13 April, 2024


Drunk Pilot’s License Suspended

The license of the drunk SriLankan Airline’s Pilot, Capt. Upendra Ranaweera was suspended by the civil aviation authorities today.

DG Civil Aviation H.M.C. Nimalasiri

DG Civil Aviation H.M.C. Nimalasiri

In a letter addressed to Ranaweera, H.M.C. Nimalasiri, the Director General of Civil Aviation and Chief Executive Officer of the Civil Aviation Authority said that the Airline Transport Pilot License Number ATPL/A/267 issued to Ranaweera was suspended with immediate effect pending further investigations.

Nimalsiri pointed out that the pilot had contravened stipulations by allegedly consuming alcohol or psychoactive substances.

Nimalsiri has also ordered Ranaweera to show cause within seven days as to why his license should not be cancelled.

On August 19, the SriLankan Airlines’ flight UL 554 scheduled to depart from Frankfurt Germany experienced a lengthy delay as the Pilot-In-Command Capt. Ranaweera failed a breathalyzer test at the airport prior to departure. A total of 259 passengers on board inconvenienced by this delay stand to be compensated 600 euro each. The flight eventually departed for Colombo 15 hours later.

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Latest comments

  • 18

    Sri Lankan Airlines is doomed and should be scrapped. It continues to be a white elephant – a mega loss making venture and corrupt at all levels.

    • 12

      If he is found guilty his license should be cancelled immediately with no reprieve due to the nature of his action

      • 2

        People make mistakes… even the MOST SYSTEMATIC germans found later that the German wings pilot caused the plane crash two years ago had not been mentally fit. He had been undergoing therapies in that areas.. however, the management was blamed to have allowed the kind of pilots to continue….

        Those who lost their school going children by GW plane crash will further hate the airline authorities.

        But since then they have taken strict actions against the kind of pilots.

        So very same manner, lanken authorities should take every hard actions against the drunkard pilots or their teams. Hard punishments should be introduced where it is mandotory. God save srilanka

    • 11

      The kind of pilots should be beheaded.

      I will never fly by an UL machine again.

      These men are so selfish as Rajapakshe men have been

      • 15

        “The kind of pilots should be beheaded. “

        Go to Syria and enjoy your kind of animals.- pol kuddu zilva.

    • 4

      Agreed, however Preime Minister RW loves Sri Lankan airlines and continue to waste tax payers money on this doomed airlines.

      • 6

        Anthony, you should be a person hired by highly corrupted men.
        How come you having that years of stay outside srilanka come with the kind of statements – who made SRILANKEN that bankrupt… RW or MR et al.
        Today, SRILANKEN belongs not even a single car moving on the role field. Heavy loads of debts left by the mismanagement of Rajakashe Massina (Brother in law) does not allow current management to easily take actions. A country such as ours how can they handle it today ?

        Why you too just add the kind of statements of that Sumanasekara, please use your brain man… why to take the side of anyone, if we have a healthy conscience. I know it very well, how Rajakashes abused the airlines. I have relatives working for the airlines and they were fed up of the management since MR administration interfered it as no other. Remember, CBK s days, they the SRILANKEN earned billions. These are facts but facts.

        • 1

          What is the point of talking about the past? I am well aware what the past regime had done to Sri Lankan Airlines. Prime Minister must appoint someone who can clean up the mismanagement, before investing tax payers money or don’t bother to get involved. For me the current and past governments are the same, because you all are Lankan fools who have been fighting since 1948. I have been exploring Jaffna for the last 12 months. Jaffna Tamils are the most foolish people in Asia. No wonder why they got nothing after fighting the Asia’s longest brutal civil war.

          • 2

            The biggest problems right at the moment is gaping up the arrears left and interests of the loans made by previous regime. Alone that is no easy with pitty income of the state -and barriers to collect them from the taxes.

            I totally disagree with you Mr. The moves of the current regime is no means the same of those of previous.

            1)Alone allow tenders to call for any kind of project deals regardelss of the size (bit it 0.1 or 500 million of rupees), they the current ADMINistration have called tenders for them – previous regime abused it giving unsolicited contracts for their men (going thorugh our man principle)but not even leaving records to trace whenever audits will search for them.

            2)Having passed the 19 Amendment to prevailing consitution, parliament is empowered, today, the ministers can work on their areas, PM can shine a voice as a leader of the cabinet…. if you are no reborn, should NOT have lost your memories if you are not suffering from a severe amnesia.

            Above two is the greatest achievement apart from that police commissions or other commissions having passed by parliament, people have been given some sorta of rights.. unlike the case prior to 08th Jan 2015.

            I am no party sympathiser, living on the west, I do compare almost everything going on in my home country. You attack the people in Jaffna, I might attack those in south, but what we both forget is – the media men of MR regime did not allow those folks to keep informed by the facts but facts. Media men even today paint the pictures in favours of some thugs. The ruling govt allows it in the context of media freedom, but which I think is totally wrong.

            Even in European countries would nto allow people to be fed with blatant lies about any leading politicians – since they respect code of ethics above everything…. thereare better systems how journos should act not abusing their jobs.

            The culture introduced by the rulers during the last 10 years allow any simple IRC men to do whatever they thought was right…. that they did going that far even in external affairs… learnt highly educated men like GLP or Rajeeva Wijesinghe stayed helpless since there had been mighty men from the Rajakashes stood on their way. Why we dont see it right LET alone today.
            Those men with no knowledge, no proper education did everything to go ruin.

            Ablenkungsmaneouer -Redherrings of the last regime was so called Road developments. But there, they wasted higher sums from the tax payers- had they done the jobs with standards, nothign would have worked to take us this deep.

          • 2

            What are u ? Are u tamil srilanken ? Sinhalese Srilanken ?

            Why you call them as fools… ? Most that were then captured by Ltte should feel today that they won the battle.

            From what i heard last week, meeting a tamil srilanken who just returned to Europe having had wonderful holidays back in homecountry (Jaffna), only shared me that everything is normalized there down.

            You talk about ” No wonder why they got nothing after fighting the Asia’s longest brutal civil war” – those who ran wars were the minority … always is the case …

            There you can not look down up the jaffna folks are the most fools ?
            Just becasue Germans fought wars, we are not right putting them all as racists….

            Most skin heads in europe are the tiny minority.. all other people respect foreigners.

            This is valid to srilankens too. Most that go against federalism are the radicals.. Chapa bandaras or Sumansekaras, Modapalas, Dayan Jayathilakas are the animators and rabble roucers that surive by continuing their jobs – they are born to do the job that way.
            Rajakashes or that rabid dog Ghanasaras are born racists… they would do anyhting and everythign to abuse people.

            However, what matters it eh majority s stances.

          • 2

            Anthany Peter himself repeats to have collected exp having lived on the west – but from I read here, I cant see as to why the man is compelled to add this way – may be lack of education or not having able to study it right yet. Let s wish the kind of men good luck. We need to look at them with sympathy.

      • 1

        Even simple simons could attack PM today, not knowing and studying the issue today, but in the days of MR, you guys kept your tongue as if you were deaf… why ?

        May be the management is somewhat not okay today with all the bankrupt situation, being subjected to austerity measures of greek levels… but the problem is not RW, ….. but the man who made the bankrupsy in Srilanka none other than Mr Abuse – Mahinda Jarapakshe adminsitration.

        • 3

          Mara created helicopter money and borrowed. Both of which are off the ledger of GDP/PPP- purchasing power parity. Plus the undervalued dollar.
          All that was heard was `white van`and muslim only for 4 deaths in a skirmish- the media of the western world (remember Gujarat and the incorrect info)

          Lankans are cowards they work in packs like wolves and get the firepower off the corrupt doctored western media

  • 14

    The bugger should be horse wiped and NOT merely suspended.He was well aware of the consequences before his binge right?And he was PROVEN to be drunk too.So what’s all this crap about suspension?This is just a ruse to let the drunkard go scot free after the heat cools.

    Just imagine if the flight crashed due to his severe incapability.Then all the Union chaps who are more interested in their perks and Chairman Dias who is more known for selling coffee and garments and that twit Suren Rawatte would have immediately arranged a press conference and declared in unison” Sorry the flight went down due to a technical fault and not the Pilot’s inefficiency”While the families of the dead would weep for years to come it would be business as usual for the trustees of Srilankan.Rajeeva Jayaweera we are waiting with bated breath for your diagnosis and prognosis.

    • 8

      Another drunken cronie appointed to the Sri Lankan Air lines during the Rajapakse Regime.this guy should be sent to 20 years in jail with MARA’s son.

  • 10

    H.M.C. Nimalasiri, the Director General of Civil Aviation and Chief Executive Officer of the Civil Aviation Authority,

    RE: Drunk Pilot’s License Suspended

    Please do not revoke this suspension when become sober after a day or so.

    He could have killed 300 people,and destroyed an Airplane. Can you put him in jail for 25 yeas?

    Send him to Saudi Arabian Airlines. They will probably cure him.

  • 12

    Sri lankan employees lack discipline. They are not responsible people. Trade Unions are there to spoil them more.

    These guys will use corrupt methods to get fake letters amd will get reinstated.

  • 11

    Better, the Civil Aviation authorities in Sri Lanka cancel the license
    as there is likelihood that ICAO could impound the aircraft piloted by
    Capt. Ranaweera on an overseas station as Frankfurt airport authorities
    would have forwarded the medical report to relevant authorities.

    Things never heard in this airline’s history are happening these days
    and going viral all over the world and Govt.maintains absolute silence on the state of the airline and how it is managed and unconcerned with
    the disrepute Sri Lankan airlines has earned in the recent past. This
    airline was once called the best airline in the East.

  • 12

    …. and who pays for the losses incurred ???

    • 7

      Paddy – Of course who else, the poor tax payer pays for the govt.

    • 3


      “…. and who pays for the losses incurred ???”

      The people with increased VAT’s, taxes and bribes to the politicians and officials.

  • 5

    Suspended pending further inquiries…typical way of using influence and “paw/sin aney” and sliding back into the job.Drunk Pilot ? Fire the looser.

  • 5

    The moral that one must draw from this valuable Colombo Telegraph story is to STOP flying in this death trap.There are excellent flights by other airlines from and to Colombo .Why pay to die on a Srilankan flight flown by drunkards ?

  • 2

    What about the fellows who snort cocacine before flights ?
    What about those who were assigned to Mihin who has similar issues and also certain of those who did not have relavent qualifications.

  • 2

    I heard from some people in Germany that this may have been a set up. Is it possible someone laced a drink he had with the intent to get him in trouble? Let’s not all jump into conclusions taking the side of popular media. From what I heard he had been a very good and kind person, training hundreds of others and also a practicing Buddhist. Something does not add up here…

    • 1

      Most you get to know from lanka would share you as practising buddhists.

      But the reality is even being on the way to order or killing, they will leave you ” Budusarnai” – so by their smiles and small talks you would not be able to see the reality of the person.
      If Pilot s breathlyzer proved him to have drunk, that should be the reason. And being in Germany while writing this – I dont think lanken govt is that stupid to pay 600 Euros each passengers by making this deliberately. Just right at this critical days of the airlines:

      Besides, it is reported, that UL will stop their flights to Frankfurt from Nov or so. All in all, I think, Pilot shold be subjected to an investigation. That will clear everything in the future.

    • 19

      Jay Chambers swollen headed (hegel) settler.

      “”also a practicing Buddhist.””

      the maximum number of buddhist in the world are at China –
      60% of world population.

      Chinese followers of Wisdom: don’t do dhanna, bana, mana, marapalanaya.

      arabs come to the west to get sloshed and have sex.
      other culture do the same.

      go study the 4th Gem or 7th path and get back Chambers-
      you know not sanskrit to call the shots.

      practicing buddhism’s humbug: wealth, fame and power.

    • 4

      Yeah, I heard it was a guy called John Walker who spiked the drink.. he was taking his Famous Grouse to a bird show near the Vat 69, riding a White Horse, right by the Cutty Sark

  • 1

    If the like of Ass-terix above are allowed to run anything, they will appoint the media and the unquestioning majority here who jump to conclusions, as the judge, jury and executioner. Some such uncivilized barbarians actually run countries in this world. Those who live in places where the axiom, “you are innocent until found guilty” should be extra thankful for their fortune.

    Hopefully this pilot is given the full benefit of the doubt and a fair hearing. I mentioned his faith because in my visits to Lanka I find the practicing Buddhists to be such peaceful and well-behaved people. Lanka needs more such people.

    • 0

      [Edited out]

    • 14

      “”I find the practicing Buddhists to be such peaceful and well-behaved people. “”
      KEEP BLOWING YOUR BUDDHIST SINHA LE TRUMPET ALONG WITH THE ELEPHANTS.Like your one man crocket team going burp burp.

      “Those who live in places where the axiom, “you are innocent until found guilty” should be extra thankful for their fortune.””

      Therefore you fear to have a walk in the park for fear of being shot like a deer. (SO WHY HAVE YOU NOT INCLUDED USA AT THE BOTTOM OF COMMENT AS YOU DO??)

      “Ike” Eisenhower promoted Spirit in lieu of religion.
      our pews are empty but we have spirit.
      – I am sufficient as I am.

      “”they will appoint the media and the unquestioning majority here who jump to conclusions, as the judge, jury and executioner. “”

      That is exactly the sinhala buddhist animal behaviour (saw his brother and axe) president’s power.

      If the like of Ass-terix above are allowed to run anything,

      This would be his reply to a sloth, Stay up there,

  • 1

    Sahodaraya! What the hell is going on man?
    With over 200 innocent and unsuspecting passengers on board , you attempted to fly an Aircraft ‘pissed as a newt’?!!! You off your ‘rocker?!!

    You are equally mad and bad, not to know the difference between “License” the verb and “Licence” the noun! Go back to school mate!

    • 6

      spelling bee winners in series are south indians of usa.
      lankawe no match for scrabble. ;)

  • 9

    With over 200 innocent unsuspecting passengers on board, you have the bloody nerve to attempt to pilot an airplane, ‘pissed as a newt’?

    You are either mad, bad, or both!

    By the way putha, “License” is the VERB, and “Licence” is the noun! Are you also “over the limit”???!!!. Let us all do things properly.

  • 1

    Safety Management System ( SMS)

    This Airline Is SMS control Airline. There are no any chance to breech its safety defenses by any manner. Our dedicated staff always vigilant about the safety of the Aircraft , passenger , staff members and its properties. If any person or system attributes to Airline safety it can be detected and avert before and incident or accident. This person’s allegedly showed unacceptable behaviors also could lead to stop piloting/flying even reaching to the Airport gates.

    SriLankan Airlines maintain good safety record due to its rules. regulation , safety performance and safe operation procedures.

    voluntary , mandatory and confidential safety reporting system in place in this Airline.

    • 0

      Hear, Hear; Priyantha.

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