2 July, 2022


Election Or Arab Spring?

By Tisaranee Gunasekara

“Have courage to free yourselves!” – Diderot (Encyclopédie)

What is scheduled to happen on January 8th is an election, a standard democratic exercise which will either give Mahinda Rajapaksa a third-term or send him, and his numerous family, home.

Why then does President Rajapaksa compare the election he himself called with the Arab Spring? Why does he see a similarity between the non-electoral ousters of anciens régimes in Egypt and Libya and the civil war in Syria and the seventh presidential election in Sri Lanka?

Mahinda Ampara 20 12 2014 MR FBIs it because he called the election, confident of a victorious outcome and now sees that victory slipping away?

Is it because he identifies with the despots of Egypt, Libya and Syria? Is it because the path they treaded for decades is the path he too is on? Is it because, like them, he hopes to rule for life and create a dynasty?

Is it because he fears that January 8th will put an end to his dynastic dreams that he compares the election he himself called with the Arab Spring?

This presidential equation of a democratic election and a popular revolt is simply ludicrous. But it must be taken seriously because that wrong analogy says much about the Rajapaksa-worldview.

Up to 1977, Lankans changed their governments with each election. The victors assumed power and the losers went home, knowing that they have a chance of making it again. The country did not become ungovernable. There was post-election violence to varying degrees, but there was never anarchy.

Mahinda Rajapaksa decided on an early election because he believed he could win without having to resort to outcome-changing violence/rigging. That calculation was made on the assumption of a disunited opposition and a Ranil Wickremesinghe-candidacy. Those calculations have gone badly awry. An election, like a dice, can fall either way, but currently the Opposition has the edge. And the Rajapaksas are facing the prospect of losing power, constitutionally and democratically.

Since the only kind of election the Rajapaksas are willing to tolerate is an election with a pre-ordained outcome, the uncertainty is making them apoplectic. Instead of a positive message to counter the Opposition, they are resorting increasingly to luridly wild accusations.

The pre-democratic belief Cuius region, eius religio (the people of a state must accept the beliefs of the ruler)[i] is the basis of Rajapaksa-democracy. In that democracy people have the right to support the Rajapaksas to the point of veneration and to vote for them at every election. Those people are the patriots. The rest are traitors, especially if they express their opposition to the Rajapaksas by words or deeds. Therefore any election the Rajapaksas cannot win is not a democratic and constitutional exercise but a conspiracy, a revolt, a betrayal of the motherland.

The danger of this mindset is obvious – if the Rajapaksas equate a losing election with an undemocratic, unconstitutional national threat, they might feel justified in using undemocratic and unconstitutional means to counter it.

Future Prospects

Post-18th Amendment, there were only two real threats to the Rajapaksa project – an inner party rebellion and a military coup.

We are currently living through the first scenario. The inner-party rebellion could have happened only in the context of an election – and did so. If this election sends the Rajapaksas home, Sri Lanka can begin to hobble back to being a normally-dysfunctional democracy.

But if the Rajapaksas win, they will move forcefully to consolidate their power and to destroy every source of democratic and peaceful challenge to their rule. They will remove potential SLFP dissenters (the Maithripala-rebellion would have proved all their fears about SLFP old-timers). They will use their pawns to break up the UNP. And they will use illegal repression and ‘legal’ persecution to eviscerate the Opposition.

The Danuna Tillakaratne case is both a demonstration and a warning of how the Rajapaksas use the law as a tool of familial power.

Parliamentarian Jayantha Ketagoda revealed at the official UPFA media conference that he was instrumental in securing bail for Mr. Tilakaratne, as a quid-pro-quo for supporting the Rajapaksas: “I first held discussions with the Secretary of Defence …. I asked whether the cases against Sarath Fonseka and the case against his son-in-law can be removed…. He said he cannot do it but he will inform the respective teams of it. He said he will try to get some form of relief….” Asked whether Secretary Defence can influence a court case, he replied, “Not influence…. Investigations are carried out by the police department and the other teams. He can say to cast aside this case. The President can pardon him according to the constitution.” [ii] Asked whether the cases will be withdrawn he said, “Definitely it will happen…. The President said he will definitely act on it. The President has the entitlement to repeat an investigation about any problem again and act upon it.”[iii]

Disregard Mr. Ketagoda’s paucity of constitutional knowledge. What he inadvertently revealed is how the Rajapaksas use the judicial system to punish not just opponents but also politically-uninvolved family members (even Mr. Tilakaratne’s aged grandmother was taken to the Fourth Floor, for the crime of not betraying her grandson to the police).

The Danuna Tilakaratne and Nishantha Muthuhettigama[iv] incidents, in confluence, indicate how far down the path of lawlessness the Rajapaksas have brought the country. The Danuna Tilakaratne incident in particular is an omen of how illegal will become legal in Rajapaksa Sri Lanka. In such a future, law enforcement/defence authorities and courts will be reduced to playing the role of the inquisition, charged with annihilating the heresy of anti-Rajapaksa politics.

If the Rajapaksas win this election, they will close off all democratic means of regime change. Only undemocratic means will remain, including the terrible prospect of a coup, a cure worse than the disease. The Siblings may succeed in preventing a generals-coup or even a colonels-coup by manipulating upper and middle rankers. But this will make even more likely that most terrible of military intervention – sergeants-coup. Given the growing resentfulness in the lower ranks about being turned into manual-labourers, this is a particular possibility. And sergeants-coups are normally the most vicious; in the Lankan context, the resulting violence will have a not only a political and socio-economic content also an ethno-religious direction.

What is happening in Egypt, Syria or Libya should not happen here. But those countries plunged into violence precisely because they were undemocratic, because they had been ruled by a single ruler/family for so long. The way to ensure that Sri Lanka never get there is to unseat the Rajapaksas, electorally.

It is not democratic change but the absence of it, which can turn life nasty and brutish, perhaps even poor and short Elections do not result in violent anarchy; it is the interruption/prevention of electoral change which does. If, for instance, Mr. Gaddafi allowed Libyans to unseat him electorally, they would not have had to revolt. And Libya would have been spared of civil war and dismemberment. By the time Libyans ousted Mr. Gaddafi, his long violent rule had transformed many of them into mini-Gaddafis.

That is the fate we must avoid, and on January 8th, we have the last chance to do it.

[i] The basis of the Peace of Westphalia

[ii] http://newsfirst.lk/english/2014/12/journalists-query-jayantha-ketagoda-danuna-tillekeratne/68246

[iii] http://www.adaderana.lk/news/29130/i-fulfilled-an-obligation-to-sarath-fonseka-ketagoda- the direct translation from Sinhala is mine.

[iv] On Friday that notorious Rajapaksa footsoldier, Deputy Minister Nishatha Muthihettigama invaded a police station, rescued three of his men in custody for burning the Opposition platform Wanduramba, loaded them into a police jeep and escaped. After a car chase the police reportedly recovered the suspects.

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Latest comments

  • 18

    Well said, Tisaranee.

    He is a Gaddafi, Hosni Mubarak, Marcos & Saddam Hussein and knows how it is going to end. No God will be there to save him.

    Curse of the nation is to befall on him and his family !

    • 10

      “The Danuna Tillakaratne case is both a demonstration and a warning of how the Rajapaksas use the law as a tool of familial power.”

      As you very clearly articulated above if justice is on the hand of president but not on country#s justice system – what could happen if the man will be given another term to continue ?

      Latter is the question all silent masses should raise – before going to vote on 8th Jan.
      If politicians and senior public servants could convince the gullible masses adequately that there is no other option than need for fight for justice – only we can defeat the prevailing biased justice system.

      • 3

        T.G Bee Gee, Bee Gee,

        “”By the time Libyans ousted Mr. Gaddafi, his long violent rule had transformed many of them into mini-Gaddafis.””

        Same same `Mugabe loves` the sihala buddhist. there are many a mugabe now the next generation with his young wife. Cuba after 50 years is seducing US and begging US.

        like to share this oldie of our times for end of year.
        [Edited out]

    • 2

      Looks like MARA having sleepless nights.

    • 0

      Ms. Tisaranee Gunasekara –

      “Have courage to free yourselves!” – Diderot (Encyclopédie)

      “What is scheduled to happen on January 8th is an election, a standard democratic exercise which will either give Mahinda Rajapaksa a third-term or send him, and his numerous family, home.”

      “That is the fate we must avoid, and on January 8th, we have the last chance to do it.”

      Thank you Ms. Tisaranee Gunasekara for a succinct summary.

      If it is a fair election and the populace is informed about the issue of dictatorship Vs, democracy, the outcome can be positive.

      Now how do you get the correct information to the populace? Use all the Channels of Communications.

      One Channel that was used in 1776 by Thomas Paine was the Common Sense Pamphlet, with only 47 pages.


      Now, getting a Sri Lankan writer or writers to write a Common Sense Phamplet is like herding cattle. They keep saying Baeee, Baeee and Baeee only cattle seem to understand.

      Ms. Tisaranee Gunasekara, can you take the lead and be the “Cow Boy” ot “cow Girl” and lead the cattle to the Common Sense Water Hole?

  • 22

    I did say earlier that MARA will set the whole country on fire if he is threatened with loss of power. He possibly cannot think of a single day without being in power, he has got so drunk with power, that it will be like skinning him alive. Not only MARA even his siblings,family, henchmen and stooges cannot think of a day without power, to protect their ill gotten wealth and callous lifestyle without adherence to any civility.

    That is why MARA is speaking of, he can stay in power for another two years even if he loses, Arab Spring and all nonsenses. He has lost his mind completely and do not behave or talk like a President any more. Now he talks like a street thug on stage like MACHANG and RIDING OTHER PEOPLE’S WOMEN. These are surely not words that should come out of a President of a country. He is really exposing him for what really he is. They say a person’s true quality comes out only when you are up against the wall and he really shows that.

    We have confident in the people’s power and will definitely see the light of the day on 9th Jan, regardless of all the undemocratic and nonsensical talk of our sitting President.

    Pack your bags Mr.President, YES WE CAN.

  • 17

    What Arab spring. Give Modayas a bath parcel and a bottle of Arrack every thing will be forgotten for half a day and they will have time to think what they have done till 2022!!

  • 16

    Gota called back his professional killers like Shawendra Silva back home from their luxurious holidays in US. Major drama going to start … Beware all intelligent and brave Lankans living in Lanka… Hold it there mates..

  • 1

    Hope all the Ex – comrades and current comrades will read the above analysis and give their comments.

  • 8

    The concern about the misuse of the law by the Rajapaksas all the while ignoring the way that the common candidate has done nothing better than the same [Edited out] is a clear signal that we are being asked to follow the double standards with which the US government applies the supposedly universal doctrine of human rights.

    It is quite disgusting to watch how the discontent of the people at the wrong conduct of a ruler is being carefully channeled into the service of another agenda by bringing to power a miscreant who has demonstrated a willingness and ability to do all that the Rajapaksas have done in service of another one.

    Those who can see this will not support this criminal interventionist with his commitment to thuggery and the rule of the jungle but the masses will and less than a year down the line will find themselves in a much worse situation as they languish beneath the jackboots of this monster and his making, his children and their thuggish friends.

    That is when a Sri Lankan spring will dawn in order to bring the south asian traditions of justice and rule of law – that have been subverted by British Colonialism and the doctrine of human rights dreamed up by Eleanor Roosevelt http://www.humanrights.com/voices-for-human-rights/eleanor-roosevelt.html and foisted on the world as a convenient stick which along with the carrot of development aid forms the pincer used to implement US foreign policy – back to this region once more : http://www.hcmadras.tn.nic.in/ruleoflaw01022014.pdf

    • 0


      Please enlighten us about the CC.

      • 6

        Because of the 66 years of stupidy!

        Can you enlighten us as to why anyone should endorse the continuation of sihala buddhist only governance please??

        You don’t need to feel shy. decency and execution of knowledge is respected.

        Like the US all are hora oru in the land at some stage or other.

    • 4

      “is a clear signal that we are being asked to follow the double standards with which the US government applies the supposedly universal doctrine of human rights.”

      please you can repeat that and add USAID in lieu of Human Rights since both form the corner stone to US but not to EU.

      A direct question from Sir Paul McCarthy to Bush when he arrived during the Tsunami.UK had the highest collection ever from citizens.

      Q: You are stingy.
      A:All USAID is defence related.

      Therefore the training of defence personal by the US even though there is no war with others. More so after the PM snubbing Hillary. who is to blame but the stupid people who can never revolt- cowards of Asia who hid in Hindia in the 40’s were known as freedom fighters with out a gunshot being fired.

      Its the shills in the US administration that have been befriended as consultants that carry the cake.
      Shill Sharma was ignored by her majesty at the recent games Scotland.

  • 17

    Every Lankan with iota of “intelligence” want MR sent off from ruling this country. But there is still a sizable number which does not see it that way it is because they are lacking the ingredient I mentioned earlier.

    This election will define what majority makes up the Sri Lankans or for ever be banished as a nation of kawum eaters !

    When the heat is up Regime clan say all kinds of things

    *8 month baby says Jayawewa, Jayawewa
    *HE has got piles
    *They will win by any means
    *even if they lose they wont go
    *Elec Commissioner himself helped me to rig the vote
    *If they don’t vote for us we will take them out of their houses
    *Arab Spring will come
    *MR almost says People are Gonnu (Cows) actually it’s more derogatory than cow
    *Terrorism will come again
    *After eating appa, he went without telling me (aiyo paw cry baby)
    *commenting and trying to justify dragging former President nude on the street

    This is what the Regime talks about in their election rallies. There is no substance or weight on their campaign, going back to my point all will be decided by no of intelligent people in this country whatever it is, it is what we deserve, as that’s is what we voted for as a majority.

  • 5

    This is how Mahinda Rajapaksa’s democracy works in Sri Lanka. Watch this video…

    Mahinda’s police give voting rights for civilians in Batticaloa

  • 5

    is clown Mahinda Deshapriya a sycophant of MR ?

    check this out

    “The Elections Commissioner will permit polls monitors to be at only 300 of the 1,115 counting centres for the presidential election.
    The decision was conveyed to the election monitors on Friday at a meeting with Commissioner Mahinda Deshapriya. Seven election monitoring groups will have to share the 300 slots among them in consultation with the Commissioner, they were told.

    The Elections Commissioner told the monitors that in the past there had been no incidents reported from the counting centres and therefore there was no requirement to have polling agents there”


    what an excuse ? just because there were not reported incidents in the past , he declares that there is no actual/urgent requirement to have election monitors at the counting centers , upon reading this absurd logic , natural question pops in to one’s mind is , “whose side is this laughing clown representing ?”

    • 2

      ” “whose side is this laughing clown representing ?”

      to put it simply he represents himself (me, me,like any other employee)

      All keep in mind `freedom is never given it is always plucked` how you do is a different matter.1948 was accident waiting to happen.

  • 2

    “…on January 8th, we have the last chance to do it.”

    Keep on dreaming Titsaranee.

    You are an incurably bitter malenine (male+femine) and post January 8 you will have to go back to feeding stray dogs at Mihindu Mawatha.

    Keep clean while doing it.

  • 7

    “even Mr. Tilakaratne’s aged grandmother was taken to the Fourth Floor, for the crime of not betraying her grandson to the police”

    She was lucky; Could have been worse. There was no shortage of White-Vans at the time.

  • 3

    Our friend RMB is quite a character. He would refer to Douglous Devananda for example as “the turncoat who works for the Sinhala Buddhists”.

    Then the guy rambles on and on how Sinhala Buddhist nationalism is the root of all evil.

    I don’t know whether he is in tune with the contradictory nature of the things he says.

  • 11

    Arab Spring? What nonsense. You think our guys have the courage and resolve of the Arabs? They will run put their tails between their legs and run miles when they see a broomstick handle, let alone a gun.Remember how they abandoned their women and children and fled into the hills shouting Onna Koti Enawa?

  • 1

    Is Ms T getting the jitters too..

    I mean who wouldn’t, if they have even 30 g of grey matter ..

    What is in the 100 day agenda is more like Kangaroo Crap.

    How long can Sira keep rolling out this Bunkum ?..

    It is interesting Ms T mentioned a Military coup..

    John Amaratunga, the head honcho of Ranil’s Christian Faction called a few ex Generals and ex Brigadiers for a serious summit at Srikotha.

    Are they planning something serious?.

    Could it be the Arab Spring of the Elite, Anglicans and the Vellalas?.

    But the problem is, the most likely guns for hire are the Army deserters . But they are all Fonny supporters.

    No mention of Fonny been at this high powered summit.

    Did Fonny put up the bail for Sonny…..

  • 11

    Arab Spring in SL?

    NO WAY! SL has only 10% of its population Muslims. So what Arab Spring!

    90% are not Muslims.

    Most SLs will clap if BBS springs into action and burn a mosque. Sad reality.

    So stop day dreaming about Arab Spring in SL. It will not happen.

    • 3

      “Arab Spring in SL? NO WAY!`

      Why has not the price of oil at the pump gone down that you are hiding moola??

      unable to jump ship after the spanking down south.

      You have turned into a weather cock.

      All roads lead to `Goo`ta your true lover isn’t it??
      All minorities could learn from this late lady and feel
      a sense of relief as` Crazyoldmansl`above shows.

      “Do what you feel in your heart to be right—
      for you’ll be criticized anyway.
      You’ll be damned if you do,
      and damned if you don’t.” —Eleanor Roosevelt

  • 4

    Can’t agree more with all what the writer has written. Please continue to educate the masses. How can the voters in rural areas be reached to convey this same message?

    Unfortunately there are many Sri Lankans who are deaf, dumb and blind and who lack intelligence to see through what MR and his clan are trying to achieve in SL. Sinhalaya modaya kavum kanna sooraya might be apt here. Most guilty are the Ministers, Deputy Ministers, MP’s and other UPFA politicians who are still hanging on.They must be having either files on them, are selfish to relinquish their perks or are bribed by MR. The cleaner ones have already deserted the sinking ship.

    MR and his family are like a cancer in SL. Unless this cancer is rooted out fast, it will become incurable!!

  • 0

    The UNP has by now got a hang of all the possibilites that the Regime
    will and can do, but they cannot come out with it on platforms, I guess.

    The first and possible move is to ensure a very high turn-out and a high voting % in results. The CPA on-line survey was an indicator – 76% for
    My3 and interestingly 30-45 yrs. age was 38% – the real Vote-deciders.

    Is it possible that if things go against MR the likelyhood of the PE being put off – say for 2 yrs. as the EC can fake a Heart Attack, with
    Belliatta Amaradasa as acting EC. This way some respite for a drunkard
    of a Leader?

  • 2

    And yet, still there is quite a chance that all of this will actually happen. Farmers don’t read English news, have no access to internet, and would not know what a proxy is. Instead, they watch ITN and SLBC. Have you looked at that website? It is licking someones @#$ as if we are in North Korea. And .. the website even looks a bit North Korean don’t you think? http://www.slbc.lk

  • 0

    How many citizens both Sinhala and Tamils who could understand the rigmarole of these politicians. There never was and there never will be. Will there be an Arab spring in Sri Lanka if Rajapaksa wins. No. If Srisena wins there may be an Army take over under the leadership of Gothabaya. Whoever wins, the position of the Tamils would remain the same and would be subjugated all along. The Tamils in Sri Lanka should join hands with Director Seeman of Naam Thamilar Kadchi in India and demand for a referendum until they get it. There should be an outside force to help the Tamils in Sri Lanka. That is the only way the Tamils would be free. Otherwise they will be flaunted by the Mighty Military. In this context it reminds me of the Statement made by Seeman in an interview with the media . Mr Wigneshwaran had requested him during his recent visit to India not to demand or say the words of “Tamil Eelam” as he could not achieve anything from the Sinhala Government. It is not a surprise?

  • 0

    Ms T’s wish for an Arab Spring seems a real reality now, with the latest news from the SLMC.

    Hkeen is taking his outfit to hitch on to the My Three to knife Rajapaksa..

    This gives a serious edge to Sira to become the Presdent.

    Where would that leave the TNA which is already in the dunny with severe stomach cramps .

    Dalit activists in Jaffna, Killinochchi and even in Vauniya are pissed off about Abraham’s silly challenges to the President, to produce copies of his and his boss Sambandan’s deal with Sira and Ranil..

    Has Abraham put his people back to square one?.

    BBS wouldn’t be happy if Hakeems help CBK, Sira and Ranil to stab Rajapaksa.

    JHU will be happy .

    But can they co habit with the rest of the Sinhala Buddhist inhabitant population, after their hero is caged as a war criminal…

    What is going to happen to the poor Muslim brothers and sisters who live in pockets in the South?.

    Will Hakeem sign a MOU , if he hasn’t done one already, to house all his people in the East?.

    Will our Armed Forces obey CBK, Sira and Ranil after their Commander in Chief is stabbed, and the country which they liberated at a great cost to their and their families lives.fall in to chaos and become a Syria or Libya?.

    Arab Spring quite possible…

  • 0

    I like your article written here, it touches on some good points. It will be interesting to see who wins the elections. Bad to have fear though of the future in my opinion, solved today attitude.

    Colombo telegrpah I have article I want you you to carry.

    Thanks, if you want.

    ‘ඡන්දේ ඉල්ලන්නෙත් ඒගොල්ලන්, ඡන්දේ දාන්නෙත් ඒගොල්ලන්, ඡන්දේ දිනන්නත් ඒගොල්ලන්.’
    A tweet from a 20 year old voter.
    This was reproduced first by Mr. Seneviratne, and has been re-reproduced here.

    In 2009, Ambassador Blake in Colombo mentioned something along the lines of you can participate in the NATO operations in Afghanistan to President Mahinda Rajapaksa. Looking back it seems that Rajapaksa may want to go back in time and have taken this offer. Instead, Rajapaksa thinking that he had destroyed LTTE then went and formed a friendship with China and the US Ambassador moved on thereafter to become deputy head of South Asian affairs or something like that. Anyways, the former Ambassador to Colombo actually moved on to a much higher position, and Rajapaksa did not take the deal. Actually Rajapaksa thought to use the method of using a curry leaf to cook curry and then getting rid of it afterwards. Back then this move by Rajapaksa seemed to be ineffectual as he could checkmate the USA with the rising power of China in the short run, but eventually the mighty Atlantic Federation would bring him to keel.

    The first attempt to bring Rajapaksa to keel came in 2010. In 2010 two things happened actually, in the beginning part of the year there was an attempt that nearly ended Rajapaksa to have an Atlantic federation backed Fonseka put in power through military coup. Actually this event may have taken place in 2009. Anyways Fonseka at that time decided it was morally unethical to come to power by coup and this saved Rajapaksa the first time. IT does not make any sense that Rajapaksa doesn’t humble himself to the Atlantic Federation in some way. Also in 2009 Rajapaksa himself believed he had defeated the LTTE so it really makes one wonder what Rajapaksa was thinking when he deliberately did not take the position of the Atlantic Federation.

    In order to understand the thinking of Rajapaksa you have to understand that right after the LTTE appeared to be defeated, the Atlantic Federation immediately pointed the gun at Rajapaksa. This event of course is the well known resolution in the human rights council which was defeated by the genius of Dayan Jayatilleka. So the gun was first pointed at Rajapaksa, and in reaction to this he made an alliance with China. It seems of course that Rajapaksa still could have been humble even after the gun had been pointed at him and things could have worked out, but he himself calculated that it was not in his interest to go along with the Atlantic alliance because he actually was the person who was being made use of like a curry leaf only to be deposed of after the curry had been made. The Atlantic Federation thought that the real target was the LTTE and that they needed to adopt Colombo as a partisan in order to attack the LTTE. Whether this was Ranil or the SLFP candidate didn’t matter. Luckily for the Atlantic Federation, the defense secretary in Rajapaksa’s cabinet is a strong nationalist that had the will to attack the LTTE. This really is a delicate question as to whether Rajapaksa misread the carrot and the stick approach of the Atlantic Federation, and maybe it also shows the emergence of China as a power in the China region and even the Bay of Bengal in that Rajapaksa thought that it was better to work together with china and India and try and push off against the carrot and stick approach being offered to him by the Atlantic Federation. Also it seems that Rajapaksa thought that there always was some deception here in the offer from the Atlantic alliance in that he would be made use of like a curry leaf only to be gotten rid of after the curry has been finished.

    Now the gun points at Colombo. Having survived the attempted coup in 2009 and then in 2010 the deliberate attempt by the Atlantic Federation to back the opposition candidate, Rajapaksa still breathes life only to have to the gun pointed at him yet again. This time however it seems that the Atlantic Federation has gone too far in creating an opposition which essentially has taken the secretary of Rajapaksa’s party and positioned him as the opposition candidate. This offer is none other than “don’t worry the intelligence service will handle everything, we just have to secure your agreement.” This is the offer which was made to the opposition candidate against Rajapaksa. And now Rajapaksa has to fight himself.

    Can Rajapaksa defend and hold against the Atlantic Federation? Actually it is quite ridiculous for the Atlantic Federation to come against Rajapaksa. Rajapaksa is one of the most popular people in the nation for which he seeks re-election. Prior to Rajapaksa coming to power there were terror attacks in Colombo against civilian populations and there was harsh fighting between Sinhalese boys and the LTTE in a small arms conflict. Terror being a method of way or style of fighting like fire was employed both by the partisan in Colombo against the LTTE, and by the LTTE against Colombo just five years ago. And historically there usually was some understanding between the LTTE and Indian RAW as LTTE was a partisan really for New Delhi against Colombo. This dynamic did not continue at the end of the conflict really due to the fact that Sonia Gandhi was a KGB agent that did not fully care about the will of the Indian RAW.

    In these elections, surely the Atlantic Federation will aggressively push to end Rajapaksa’s rule. Rajapaksa in their mind should have taken the carrot and not worried about the stick. Instead Rajapaksa sensed that this was unreliable which allowed for the emergent power in the China and Bay of Bengal region to a lesser token to emerge as his friend. There seems to be serious plays from the foreigners in America and England to deseat Rajapaksa. After seeing how easily the elections in UVA were rigged by these elements, really the American CIA and English MI6 or whatever, it seems that Rajapaksa will face difficulty.

    Surely Rajapaksa would want help in a way from Jaffna, as the LTTE has created the Northern Provincial Council which allows for the TNA to sit on. This help will not be forthcoming from the LTTE since the Sinhalese ultimately have to decide their fate. With the leadership of the TNA it seems that Wigneswaran who was given a “don’t worry the services will take care of everything deal” by the American CIA may be lulled into offering some support to the opposition. This will not fly and will be the end of the TNA. Tamils will not be able to help Rajapaksa in this election which is up to the Sinhalese to decide their future.

    It seems that the Atlantic Federation has used the deputy of Rajapaksa’s organization to create a new front against him. Always for power people are so foolish.

  • 0

    Only Muslim Modayas do Arab Spring!

  • 1

    The dogs are barking ! I fear they can sniff , the once mighty lion is weakening , the pack’s slowly deserting him as well. It’s surely a matter of time before they move in for the kill.
    “All good things must come to an end” ponders a monkey. !

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