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ECTA Not Yet Drafted But Groups Are Protesting: Ranil

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said today that he will not let groups with vested interests create unnecessary problems within the country by spreading rumors and lies about the proposed ECTA with India.

Addressing parliament he said that certain groups were spreading lies and rumors and trying to set fire to the country by spreading false information about the agreement.

“This agreement has not even been drafted, it’s still at discussion stage, so on what basis are they protesting?,” he asked.

The Prime Minister also disclosed that he has instructed the relevant minister to do a draft based on what has been discussed so far and commence discussions with various groups, including political parties represented in Parliament on the proposed agreement.

“If these protestors are real patriots, instead of protesting on an agreement which has not even been drafted, they should engage in constructive discussions on the matter, but that is not what’s happening here, instead they are spreading baseless lies, and rumors about an agreement that is not even in existence,” he added.

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