalanaya”, why they are not charged for the crimes they committed? Now, Mr Clapton Cool is using Mervyn’s the gangster in his campaign.

    What a country! Are we all rice eating cows?

  • 2

    As he was given a Doctorate why does’nt he open a dodgy Medical centre and practice Medicine because he knows everything.

  • 1

    I lost all respect for you. People are judged by the company they keep. For you to associate with Mervin Silva is a complete disgrace. He is an animal who has done so much damage to the country and other people. You must be really desperate to get him into your campaign. Isn’t it better to lose than win getting help from disgusting characters like Mervin?
    It looks like all your talk about good governance is a camouflage!

  • 1

    Now that Mervyn has no patron saint and is a political pariah, can the government throw him into a prison cell and throw away the keys–surely there is more than enough proof to ensure a solid conviction 100 times over. His son is even worse, truly scum of the earth. Malaka used to regularly beat his Indian ex girlfriend Shalini who worked at Brandix – Rheinland Place. He trapped her in an abusive relationship for 4 years and dumped her when she got pregnant, father and son quickly packed her back to India. Poor girl ! What goes around will come around ! The current regime can only procrastinate and doesn’t have the cojones to touch this duo. For backstabbing MR, Gota should get his hit squad to crucify this unholy duo at the Thumulla junction in full public view.

  • 1

    President and RW used him to topple Rajapaksha government and now they have to compensate them.He was originally UNP and I do not think Mahinda or anybody would let him know about their private lives.When he was going out of control his son got smacked by Gota and from there he wanted revenge from Gota.I think any political party who opens the door for this unruly,cheap,abominable thug should be defeated.

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