29 November, 2022


Dragon Tiger: What you need to know


Dragon Tiger is one of the hottest casino games right now. It is created and developed by Evolution, which is home to world-class live dealer games. This particular game originates from Cambodia, hence the oriental theme of the live studio.

If you enjoy baccarat and its quirks, you will love this game. Although there is a learning curve, it is easy to absorb its rules as you play more. Here is everything you need to know and learn about the Dragon Tiger:

How to play Dragon Tiger

The main objective of live Baccarat Dragon Tiger is similar to baccarat. You need to correctly predict which of the two, the Dragon or the Tiger, has the higher card value. You can also bet ‘Tie’ if your intuition tells you that both cards will have the same value.

The game will then start once you have placed your chips on one of the three primary bet selections. To increase your chances of winning, you may also wager on eight side bets, which will be discussed in more detail in the latter.


Click the ‘Deal’ button when you are pleased with your wager. The Dragon and Tiger will then each get two cards. All winning bets on the table will be highlighted when their values are compared. Once you win, your credits will go straight to your bankroll.

Card Values

To determine a winner in Dragon Tiger, card values must be taken into account. Compared to traditional baccarat, this game has a different approach in terms of card values. Numbered cards will always equate to their face value. The royal cards will have corresponding values. The Jack is worth 11, the Queen at 12, and the King at 13. The Ace, on the other hand, is the lowest card in the spectrum.

Side bets

Dragon Tiger also has its side bets, similar to baccarat. If you are feeling spicy and want to up the ante, you can opt to bet on them as well. Due to the altered rules, there are only a few options for you:


This side bet is simply predicting whether one of the cards dealt in either Dragon or Tiger will be an odd number or an even number. However, the odd bet does not include a seven. Aside from Jack and King, only the odds of one, three, five, and nine are accepted.


With this side bet, either the Dragon or the Tiger may be the subject of the big/small wager. Big bets mean that you predict that either of the two will receive a card value of eight or higher.

On the other hand, one of the cards in either the Dragon or Tiger should be six or below for small bets to win. In terms of failing to satisfy the requirements, another scenario where big or small bets can lose is when a seven appears. Similar to the Odd/Even side bet, this card value is not included.

Dragon Tiger theme

Dragon Tiger follows a luxurious oriental theme with strong Asian influences. The graphics in the game are top-notch and of high quality. You will notice the mix of minimalist aesthetics and oriental stylings, which presents a perfect balance. Raise your volume and enjoy the sound mixing of traditional strums of the different oriental stringed instruments.

Play Dragon Tiger now

Live Baccarat Dragon Tiger is a simple yet addicting game. It gives players a unique experience but requires strategy on winning. If you love the game of baccarat, play Dragon Tiger now and indulge in a fulfilling betting experience.


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