23 May, 2022


Easter Attacks PSC: MR Blackmailed By Sirisena – Expedition Of High Profile Cases A Warning Sign To Rajapaksas

The secret behind vehement protest and criticism by Mahinda Rajapaksa minions of the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna against the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) probing Easter Sunday attacks has been revealed. Colombo Telegraph learnt from sources close to Mahinda that desperate Sirisena has blackmailed Mahinda into withholding support to the PSC – threatening to move ahead with the high profile cases that Rajapaksas are directly implicated if they fail to discredit PSC hearings in the eyes of the public.

This information was confirmed yesterday when Attorney General Dappula de Livera requested the Acting IGP and the CID to expedite the cases related to the murders of Wasim Thajudeen, Lasantha Wickrematunge, abduction of 11 students and the murder of 11 NGO workers in Muttur.

The sudden interest expressed by Sirisena lackey Dappula into picking up pace of thee cases serve as warning signs to the Rajapaksas; if they don’t intensify their outcry against the PSC – the cases will be expedited, leading to possible prosecutions.

The notice sent by the AG to the IGP and CID notes the four cases should be expedited, as they had garnered significant public attention and that investigations into them must be conducted efficiently and competently. The notice further adds that all details including extracts of the documents should be forwarded to the AG.

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    You joker live in the West and cry.

    He He He

    Comic book Mahavamsa is full of lies no historical or scientific prove.
    Now Divaina write new history and some Modayas believe .

    Sinhalese are Genetically weak..can only bark .so continue your historical discovery .

    If you have backbone cone here and hang at least one Tamil.

    Coward can you go and stand in front of Karuna?


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    This is mid 2019 not 2014 or 2015, President getting weaker and weaker so does Yahapalanaya too. Blackmailing is bullshit. president want Rajapaksha support to chase away PM Ranil. Lanka can blackmail everybody including USA, West, Russia, India & china in any forecast ed future political,or real wars among supper powers if we have strong leader. Lanka situated in very strategically important location. We must have strong leadership to take that advantage for our economic prosperity. That is very much lacking. If we have real leader we can make Modi just a cartoon in stage with thread in our hand. we do not have leader to do that. .

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    It’s good if MS can expedite all the cases against all members of Rajapaksa clan to its conclusion and does not stop with the threat alone.
    When will the Sinhala Buddhists understand that by antagonising the minorities in SL they have wrecked the Country irrevocably.

    • 1

      Sinhala Buddhists did not antagonize minorities. Demala (Hindu, Muslim and Christian), Malay and several minority people live in this country because of the compassion and tolerance of Sinhala Buddhists. It is minorities who came from other countries and were allowed to live in this country that antagonized Native Sinhalayo. Demalu who are the descendants of slaves brought by colonial rulers started demanding a separate State and Muslims wanted to change the country to look like Saudi Arabia. Both Demalu and Muslims massacred Sinhalayo.

      • 4

        Eagle Eyes = Nonsense as usual from a Donkey’s arse

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      I would argue against the word antagonising. The majority Sinhala Buddhists have now realised that they are in great danger.
      It is reported that the new Indian government has wisely given most if not all positions of power to those from the majority ethnic and religious background. In contrast, SL has since independence pandered to minority demands and appointed politicians from almost all minority groups. These politicians after appointment NEVER worked towards building harmony among all ethnic groups but ALWAYS favoured their communities.

      • 2

        A very distorted and far fetched take on history. It’s mere propaganda.
        If you really want to make a case, back it up with historical facts accurately and fairly. That requires effort and intellect.

      • 3

        The actual owners of this country are the Veddas. All others majority or minority came from other countries.

        • 1


          Yes. All others are called Para-deshis, strangers, foreigners, Paras for short, who destroyed the environment and the habitat of the Native Veddah Aethho, who walked to claim the land well over 10,000 years ago.

          So we have Para-Sinhala, Para-Tamils(Para-Damalu), Para-Muslims (Para-Marakkala), Para-Portuguese (Parangios), Para-Dutch (Para-Suddho), Para-English(Para-Suddho) etc.

          The Para-English were the most civilized out of the lot, on a relative basis, handed the country on a platter, and the Para-Sinhala with their Para-Sinhala Para-Buddhism, different from Pristine Buddhism started destroying from 1948.

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        “The majority Sinhala Buddhists have now realised that they are in great danger.”

        The public racist Aryan Anagarika Homeless Dharmapala who unwisely coined the most unkind and outrageous words such as “Sinhala/Buddhists and Sinhala/Buddhism” also realised Sinhala/Buddhists were in great danger some 120 years ago.

        Alright it is known as paranoia.
        So what is new?
        Is there anything new?

        ” These politicians after appointment NEVER worked towards building harmony among all ethnic groups but ALWAYS favoured their communities.”

        True, the special group Sinhala/Buddhists noisy minority fascists favoured its own fellow crooks and fascists. I believe you are one of the beneficiaries.

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    When December & Christmass gets closer we need to be on full alert , not because of Christmass , but mostly because Elections times get closer .
    Every single citizen not Just Chatholics and Christians , every sincere Citizen must police every Church in the Island .its an obligation.

  • 3

    Cholan is the new rightwing terororist pimp to supply slave women kidnapped for ISIS , earlier he use to supply for Kaurna.
    Hiding in a rat hole in the west where he reached illegally either in a Container or boat.
    MS has some cards up his sleeves , he will secure his next term with no pain or sweat like he did with his first term.
    Don’t underestimate any man , you will never know what each man have in him untill he is really put under impossible situations .
    Its going to be a SP and MS rule like it or not , brace for the next five years

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    If Sri Lankan voters want peace in the country they should not support Sirisena, Ranil, Mahinda Dynasty The country needs fresh young blood that can solve the communal hatred in the country and keep the Buddhist monks under control. The country will never prosper so long as they promote communism to grab power More like April 21st attacks will happen to result in crisis after crisis and the Economy will be thrown into a dustbin A news thinking is needed in Sri Lankan politics

  • 5

    The culprits can hide,run,fabricate evidence and bribe their way out but the truth will eventually prevail and all sinners have to face the the payback time, including you Mr.President .So stand in a line and get ready ,the time has come ,for you Karuna Amman , you cannot escape your dirty Karma or run for ever.

  • 5

    If so I can only think of Blind Eagle alias HDL. They are the best to bring in pieces to Lanka. The morons are already rewriting Lankan history.

  • 1

    CT Author!

    You did it again … first in the recent past on the Buddhist monks and now … don’t you have any other topics to write on other than slandering people? May be you are a person who is very disgruntled, under achiever, pissed off with the world and suffering from a bad inferiority complex. Its time for you to obtain help from one of your lackey Doctor friends … Ha ha ha … sucks to be you!!!

  • 2

    {“…..MR Blackmailed By Sirisena….”} Did MS, under four years of blackmail, change course?
    MS knows that fast tracking high profile long long ‘unsolved’ cases will not succeed. Certainly not with he loyalty of the Armed Services elsewhere and prosecutors in AG department intimidated by their knowledge as to who controls the ‘contract killers’.
    So far nothing substantial happened in the sessions of the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC).
    Nothing will.

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    Rauf Hakeem is a Resigned Minister. His close associate is a known Wahabi who supports Jihadism or Suicide bombing in the name of Allahh. Yet he is a member of the PSc. why is that. that is to inform rest of the Tawheed Associations in Srilanka. It is not only in Tawheed, there are other Wahhabi names…But, I am pretty sure, Sisira Mendis is behind them now. So, both the govt, I mean sumanthiran and Jayampathi wicramarathne as well the International community will find details.

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    The Sri Lankan flag is possibly the only flag in the world that carries an ethnicity. The lion and the two stripes. The two stripes indicating a permanant division. This should have not been done. The early flags carry the mainless lion, the Giri lion, originally wide spread across the north of the sub continent. It was used as a memorial of from where the early settlers came from.

    If we are looking at a single nation should we not drop the divisions, the two ethnic stripes and go back to the Sinhala flag, the lion flag, under which every one lived till 1948.

    • 1

      Ashley de Vos:-
      Not only the Stripes, the Sword the Lion is Carrying is holding a Red Flag to a Mad Bull!

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