22 May, 2022


Eluga Thamil: Tigerization Of Wigneswaran?

By S. I. Keethaponcalan

Dr. S. I. Keethaponcalan

Dr. S. I. Keethaponcalan

A few weeks ago, the Tamil People’s Council (TPC) staged a protest campaign called the Eluga Thamil. The slogan Eluga Tamil roughly means Rise Up Tamil. In addition to Vigneswaran, Suresh Premachandran of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA), and Gagendrakumar Ponnampalam of the Tamil National People’s Front (TNPF) played a major role. The march and the meeting drew a considerable crowd. Hence, the organizers view it as a success. After viewing the videos of the speeches of major players, I believe that the campaign had dual objectives of raising the socio-political issues the Tamil people face in the Northern Province and kindling Tamil nationalism.

Right to Protest

In his speech, Wigneswaran emphasized the fact that the rally was not organized to oppose anybody, including the central government and the Tamil National Alliance (TNA). He highlighted the issues of, for example, the erecting of Buddha status in non-Buddhist areas by the military, continued incarceration of LTTE suspects, alleged colonization of Tamil area by outsiders, and many other issues. C.V. Wigneswaran

In response to the Eluga Thamil rally, the South exploded with condemnation. Some called for Vigneswaran’s arrest and others argued that he should be removed from the Chief Minister’s office. Obviously, the South overreacted. The people in Sri Lanka, regardless of ethnicity and religion, have the right to protest peacefully. This applies to the Tamil people, as well as Vigneswaran. As long as these programs remain peaceful, they should be tolerated even if they do not conform to the predominant beliefs and ideologies. The inability to protest, peacefully and express their disappointments and frustration, would force the Tamils to believe that they are being subjugated by the government in Colombo.

Politics of Eluga Thamil

As indicated, the campaign was organized not only to protest the ongoing socio-political problems of the Tamil people, but also to kindle Tamil nationalism. This is exactly what the slogan of Eluga Thamil means. It asks the Tamil people to rise up. Speakers of the rally called for Tamil people to get on the streets and protest, because, according to them, sending representatives to legislative bodies has no meaning and it will not win Tamil rights. Wigneswaran also to a certain extent, reflected this sentiment.

Moreover, in regard to the meaning and outlook, Eluga Thamil is not that much different from Pongu Thamil, a nationalist event conducted and celebrated by the now defunct Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). Therefore, the direction of the Tamil politics under Wigneswaran is clear. It is taking a solid turn towards radical politics, which could, in the long run, turn to violent politics of the past. In the rally, Wigneswaran has been praised and hailed as the champion of Tamil nationalism. I believe that he was called by at least one speaker as the Tamil national leader.
Wigneswaran’s transformation as champion of Tamil rights is sudden and startling. First, during the war, when the Tamil youth were sacrificing their lives, Wigneswaran was nowhere to be seen near the Tamil nationalist politics. As far as I know, he does not have a history of doing anything to promote Tamil interests during the war. He probably did not even visit the war affected areas until the war was over in 2009. Second, in the first year of his tenure in office or to be precise, when Rajapaksa was in power, Vigneswaran was bending backwards to please and work with the government in Colombo. He did not protest until January 2015. Does this mean that the Rajapaksa government was more accommodative than the present government? Obviously not. Therefore, it is clear that the Eluga Thamil event, at least partially, was motivated by politics.

Divided Tamil Polity

The politics of the Eluga Thamil lies in the current power struggle within the TNA. The SS (Sambandan- Sumanthiran) faction and the Wigneswaran faction are at loggerheads. Supported by Sambandan and his loyalists, Sumanthiran has been vying for the leadership of the TNA in the post-Sambandan period. Meanwhile, it seems that Vigneswaran is currently aspiring to lead the Tamil people. Wigneswaran’s aspiration emanates from the fact that he is senior to Sumanthiran and he “seems” to have adequate support among the people in the North.

The problem is that many of Wigneswaran’s recent actions have contributed to serious dissatisfaction about his role within the traditional leadership of the TNA. Some of these actions include Wigneswaran’s disloyalty towards the party in the 2015 general election and the formation of the TPC. Hence, it is possible that the party will not nominate him as the chief ministerial candidate in the next provincial council election. My assumption is that the Eluga Thamil is a preemptive move, which aims to force the TNA to nominate him again. If the TNA decides not to nominate, Wigneswaran can mobilize the Tamil people under the umbrella of TPC and contest the provincial election. My assessment is that Eluga Thamil has effectively transferred the Tamil political leadership to Wigneswaran and it has dealt a blow to the ambitions of Sumanthiran.

Hence, from a strategic point of view, Eluga Thamil was not a bad idea. It would have sent sufficient messages and signals to TNA leadership. One has to wait and see if the TNA has the capacity to understand these signals and/or if it would succumb to the pressure created by Wigneswaran. Either way, it is possible that Wigneswaran will emerge as the winner.


Like in the South, Northern political leaders have also used ethnic politics for electoral purposes in the past. Racism was a sure fire vote catcher in the North as well as in the South. When the TULF leaders provoked the Tamil youth, they did not anticipate the possibility that they would lose control of the radical politics. The Tamil leaders were convinced that they could keep the “boys” under control and manipulate indefinitely. But, that was not to be the case. Eventually they became the early victims of the violent Tamil politics.

The recent turn towards radical politics also has the capacity to become violent and force history to repeat itself. Eluga Thamil type events, which are marked by nationalist fervor, could turn violent easily. They need only a minor incident, an ignition, executed by a Tamil nationalist sympathizer or a motivated opponent. If and when these events turn violent, Vigneswaran and his lieutenants can no longer control them. Eluga Thamil leaders urged the Tamil people to get on to the street and protest. The question is, whether the ones who could not stay in the sun for 20 minutes will join the people when they get on to the street.

The possibility of Eluga Thamil type events turning to violence is a long term problem. Two immediate concerns have been created by the rally. One, it could delay the devolution of power through constitutional reform. Two, it could influence the government to tighten restrictions on the North on the claims of threat to national security.

In relation to constitutional reform, I have already pointed out that the progress is painfully slow. Many political groups in the South resist further devolution of power. Ideally, what Tamils should be doing is strengthening the reasons for further devolution, and not undermine them. Now, with the Eluga Thamil protest, anti-devolution groups, especially the Joint Opposition have more excuses to protest concessions. Hence, I expect stronger resistance to a constitutional reform project that confers more powers to the North-Eastern Provinces. This, in turn, would provide the government a reason to delay constitutional reform and drastically water down any proposal to share power.

Moreover, this type of event would provide the armed forces in the North reasons to tighten the security restriction and the control on the people. Potentially, the shrinking of military presence and the releasing land owned by the people could be delayed. A significant danger in this regard could emerge if and when a new government comes to power in Colombo. An unsympathetic government could use the emerging trends in the North to implement repressive policies.


Finally, Eluga Thamil and similar actions by Wigneswaran symbolizes the simplicity of Tamil political thinking. Tamils know how to protest when there is a problem. What they don’t know is how to use their political capital to win aspirations of the Tamil people. Many contemporary Tamil leaders are either incapable or subservient. The Tamil people gave the TNA an overwhelming mandate and parliamentary seats to deal with their problems through political means. The TNA won overwhelming votes in the last two general elections. To date, the TNA could not demonstrate anything as an achievement. It could not have any impacts on even minor issues, like the release of the suspected LTTE cadres or relocating the disappeared.

To a certain extent, the ruling party was dependent on the Tamil support in Parliament and outside, to win both national elections in 2015. The TNA, instead of using their political capital to win concessions, extended unconditional support. As the main opposition party, it does not raise any Tamil issues, let alone national issues, in the national legislature. This ineffectiveness frustrates the Tamil people. The frustration could easily turn aggressive. Hence, more than anybody else, the TNA is responsible for the current trends in the North.

Dr. S. I. Keethaponcalan is Chair of the Conflict Resolution Department, Salisbury University, Maryland.

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      The solution to the Tamil problem is long overdue and even this Yahapalana government does not look capable of solving it.

      This is the right time for the Tamils to wake up and act. As a first step, ‘EzhukaTamil’ (‘AriseTamil’) is a very good move (in the right direction) by the Northern Province Chief Minister C. V. Wigneswaran. He should be commended for forming the Tamil Peoples’ Council (TPC) and organizing the ‘EzhukaTamil’ protest in order to find solutions to the problems that the Tamil speaking people in the country (especially N & E) are facing. Next time, not only Wigneswaran but all the Tamil politicians and the entire Tamil community should rise and protest.

      Wigneswaran’s campaign very clearly shows that the Sri Lankan Tamils have lost their patience. Unlike the armed struggle (militancy-cum-terrorism), the repetition of non-violent campaigns with Direct Action will have full International support and sometimes direct interference. We had very moderate leaders like SJV Chelvanayagam, we had extreme militant leaders like V Prabakaran and now we have a non-militant not-so-moderate leader C V Wigneswaran to continue our struggle for self-determination and state sponsored colonization.

      When it comes to non-violent campaigns, the Non-Violent Direct Action exemplified several decades ago by the Civil Rights Movement under Martin Luther King in the USA is a very practical alternative technique to militancy-cum-terrorism. There are several features in this strategy which are positive and relevant to the Tamil people everywhere.

      Firstly, it will involve large masses, if not all, of the Tamil people. Secondly, it will preclude the enormous waste of resources in the purchase of arms, which could be far better spent in rehabilitating the North and East, presently lying in ruins. It also provides a less unethical, less immoral and certainly less mortal route to the same experience of involvement – and it is open to every Tamil.

      Non-violence with Direct Action is not naive, but a rough factor for real politic based on careful study of human psychology. It will enable the Tamils and the parties to appeal with confidence to the conscience of the international community, as expressed in international law, world opinion and international institutions. It will realistically facilitate an UN-sponsored armistice and UN-supervised referendum that will hand back the traditional Tamil lands to the Tamil people.

      Every opportunity should be grasped by the Tamil people, parties and organizations alike to establish links with the International community (including India) and also with groups of enlightened Sinhalese opinion that perceive the good of all implicit in breaking the hold of the present Sinhala ruling class over the affairs of the country, defeating majoritarianism and replacing the present Unitarianism and centrist structure of government by a new confederative structure or consociation of nationalities. This, in a plural society such as ours, is the only suitable vehicle for democracy, according parity, equality and tolerance at all levels of government and society and culture and liberating the down-trodden and oppressed, whether Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim, Burgher or other, so that they may live in peace, dignity and concord, without either class or ethnic bias and where there is scope for all without the one subsuming the other.

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        Tamils Wake Up

        “The solution to the Tamil problem is long overdue”

        Is it a Tamil problem?

        Is it not a Sinhala/Buddhist problem imposed on rest of the people?

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    One writer – I couldn’t recollect his name, but his article appeared in the ‘Independent’ maybe in 1975 or 1976 of which the editor was Reggie Michael – found the then Federal Party guilty of reluctance to exert on the UNP government of 1965 -70 of which the FP was an indispensable part its power to solve the ethnic issue and thus of negligence of duty. In his view if I remember right, they had been carrying on politics of survival rather than working sincerely for a viable solution; and permanent solution meant no more progress. I think the same or similar mentality on the part of our political leaders still lingers on.I agree with “Finally, Eluga Thamil and similar actions by Wigneswaran symbolizes the simplicity of Tamil political thinking.”

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    Dr. keethaponcalan

    Eluga Thamil what ever it means is not the problem for the Tamils in the North. But the problems of the Tamils in the North is all entailed in the speeches made by Mr.Vigneshwaran and other Tamil leaders. Eluga Thamil won’t have been originated if the Elected Members of Parliament , the TNA, had acted to resolve the ever threatening problems of the Tamil in the North. Instead the TNA enjoying the benefits of elected parliamentarians, ignored the aspirations of the affected people of the North, by supporting the Government in every respect. Mr.Vigneswaran was functioning as Chief Justice and was not a politician for him to visit the affected areas in the North. When he was brought into politics by Mr.Sambanthan, he accepted with reluctance and was elected by the people with much popularity, He is doing his duty as to what the Tamil people expects him to do. Everybody knows he cannot do much for the Tamil people because he has no powers to do it. You are writing something against the wishes of the Tamil people. The land is for the people, the government is for the people, elected politicians are for the people. but in Sri Lanka, it is all vice versa. The people are for the politicians, the people are for the government.
    President Sirisena and this government was elected to power because of the Tamil and Muslim votes. Mr.Vigneshwaran ardently canvassed the Tamil people to vote for Sirisena. But Sirisena is only one side of the same coin.
    What has this government done to alleviate the sufferings of the Tamil people. Private lands have not been released by the Military. There is military administration in the North still, under the name of rehabilitation by the military. Tamil political prisoners have not been released. Missing persons have not been addressed so far. Tamils are not going to have what they expect as devolution of power in the new constitution. The TNA is silent on this matter. One can go on and on as to how the Sinhalese are treating the Tamils as second class citizens.
    Vigneswaran has the integrity and honour to lead the Tamil people and not the TNA members. They are selfish and should resign from their parliamentary membership as they have failed the Tamil people.

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    This “Our Boys” mentality was exactly what lead to the demise of hundred thousand people – majority of them Tamil.

    What Tamils should rise up against is the re-kindling of violent nationalism.

    LTTE supporters in the diaspora seem to have much influence over Wigneshwaran, while most regular Tamils in SL back the TNA. It is the latter who live, work and die in SL. Don’t sacrifice them on the altar of Tamizh nationalism, while those in the west and Australia are part-time and weekend Tamil warriors, enjoying all the privileges of the countries of their new domicile.

    The Sinhalese version of “our boys” – the JVP in the 80s and the army in the 2000s were also violent and lead to the desctruction of so many lives.

    Enough is ENOUGH. Do not repeat mistakes of the past.

    Any Sri Lankan moving to and living in any part of the country is a fundamental right. NPC cannot specify the ethnicity of people who move to and live n the North and the East. This kind of rhetoric will NOT help them make the case for devolution of power, such as land rights. For if they want land rights so they can ban non-Tamil migration to the North and East, that is a segregationist and separatist platform.

    Imagine, how the diaspora Tamils would react if people in Montreal opposed migration of Tamils from Toronto to Montreal! Tamils recognize racism where ever it exists, not just when the victims are Tamil.

    Since when has statues of the Buddha be lables anti-Tamil? He’s been considered one of the dashavatarams in hinduism, if I am not mistaken, and many hindus worship him.

    I would urge both the sinhalese and the Tamil nationalists to keep the Buddha and Shiva\\\ out of their nationalist antics. We do not need more versions of the dastardly BBS on our island.

    • 11

      Sinhala Buddhist

      what is the need for erecting new Buddha statues and Buddhist Vihara’s all over Jaffana?

      Mark my word …the Sinhala Govt is working towards turning Nallur Temple in to another Katragamma

      • 1

        Rajash ,Rajash mind the Queen’s language please.It is not “mark my word” as you put it ,but mark my words , my dear Mahavidiyalam boy.Thank you Lord for sending me to St Patricks College.Bless those missionaries.

        • 3


          What is your point? Do you have anything constructive to say about the points that Rajesh made?

          If you are a champion of the English language it is all well and good but do not judge others by your pedantic disposition!

      • 0

        @Rajesh. You have shown your ignorance and shamed proud Eelam Tamils. You should know your place, and let Tamil intelligentsia to provide intellectual reasoning of the Eelam Tamil struggle. It is when toddy tapping bastards try to be intellectual advocates of Tamil Eelam liberation struggle that it was led astray. Know your place. Your duty to Tamil Eelam is in browns and not in brains. Your brotherns formed the bulk of revered Eelam Black Tigers. That is how you can perform your national duty to Eelam. Dont waste your time and our time. If you are a key board worrier of Eelam get lost.

        • 0

          Tamil Eelam pride,

          Do you have anything to disprove Rajesh? You have spewed a lot of rubbish!

        • 2

          Tamil Eelam pride

          “It is when toddy tapping bastards try to be intellectual advocates of Tamil Eelam liberation struggle that it was led astray.”

          I do not understand many things intellectual. Please bear with me.

          Is it possible for you to explain/deconstruct to me the following:

          Tamil intelligentsia

          Intellectual reasoning

          Eelam Tamil struggle.

          Toddy tapping bastards

          In browns and not in brains

          “Dont waste your time and our time.”

          All commentators have their right to waste their own time. Why should it bother you. You can avoid wasting your own time by ignoring Rajash.

          “If you are a key board worrier of Eelam get lost.”

          Should it worry you?

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      Sinhala Buddhist people have a right to live and move in any part of the island but the Sinhalese state/establishment or the racist occupying Sinhalese armed forces do not have to right to build Budda statues everywhere in the north and east, steal Tamil people’s homes lands and farms and deliberately settle Sinhalese in their hundreds of thousands to change the demography of the area in order to make the Tamils are voiceless minority in their own areas. This is called genocide and ethnic cleansing and is a war crime. Understood. Do not confuse one with the other. May be you are not confused but deliberately trying to mislead

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    We do not need more versions of the dastardly BBS on our island.

    Very interesting stateent.

    When Tamails spread racism, tribalism and terrorism becuse they have problem.

    If buddhists (in this case BBS) talk sinhala problems – Dastardly – racist BBS.

    what interesting labels ?

  • 3

    “Racism was a sure fire vote catcher in the North as well as in the South.”
    You are right on the mark, Dr,Keethaponcalan. The politicians and ideologues on each side feed off each other and ensure their control over the political process and make good living too, I suspect.
    Shan got it right too :
    “Finally, Eluga Thamil and similar actions by Wigneswaran symbolizes the simplicity of Tamil political thinking.”
    Indeed such simplicity and a commitment to a destructive utopianism has long been a characteristic of Jaffna Tamil politics. And it will probably undermine the Tamil people for good.

  • 7

    The appropriate English translation for the Tamil words “Eluga Thamil”
    should have been ‘Wake up Tamils”. The word ‘rise’ could be interpreted
    as “revolt’ by ignorant masses and naturally there was cue & cry from the South and wanted Wiggy, either jailed or sacked. “Wake up Tamils’ would have been fitting as Tamils are in a deep slumber as TNA has told
    the Tamil people that they should maintain a low profile and that they will win all their demands by talking to the govt. and they now find that they are not winning, not even the basic rights, leave alone federalism. It also appears that the govt. does not pay any attention to TNA, as a political party that helped them to form the govt.

    Although Wiggy is junior in the party, he could rally the support of the entire Tamil masses and he has proved it as the author says, and experienced enough to run a party. The leadership should go to Wiggy, after Mr. Sambanthan. He, been a Supreme court judge, thorough with
    legal affairs,and can work with the majority as he has support among the Southern leaders and he is trilingual. Sumanthiran too is capable but there is Senathirajah, another senior of TNA who cannot be ignored but Wiggy is an out side horse and he has better credentials that the other two does not have.
    He too has his own weaknesses. He is not too healthy and often visits
    hospitals and it is imperative that he should provide a certificate of
    fitness from a medical professional, if he is aiming to become the leader of the Tamils. Though knowledgeable, he does not follow a give
    and take policy as he has clashed with two governors, though he was
    right in most cases. Wiggy has to improve in few areas if he wants to be the leader

  • 4

    The TNA needs to take the lead and unite the Tamils under one banner and set out their policies.

    Wigneswaran is a retired civil servant and not a politician.

    Tamils need to bring in some young leaders to fight for our rights democratically.

  • 7

    TNA is sitting on their laurels as the opposition party and enjoying the luxury that comes with it.
    As did Amarthalingam when he was opposition leader.

    • 1

      Rajash – You said it right as, if Mr. Sampanthan did not accept the
      Opposition leader’s position, he could have concentrated on the Tamil
      issues and could have got the Govt. to settle some of the issues.

      Because TNA leader was busy elsewhere, the party was headless and could not discuss Tamil issues with the Govt.

    • 2


      “TNA is sitting on their laurels as the opposition party and enjoying the luxury that comes with it.”

      Sambandan as the opposition leader does not have an official resident. The state could not afford nor find a reasonably comfortable house for the person who holds the office opposition leader let alone luxury.

      Usually, the opposition leader’s residence doubles as his/her office.

      He lives in a rented flat according to sources close to him. Sam is about 83 years old and has to climb one or two flight to get to his flat.

      Let us stick to truth, though many won’t agree with his politics.

  • 3

    Dear Dr. Keethaponcalan and all participants,
    If you understand very well Sri Lankan politics you will sympathize with all the cheated Tamil parties starting from the 40s. At that time the Tamil politicians were in power supporting the then UNP Government. They never expected the Government in power create violence against Tamils and abolish the Tamil vote base to increase the Sinhala vote base. There were several prongs used by all Governments towards forcing Sri Lanka as a Sinhala Buddhist Country. Now they have almost achieved their target politically. Of course Tamil politicians are weak because they are made powerless and voiceless in the Parliament and now in their provinces too. The majoritarian Governments were able to change the old Constitution, making Tamils second class citizens. Not only just politically but also with regular pogroms. It took about 35 years of Government sponsored violence for the frustrated Tamil youth to take to armed rebellion. It is customary for the majoritarian Governments to get a few ambitious Tamil leaders to their side and use them to fool the world and the Tamils wholesale.
    The new Government of Sri Lanka elected in January 2015, is just an extension of all the previous Governments and not different as believed by the international community. If it was to do reconciliation with Tamils as expected, the war criminals and all the well known criminals will not be allowed in the Parliament to support the new Government or to criticize from the opposition. If you will understand them, their only ulterior motive is to make Sri Lanka a Sinhala Buddhist Country.
    To this end they have succeeded converting a good population of Tamils and other Burgers to Sinhalese. All the repeated violence against minorities is mainly to convert all Sri Lankans. If not converted, get rid of them by any means. Now after the recent massacre in May, 2009, Tamils have been politically captivated and enslaved. This is well evidenced with the Administration being carried out by the Governor and the Army occupying the lands of the victimized refugees.
    What results do you expect the CM or the Leader of the opposition to show the victims? Why do you think not a single representation is acceptable from the victims side and there is no transparency in any important decisions towards reconciliation.
    Of course the Tamil leaders will clash with each other out of frustration and it is fun for the ruling Government to put the blame on them or to say they are terrorists and what not. This is usual repression of Tamils that has been happening for the last 70 years.

  • 1

    Keethaponcalan is just another empty vessel, convulsing to make loud noise. CV was not a politician. Never was looking for political post. He was asked by all five members of the TNA to lead in the NPC election. The he came to lead. It Is obvious keeping the TNA together is massive job. It was Sumanthiran even Sritharan from FP like people would have broken up with him. CV is still holding together the TNA.

    This Poncalan or in reality Emptycalan is not just making loud noise, but giving ill interpretation and false dating to events. CV did not stay not opposing Appe Andu until Jan, 8th of 2015 and did not turn against New King from Jan 9th of 2015. When CV came to NPC, he refused to handshake with Tamil Nadu Politician saying they are using the Eelam situation. He did not support the UN resolution, but preferred the NPC’s rightful rights restored. He worked with Sonia Government and PM Manmohan Singh. Those were exactly the standings of the TNA. Ambassador Robert Blake said TNA did not want International Inquiry, but the restoring their rights of Tamil by a political solution. He called Sinhalese and Tamils are Husband and wife. TNA did not welcome Ranil for EP. Still there is no real good relationship between TNA and Ranil, though TNA claims of a secret solution deal with UNP that is something the Sinhalese ever going to come to know, even after it is implemented. TNA is not talking about openly to test if the Sinhalese will accept it or not. Further, Jan 2015 was a cheating by TNA and CC in their areas. TNA claimed with a statement released by Sumanthiran on the name of TNA saying that TNA has reached a deal with CC to release land, release prisoners, remove army, and investigate the crime and a political solution. This is how TNA mustered the 43 percent of the Tamils to vote in the EP election. In the South CC group promised, “No Leader, No Commander, No Soldier Investigation” plus there was no deal at all with TNA in whatsoever the terms were. We asked TNA to confirm publicly if they have a deal, Sumanthiran refused do that. He turned the talk of vacating Muslims from North as intentional ethnic cleansing, like a layman who does not know a law applies only if there was an intention to beak it. This is the kind of the cheating TNA did to get the votes of the Tamils for the CC. As had been a perfect judge on the straight line and as a religious, non-politician, Sumanthiran’s tricks does not go well with CV. Though Sumanthiran drafted the manifesto to CV’s election, Sumanthiran has no position on Tamils issues, but CV still hanging on to the Manifesto. In a short notice, changing the position without a mandate of voters is only cheating, not getting along with environment. As only a three years been passed pledging this manifesto to Tamils he want to stick to that.

    Further Emptycalan is setting up as there is competition between CV and Sumanthiran for the future leadership. Then he contends CV is the winner on that. It is only to show that he is a balanced analyst but a very bad sojourn taste in his mouth of that result. He is not letting the readers know when Kumar was in the TNA he got the highest preference and now Sumanthiran has been elected only marginally. CV had even beaten Kumar’s record. So if Sumanthiran conflict with CV, there is no support at all for him even in FP. That is why Emptycalan is predicting poisonously that CV is winning an undercutting game. CV has never gone for any competition like that. Sumanthiran even tried to get a minister post. CV has not asked for an MP post so far. It was only a one hand clap, but Emptycalan is very happy to describe it as Hollywood’s WWF’s clashing of the Titans.

    CV has so far not changed his word on anything . Neither Emptycalan has provided any evidence of contrary to that. But he is setting up CV with a leadership war with Sumanthiran and says CV has won the race cunningly by forming TPC. CV has said TPC is not political party and will not become as one. He has asked and obtained confirmation of that from the original organizers. Further he has said, if it becomes one, breaking the promises, he will leave it. He has not said he will leave TNA in any circumstances. Emptycalan was not able to poke any suspicions in that also. When I was small boy I saw drama and in that a dialog went like this. “A stranger asked a drunkard in village that if he knew the path of place. In Tamil that is “Unkalukku antha paathai theriuma”. It was in highest polite form. The drunkard responded that you are already calling me Neengal, soon, it looks like you are going to call me NEE (the lowest form). It seems that drunkard had a better composition of himself at that situation than this CT PhD, Emptycalan’s blame on CV. This guy is not capable of realizing that if he says something he has to establish that there are past historical evidences existing to prove his point.

    When Old King was in power, in an unprecedented manner, CV met PM David Cameron, which the most challenging deed was ever done by a Local or Provincial politician to Old King’s Royalty. After New King came to power, CV had good relationship with him. But Ranil insisted on he taking a SLFP woman as his secretary and he had to acknowledge his whereabouts to her. They even went to court to enforce that over CV, not just giving the respect of his CM position, but not ready even to recognize that he was Supreme Court Justice. Ranil discarded CV from inviting him for visits in North. When Ranil was in North he met only with Army. He was planning to make Hotel out Old King Keerimalai Palace. Ranil told a Principal to shut his mouth and sit down in front all, for his teachers and students laugh at him. Once he returned to Colombo, to divide TNA, he redistributed the already allocated money for NPC to TNA’s central MP but nothing for NPC. CV called the New King, but nothing substantial happened. After that TNA’s NPC budgets are on full grip and many times the fund is squeezed back to South. This is how things became sour between NPC and Colombo. It was not the way the liar Emptycalan is making noise.

    Emptycalan was never in any negotiations of Tamils problems. Norwegian Envoy Solheim was part of it. American ambassador Robert Blake was part of it. They both have said Appe Andu only cheats. Solheim said that without Tamils fighting for their rights, Sinhala Government is not going to give them anything. Anything Emptycalan said that as CV had asked for the rights, so now Sinhala Government is going to delay what is it was waiting to give is an empty talk that this PhD himself. Neither Sumanthiran nor Sampanthan has said so far they have any offer of even district councils on the table. Further, so far the promise they received is zero. Then the “delay” in that is only a speculative blame because Emptycalan has found no real fault on CV. After that experience only Sampanthar has told UNSG that Tamils needs minimum Self-determination. If he have had a hope of anything why would he tell that that to UNSG?

    Sampanthar has told about Self Determination. But CV is saying that NPC was elected on the Manifesto written by Sumanthiran. He did not ask anything different from that in the Ezhuga Tamil rally. Even Emptycalan is accepting that. But he is trying to predict something on his own and interpolating it backward too. First he is equalizing Ezhuga Tamils with Pongu Tamils. That is all what a PhD’s Tamil standard. Then he says that is the nationalistic nature of CV. But he is not put forwarding arguments why a nationalistic approach is wrong in the given circumstances of Tamils being selected and marginalized from 1948. Then he is predicting because of CV’s nationalistic approach, there will be certainly an armed struggle going take place (like LTTE). He is not enthusiastic of drawing parallel to Singapore. Once he realized how foolish it is to talk like that, he is slipping from that by saying that it may not happen in the near future? Then why is he talking about that. Is he an open theorist of in the long run anything is possible? Is that why CV’s nationalistic approach is wrong?

    He did not stop his foolishness there. He is trying base his prediction by interpolating that there was somebody in that past was like CV to the LTTE to be born. He is trying to show LTTE attacked the TULF. But he is hiding the fact that JVP attacked the SLFP. In Bangladesh it was Mujibur Rahman’s General murdered him and took the power from him. If something was there to go up to armed struggle that is what happens. Can Emptycalan take any substances at least from that on? No. He is utterly biased, so he cannot. He is trying to portray SJV as an utter violent extremist. He did not even stop at there. He doesn’t want to accept with all the 1956, 1957, 1958 & 1961 government’s violence, SJV still negotiated two similar and ever dwindling pacts with the governments. So he went ahead and saying that TNA is not taking the Tamils problems in the parliament. What comedy this fool is playing? He is so delicately trying to create a scene that from 1948 Tamils are not talking about their problems in the parliament, but very well protesting outside the parliament like Sinhala Only contest in courts up to Privy Council, Gall face Sinhala opposition, 1961 Satyagraha…and the like. This idiot does know when the eminent Tamils like Navaratnam, Naganathan, Vanniyasingam, Rayavadhoyam, Sivasithamparam, Amirthalingam like were making their classic speeches of Tamil problems in the parliament, the English ignorant Sinhala Modaya MPs just leave the parliament and go the bar and come back and vote against the Tamils’ proposals. He should read the recent Sumanthiran’s speech of SJV before he boycotted the 1972 constitution making when Dharmalingam made 6 attempts to get even as minimum elected Kachelries and it was rejected by 84-14.

    • 3

      Don’t spread lies this august forum. When did Sumanthiran want to be the Minister? Mallaiyuran has a hatred for all Tamil intellectuals. He has attacked most of the Tamil intellectuals who have taken a position critical of extremism among the Tamils. Is it because he did not have the chance to become an intellectual? This is why it is important that higher education up to PhD should be made the fundamental right of all citizens not just in SL but also in Canada. TGTE should do this in their new constitution.

      By the way, what is sojourn taste? Can someone explain it?

      “But Ranil insisted on he taking a SLFP woman as his secretary and he had to acknowledge his whereabouts to her. They even went to court to enforce that over CV, not just giving the respect of his CM position, but not ready even to recognize that he was Supreme Court Justice.” What is this lie about?

      Where are Mallaiyuran’s children studying? he is rejecting all the UK, USA Tamil PhD holders? Are they studying in India? Hope he would not send them to universities in USA or UK where people like Keethaponcalan teach.

  • 0

    I heard in Massachhusetts, there is one whole street assiged for these Conflict resolution businesses. Their job is to write report and make models how to resolve conflicts in third world countries.

    Then when you dig more, you can see who creates conflicts.

    Globalization and deviding countries alone ethnic lines is the new model. That way no one will develop into a formidable opponent. Every country is subjugated for ever.

    Only problem those guys do not notice is that even in the ancient past those ideas were there and did not work. For example, Roman kingdom did live as long as the Byzanthian kingdom which was reigning by side. So, if modern intellectuals think, they can trouble shoot it, they are wrong.

  • 0

    The Sinhala elite, the Sinhala ruling class, whether they are from the UNP and SLFP, whether they are named Rajapaksa or Sirisena, will never ever devolve power to the Tamils, or empower Tamils to the point that they can run their own affairs. That view is too entrenched within the Sinhala leaders and intentionally propagated to the Sinhala masses to the point that Tamils can never ever be treated as equal citizens.
    But Tamils being humans will not and do not want to live as oppressed or subjugated people. Eluga Thamil is a natural reaction of people who put their faith in the hope that things might change after January 2015. Sadly some of us are old enough or informed enough to see this coming, to see that the Tamils will be cheated again.

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