23 May, 2022


Echo Chamber Symphonies

By Dharisha Bastians

Dharisha Bastians

Dharisha Bastians

With repeated reassurances by side players in the international arena, it is no wonder the Government was surprised by the TNA’s visit to New Delhi and its audience with the Indian Premier

Subramanian Swamy is the new celebrity in Sri Lanka.

In the capital, he travels in tinted jeeps with a security detail, presumably because he has been a vocal critic of the LTTE.  Swamy is mobbed by reporters eager to hear his views on Indo-Lanka relations and the Tamil issue. He is afforded lengthy television and print interviews, in which he never minces his words. He is vociferously anti-Tamil Nadu and Tamil diaspora, purports to be an expert on the Narendra Modi Government’s positions on the Sri Lankan issue and using silky tones, criticises the Tamil National Alliance and its continuing struggle for maximum devolution and a permanent political solution to the ethnic issue. Naturally, everything he says is music to the Sri Lankan Government’s ears.

The election of Bharatha Janatha Party (BJP) strongman Narendra Modi in India was met with jubilation in Government circles in Colombo. The BJP was so antithetical to the Congress Party in ideology and policy that the Rajapaksa Government believed its relations with India – faltering over the past few years under the Manmohan Singh administration – would finally turn a corner. It was perhaps prematurely concluded that the Modi Government’s heartbeat would resonate with the Rajapaksa administration in Colombo: The former Gujarat Chief Minister was not only a strong nationalist, but a political leader who prized development and economic growth above all else.

For nearly 10 years, the Rajapaksa administration had been dealing with the Sonia Gandhi led Congress Party as it navigated the crucial relationship with New Delhi. The relationship had been fruitful at first. The Gandhi family’s personal tragedy at the hands of LTTE brutality, ensured the Congress would strongly back the Government’s military push to defeat the Tigers. It was post-war that all the trouble started.

Hope of repair

As the years progressed, Congress Party leaders grew increasingly frustrated with Colombo’s intransigence on the issue of devolution for the Tamil people, a key understanding upon which New Delhi cleared the way for the Rajapaksa Administration to finish the war in 2009. A series of broken promises to Congress Ministers and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh himself on the devolution issues, created a chasm between the two Governments. The Sri Lankan Government had suffered a major loss of credibility with Congress Party seniors. Then, when it felt betrayed by New Delhi’s positions at the UN Human Rights Council where India voted for the US sponsored resolutions on Sri Lanka for two consecutive years, the Rajapaksa Administration stopped playing nice. The relationship was at an all time low earlier this year, but one of the Congress regime’s final acts was to abstain on the most serious UN resolution on Sri Lanka yet, adopted in Geneva in March this year. The abstention repaired a little damage, but it was the advent of Modi that the Government believed would bring the real change in policy towards Sri Lanka.

The tough-talking Gujarati politician proved the regime wrong at the very outset, when he reinforced the former Indian Government’s call for a political solution that went beyond the devolution offered in the 13th Amendment. President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s first bilateral meeting with the new Indian Premier did not go the Government’s way. Prime Minister Modi is reported to have brought the conversation back to the question of devolution when the Sri Lankan delegation was waxing eloquent about reconstruction efforts and infrastructure development in the war-torn Northern Province. When the official presidential statement failed to make mention of the talks between the two leaders on the 13th Amendment and a political solution, Indian Foreign Secretary Sujatha Singh repaired the omission by highlighting the contours of that discussion to the press corps in New Delhi. By all accounts, it was an unhappy airplane ride back to Colombo from New Delhi for the Sri Lankan delegation following the Indian swearing in ceremony in May.

Persisting hope

But in spite of the early disappointment, the Government persisted in believing it had turned a page with New Delhi. Repeatedly and using the strangest excuses, President Rajapaksa released batches of Indian fishermen detained in Sri Lanka for poaching. India’s consistent repudiation of the UN investigation into allegations of war crimes committed in Sri Lanka, bolstered hopes that the new regime in India would be a staunch supporter of the ruling administration in Colombo. Rhetoric by Indian politicians like Swamy, who the Sri Lankan Government has been cultivating for years, actively reinforced these notions.

In Colombo, Swamy has become an unofficial spokesperson of sorts for the BJP led alliance, even though the Indian Lok Sabha MP has only been a member of the ruling alliance since 2013. Other BJP leaders also travelling to Colombo with Swamy recently, expressed different opinions. Yet it is Swamy whose statements have received the greatest play as an authority on how the Modi government will frame its Sri Lanka policy, on Government websites and the state controlled media. The Indian politician, whose remarks have grown increasingly shrill in Colombo, outdid himself last week at the annual Defence Seminar organised by the military. Swamy intimated in his usual authoritarian tones that the TNA would have to obtain President Rajapaksa’s permission before it undertook a mission to New Delhi to meet with the Modi Government officials. In an interview on the sidelines of the seminar, Swamy expressed similar views, saying the Indian Premier would not grant appointments freely. “He (Modi) will be very choosy, and we are also now in the process of rebuilding our relations with Sri Lanka. Things won’t be the same as the last time when the TNA met the prime minister – at the time they met him when they felt like doing so,” Swamy scoffed in the interview with a local weekend newspaper during the Defence Seminar.

Misleading statements

The Defence Seminar concluded on 20 August. The same day, news broke that the TNA would travel to New Delhi on Thursday (21) for meetings with top Indian Government officials. A meeting with Prime Minister Modi was also on the agenda. The TNA visit was being scheduled over a period of time, but exact dates were left ambiguous by both the Tamil Party and the Indian mission in Colombo until the very last minute. Indian diplomats both in Colombo and MEA officials in New Delhi are reportedly irked by the tenor and content of Swamy’s repeated statements in Colombo, in which he appears to be articulating Indian Government policy. The timing of the TNA visit, while accidental, exposed Swamy’s actual position within the Indian Government, since he appears to have had not the slightest inkling of the Modi regime’s true plans with regard to its engagement on the Sri Lankan Tamil issue.

On Friday (22), the five member TNA delegation, led by the party leader R. Sampanthan met with Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj at South Block, and even held discussions with former Prime Minister Singh. On Saturday, the TNA delegation met with Prime Minister Modi at his office in New Delhi. Sampanthan’s delegation was strongly urged by the Indian High Commission in Colombo and by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs in Delhi during its pre-Modi discussions to avoid the subject of the UN investigation and human rights issues during the crucial meeting. Issues pertaining to the smooth functioning of the Northern Provincial Council were also left untouched during the Modi-TNA meet, with the Indian Premier scheduled to meet separately with Northern Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran to discuss those matters, sources said. Last week’s meeting between Prime Minister Modi and the TNA was to focus almost entirely on devolution issues, the sources added.

However the TNA delegation did raise the issue of heavy militarisation of the Tamil majority Northern Province and also touched on issues of sexual violence and the vulnerability of women in the former war zone.

Modi reinforces 13+

Modi’s take on the TNA meeting was no different to the positions articulated previously by the Indian Congress Government, which also called for a political solution in Sri Lanka that built on the framework of the 13th Amendment. This will not sit well with the Government in Colombo, whose relations with the Congress government were also marred by repeated calls for 13 Plus by Indian leaders. Yet several other interesting things during the TNA visit, will have an equally discomfiting effect on the Rajapaksa administration.

Indian High Commissioner to Colombo, Y.K. Sinha also travelled to New Delhi to attend the high level meetings during the TNA visit. Envoys to foreign countries traditionally travel back to their home countries for consultations prior to major bilateral visits, by a head of state, foreign minister or ministerial delegations of the capitals to which they are posted. High Commissioner Sinha’s presence at the discussions between Minister Swaraj and Prime Minister Modi, indicates the weight and significance New Delhi proffered to the TNA delegation’s visit. Sinha would have been recalled to New Delhi for consultations prior to the meetings with the TNA,  to brief Indian officials on the current situation on the ground in Colombo. The Modi Government’s decision to grant the TNA delegation an appointment, second only to the bilateral with President Rajapaksa which was the new Indian Premier’s only interaction with Sri Lankan Government representatives thus far, may imply that the same level of engagement with the TNA as a major stakeholder in the search for a political solution in Sri Lanka, will continue. Thirdly, TNA Leader Sampanthan who is still in Tamil Nadu visiting family, held a press briefing in the BJP office in Chennai yesterday. On either side of the Sri Lankan Tamil politician as he spoke to the press corps in the southern Indian city, was the recently appointed Tamil Nadu President of the BJP, Tamilisai Soundararajan and Pon Radhakrishnan, Minister of State and BJP heavyweight in Tamil Nadu. The message to Colombo is loud and clear, that despite Subramanian Swamy’s assertions, sections of the Indian Government remain firmly committed to engagement on the Tamil issue in Sri Lanka. This is in fact an accurate portrayal, despite the centre’s independence from Tamil Nadu politics as a result of an outright majority in the parliamentary election earlier this year. During the tenure of the Congress government, the BJP as the country’s main opposition, advocated strongly for a much tougher position against the Sri Lankan Government over its human rights record and refusal to strike a post-war power sharing deal with the Tamils.

Living in a bubble

That the TNA visit startled the Sri Lankan Government is not in the least bit surprising. Bowled over by the likes of Swamy, whose statements and ideology resonate so strongly with the highest echelons of the Rajapaksa administration, the Government believed the bubble it had constructed about the ‘new’ New Delhi was something real. Faced with debilitating international challenges, the Government is increasingly seeking refuge in echo chambers, forging alliances with random stakeholders and minor actors, whose hypotheses it is desperately determined to believe are true. The regime has made similar mistakes with US based public relations agencies and lobby groups to which hundreds of millions are being paid in Sri Lankan tax-payer monies. The Government believes strategic assessments by these paid firms to be accurate reflections of US policy towards Colombo. In reality, these are mirages created by PR agencies such as Thompson Advisory Group, which successfully convinced the regime that several 30 minute informercials portraying Sri Lanka as a peaceful, united country recovering from war and a resolution by 16 random US senators would alter the way Washington approaches the human rights situation in Sri Lanka. It defies logic on every level, that the Government pays 99 milllion rupees to a PR agency to build its image in the US and alter attitudes in Washington and yet goes so stridently out of its way to antagonise Washington’s own official envoys in Colombo. How does the regime fail to understand that constructive engagement with these Colombo-based officials, whose reports land directly at the State Department in Washington,  would save millions of dollars in public relations exercises? Instead it vilifies and talks down to diplomats in Colombo, in pseudo shows of prowess and bravado.

Silk suits and silken accents, reinforcing what the Sri Lankan Government most desperately wants to hear: that it can do nothing and except international attitudes to change, that everyone has a price, that everyone is pliable and can be won over with platitudes, vacations and royal treatment in Colombo, are the Government’s preferred weapons of war in its international battles. New faces are things to rejoice over, for they afford new opportunities to engage with the same old arguments about Sri Lanka’s post-war successes. The tactics have have replaced credible efforts to engage with the international community. Honesty and credibility in its dealings with international partners, as opposed to increasing belligerence and targeted personal attacks from Colombo would work miracles that multi-million dollar PR deals cannot.

Subramanian Swamy, in one of his televised interviews while in Colombo, told a local channel that the UN investigation would be of no more consequence to Sri Lanka than a swarm of pesky mosquitoes. “Simply swat them away,” he advised the Government. If there is any lesson the Government has to learn from the coup that was pulled off by the TNA last week, it is the danger of lending too much credence to his claims.

Courtesy Daily FT

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  • 3

    An excellent piece about how the Rajapaksas fell hook , line and sinker for the totally false and devious words of Swamy. Swamy managed to fool Rajapaksa in his own town. I wonder if he is going ask Swamy for the money back.

    • 2

      “An excellent piece”, probably for people who are illiterate about politics in India and the politics of Indo-Sri Lanka relations.

      Fascination with ‘pieces’ like this is a symptom of the anti-government groups (with vested interests), swimming without direction in a verbal swamp secreted by writers like this, not to mention Vaan der Poo/ten.

      They seem to have no other option than to seek foreign intervention, from India and their uncle-Sam of course.

      You are waiting for Godot!

      • 2

        Rajapaksa [Edited out] are so touchy, aren’t they? Touched a raw nerve, eh Basky?

        A tamil worshipper of the devil Rajapaksa or a Sinhala beneficiary of Rajapaksa benevolence masquerading as a tamil?

        My friend, Rajapaksa is desperate for good news and any support from India would have gone a long way to keep his arse off the fire and Swamy provided false relief that didn’t last even one day. Pouring millions of rupees of people’s money to change the American government’s policy towards Rajapaksa’s regime hasn’t worked and Swamy saw an opportunity to fleece the desperate fool Rajapaksa. Now the fool knows Swamy was a fake but the money he paid him he ain’t gonna get it back. Poor Paksa, no?

  • 3

    Here is the most important statement which Mr Sambandan made during his high powered meet with Mr Modi, according to the main stream English broadsheet in India..

    “PM Mr Modi , Sir, One Hundred Thousand of my people who are refugees in Tamil Nadu can’t come back to Srilankan because they have no place to live..

    Srilankan President has taken over their land.

    Please force the Srilankan President to give back the titles so that these refugees can come back to Srilanka..”

    This is a grave injustice full on.. Why did Mr Sambandan wait 5 years to make this request?.

    How come Ms Pillai didn’t look into this?.

    Why did Sambnadan have to wait for Modi ? I mean even UN Refugee Commissioner whose office is only next door to Ms Pillai could have fixed it.

    Mr Sambandan after his meet stayed back to visit his relos in Tamil Nadu , according to Ms Bastians.

    Does Mr Sambandan have any relatives in the camps?.

    • 3

      and your stupid point is……?

      Good one Dharisha, Well done!

      Subaramani ASSwamy is comic in India. No one pays any attention to him. His only job seems to be appearing occasionally in TV debates for the BJB. There is absolutely no other rolls for him to play in the government. He doesn’t even meet Modi, Rajnath Singh, Amit Shah or Jaitley.
      Asswami is a mixture of Mervin & Gammanpila.

    • 2

      Return of refugees:

      Why did Sambandan wait 5 years? That was the smart move by Sambandan to bring it out in the right time.

      Remember, he did not mention the children of the refugees yet, if you add them it’s another 100,000. That will come at the right time.


    • 3

      K.A Sumanasekera

      Watch this clip on Tamilnet:

      Sinhala-Military show in Nalloor alienates Tamils in religion


      The Northerners are converting Govi members of Sinhala/Buddhist armed forces into Tamil/Saivate Vellalas en masse.

      Could you now assure Bodu Bala Sena and its new ally – All Ceylon Hindu Federation everything is alright in the Northern front.

      I suppose now the Tamil Vellalas are more than willing to find grooms among the newly converted Govi/Sinhala/Buddhist Tamil/Saivaite Vellalas and give their land as dowry.

      Aren’t you happy for these new breed of Tamil/Saivaite Govi Vellalas?

      • 5

        It was first stupid Tamil Hindus who were walking topless like cattle into the temple. Now this stupidity has spread into Sinhala Buddhists. I guess the stupidity of Hindus cannot be resisted by any society!

        The funny thing is Tamilnet Article! It sounds like Murugan is owned by Jaffna Tamil Hindus!

        • 1


          You are not only losing the plot but your marbles as well. I don’t know how to help you.

      • 1

        Dear Native,

        Its great news , if the Tamilnet and your claim is true.

        That is our Sinhala Buddhist soldiers are converting to full on Hindus.

        Put it this way, Their parents have been part timers anyway.

        They used to drop in at Lords Kataragaman and , Vishnu digs on the side of our e BBS temples and donate a few Rupees to Poosaris to plead to Lords to protect their sons who were getting butchered by Prabkaran’s Hindu Army. in hundreds.

        Whether the new converts get a chance to hold hands with a Vellala bride is a moot point.

        As a betting man I wouldn’t put any money o as it is near impossible.

        Even if the converts are our Govigama brothers,

        Regardless , this clip needs some Forensic check like the C4.because no way those beer bellied dudes would have beaten your well trained , well disciplined. and well motivated Praba Brigades.

        • 2

          Is It The Reconquista (“reconquest”) like The winning warriors of north india added a suffix to their name `fearless` – Singh and Kshatriya.

          Yup, call on the DNA en suit please, silly billy on vadi kahata across the street in loku unnahas kadde.

          • 1

            DNA is my Vadda mate’s forte.

            Talking about the Loku Unnahe’s Kade, he has opened another joint on Marine Drive along side the boutique Hotels like the OZO where Diaspora are paying USD 175 for a night with the missus or the girl friend..

            And jacked up the prices too.

            Who says the Vellalas are doing it tough under Rajapaksa rule.

            • 2

              `DNA is my Vadda mate’s forte.`
              Oh side akken kappan?? Unbelievable
              Good luck.

  • 1

    A sincere analysis in addressing the truth. I wish there are more of your kind.

  • 4

    This woman is a joke . The TNA actually get rebuffed by Modi . Mostly wishful thinking .



  • 2


    Excellently presented.

    Tamils have not forgotten the tom fool that this synthetic celebrity is.

    Have they forgotten his abortive misadventure in the mid-eighties in trying to set out in fishing boats to invade Sri Lanka as the greatest leader of the Tamils and to create TAMIL EELAM?

    They have not forgotten his most laughable and idiotic declaration that EELAMISTS have to wait till his foreign assignment expired for creating TAMIL EELAM.

    Now he struts about as ANTI EELAMIST. What for? It is not hard to seek.

    Sri Lanka pretends to show that she is ignorant of all these. If this buffoon turns pro EELAM tomorrow, the entire SL press will ferret out the truth from archives and demolish him as she would do to any impostor.

    Has the international viewership forgotten the episode in recent times when this ‘GREAT’ was shown his place by Tamils of Tamil Nadu, well painted in all the hues of a million rotten eggs? The Chennai court complex which had turned a war zone, was the venue for this treatment?

    Have Sri Lankans forgotten so easily the media publicity this ‘NEW FINANCE MINISTER’ engineered, even after it was certain that ARUN JAITLEY was Modi’s pick? This was in May this year.

    Knowing the level of credibility he had, BJP never cared to rebut him.

    The world knows him for what he is or how worthless he is. He is despicable to everyone other than to MR and his coterie. Even the meanest brain now knows why he embarked on this publicity stunt. It was an investment and he gets his return.

    Evidently he is chuckling several times that he is taking MR and his retinue for a royal ride. More hilarious that a Tamil is doing this to a Sinhalese! A Hindu to a Buddhist! Still more ludicrous that the Buddhist clergy, the custodians of the race is yet to understand the man’s stratagem.

    A mine of opportunity for DHARISHA to research on and to make him disappear from this inane publicity.

  • 2


    ‘that everyone is pliable and can be won over with platitudes, vacations and royal treatment in Colombo’. But when you top up such treatment with wads of $$$$ indeed anyone can be won over. Sharma delivered the mantle of President of the Commonwealth’, to our Chakravarti for a mere $3 million. Sharma was an educated man and used subtle and cunning back door deals to deliver this. However Subramani Swamy is a oaf who has no style or finesse. For a few shekels he will blurt out any diatribe scribbled by any of the Charavarti’s imbecilic scribes,any time any day. Swami Ji is made of the same mettle as Gnanasara.

  • 2

    In the years following 1983 riots against Tamils, Subramaniam Swamy was an Eelam supporter. He visited several diaspora groups in Uk,USA and Canada and assured them that he would fight to get Eelam for the Tamils. In fact he had raised funds for this purpose and used it for his personal gains. Since the the diaspora dumped him. He then got upset and he thought it was LTTE which sidelined him. He took an anti-LTTE and anti- diaspora position. He cannot tolerate DMK and ADMK in Tamil Nadu because of their anti Brahmin stand. Brahmins were dominating the civil service and business in Tamil Nadu before the DMK. Swamy is upset that the privileged position enjoyed by his Brahmin class is not there any more. In Bombay they treat Swamy like a clown.

  • 2

    “Swamy managed to fool Rajapaksa in his own town”

    I do not think that is the case. MR tried to use Swamy to manage the local electorate due to the uncertainities arising from the election of Modi with an eye on the upcoming election. Add to that he also tried to reverse engineer Indian policy towards Sri Lanka by having Swamy do the rounds and conduct his mega phone manipulation of Indian policy. In the end neither has worked to MR’s liking. There is a mountain of material on the ‘Comical Ali’ of India. His entire life was built around poilitical daramatics and his dramaticism is a boon to the uncritical media hacks and anyone who need the services of his poisonous mouth. Here is brief look at India’s ‘Comical Ali’:

    1. Former BJP party leader, Indian Law Minister and top lawyer Ram Jethmalani called Swamy as a “The Diseased Insect“ who leads a life of “character assassination, malicious mendacity and sordid blackmail”.

    2. Was a devout hater of RSS wrote on Frontline condeming RSS and now is singing praises of Modi: “A disillusioned and dispirited RSS has set the ball rolling for mid-term general elections in which it hopes that the BJP will gain an absolute majority and implement the Hindutva agenda.”

    “Since it appears that the RSS has already been generating momentum on religious fundamentalist issues (for example, Gujarat’s Ram temple) and raised the fanatical emo tional temperature (chasing of Christian missionaries), my guess is that this campaign will be taken to a fever pitch by November 9, 2001”

    Now he is the cheif cheerleader for getting the Ram temple built and continuosly make noises in the media to keep his stocks up within RSS and BJP. Now he is pursuing the Hindutva agenda to suit his purposes.

    3. As the Jain commission report into the assisination of former indian PM Rajiv Ghandi highlighted Swamy along with another consipirator Chandra Swamy has questions to answer but instead the following happend as revealed by the Indian magazine “Outlook” in its special investigation into the role of these men: “The crucial third category, say sources, contained wireless intercepts of messages from foreign intelligence agencies to Chandraswami and Subramanian Swamy. These were passed on by RAW to the Cabinet Secretariat. A RAW official confirmed to the Jain Commission that the transcripts had indeed been passed on by the intelligence agency.

    “What did some of these missing files have? Intelligence sources say one file contained intercepted messages as well as details of the movements of Subramanian Swamy and Chandraswami on assassination day.”

    Swamy who parades around as a corruption fighter, who loves to expose corruption in Indian politics chose to look the otherway when his turn came as highlighted above.

    4. Harvard University removed summer courses on economics taught by Swamy after a furious debate over a controversial editorial written by him that was offensive to Muslims. Faculty members voted to remove him and that was the end of his Harvard visiting professorship

    5. An analysis on the association with BJP on the DNA Newspaper an analsyst said “Swamy has been the epitome of the degradation of the political ethos and the amusing aspect is that not even once has the BJP deplored his cheap comments whenever his voice has polluted the air.”

    6. As an ultimate insult the Indian Political Satire website, Faking News, demanded the Modi appoint Swamy as the Minorities Affairs Minister alluding to his attacks against various minorities in India.

    Swamy’s name alone should give one a good hint as for the need to maintain some distance. India has produced plenty of Swamys who have gained fame for all the wrong reasons. And this one will not be the last one!. I do feel sorry for the Hotel Sneeker Keheliya because he has a long way to match the Indian ‘Comical Ali’. Keep trying Keheliya.

    • 6

      Jati Thonduva(JT) Babu Booo,

      His father Government of India Chief Statistician.
      His stay at IIT Delhi the days of main frame computing.
      Has not only disclosed the criminal records of sitting Indian MP’s throughout the spectrum from Ruling to opposition- for murder, rape etc. more so Sonia; her father a Nazi mason who spent 2 years in Russian jail and she had not passed high school.

      He is the master of masters in Terror Jaffna Tamil Identity Theft.
      So it hurts you like it hurt Fatso VP.

      In the history of IIT’s of India No Lankan, no Jaffna Tamil has ever come first merit first at finals even though they tried 24 hours of mugging even after 4 D’s AL’s.

      • 1

        Has your comment as any relavence to the topic under discussion?. How does one’s IIT credentials linked to their behaviour in political arena or even at personal level. Should a person with the highest academic credentials be excluded from public scrutiny when that person is engaged in public life?. If so why then did we send Jeffrey Skilling of Enron or Jeffery Archer to jail for their misdeeds?.

        Simply pouring scorn over well crafted commentary reflects your lack of ability to engage in a proper debate. And internet is a perfect medium for such people. Sad.

        • 1

          Ha ha ho ho Yakoo is constipated (@_@)

          If so why then did we send Jeffrey Skilling of Enron”

          Check it out from Obama selection to be the future(2016)SC justice.
          United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit
          Padmanabhan Srikanth “Sri” Srinivasan.
          See his profile & then pedigree.

          There is no ethnic problem in SL.
          Stop looking at problems from the racist point of view.
          That is the solution.

          • 0

            “There is no ethnic problem in SL. Stop looking at problems from the racist point of view. That is the solution.”

            Wonderful solution.

            • 0

              maravilloso, traqueteo,aullando (wonderful)

              Keep on Keeping On.!

              Cherish those who hold you up.!

              You gotta keep on keeping on
              Even with the feeling
              that you’re gonna keep losing
              You gotta come back strong
              Oh Oh

  • 0

    It seems to me a good thing if the Indian government keeps open its channels of communication with both the government of Sri Lanka and the TNA (as well as other political parties and organizations in Sri Lanka). It is also a good idea for Sri Lanka to strengthen its commercial and cultural links with China and Russia. Such actions foster peace in South Asia more than the old battles between East and West and North and South.

    Let’s not forget that it was India that armed and trained the Tamil gangs that grew into the monstrosity of the LTTE and its armed rivals that terrorized Sri Lanka for so long.

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