29 January, 2022


Duty of Losers To Feel High About Mau-Bima

By Basil Fernando

Basil Fernando

“What is this talk about the stock market?” I asked a friend, who is lawyer and also a businessman. “It is all through fraud,” he said, adding, “I also lost ninety lakhs.” When I asked a person holding very a high post in government the same question, he said, “Oh, I have given up long time ago. Don’t you know our fellows!” he laughed.

The casual way of talking about fraud even when they themselves have been the losers is by now quite Sri Lankan-like. Everyone has gotten used to expecting fraud everywhere. There is no high expectation about anything and, as a result, there is hardly any sense of disappointment on hearing the worst. Commenting on a news story appearing in the papers yesterday about a young man killing two young children, a journalist said, “This is what we see whenever we open a newspaper every day.” Even news of grievous crimes brings up no anger, not even a surprise.

However, the President wants the people to be proud of their country! Love of Mau-Bima is his favorite theme.

Stock market fraud and reports of grievous crimes he does not see as problems of Mau-Bima. You may feel low about everything around you. But you must feel high about Mau-Bima. Even if everything has turned ugly and sour, you are expected to have a sweet feeling about Mau-Bima

Perhaps the only people feeling high are those who benefit from massive fraud. They must be sharing the high feelings for Mau-Bima with the President.

In Hong Kong, young students are protesting against a curriculum change, which they fear is designed for brainwashing, where teachers would be expected to test how high students feel about their Chineseness.

Perhaps these young students understand that such ways of feeling high will only turn them into idiots.

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    BF the writer has a friend a lawyer lost 90 lakhs.
    (was this undeclared AHRC or NGO money ? Was the friend an Income Tax Payer??
    from where did he get to 9million. Why has he not committed suicide??
    Over to Inland Revenue Dept., of Sri Lanka…. Source below.
    HR wallahs associate high rollers??

    Stock markets all over the world are gambling dens.
    You see the people feeling high all over the world begining with Americam crash
    and Euro plunder from banks. bad debts & loans.
    Now AHRC preaches about stock markets, need to write rubbish amounts to plundering danish Kroners.

    The president want people to love the Mau bima and not the Stock market.

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      Mr dickey,
      So You are stating that The president want people to love the Mavu Bima and not the Stock market.
      and Stock markets all over the world are gambling dens.

      Then, what about gambling with ETF AND EPF Public money in local mafia controlled stock market and on bankrupt Greek bonds and lose it.
      Is that somebody’s [in government or rulers] DOWRY MONEY.

      And what about 4 million Rolex and Undeclared Dollars from Australia to higerup related to ruling family.
      did you hear that Sri Lankans got Swiss bank accounts with Black money transferred from different countries.

      Is the government sleeping, when NGOs bring in money without declaring.
      Are you jealous about that, they do enjoy with NGO money.


      ASK and Inquir about Hambanthota tsunami funds.

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        The people are voting with their feet and fleeing Maubima as boat people and economic migrants. Lanka is a large prison run by Rajapassa.
        So now Gota the White van Goon is building a Prison Museum!. One hopes some white vans will be on display there. Sri Lanka needs a PEACE AND RECONCILIATION MUSEUM not a bloody Prison Museum! People should protest this nonsense! Gota the Goons’ minions have already cut down all the old and valuable timber trees in Colombo while pretending to be paving roads and the contract for timber logging and environmental degradation of Colombo has been given to a company called “BOTANICAL” whose crews run around in white pick up, first chemically treat the trees so they seem like they are dying and then cut them down. This timber racket is denuding South Asia’s green city in the name of development.
        Today there is no development policy in Sri lanka – only the Rajapassa bros. pet projects — which are a huge waste of public funds and white elephants. The Mahinda Chinthanaya is good to wipe Mahinda’s ass and the geriatric leftists who support him!
        Basil Rajapass the uneducated so-called minister of Economic Development thinks that tourism is development! What a bloody circus. Time for people to get on the street and protest Chinese loans for the dictator’s white elephant development projects!

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    Reading the title, it looks BF or BS who ever writes about tamils who always talk about a homeland.

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    This person is asking many things from the president when he himself is in the same boots as the president is. But, both are screwing up the country for their existence. Because of that, i don’t know how BF has more rights to criticize another one just like him.

    Only difference is they two selected two different paths.

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    This is a very serious article, It raises the cardinal issue of our social conscience and how the masses have succumbed to the rhetoric about the “Motherland” and patriotism- which is the only one remaining plank of the decadent, chauvinist-fascist- crony-mafia- comprador-capitalist Rajapakse dynastic junta regime.Manipulation, hi-jacking, Speculation of the stock market is the stock practice of the worst type of parasitic, mafia cronies, tied to drug trafficking and money laundering-set up by the Rajapakse Regime.This will indeed spell the distater for the country and the peoplke. But it will also expose the real class nature of the Regime- and the people will learn to protest, revolt, rebel and finally overthrow this Regime and this neo-colonial Comprador Capitalist system.

    Ignore the comments by the fringe pathologists. I have much experience with these dried up, self-indulging androids.

    Ceylon Communist Party-Maoist

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