25 May, 2024


How to leverage the corporate story for brand storytelling

One of the biggest challenges, for any kind of company, is to effectively tell its story, piquing the interest of its audience with the goal of getting them to concretely demonstrate their interest and appreciation for the brand’s tradition, perhaps with a follow on social media or (even better) with a purchase made on the online shop.

Unlike the other content to be published on the communication channels activated by the company, the content related to the company’s story already exists, is already available to the communications department staff and to anyone who wants to use it to promote the company even more. However, this content needs to be sorted in a coherent manner, scrupulously analyzed with an extremely careful eye, and repurposed in a palatable guise for the general public online, and particularly the social media audience, whose tastes seem to change by the second.

The new demands of the public

But with the renewed needs of the web audience, and with the gradual change in the ways of interaction and approach between the consumer and the company, the latter must realize that customer interest, nowadays, is also awakened through content of an emotional, intangible nature, even if it is not directly related to the functional concreteness of the product and its most obvious, tangible features, visible to the naked eye.

In this present that is so complex and dense with dramatic events, audiences want to hear compelling and exciting stories, with a definite hero, plot and characters, because their needs for entertainment are not only almost insatiable, but are also continually fed and refreshed by the popular online platforms that continue to offer multimedia content that can be consumed extremely easily, with a single click, regardless of the place or time chosen for their enjoyment. People expect something very similar on social networks as well: consumers want, demand that their target company speak the same language as them, and possibly continually entertain them with entertaining and exciting content, even if it is not directly related to the products sold.

Communication insights

This is precisely why content of a historical nature, focusing on the brand’s past, will need to play a major role in your content strategy, fitting in very naturally among publications focusing on products, company values or the latest news to be communicated to the public. The amount of material related to a brand’s history is sometimes so voluminous that it requires the work of one or more internal resources, who will have to carefully plumb all of a brand’s historical information with the aim of deriving valuable insights for communication from it, but also to sort and summarize it, thus isolating the particularly significant moments that you will want to use for your online and offline publications.

Sometimes, entire communication campaigns are based on a small detail, a seemingly insignificant fact unearthed from the archives of the brand’s history, magically brought back to life through the power of creative communication. What you will need to focus on when doing this kind of work are the differentiating details from other competitors that can really make a difference when they become communication material.

The resources of online virtual spaces can be used effectively to convey strong ideas and messages, but also to amplify the emotional reach of certain historical facts now belonging to the past. Being able to rely on this valuable possibility, for brands, means above all making quality content that is able to engage its audience on a very deep level, offering them a glimpse of the past that triggers their natural appreciation for the activities carried on by the company to the present day. When you have shaped this content in a meaningful way, you can seamlessly post it on your social media, blog or company website, strengthening your relationship with consumers even more.

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By digging deep into corporate histories, the most skilled professionals will be able to find genuine golden nuggets with which to illuminate the communication plans of the present, making them brighter than ever.

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