18 May, 2022


Enemies Of The President’s Promise: Bash-Ful

By Rajiva Wijesinha – 

Prof. Rajiva Wijesinha MP

Prof. Rajiva Wijesinha MP

Undoubtedly the most bizarre of the characters who influenced the President in the period after the election of 2010 was Sajin Vas Gunawardena. He was not a relation, and he did not have the professional or academic credentials of the other characters discussed here. Indeed he had hardly any qualifications but, ever since Mahinda Rajapaksa became President, he occupied positions of trust and responsibility.

It was claimed that the reason for the confidence the President reposed in him was because, while a clerk in the Middle East, he had helped the President with the technology during a presentation that might otherwise have been a disaster. But it is also likely that, after they thus became acquainted, he was able to serve the President in a variety of ways that commanded his affection and his confidence.

The first escapade in which he was involved under a Rajapaksa Presidency was the setting up of a budget airline. Called Mihin Air, in honour of Mahinda, it rapidly lost a lot of money, though Sajin himself became very wealthy during his tenure in office. Before long Mihin Lanka was handed over to Sri Lankan Airlines to be managed, and the losses of both together – the Board of the latter chaired by the President’s brother-in-law Nishantha Wickremesinghe – continued a drain on public funds for many years.

Mahinda and Vass

Mahinda and Vass

I first came across Sajin when I was appointed to head the Peace Secretariat, and was told that he was the point of liaison between the Secretariat and the President’s Office. In fact he had no interest in or understanding of our work, and I liaised mainly through the President’s Secretary Lalith Weeratunge, though in those days I generally had immediate access to the President if this was needed.

I met Sajin early on in my tenure of office, and then hardly ever again, though he came I believe to the opening of the new office which had been built for us in the premises of the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall. When we were deciding on the allocation of rooms in that office, my Director of Administration suggested we keep a room there for the use of Sajin. This seemed to me unnecessary, particularly as the room he suggested was the second best in the building. I thought it should go to my Deputy, a retired Tamil ambassador named Poolokasingham, whose stature I thought needed to be established. I told the Director that, since Sajin had not come to the office for a long time, all we needed to do if in fact he wanted a room was to set aside one of the smaller rooms at the end of the main corridor. I heard nothing more after that about that particular suggestion, and I think the Director was secretly relieved, though he had thought it was his duty to keep Sajin happy and thus prevent any recriminations against the Secretariat in general, and me in particular. Whether this contributed to his later animosity against me I do not know, but the experience of our High Commissioner in London, Chris Nonis, indicated that Sajin wanted his importance to be recognized, and resented anyone else who had a direct link to the President.

But way back in 2007, Sajin was more interested in his own political career, and during the next couple of years he was elected to the Southern Province Provincial Council. Then, in 2010, he got nomination for the Galle district for the Parliamentary election, and did reasonably well. In Parliament he was one of the young MPs in the group around Namal Rajapaksa but initially he had no executive responsibilities.

All that changed with the realization that the Ministry of External Affairs was in a mess, and he was appointed to be its Monitoring Member of Parliament. That was the only serious Monitoring MP position, and one heard hardly anything of the few others who had been appointed, until that is Duminda Silva, attached to the Ministry of Defence, was involved in the death of Bharatha Premachandra, another SLFP politician from the Colombo district.

Sajin’s appointment to the Ministry of External Affairs raised eyebrows since it was clear he had no understanding of foreign policy but, as the President once put it when he was asked the purpose, at least now the Ministry sent answers to letters it received. This was not in fact the case, given that the Ministry failed to respond to the queries from holders of Special Mandates under the Human Rights Council in Geneva. And more seriously, the Indian Ministry of External Affairs noted that one contributory factor to the decision to vote against Sri Lanka in Geneva in 2012 was the failure of Sri Lanka to respond to a letter from the Indian Prime Minister about its plans re devolution. But presumably Sajin was able to attend swiftly to many routine matters, that had suffered since the first Secretary to the Ministry under GL had been dying of cancer and unable to fulfil his duties.

Certainly before long he was seen as the virtual decision maker at the Ministry, since GL was not only a hopeless administrator, but was also quite ready to abdicate decision making to someone he knew was very close to both the President and Namal. In any case many appointments had become the prerogative of the President, a practice begun by President Jayewardene who not only made political appointments to ambassadorial posts, a practice that had occurred previously as in many other countries, but also to junior positions in our missions abroad. Under President Rajapaksa this became the norm, and all sorts of individuals were appointed to a host of different positions all over the world. These included relations to vital positions, in Washington and Moscow. The former ambassador, a cousin, was a disaster, allowing relations with the United States to deteriorate to appalling levels, whilst using expensive lobbyists with no apparent understanding of the Sri Lankan situation or any perceptible influence in Washington. As Head of the Peace Secretariat I met a couple of representatives of different groups, all commanding excessive fees, but with no positive impact. They were quite unlike a British firm that was later employed through the influence of the Central Bank Governor, though against this initiative there were public attacks and, after their advice had been ignored, as with for instance the President’s absurd attempt to address the Oxford Union in 2010, they were got rid of.

In 2014 however it became obvious that it was the American lobbyists who should have been the object of greater scrutiny, since it was reported that the ambassador had himself made money on the deals. It was also reported that he had profited from the protracted hospitalization of the Prime Minister in America. All this came on top of the story that he had been paid a commission in buying a house for the embassy in Washington, which had led to the Americans quietly but firmly insisting that he be removed.

The answer of the Ministry of External Affairs had been to transfer him to Canada. This was doubly absurd, since the government had only just received agreement for a new High Commissioner who was a professional and highly respected diplomat. But it was not pointed out to the President how shameful such a move was, and the Ministry, which he claimed was now administratively on an even keel, existed, it seemed, only to satisfy personal predilections as well as building up fortunes. And the double standards involved were quite apparent, in the manner in which Dayan Jayatilleka had been persecuted, when he had been scrupulous in following established procedures, and was never thought in anyone’s wildest dreams to have been interested in, or capable of, making money for himself. But given the domination of the Ministry by operators such as Sajin and Kshenuka Senewiratne, who was able to get an audit query about her conduct suppressed, it is not surprising that anyone who felt inclined thought they had carte blanche to profit from government positions.

In any case the idea of a coherent sustained foreign policy had died with Lakshman Kadirgamar, whose assassination in 2005 was, along with that of President Premadasa in 1993, perhaps the most destructive for Sri Lanka of the many acts of terrorism the Tigers perpetrated. Chandrika Kumaratunga appointed her brother as Foreign Minister for the few months that remained to her of office, and then President Rajapaksa first appointed Mangala Samaraweera, who had been one of his predecessor’s most loyal supporters, but had, unlike her, supported him actively in the 2005 Presidential election. But they soon fell out, and Rohitha Bogollagama was appointed instead, and in essence allowed foreign policy to be decided in various quarters in various ways. The most coherent of these was the work done by Dayan Jayatilleka in Geneva, reporting direct to the President, but with his dismissal the hopes of a constructive engagement with the world, based on the traditional policy of Non-Alignment that had stood the country in good stead under Mrs Bandaranaike, vanished.

Sajin’s advent then saw, not monitoring to ensure that the Ministry was well run, but the entrenchment of decision making on the basis of personal predilection. Kshenuka Senewiratne, whose ability to manipulate people was brilliant, twigged early on to his importance and nailed her colours firmly to his mast. The two of them proceeded to work together, and indeed to giggle together, a common phenomenon in Geneva in March 2012 when the rivalry between GL Peiris and Mahinda Samarasinghe became obvious.

They had seemed there to be more supportive of the latter but, after the crushing defeat in the Council, he was abandoned, and they worked together closely with GL. When I wrote a piece to the papers about what I saw as her pernicious influence, GL complained to the President, who called me up and said I should not criticize public officials who were not able to respond. I told him that, when they were behaving in a manner that could bring the country low, I could not keep quiet. His answer was that I should rather write in confidence to the Minister or the Secretary. I told him that there would certainly be no response, at which point he started laughing. This was the type of attitude which endeared him to many, and one could not get annoyed, but it was certainly no way to run a country.

Predictably, though I wrote at length, there was no answer. I asked the Secretary to the Ministry about this but he told me that, since it was a contentious issue, he had asked the Secretary to the President for advice. Predictably again Lalith Weeratunge ignored the letter, and there was no investigation of the various actions that I believed had contributed to the sad situation in which Sri Lanka found itself in 2012.

Over the next couple of years the incoherence at the Ministry of External Affairs became worse. Our ambassador in Rome, Asitha Perera, was suddenly recalled, and there were allegations in the papers that he had been involved in people smuggling. This was preposterous, for in fact he had tried to stop it, and had worked well together with the Italian Embassy in Colombo to put a halt to visas being given to all and sundry on the request of various officials in the Foreign Ministry. Asitha was deeply depressed, and died shortly after he returned to Sri Lanka.

Just after he was dismissed, he called me from Rome and said I had predicted this. I had forgotten the matter, but indeed soon after Tamara’s dismissal I had written an article in which I predicted that four other very good ambassadors serving in Europe would all suffer her fate.

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Latest comments

  • 11

    Rajiva, please translate all that you write into Sinhala to educated the public rather than wasting you breath here!

    • 2

      Rajiva Wijesinha –

      RE: Enemies Of The President’s Promise: Bash-Ful

      Power Corrupts.

      Anura Dissanayake’s Speech on 18th Amendment in Parliament on 08.09.2010


      Anura’s prediction that beat astrologers

      On 8th September, 2010 Anura Dissanayaka of the JVP said in Parliament that even Mr. Basil Rajapaksa would be ill-treated due to the 18th amendment adopted to get more power for the executive President.

      He said serious crises would develop in the government in 2014 and it would politically harm not only Ministers such as John Seneviratna, Maithripala Sirisena, Nimal Siripala de Silva, Rajitha Senaratna but also their children.

      Mr. Dissanayaka’s speech: VIDEO ABOVE


    • 7

      This man has a grievence that MR did not hive him the foreign ministry.
      He would have loved to be interviewed by his friends at the BBC, in his plummy accent.

      But MR told him the truth that to be in politics in Sri lanka he needed to learn Sinhala.

      He can’t do that but keeps writing reams (that noone reads), blaming Professor Peiris and others at the foreign ministry.

      A sad loner even jettisoned by the newest messiah “My-three” and his band of loosers.

    • 6


      With all due respect, will you please consider removing “President’s Promise” from the heading of your piece?

      It really is laughable!


  • 10

    Gripe! Gripe!! Gripe!!!

    Rajiva, when will you end this purge of gripe & whine and, instead, do something constructive? You have relentlessly protected the President, shoveling blame on everyone else around him – that is, save the “DJ-RW-TK” combo, the three principal parasites. Why have you been shielding MR from the “the buck stops here” responsibility? Wasn’t it blatant servility, just for the crumbs thrown in your directions? Didn’t MR imply that in his Aljazeera session.

    What exactly were you waiting for all these years, if you were so clairvoyant to “predict” these or at least an intellect to forecast these as you now claim?

    It is you the dirty-trio who kept on protecting and feeding the regime with false confidence and comfort, creating the monster that it has now become! Accept responsibility for that creation instead of trying to re-establish credibility that you guys never had.

    • 1

      Kumar R ,

      Don’t you think he deserves some credit ? true he was protecting MR at the international press conferences , but wasn’t it the real reason behind RW’s appointment as a National list MP ? if you compare to other sycophants (GL , Prof Tissa Witharana et al)definitely Rw falls in to a different class , at least for me he is a hero !

      • 1


        Yep – I will give him some credit for being the smartest of the rats to know when to start running! But, principles-wise there is hardly any daylight between the rascals.

        Here is a quick question for you – which items in the article about MR and his admin didn’t you already know? So, why is RW regurgitating these ever so intensively and incessantly only after he managed to finnd another home, another ship to feast on.

        I fully concur with Upul’s comment below, stating:

        “Its all I said this, he said that. What DID YOU DO TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE? And if you could not make a difference, WHY DID YOU NOT RESIGN? Were you hoping for Mahinda to acquire intellect and suddenly realize your value?”

        Does that make a dent in your elevated view of this educated yet inept Professor? Rajiva is just trying to shake off his past sins done in full knowledge. Why do you think each of Rajiva’s and DJ’s articles provoke so much of revulsion in well over 90% of the responses and comments?

        What the country needs are academics and intellects with fundamental integrity – not con artists, not academics incapable of finding academic opportunities and instead take root in political tents.

        • 0

          Kumar R. ,

          consider this , RW is a nominated MP and he was appointed by MR , therefore he is ethically & morally duty bound to work for MR’s interests ,but what has happened ? RW has had the guts to show his displeasure within the allowed space , wasn’t he crying out loud to high light the continuous blunders which were happening in the foreign ministry ? if you compare to GL ,what is GL’s contribution towards SL Democracy ? it is reported that Prof Thissa W going down on his knees at the clown prince and calling him as sir for seeking help ! yes i agree RW had been a sycophant and was shielding him , but now things have been changed , and he belongs to Gen SF , Arjuna R, prof Laksiri , Hemakumara N , Ven Rathana et al group, there is a saying ” better late than never ” comes to my mind .

  • 7

    He would be more credible if he came out with these things before he got sidelined and lost the privileges of free trips abroad

  • 0

    Is Sajn Gune a Candidate too ?..

    I thought this good Professor would be defending the Ex Presiddent’s record as the President for two terms, That is twelve years in total.

    And explain to the Intelligentsia what the Ex Prez will be delivering for the next Six Years if her ex Servant gets the job.

    This is important as the main pioneer partner of the Opposition Alliance , the TNA leader Mr Sambandan has taken time out to consult the Tamil Intelligentsia for advice on whom to back.

    Bizarre isn’t it after joining with Ranil and Surendran after former’s visit to London.

    And calling themselves the grand Opposition Coalition of the UNP, TNA and the Diaspora .UTD.

    Wonder what upset the Vellala leader who normally is rock solid in his political affiliations.

    BTW where is Mr Poolkosingham now a days, who had second best Office next to the Professor?….

  • 7

    Interesting times Rajiva.
    It seems to be that you have jumped out of that always open Saloon door in the best of time and now be careful about the Files (or Piles they call in southern Sri Lanka)

    If you try to expose too much of Sajin the Kings merry Pimp, you will be taken to task and there will be something that can be worked on those files or just even nothing, as they did with Shirani Bandaranayake, will make a drama and do the rest as Rajapakasa are famous to use the Condom Theory which was not their invention though they have mastered the theory for their advantage.

    Sajin was kept as the darling of the regime is for 2 reasons that everyone in Sri Lanka knows except for you Rajiva.

    A. Bring in flesh for the King and hiding from Shira.
    B. using his contacts in Dubai, Sajin was able to get the black money that the King have earned from mega Chinese projects as commissions and deposit in safe locations.

    Isnt that enough for someone to have trust and even he hit hundred Chris Nonis, this man will have this job for ever.

    This is the time that we as Sri Lankans come across all the differences to make sure MY3 will win the presidential elections.

  • 9

    Dear Prof Wijesinghe,

    You have now taken a stance to attack the Government after having being removed from the high office you once had. You have directly and indirectly accused the government of manipulation, corruption and deceit through many of your articles and speeches in search of respite for your current predicament. However when it comes to war crimes and allegations of crimes against humanity by this administration you seem to defend this government staunchly (literally blindly) by saying this war was fought cleanly.

    Is it possible for a government that acts deceitfully and corruptibly as you suggest in governing the country, not capable of lying about how they fought a bloody and ruthless war against innocent Tamil civilians just because they belonged to a minority community. (The LTTE deserved what they got whether it was fought within or outside the rules of engagement I frankly don’t care). This dichotomy in your stance clearly exposes your intentions and desperation of wanting to be popular with the majority Sri Lankan sentiment than your own self belief.

    My assessment of the war and post war reconciliation efforts of the Government are : they were riddled with bias, intimidation, corruptions and deceit and all those negative values you associate this government with, in general governance of the country. THEY SIMPLY ARE INCAPABLE OF BEING PROFESSIONAL AND CLEAN IN FIGHTING A WAR AND BE UNCLEAN IN GOVERNING THE COUNTRY as you continue to imply.To me, what they were on the war front is how they continue to deal with the country and its people although the killings and ruthlessness are of a far lesser degree than what was meted out to the Tamils.

    So please have some self respect and stand for what you know is wholly true or it only makes you clearly one of the MR clan which you are trying to separate yourself from.

  • 4

    So Professori!

    Your problem is that people not worthy are being recognized! But how come that you were made a chit MP? You were recognized while a whole host other Professori’s are confined to the Academia. What was the criteria of your recognition? Perhaps your previous record in the establishment.

    But the recognition of the fat bald headed? For other reasons. Could be the best collector. That is why he gets a good place out of the blue. But that is his qualification and ability. Don’t think that your qualification is worthy and his is not. Qualifications and value are like beauty and that depends on the vision of the individual who looks into it.

    Seductive women! She need not be that beautiful or have a good looking face. There are other parts of the anatomy that play an important role. This part of the comment may be edited out for lack of decency but the rule of the thumb is fat guys with a big belly tend to like gals with a big back.

    Professori! I am not asking you to change your views. But come down to terra firma. In this world meritocracy is a rarity. Other priorities matter and that is exactly what happened and that is why you were asked to write to a party in which no result takes place but at least by writing your pent up feelings are released.

  • 3


    You have given a good synopsis of the rotting corpse that passes for what is the External Affairs Ministry. Alas! because of your own flawed past, and economy with the truth (albeit ‘defending’ the government), you are NOT the man to call ‘fire’ and point fingers. What a shame.

  • 3

    Sajins Story is complete when the File that is held by L. Wee-
    ratunga, to safe-guard himself at the COI due after 9-1-15 will
    disclose. Accidents do happen? This quote appeared eleswhere:-

    “1. Sajin’s palatial house down Horton place Colombo 7 is located in the private road right opposite the Laksman Kadirgamr Institute of International Relations.It bears assement no.19/2.Just a look at the palatial house reveals it’s luxury.An unauthorized guard house at the top of the lane blocks free movement of cars on that road.The dozen or so of back up vehicles inconvenience the neighbourhood but no one dare complain for sheer fear.
    2.Sajin is always provided with an escort by armed Commandos who always follow this rouge in 2 government owned Land Rovers.In addition a black Land Rover with thugs dressed in white short sell even shirt and black pants also follow .So tax payers are paying to protect a thug !!!
    3.Sajin also owns the massive building down down Dudley Senanayake Mawatha ( formerly Castle street) Colombo 8.this building is located in the lane next to the MINI Showrooms, the first private road to the left as one travels from the Horton Place / Kynsey Road traffic light junction.The building is is the second to the right on that private road.It now houses KOICA a Korean company that pays Sajin Rupees three million a month.Formerly this building housed Cosmos Aviation Services which operates Sajin’s fleet of 7 helicopters.What a tragedy , afellow who could not afford to pay1800 bucks on his Volvo car fiancé now travels in one of his own helicopters when he visits his luxury 100 roomed Ameythist Resort in Passikudah. Who will inquire and punish this thug who has made millions out of the deal setting up Mihinlanka alone” also,

    “The baggage-boy and the King jointly have done well – even a future COI may not touch them. Culled from comments in CT reveals this wealth:-

    1. 7 helicopters and a company called Cosmos Avaiation + Offices – $500,000 x 7 = $5,000,000 2 Owns a luxury 15 roomed luxury mansion at Horton Place Colombo 7 (with large swimming pool,jacuzzi and elevator facility – $500,000 2. 100 roomed Luxury Ameythist Resort in Passikudah – $2,000,000 4. Owns a 79 room resort in Maldives – $1,000,000 5. Owns a fleet of Benz,Jaguar,and other luxury vehicles. – $2,000,000 6. 23 room mansion in Toorak, Melbourne, in the millionaires’ row. – $3,000,000 7. The block of 16 apartments in Pitt Street, Sydney City Centre. – $2,000,000 8. Part owner of the racehorse Black Caviar, (Australian Thoroughbred undefeated in 25 races) with the Emir of Kuwait. – $2,000,000 9. A vineyard (350 Ha) in Borossa Valley, South Australia – $3,000,000 Totals only 20 M USD!! “

    • 1

      Have you given this information to the Dept. of Inland Revenue, and to the Bribery Commission?
      If not, why?

    • 0


      Don’t forget to add Sajin’s fleet of luxury vehicles such as 3 Black Range Rovers costing Rs. 60 million each, a Mercedes Benz 400SEL worth 58 million bearing registration no.CAA 6019 and a full option Maroon colored Jaguar worth Rs. 54 million and a Long wheel base Land Rover Defender bearing registration No.KC 2283 worth Rs. 31 million.

      The Mercedes Benz 400 SEL and the Jaguar were made bullet proof at an additional cost of US$ 431,000 a piece at an exclusive company in London specializing in such work.This project was handled by Sajin’s sidekick Mohamed Zuraish Hashim ,the chain smoking wheeler dealing businessman living at 63, Ananda Coomaraswamy Mawatha, Colombo 3.

      Then don’t forget the US $ 9 million that Sajin made as commission for signing agreements with 3 US based Public Relations firms.The man coordinating this was Majintha Joseph Parakrama Jayasinghe who works in the Protocol Section of Foreign Ministry, as Sajin’s bag carrier.Jayasinghe works almost exclusively for Sajin , at a small private office at the BMICH , Colombo 7, paid by the foreign ministry.Majintha secretly revealed details of the deal to Ratnatunge of the Sunday Times who he got to know why working for Lakshman Kadirgamar, and being Baggage Boy for his wife Sughandhi.Sughandhi and Ratnatunge are extremely close friends

      Then don’t forget to look at stashed millions of dollars in the Seychelles where Sajin was responsible for opening an Embassy although Sri Lanka has no interests to have one there

      One day may all these rouges be brought to Justice is all one could hope for.Is that day near or far away?

  • 4

    Is it not too late for the Professor to lament about the misdeeds when the ‘corrupt waggon’ has traveled too far. As a responsible academic, calling himself a liberal, he should have exposed such misdeeds long ago which would have helped the country. Rajiva, until recently, was very vociferous in defending the ‘good pattern’ of governance of MR who, himself, responsible and the one who encouraged misdeeds. At least there could be some relief that there could be a change of Govt. However, as the political culture in Sri Lanka as it is one cannot completely expect affairs of Govt. could be healthy under another lot of politicians unless a strong civil society which will be vigilant to all misdeeds by any Govt. comes into being. In that respect it would wise for people like Prof. Rajiva to take the initiative to develop a vigilant civil society.

  • 3

    well you too were part of the Govt and your a turncoat now shame on you mate!

  • 6

    The president is his own enemy! Why blame others? He is their God Father and Patron Saint, combined. He corrupts them and keeps files on their corruption.

    The Italian mafia could not have done better!

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

    • 5

      Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

      “The president is his own enemy!”

      I could not agree more, some years ago I overheard a man saying

      “Oh god save me from myself I can take care of my enemies”

      How true.

  • 4

    Suddenly this hypocrite has seen the light!

  • 0

    It is bizarre that RW still survives with all the revelations he makes almost amounting to criticism of the regime, and of His Excellency.
    What is his secret?

  • 1

    “It was claimed that the reason for the confidence the President reposed in him was because, while a clerk in the Middle East, he had helped the President with the technology during a presentation that might otherwise have been a disaster. But it is also likely that, after they thus became acquainted, he was able to serve the President in a variety of ways that commanded his affection and his confidence”

    What do you mean by variety of ways? Pl explain.

    Sajin has got a luxury house at [Edited out] and another luxury flat in [Edited out] where his family is put up.

  • 0

    Common candidate would be better off once he is elected to keep a good distance from Rajiva,JHU and the likes,for obvious reasons.

  • 0

    Hi Palayang Yako,

    When you said “Suddenly this hypocrite has seen the light!” I wondered which one — RW or Dr. RN? Will be good to be explicit. I am sure others, possibly including RN, wondered too!

    Perhaps you have seen the past three-and-a-half years of relentless platitudes that Dr. RN’s heaped on the President (following an all paid vacation, of course) not unlike RW, always shifting blame away from MR, until now. If you had seen even a few of those self-claimed “ground reality” pearls of wisdom from DR. RN, then you will understand my confusion.

    Many a rat are scooting from the sinking-ship, some faster than the others — the rascals. Are they genuinely reformed? Only time will tell!

  • 0


    Can we have the ‘pile’ please?

    Innuendos are entertaining but not useful.

    Its all I said this, he said that. What DID YOU DO TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE?
    And if you could not make a difference, WHY DID YOU NOT RESIGN?

    Were you hoping for Mahinda to acquire intellect and suddenly realize your value?

  • 0

    The people of Sri Lanka are not fit to govern Sri Lanka for we have seen the proof since the British left Sri Lanka. Many of the Sinhala leaders have plundered Sri Lanka and the present regime is doing so as well. Bribery, corruption and nepotism and crime is on the increase. The minorities are not treated as citizens of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka doesn’t belong to one race but it belongs to Tamils, Muslims as well. Their voices should be heard.
    It is high time the British take over this Island soon. My suggestion may not be feasible but that is the only solution for this part of the Earth for no humans can survive.

  • 1

    How nice to hear from you again! This time with a smidgeon of a swipe at El Presidente… Ah, I see; you are practicing incremental character assassination (not that it is unwarranted, mind you!). Keep swiping mate but watch your ample posterior, for Aathal Sumane’s elders tell me that hell hath no fury like a Sajin scorned or exposed!

    Now, to your points.

    “He was not a relation, and he did not have the professional or academic credentials of the other characters discussed here. Indeed he had hardly any qualifications but, ever since Mahinda Rajapaksa became President, he occupied positions of trust and responsibility.”

    Indeed…. this is called the Mihindu Principle, in case you haven’t heard. People with zero academic credentials are preferred to pseudo intellects boasting Oxbridge degrees like you. Look what happened to you and your fellows DJ and TK for trying to lick El Presidente’s nether regions!

    “I told him that there would certainly be no response, at which point he started laughing. This was the type of attitude which endeared him to many, and one could not get annoyed, but it was certainly no way to run a country.”

    Ah, this is called the Medamulana giggle (haven’t you heard?) – it’s the kind of attitude that endears the vacuous brutish grinner to those lickspittles at his beck and call. Did it endear itself to you too my buddy?

    “But it is also likely that, after they thus became acquainted, he was able to serve the President in a variety of ways that commanded his affection and his confidence.”

    Hee hee hee…. a variety of ways indeed! Sumane’s elders will call it pimping…. now you see Professori, this is why Sajin has El Prez by his goolies…. it’s called incipient blackmail; didn’t you know my dear Prof?!!

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