23 May, 2024


Dr. Nirmal Assaulted By SLFP Snubs

Spokesperson of the Federation of University Teachers’ Association (FUTA) Dr. Nirmal Ranjith Dewasiri was attacked by a group of participants at the May day rally organised by SLFP snubs.

Nirmal RanjithDr. Nirmal had gone to see the rally organised by Wimal Weerawansa, Udaya Gammanpila, Dinesh Gunawardena and Vasudeva Nanayakkara.

The attackers criticised Dr. Nirmal for supporting Maithripala Sirisena and working against Rajapaksas in the January presidential elections, an eyewitness told Colombo Telegraph.

Police Media Spokesperson confirmed that he was attacked near attending Kirulopne May Day rally. The police rescued Dr. Dewasiri from being assaulted and he was admitted to the Colombo National Hospital.


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    Why did he go there at all?
    Sengodan. M

    • 8

      This is what I also raised myself just now.

      Gommanpila and Buruwanse are ultra nationalitsts – do whatever to twist the stupid people. To join them is a greater mistake of Dr. Dewasiri.

      I wish anybody attacked Buruwanse and Gommanpila.. I cant see them anymore.

    • 7

      Anyone has a right to go anywhere in SL right? he may have gone to see a foul mouthed WEERAYA who doesn’t have a rope to hang on now except the Saree of MR..

  • 14

    Its a public meeting. He attended it. Dayan attended public funeral. Other attendees removed his trouser.

    In both cases what people did is wrong. Any one should have right to attend any public meeting.

    In 1956 one Athula de Silva, (supporter of SD Bandaranayake) attended public meeting chaired by Dudley Senanayake at Gampaha.Athula threw a question at him when Dudley was addressing the meeting. Regie Ranathunga strong UNPer supporter that time assaulted Athula.

    There Athula wrong, he should have listened the speech. Reggie also wrong he has no right to assault him.

    We should have right to go to any public meeting and listen.

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    This Dr worked day and night to put the knife in to the Rajapaksa regime.

    Never seen an Academic licking the backsides of the UNP so much.

    These people joined with the JVP to exploit the poor rural youth who managed to get a place in the University.

    And forced to live in Hostels because their poor parents couldn’t pay for private board and meals.

    JVP activists treated these poor youth not only as political footballs but also as s sex objects and subjected some to inhuman ragging if they didn’t tow the line.

    After joining these FUTA traitors , JVP student leaders thought they also can have a good time like the Elite , Anglicans and Muslimsu under. Yahapalanaya.

    But they were disappointed ,when I saw treatment they got from Yahapalana Police the other day , with not only Water Cannons but Tear Gs as well.

    Was this Dr on his way to address the Patriotic Peoples’ May Day Rally and tell the crowd how bad the Yahapalanaya is?..

    • 17

      LOL @ never seen an academic licking the backside of anyone? How about DJ..who utters PURE crap here on CT? IO Sumane… where have u been? at times Rajiva too… two pods of a Pea… both MR bum suckers…

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    It is sad to note that Sri Lanka has yet to progress o the score of freedom of others. One should learn to tolerate diverse opinion, diverse beliefs and diverse personalities. Assaulting a guy, perhaps just for nothing but being an object of hatred is uncivilized.

    It could also be that he was considered as an element that came there to disrupt the gathering and the die-hard took precaution in anticipation. But that is not within acceptable limits of self defense or anything of some justification.

    Incidentally, CT also reports the resignation of the VC of Colombo, which is almost about period of the assault, the Hirimburegamas being the bete-noire of Devasiri.


  • 1

    LOL @ never seen an academic licking the backside of anyone? Like you Snowden Wdward Asange……………….

    Dr. Nirmal Assaulted. Mmmmmm Catholic action for leaving the robe & having forgotton catholic teaching??
    BTW who was the other Don? Mendis?

    Better had you visited a church instead of this meeting. At least GOD would have forgiven your deeds and distancing from HIM.

  • 4


    If you call working tirelessly to bring down a Despotic, Most Corrupt, White Van, Brutal and a regime which taxes the poor masses and living an exorbitant Rajathuma life, bum sucking, so be it.

    The likes of YOU, DAYAN THE D….., VASU, BOORUVANSA, GEMBAMPILA will pay the ultimate price for acting against the well being of common people, just like the MARA AND THE GANG are going through now.


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    My seniors have told me that the late Stanley Kalpage then only an academic at Peradeniya had invited Dudley Senanayake for a meeting at the Arts Block somewhere in the 60s[?].For this act alone Stanley Kalpage was set upon by the students!
    This violent political culture is timeless.

    I would have expected Dr.Nirmal to have exercised more caution.After all he is a high profile personality.

    Anyway,I wish him a speedy recovery.He has made a most valuable contribution to mobilise the Academic community towards change.

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    There are 6 letters several hours after this news came out. That is all.
    If Dayan J Silvah wrote there will be 60 by now.

    That means DJ Silvah provokes much more than a physical attack.

    Those who know Dayn Silvah well, will know why.

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    It has been a habit of many young university academics to roam in the streets of Colombo on the May Day and observe various demonstrations and meetings. I used to do the same with late Dr. Newton Gunasinghe and others. On certain occasions we also wrote commentaries based on those observations. We were never attacked although we also held certain political viewpoints.

    The attack on Dr. Nirmal and Dr. Kumudu appears to represent the violent political culture, cultivated and promoted by the past regime. With the appearance of populist slogans that culture attempts to promote fascist tendencies.

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    These were spying at Kirillopone thinking people[Edited out]

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    We feel realy sorry. You were attacked since you did a dedicated service for us. I feel we all are in danger.

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    News: A soldier with gun near president’s meeting arrested! Don attacked physically in a meeting!

    No need for processions and meetings even rural masses view live television debates and listen to FM 24 x 7 apart from web social media. Why need show of strength? People should avoid crowds.

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