3 July, 2022


Enemies Of The President’s Promise – Sleepy II

By Rajiva Wijesinha –

Prof. Rajiva Wijesinha MP

Prof. Rajiva Wijesinha MP

Enemies of the President’s Promise – Sleepy (continued)

GL’s appointment as Minister of External Affairs in 2010 was generally welcomed. Bogollagama had lost the election, which made the President’s task easier since, given his complaisant approach to those who supported him, he would have found it awkward to replace Bogollagama. The only other serious candidate was Mahinda Samarasinghe, who had peformed well as Minister of Disaster Management and Human Rights. The Sri Lankan Ambassador in Geneva, Dayan Jayatilleka, who had done a fantastic job in staving off moves against Sri Lanka at the Human Rights Council, had refused to deal with Bogollagama and instead insisted on the Minister of Human Rights being the main Ministerial presence at sessions of the Council.

Bogollagama however got his revenge soon after Jayatilleka’s greatest triumph, at a Special Session of the Council summoned on a largely British initiative to discuss Sri Lanka. This initiative, generally used only for emergencies, had succeeded only after the Tigers had been defeated. This was fortunate, since clearly the game plan had been to insist on a Cease FIre. Jayatilleka, who had extremely good relations with Sri Lanka’s natural allies, the Indians and the Pakistanis, Egypt as head of the Organization of Islamic States and Cuba as the head of the Non-Aligned Movement, the Chinese and the Russians, and the Brazilians and the South Africans, put forward his own resolution before the Europeans had got theirs ready, and this was carried with a resounding majority.

SVGThe ease of the victory, and the widespread perception in Sri Lanka that he was its architect, was his downfall. Samarasinghe was irritated in that his role was played down. Also upset was the Attorney General, Mohan Pieris, despite the fact that Jayatilleka had been instrumental in persuading the President to have him appointed. Pieris had come prepared to speak at the Session but, after Jayatilleka made the opening statement, he got me to deliver the closing remarks, given that we had worked together on the Council very successfully, and knew which factors to emphasize. But this did not please the duo and they did nothing to defend Jayatilleka when the knives came out. Indeed they failed even to contact him when he returned to Sri Lanka.

Typically, the President was the first to get in touch, and try to use Jayatilleka’s services again: when the latter mentioned how disappointed he had been that no one had contacted him after he got back to Sri Lanka, the President said that was no surprise, after the manner in which he had been treated. The fact that the President himself had acquiesced in the dismissal was thus sublimely passed over.

It was less than two months after the resolution that Jayatilleka was summarily removed. The President may have been persuaded by the ease of the victory to the belief that any idiot could handle international relations, for that certainly is the view he and the government embodied over the next few years. It was also alleged however that the Israelis had moved heaven and earth to get rid of Jayatilleka, since his intellectual abilities had put him in the forefront of moves to bring the Palestinian issue to the attention of international fora. Unfortunately the Israelis had the ear of Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, and also of Lalith Weeratunge, both of whom actively promoted Jayatilleka’s dismissal.

He was replaced in Geneva by Kshenuka Seneviratne, who was perhaps the last official in the Ministry to represent the mindset of the eighties when, under Jayewardene and his Foreign Minister Hameed, it was assumed that Sri Lanka had to be firmly allied to the West. This also involved hostility to India, and Kshenuka certainly embodied this, and was found later to have actively tried to set the President against the Indians, after the 2012 March Geneva debacle when a resolution against Sri Lanka was carried at the Human Rights Council.

Kshenuka had been High Commissioner in London in the days when Britain was bitterly opposed to Sri Lanka but she had done little to counter this. She claimed on the strength of her time there to be an expert on the country, and when her successor, a retired judge, proved ineffective, she took charge of the President’s approach to Britain. Thus, late in 2010, she encouraged him to travel to Britain just to address the Oxford Union, something he had already done. The High Commissioner in London advised against this, as did his experienced Deputy from the Ministry, Pakeer Amza, but Kshenuka’s will prevailed.

She was strongly supported by Sajin Vas Gunawardena, whom the President chose as what was termed Monitoring Member of Parliament for the Ministry of External Affairs, on the grounds that administration there was a mess and someone was needed to sort things out. Sajin was a good friend of Namal’s, and GL naturally acquiesced in the appointment. Sajin and Kshenuka got on extremely well, and they in effect ran foreign policy over the next few years.

The President’s 2010 visit to London was a disaster, and began the process of denigration of Sri Lanka in the international media, a process which has steadily grown worse since then. One catalyst was the decision of the President to ask his personal Head of Security, General Gallage, to leave Britain hastily on the grounds that he might be arrested and charged for War Crimes.

General Gallage, a battle hardened soldier who had led one of the Divisions that finally crushed the Tigers, had not wanted to leave but he could not disobey the President. His departure led to triumphant declarations that he had fled prosecution, and this contributed to the sense that Sri Lanka had much to fear. However the view of the Mission was that there was no possibility of any arrest, which suggested that it was the advice of others that had led to the hasty and easily exploitable decision. Typically, there was no inquiry afterwards as to what had prompted the President’s anxiety.

A clue to what probably happened emerged in 2012, when a similar effort was made to make the main Tamil member of the Cabinet, Douglas Devananda, who had throughout been opposed to the Tigers and had supported government strongly during the conflict, flee Geneva before the crucial vote at the Human Rights Council. Fortunately the Ambassador who had replaced Kshenuka, Tamara Kunanayagam, went back by chance to her house, where Douglas was staying, and found him packed and ready to leave. His explanation was that the President had told him to come home in case he was arrested. The message had been conveyed by Sajin.

Tamara was confident enough to call the President, who told her that he had been told, by Sajin, that Douglas was nervous about staying on in Geneva with various human rights groups calling for his arrest. He had therefore said that Douglas might as well leave. Tamara pointed out that there could be no question whatsoever of such an arrest, given the status of representatives to the Human Rights Council, so the President told her to tell Douglas to stay on. He did, but no one bothered to find out why there had been an effort to send him away, nor to think about how aggressive the publicity would have been with regard to such an apparent hurried escape.

Whether Sajin or Kshenuka was responsible for these stratagems is not clear. One High Commissioner later said that, whereas Sajin thought he was controlling Kshenuka, in reality it was the other way around. This is the more likely, given Kshenuka’s own predilections for the West, and also the contacts she had with Tiger groups, as was evidenced when she gave the contract to repair the Ambassador’s residence in Geneva to a company with suspicious links. Though there were audit queries about what had happened, these were swiftly suppressed.

Interestingly, the Israeli ambassador in Geneva had told Tamara when she arrived that Kshenuka had been an excellent ambassador, quite unlike her predecessor. Tamara’s negative response may have led to moves to get rid of her too, a process duly accomplished soon after the 2012 vote, which meant that her efforts to rebuild the coalition Jayatilleka had set up were stymied.

Contrariwise, Third World diplomats had found themselves ignored by Kshenuka. As a distinguished Indian journalist put it, in Jayatilleka’s time there had been requests for advice from senior diplomats from friendly nations; with Kshenuka there were only requests for votes, after protracted neglect.


How had such a situation occurred, such swift decline in our relations with the world? The answer lies in the complete incompetence of G L Peiris, arising from overweening ambition and deep insecurity. The first led him to acquiesce in whatever he thought was wanted by those in authority, the second made him avoid working together with anyone he thought might be a threat.

I had personal experience of this, in terms of a comment of the President, who once told me that there was no one in the Ministry who could write or speak properly in English. This was a story propagated by Sajin and Kshenuka to highlight their own competence in the language, and also to do down the Secretary to the Ministry Karunasena Amunugama, who had not been to an elite Colombo school.

But in some cases there was indeed room for improvement, and in fact I had told GL, who had asked me way back in 2010 whether I would assist in drafting statements, that I could do this but it would make more sense for me to train some youngsters to do this themselves. I told the President that I was surprised he had not taken me up on the offer, to which the response was that GL was terrified when he saw another Professor. I suppose his fears had been exacerbated because the Swiss Ambassador, before the 2010 election, told me that she had heard I was on the National List so as to be made Foreign Minister. While at the time I thought the story absurd, given my lack of Parliamentary experience, I now realize that the diplomatic community in Sri Lanka had a better idea than I did about the comparative paucity of talent in governmental ranks.

GL’s ineffectiveness had been compounded by the fact that the first Secretary to the Ministry he worked with, an experienced career diplomat whose father had been Secretary 30 years earlier, was dying of cancer. He left much unattended to, and GL himself failed to exercise proper supervision. Thus Human Rights were completely ignored, and communications from Geneva received no response.

It had indeed been a mistake to hand over Human Rights to the Foreign Ministry, which the President decided to do after the 2010 Election. I acquiesced in the decision when I heard about it, since I thought that GL, with his legal background, would devote his attention to the matter. I told him, having previously been Secretary to the Ministry under Mahinda Samarasinghe, but having resigned when my name was put on the government’s National List for the election, that he should take over my staff. He agreed, but failed to ensure that our very competent Consultant, Nishan Muthukrishna, a former student of his from the Law Faculty, was appointed promptly, By the time he got his letter, which GL indeed requested, but which the Ministry delayed, he had already accepted an appointment in Mahinda Samarasinghe’s new Ministry.

Our project staff did go to the Ministry of External Affairs, but they received no administrative support and were not involved in communications from Geneva. All they had to work on was the Human Rights Action Plan which we had begun drafting, and which Mohan Pieris and I saw to a conclusion, and adoption by Cabinet, over the next year. Mahinda Samarasinghe was asked to chair an Inter-Ministerial Committee to implement it, and as usual I had to do much of the work through convening a Task Force to expedite implementation.

I resigned however in 2013 when I found that, though there was much goodwill from many Ministries, and we got a few things done, no formal coordination of activities and initiatives was possible. I realized that it was impossible without proper authority to expedite decisions and action. I told Samarasinghe in my resignation letter that he should request that a Ministry be set up. While he was the obvious person to be Minister, I told him he should suggest the President take over the portfolio and be his Deputy. This upset him, even though I pointed out that he would still be in the Cabinet with his existing portfolio of Plantation Industries.

He ignored the letter, and simply declared that he would not let me resign, but did nothing further about the matter. So, after my resignation, hardly anything happened, with Mahinda Samarasinghe uncertain too about his own position, being often asked to go to Geneva at the last minute for Council sessions. By 2014 he was talking about resigning himself, but characteristically he held on to the position, though in effect doing nothing to promote the Human Rights Action Plan.

Human Rights were grossly neglected by the Foreign Ministry, with no invitations to any Special Rapporteurs, until they were forced to interact more positively from late in 2013. Contrariwise, we had tried to engage with them constantly, and had indeed had invaluable support from the Special Representative on the Rights of the Displaced, Walter Kalin, who came to Sri Lanka three times during the conclusion of the War. But there were no visits after that until the High Commissioner herself came in 2013, followed by Kalin’s successor.

All this was of a piece with Peiris’s failure to recognize, or unwillingness to convey, that the Human Rights situation was worrying for Sri Lanka. Unlike in the days when the dedicated Ministry under Mahinda Samarasinghe coordinated responses to critiques, writing and disseminating the most effective ones, there was now no concerted response to attacks on us. As a result, the impression gradually developed that we could not answer the many allegations against us.

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  • 20


    Can you first of all tell us why what Jyathileka achieved was “greatest triump”- what was the victory? What exactly is the dire fate from which Jayathileka saved the country? What exactly could or would have happened if the vote for credible, independent investigation was not blocked? Why is that so difficult for you to answer?

    The last five years have reaffirmed that ancient wisdom “A stitch in time saves nine”.

    If we had allowed for prompt and proper investigation, would we have had to face increasingly aggressive international embarrassments and condemnation since then?

    If Jayathileka had “triumphed”, then the issue should have been beaten, not merely postponed.

    So, all what Jayathileka achieved was successfully hoodwinking as a temporary measure-not realizing that truth will ultimately prevail.

    The practical result of Jayathileka’s action is that, the issue has returned to hurt us many folds than it should have – right? In the process, as Jayathileka himself concedes, the protection he provided to the regime has resulted in the regime transforming into a diabolical one – DJ’s word, not mine!

    • 9

      Enemies of Rajapakshes are fastly growing. This is what almost everyone feels these days. They dont and cant address right issues of the nation. Recent example of Chris Nonis assault revealed a lot about the justice justice justice under Ballige putha s rule.
      He abuses srilanken carrier thinking that it is his pvt taxi.
      He abuses tax payers funds as arbitory as he could wasting them but using for strengthening his popularity; Monaragala families are entitled to get 2500 bugs each before UV election was held while leaving all other families scattered in drought hit areas hopless. This kind of distributions and all kind of distributions telling something palatable about the living Raja principles, they go on abusing. Now with Mervin the vermin is about to leave the virulent most dangerous coalition of the world-UPFA there are a large number of them waiting silent whether or not to break way..

      a) On our papers we have got a Foreignminister who has just SHADOW charactor
      b) On our paper we have a got a minister of Justice- who is made voiceless
      c) On our papers we have got a minister of religious affairs – who is given not the least powers but giving him more and more in the line of perks to keep him further shut
      d) On our papers we have got a minister of Higher Education – whose qualifications to be the minister- becoming widely questionable.He seems to be comparing the students and the youth with flies or insects instead of leaving constructive responses to on going student problems.

      • 6

        Rajiva, The biggest enemy of the people – (who gives a shit about enemies of Jarapassa?) is the FINANCIAL TERRORIST ajith Nivard Cabral the corrupt and criminal accountant who runs the Central Bank.

        Now the Financial terrorist and economic hit man Nivard Cabraal is putting out fake inflation rates in order to drive down interest rates and hurt people who live off their savings and the poor. Today there is a strange phenomenon of NO credit and jobless growth because of the lack of economic and political policy stability. Which means the REAL ECONOMY is NOT growing and Cabraal is merely SPINNING GROWTH FIGURES.

        This is because Cabraal wants to BORROW more from already debt ridden local banks and endanger the whole banking sector to fund Mahinda Jarapassa’s re-election bid and for hand outs to Sinhala Modayas and plantation workers too!

        It is because of Jarapassa’s election that the Jantha Estate Development Board (JEDB), is NOW planning to pay EPF and ETF dues and gratuity payments to workers amounting to Rs.1,141 million which have remained outstanding since 2001. Around 85 workers from two estates will receive their incentive payments, bonuses and gratuity dues.

        CT – editors, please you must expose the truth and fact that the plantation communities have been suffering for years without their EPF and ETF and now will be not payed the proper value because the rupee has depreciated and COL gone up because Jarapassa wants to win another illegal presidential election…

    • 2

      Kumar R,

      “What exactly could or would have happened if the vote for credible, independent investigation was not blocked? Why is that so difficult for you to answer?”.

      Corrupt & brutal family clan in Colombo cannot do anything with credibility or independence. I give you that.

      Sri Lanka has another problem though. Hopeless bootlickers of the West. Are you in that category Kumar R?

      Always ready to step into to any dumb trap? As long as it has a Western stamp on it.

      Don’t get me wrong. There are great things in the West. I am not Anti-Western. But, being stupid at the cost of our national interests is a different matter.

      In your desperation, what your tiny brain may not get is the larger manipulation by Western diplomats to trap Sri Lanka. And impose their Will on Sri Lanka. Using our horriifc track record.

      Therefore, I believe Sri Lanka needs a Foreign Service powered by knowledge, enthusiasm, skill & strategy.

      Sri Lanka has a large pool of talented men & women who would fit the bill. But, they are not hired by MFA. That palce is infested by self-serving, corrupt cronies.

      Quit back-stabbing people who have done an outstanding job for Sri Lanka on the international stage. Against all odds. DJ, Tamara & even Nonis are in that category.


      • 4

        Ben ,

        “Quit back-stabbing people who have done an outstanding job for Sri Lanka on the international stage. Against all odds. DJ, Tamara & even Nonis are in that category. “

        who is back stabbing here ? Kumar R has asked a very reasonable direct question , you accuse him being a back stabber ! as a matter of fact i also would like to join in with Kumar R to get the answer from so called saviors of Sri lanka . DJ,RW ,CN and Tamara are in the same group , they would love to represent the king (Under the pre text of protecting SL) before the global audience and lie about the country’s pathetic human right condition , so who is back stabbing who ? these so called diplomutts are directly responsible for gradual deterioration of SL’s human right condition , don’t try to hide under the cover of “Tamil diaspora” Bogey threat any more Ben , it’s pretty much akin to ” Gobi ” story , junta had tried to sell that very hard , luckily no body bought it !

        • 2


          According to your theory nobody should ever work for our country or defend it.

          We should leave it to the “Good Samaritans” in the West. And to well meaninng “HR defenders” in Die-ass-pora. Based in the West as well.

          We should dismantle both Foreing Servicce and our Armed Forces.

          Outsiders in London, NY, Geneva & Paris, Jayalalitha & Karunanidhi etc. will for sure take care of our interests.

          Don’t forget it was them who rescued us from the LTTE brutality.

          Then your dreams will come true.


          PS: I believe in the Sri Lankan people to build this country. I am not going to beg others to come and do it for us. You can do so, if you so wish. Be my guest.

          • 2

            Ben ,

            “According to your theory nobody should ever work for our country or defend it. “

            that’s your interpretation , read my comment again see what i’ve stated above .
            what DJ, CN, TK and RW have been doing is lying , denying every single accusation as a mean of shielding SL , in other words they have been helping MR to continue to destroy SL .

            • 1


              I think you should think little more deep when it come to Politics, Patriotism and Diplomacy.

              Yes, all three of them, DJ, TK and RW were safeguarding Sri Lanka and may be partly lying, all due to the fact of defending Sri Lanka at UNHRC. Many of their interviews are in the youtube.

              But what happened was it was Pres.Rajapakse who deceived both our UNHRC reps, UN SG Ban-Ki-Moon and the IC. MR let all of them down. He played Hambanthota double tricks on all of them. Looks like this is his Hobby and what he been brought up like.

              Therefore blaming DJ, TK or RW due to MR’s Hambanthota double game Monkey tricks will not get us anywhere. Yes they are doing a Job and they have a family to feed and MR knows that.But what has happened to our MFA today. They behave more of Morons and Thugs than Diplomats.

              What happened to Gen.Sarath Fonseka, Lasantha Wickrematunge, CJ Shirani Bandaranayake and her husband and her son. Gen.SF even does not get his legal pansion which he is entitled. Same with CJ SB. You can’t isolate one from another. They are all linked together.

              These are just the Tip of the Ice burg. Many more Rajapakse tricks will be revealed soon.

              • 2

                Dear Saman ,

                i beg to defer with you on the following

                “I think you should think little more deep when it come to Politics, Patriotism and Diplomacy.”

                under MR leadership Politics, Patriotism and Diplomacy are one thing ,Patriotism and Diplomacy are evolved through the Domestic politics . MR will never vacate the seat for another person and he will find a way to justify it , what DJ ,RW,TK and CN were/are doing is, helping to cement his position further before the international audiences.

                “Yes, all three of them, DJ, TK and RW were safeguarding Sri Lanka and may be partly lying, all due to the fact of defending Sri Lanka at UNHRC. Many of their interviews are in the youtube.”

                no they were not safeguarding Sri Lanka ,this is a myth that has been manufactured by the trio and everybody fell in to fairy tale,in reality Trio have been safeguarding the royal family members as opposed to sri Lanka , as Kumar R and one Mr Sarath repeatedly asked , from what did they save Sri lanka ? have you ever asked the question , winning temporarily in 2009 and losing big in 2015 , who are the biggest losers?

                • 2

                  Patriotism and Diplomacy are just two different coats MR wears.

                  MR has proved NOT ONCE but hundreds of times not to be honest from the day 1. But his tenure has put a fullstop to the civil war held over 30 years is the only reason general public to mislead easily.
                  But anyone with a bird brain woudl raise the question as to why no price reduction are made even for daily essentials even after 5 years are gone since the war is no longer there.

      • 5

        If Dayan, Rajiva, Tamara and Nonis are the relatively more capable people to do an effective job, and they are not being allowed to do their work, don’t you think you should hold the Regime responsible for that back-stabbing, and perhaps even hold the people responsible who overwhelmingly voted the regime in, practically for life-time or perhaps for generations to come?

        How am I responsible, or the Diaspora responsible or the West responsible, if the Regime is the one not allowing the trio to do their work and subverting them? (I will let go your asinine assumption about my allegiance to any group, whether west, east or otherwise, unless of course you can substantiate your assumption).

        Who exactly is back-stabbing them, subverting them from their work? Am I the one who is letting GLP, Shenuka, Vass or any others run roughshod over this now-emasculated trio?! How am I back-stabbing them. Conversely, I am here prodding and encouraging them to do something useful, rather than be mere arm-chair critics merely washing dirty-laundry, wanting to live in past glory, and whining and sobbing at the gradual disappearance of their clout and prospects in the regime, in the country and in the world.

        If the ‘dirty-trio” are as capable as you suggest, how come they remain noting more than arm-chair critics watching the Regime continue to escalate their diabolical attributes as Dayan himself concedes, while the dirty-trio remains emasculated. Aren’t they just tearing up for their own selfish fate?!

        You are just being another Dayan — distracting and diverting all blame to the West, domestic Diaspora, LTTE, external forces or any other that you can find handy – no end to that lame deception – holds no water anymore!

        As a firm believer in this trio, let me ask you two specific questions, if perhaps you can answer, as the dirty-trio remains far too shy, despite my repeated attempts.

        Rajiva just wrote that a credible investigation on Nonis’ case is a must, and that Nonis should resign in order to save the dignity of the office. Nonis has resigned, and Vass remains untouched? What is Rajiva’s responsibility as an MP – should he, will he, take it up at the Parliament? Should he not write letting us know of the outcome. Is it responsible behavior if he lets the issue fade away?

        What precisely did Dayan save the country from by blocking the vote in 2009? What is the worst that could have happened if he did not block the vote? Is that a difficult question to answer? If indeed blocking of the vote was so crucial as Dayan and Rajiva would have us all believe, then can they not spell out what is the worst that could/would have happened if the vote was not blocked? What fate did Dayan save the country from?

      • 1

        Do you not see the irony in your own statements?

        * “Corrupt & brutal family clan in Colombo cannot do anything with credibility or independence” – don’t you think it was Dayan, Rajiva and Tamara who helped embolden the “clan” to become what they are — the diabolical one that you and Dayan now seem to loathe? What did I or the West do?

        * “Sri Lanka has another problem though. Hopeless bootlickers of the West.” Your comment vividly reflects your aspiration to boot-lick the dirty-trio. Where exactly did you see my allegiance to the West? Criticizing Rajiva for his arm-chair whining is somehow boot-licking the West?

        * “Sri Lanka needs a Foreign Service powered by knowledge, enthusiasm, skill & strategy.” If the Foreign Service is so lame, whose fault is that – mine? The Wests? If Rajiva, an MP, an intellect and academic, and Dayan an intellect, political scientist and academic cannot effectively do anything within their own party to straighten their party, who is to be blamed – me and the West? If the party is so out of control and dumb, why are they still part of the regime? Didn’t they invite their own downfall by compromising their intellect, integrity and professionalism, bootlicking the same regime that they now despise?

        * “Sri Lanka has a large pool of talented men & women who would fit the bill. But, they are not hired by MFA. That place is infested by self-serving, corrupt cronies.” Whose fault is that – mine? The West’s? Who helped and tolerated without a mum as the leadership appointed such “self-serving, corrupt cronies”. Me? The West?

        * “larger manipulation by Western diplomats to trap Sri Lanka and impose their Will on Sri Lanka using our horriifc track record. ” Glad you drilled down to the underlying fundamental “our horrific track record” Still you couldn’t see beyond your nose as to where the problem lies – and you want to hold me and the West responsible?

        Ben, from your comments, it is not difficult to gauge the size of your brain, and where exactly in the anatomy it fits in!

    • 2

      Well said Kumar

    • 1

      Kumar R.

      It was not Dr.Jayathileka who hoodwinked UNHRC, but Pres.Rajapakse who promised to both UN SG Bani Ki Moon on war crime inquiry and for Implementing the 13th Amendment and also to the UNHRC through Dr.Dayan on implementing LLRC which Pres.MR subsequently broke.

      One of the reasons why Dr.Jayathileka was removed from subsequent UNHRC Geneva panel could be due Dr.Dayan’s pressure to MR to implement LLRC, which MR neglected.

      Remember one cannot fool the world all the time. What goes around, comes around with Interest. Mere Jokers cannot be Leaders.

      • 3


        So you agree MR fooled the world – and it was Dayan who helped MR in fooling the world. Perhaps Dayan was fooled by MR. By implication however, if Dayan had not stretched his neck out to help MR, MR would not have been able to fool the world. Right?

        That is indeed the crux of the matter – was Dayan helping out MR or was he protecting Sri Lanka? If Dayan was protecting Sri Lanka, what exactly did he protect Sri Lanka from? What is the worst that could have happened if the vote was not blocked – who among Dayan, Rajiva, Tamara, Ben or you could answer that simple, straight forward question?

        Also, if Dayan had not blocked the vote, MR could not have fooled the world – and the regime would not have been emboldened to become “diabolical” as Dayan now describes. Right?

        So, when Rajiva moans the disaster the governance has become, shouldn’t the trio themselves take the prime responsibility for enabling the corruption of the clan? Instead the trio carries on regardless, trumpeting each other as virtuous, desperate to distract from their own roles in the whole fiasco. Isn’t that the case?

        • 1

          Kumar R.

          The point I wanted to clarify was in 2009 we won the war and the same year we defeated UNHRC resolution when Dr.DJ assuring them that MR will implement LLRC recommendations. This was the only reason how we won it.

          But what happened after that…..What happened to LLRC. It was thrown to dust bin by Pres.MR until 2013 ( 4 yrs.) when the UNHRC noose was getting tightened on Sri Lanka.UNHRC gave Pres.MR ample time to correct the situation, which he neglected.

          Meanwhile Tamil diaspora community re-grouped in the West and re-started their political struggle, while in South Pres.MR started violence, intimidation,harassment, jailing, suppressing, impeaching etc,etc of his own Sinhala community and the Journalists, Media and human rights and political opponents.

          This is where the problem started and which continue up to day.

          Had Pres.MR given some concessions to Northern Tamil community and implemented some LLRC recommendations and stopped intimidating Southern Sinhala community, we would not have had to face this UNHRC today.

          It all comes to common sense, diplomacy and reasonable governance which Pres.MR lacks.

          No point, pointing fingers at DJ or TK or RW for somebody else’s fault.

          Hope you understand.

          • 2


            Lets make this very simple: “What would have happened if Dayan had not got the resolution blocked?”

            • 2

              Kumar R.

              You ask….”What would have happened if Dayan had not got the resolution blocked”……in 2009.

              The simple answer is UNHRC war crime investigations against Sri Lanka would have commenced then and there……in 2009.

              You know that UN or US won’t bring these resolutions against Sri Lanka without they having sufficient proof, witnesses and evidence. They have all of them and our Govt. cannot disprove them. But Pres.MR started playing usual Hambanthota comedy tricks with them until the noose got tight in 2014.

              What I say is Pres.Rajapakse was playing “Pandu” with both UNHRC, LLRC report, India, England,South Africa, USA and with the rest of our Sri Lanka UN staff who helped him win 2009 UNHRC, while celebrating war victories with more power grabbing throughout Sri Lanka.

              Rajapakses overnight passed the 18th Amendment, became the self centered “Maharajanos” or the Kings, saviors and owners of Sri Lanka while Jailing Gen.Sarath Fonseka and his Army friends, Impeached CJ Shirani Bandaranayake on false charges, while taking Sri Lanka on a dictatorial path.
              Overnight Rajapakse family became the Guardians and “Super Stars” of Sri Lanka, taking over Judiciary, Police, Armed forces, Central Bank, Economy, Businesses,contracts, Budget allocations etc,etc while even challenging UN,US,UK and India on human rights issues.

              Rajapakses thought that they could get away from UNHRC like the way he did in 2009…..but failed thereafter. Had Pres.MR implemented few of the LLRC recommendations and would have been little more friendly, diplomatic and accommodating with the International community, we would have avoided these allegations. In fact he was showing his recently found China Man to the world.

              Now only 9 countries are in favor of Sri Lanka out of some 48 at the UNHRC and soon Sri Lanka could be in further trouble, all due to narrow minded, near thinking, false Pride, foolish leaders. Just imagine the colossal amount of foreign exchange been wasted on this unwarranted issue.

              Hope I answered your question.

              • 3

                Thanks Lasantha – that is very informative.

                By stating “UN or US won’t bring these resolutions against Sri Lanka without they having sufficient proof, witnesses and evidence. They have all of them and our Govt. cannot disprove them” are you then confessing that indeed Sri Lanka committed war crimes – else how could there be evidence?

                If there were war crimes committed against citizens, don’t you think the affected citizens (as well as the other, responsible fair minded citizens) have a right to have that investigated?

                If the investigations were conducted in 2009 what would have been the “worst thing” that the country would have faced?

                Also, if as you say that Dayan and Government knew UN/US had all the evidence of war crimes, then why did Dayan claim that “No crimes were committed,” the reasoning he used to block the vote – isn’t that, getting back to my original point, hoodwinking the internationals?

                See, so the implication of your statement is that Dayan compromised his professional, academic integrity to safe guard those who committed war crimes. Have we not come a full circle now on this?

              • 1

                Lasantha ,

                Kumar Asked ,

                “You ask….”What would have happened if Dayan had not got the resolution blocked”……in 2009.”

                you answered

                “The simple answer is UNHRC war crime investigations against Sri Lanka would have commenced then and there……in 2009.”

                Thank you Lasantha for being brutally honest , now tell us what is the difference between following two different scenarios , (1)investigation starting in 2014 (2)investigation starting in 2009 , according to your explanation there are more incriminating evidence gathering up as time passing , if that the case what has Trio /DJ achieved ? Lasantha i believe we as intelligent adults need to take things objectively as opposed to some one’s interpretation , DJ has been chest thumping ever since over this TEMPORARY triumph , only few of us started wondering , had that been the root cause for all these madness?

                • 1

                  To both Kumar R. and Srilal,

                  First of all I am not a Diplomat nor a Politician nor a friend of DJ,TK,JD or RW. But I have seen, read and listened to many UN and UNHRC conferences and have seen how those country heads, Reps and delegates function.

                  I can assure you that many of them tell lies to the world during their speeches (Taking their own sides) and they are understandable. After all every one has a right to say what he wants and to safe guard their countries and their own interests.

                  For example David Cameron the so called Human rights defender…..Where was he when Israel carpet bombed Gaza for 50 days and even bombed the UN run shelters, schools, hospitals etc,etc in Gaza.

                  Why he didn’t mention a single word about those Israel war crimes and over 500 Palestine children and over 700 women murdered by Israel’s 50 day bomb rides on Gaza strip during his this year’s UN speech…….How about Obama and many other Western leaders and even many of the other world leaders…..They were all silent.

                  Nobody of them mentioned about Gaza and Palestine other than few South American and few African and Asian leaders including our Pres.Rajapakse who also donated 1 Million Dollars to Palestine. Why….why…why.
                  Wasn’t it Genocide that happened in Gaza. If so why the Western leaders were silent. Isn’t this a war crime and the Western double standards.
                  Give me an answer.

                  What I want to say is Had Pres.Rajapakse implemented at least Few LLRC recommendations and given some concessions to Nothern Tamil community and given more Media freedom and relaxing HR laws in South, he would have got away from all these UNHRC allegations when he had ample time.

                  In fact of doing these he is still keeping 100,000 armed force in North with an ex.Army commander as the Mayor. Why is he doing this. Who is advising him…..Is he scared of VP’s incarnation or simply showing his state hood “Macho Man” to the world…..
                  Also there are still media suppression and HR violations in Sri Lanka including in South. These are the bullets that the West use against us.

                  Remember we have to fight with Sharks in order to survive in the ocean, and we need a lot of Friends and to avoid confrontation with big sharks but to be more diplomatic and to accommodating.
                  That’s why we need a set of very experienced, talented and well versed diplomats in our FAM. Not the ex.Trico Wharf clerks type or so called Hulas.

                  All I say is a little bit of common sense and to be less of “Too big for ones boots”…. “attitude” could have solved all these mess, and to make ones priorities right.

                  Also I say it also depends on the Flock “Maha dena Mutta” so called advisers one accompanies with. We still drink “Suddha” introduced Tea every morning and still Tea is our major export earner.

                  One cannot be the “Head of the House hold” overnight. I am talking about State and FAM. More to grow. Learn from India, our Big Brother.

                  Hope I answered you points.

                  • 2

                    Dear Lasantha,

                    I truly appreciate your sincerity in what you write and respect your candid replies – more truthful than any I have read.

                    The main point on which we differ is this. You think that booruwas are running the show, and booruwas are advising – and that is behind all the problems we face. And so, you think my condemnation of the educated “trio” is unfair. Here is how I think. Politicians are by nature deceptive – they lie, rob and steal. To some extent it is their deviousness coupled with a lack of scruples that enables them to get popular votes, whether in Sri Lanka, England or the US. Higher education, however, should inculcate greater understanding, discipline and appreciation of honesty and integrity. That is why we respect and more importantly trust, the educated much, much more than we trust politicians.
                    So, when educated ones whom we trust betray that trust and cheat us, or help politicians to cheat, then I hold the educated ones much more responsible for the resulting morass. We don’t trust politicians – so they are not able to really betray our trust as much as this “dirty-trio”.

                    A few added, related thoughts:

                    Thank you for confirming that war crimes were committed and that Dayan was aware of the crimes and still bold-facedly lied to the UN outright to block investigations. Was he unaware of the ancient wisdom that “truth will prevail”? It is truly pathetic that the dirty-trio wants to now shamelessly find excuses and try to pass the proverbial buck, by condemning everyone else for the current chaos!

                    You are aware that war crimes were committed, and I don’t think you are from Nathikadal, or Vavunia or any part of the North. Just imagine how much MORE aware the Tamil survivours will be of the war crimes – and how much more directly affected they must be by those war crimes? If so, and if the country is only focusing on how, as you state, “ he would have got away from all these UNHRC allegations” then how can you blame the Diaspora for undertaking that responsibility to help the ‘truth prevail”? Don’t you think the affected Tamils deserve justice? If you wife, parents or kids were subject to such intentional war crimes, would you really be willing to bury the truth?

                    Tolerating arrogance, deception, cruelty, etc. only helps propagate them. Dayan and the rest of the trio not merely tolerated those attributes in the regime, but in fact protected, praised, encouraged and helped the booruwas on all those accounts. It is as a consequence that the Governance has become diabolical, as Dayan himself recently chose to describe. Does Dayan not see his own contribution to that transformation in Governance?

                    Finally, what is the worst thing that the country would have had to face if the investigations were allowed in 2009? You already knew war crimes were committed. So, of course that would have been exposed. Why is that a bad thing for the country? What is the down-side? I hope someone will answer that. Note that saving the country is different from saving someone who commits war crimes – we should be careful not to confuse one with the other!

                    • 1

                      Kumar R.

                      Thanks for your comment. But the way I look at war crimes, both in Sri Lanka and the world I somewhat see that the “Might is Right”.

                      For instant Look at Vietnam war, WMDs in Iraq where over one million innocent people lost their lives and over 4 Million became refugees. What happened to Libya after Gaddafi. How about the recent carpet bombing in Israel where over 500 children and over 700 women were murdered due to “Tin Missiles” sent at Israel by Hamas. Can you differentiate these what happened in Nanthikandal and what Gen.SF said about the White flag waving LTTE surrenders. For me both look same.

                      The difference is USA never deny it Murdered over one million innocent people in Iraq war and still kill innocent people in Afghanistan and Pakistan with their Drones saying “Collateral Damage” when they go after Taliban.How about Gitmo. If so why Sri Lanka fear to admit as Gen.SF says. After all Sri Lanka was at a 30 year war and the psychology of the soldiers were at lowest with LTTE suicide bombers and LTTE claymore mines. Also with over 20 of our top Politicians were assassinated by LTTE.

                      Also after LTTE VP, it is Karuna Amman is the next mass murderer who murdered over 600 surrendered Sinhala Policemen in cold blood and who master mined Dalada Maligawa bombing. Where’s Karuna Amman today. How about KP the LTTE financial Banker and Interpol “Wanted man” where is he now…..How come the difference.

                      So why you go after only DJ,RW, and TK. They just did their job and their part at the UNHRC. But it was Pres. MR who did not carry out his part and you can’t blame others for that.

                      Yes Pres.MR has to admit to IC, if there was any war crimes occured and then pay compensation to the victims. There’s still over 100,000 war refugees in India and India still feeds them still after five years of ending the war. Why not Pres.MR appreciate India on this and work out a plan to bring them home. There are still boat people trying to leave Sri Lanka. Why……

                      That’s why I say when it comes to both International and Local Politics, Power, Diplomacy, Patriotism etc,etc, both the Game and the players stay same, but only the goal post change, and we have to adopt to the situations.

                      That’s why we need Professional Diplomats and not Dumb ass fools in MFA. I herd In India to be a Diplomat it takes at least 15 years work at home office before been posted to another country, and they hardly go on retire or change positions no matter even the Governments change. Look at Indian HC today. Nobody changed simply because Modi came to power. Look at Sri Lanka…..See the difference. Only 25 in Modi’s cabinet.

                      That’s why I say in Sri Lanka, we have to get rid of all the Political Dictators and extremists no matter which Parties they represent.
                      All the crooks who use Language, religion, Race, dress codes, fake patriotism etc,etc to dupe the public to grab power should be kicked out.

                      Also we have to give the proper place to the most qualified candidate in all fields and not to look for mere Individual, Party, race, religion or personal Political goals.

                      The only way we could achieve this goal is only through educating the public. They should be taught as to how to differentiate a sheep from a Wolf.

                      Let’s put the country back in order. Good luck.

                    • 0


                      I fully endorse your view “we need Professional Diplomats” except that I think it is crucial that it be “Professionls with integrity”.

                      Will you be happy with professionals ready to compromise their professional integrity and responsibility, in servitude to the regime? Perhaps a certain Law colelge Principal and a Central Bank head come to mind! The dirty-trio have proved over and over again that they belong to that same group.

                      I am still waiting for an objective answer from someone as to what is the great job DJ,RW, and TK did at the UNHRC – just tell me what would have happened if they did not block the vote, independent ionvestigations were done promptly in 2009, and as you claim, the war crimes were confirmed? What do you think the “mighty” as you call them would have done? Bomb Sri Lanka? Take over Sri Lanka? Is that what DJ protected us from?If not, what exactly did DJ protect us from?

          • 1

            Lasantha ,

            “The point I wanted to clarify was in 2009 we won the war and the same year we defeated UNHRC resolution when Dr.DJ assuring them that MR will implement LLRC recommendations. This was the only reason how we won it”

            No Lasantha no , in 2009 there was no such thing called “LLRC” , LLRC report came out to counter attack PoE report.(Darusman)

            • 1


              Sorry Srilal. Yes it was in 2009 it was Darusman report which then GOSL accused as a Bias report which then or UNHRC rep. DJ stopped bringing to the floor to debate, which led to our own LLRC.

              Sorry again.

              What I say is knowing that UNHRC is behind us since 2006 on and in 2009 we barely won, why Pres.Rajapakse did not take some serious steps to avoid another resolution……..

              That’s why I say in 2009 DJ did his part but Pres.MR neglected his duty. That’s why we are at this situation today. Pres.MR has to take full responsibility for the 2014 UNHRC blunder.

              All I know is Pres.MR has over 1,200 consultants and advisers, advising him on all issues. If so how he went wrong…..and why.

              There’s a Sinhala saying “Dena Dena Wale Wetena Eka Modaya”…..
              By knowing, one falling into a pit is a Dumb Ass.

              Your guess is good as mine.

  • 9

    ” had refused to deal with Bogollagama and instead insisted on the Minister of Human Rights being the main Ministerial presence at sessions of the Council.”

    EGO EGO EGO nothing else

    Are you canvassing for Dayan to be appointed as minister?

    Oh yes, Dayan is so brilliant that the Israelis also were scared of him…..Boo Hoo

    ” I suppose his fears had been exacerbated because the Swiss Ambassador, before the 2010 election, told me that she had heard I was on the National List so as to be made Foreign Minister. While at the time I thought the story absurd, given my lack of Parliamentary experience, I now realize that the diplomatic community in Sri Lanka had a better idea than I did about the comparative paucity of talent in governmental ranks.”

    Self promotion 101 at its best !!!

    Could we have one just one article without you and Dayan praising each other?

    If as you claim you are so brilliant, why has it not occurred to you to quit hanging out with this bunch of “dumb” people?

    • 3

      Both Kumar R and Robert R.

      First I tell both of you is give the devil it’s due. Don’t you see that when it comes to Public Relations, Diplomacy, knowledge and communication skills, aren’t both Prof.Rajiva and Dr.Dayan are way ahead of others. Don’t take my word but watch some Youtube video clips in the internet and you can judge them.

      The bottom line is our whole MFA is infested with low educated but swollen head bunch of sneakers and spies who are always looking for unreasonable positions by undercutting others, while jealousy of other’s popularity who are recognized by the International community while always sneaking to Maharaja to pull them down.
      Both spying on others and listening and believing his set of “Ape Eka” Jokers are Rajapakses Hobby. This may have have to do with their upbringing I think.
      Even Madam Chandrika say her Car and her travel been followed by the MSDs.

      Most of these MFA crooks are nothing but bad mouth, negative thinking jealous Rascles.
      We never had this problem before Pres.Rajapakse took over office. He was changing the senior FM officers like “Condoms” while in other countries they keep them for Life where it takes so many years of experience to build up Rapport, goodwill, confidence and support of the International community to build up Diplomatic relations. Study India and Russia for example.

      Who is GLP…….a mere introvert, self centered, negative minded, fear mongering, name sake Professori in Law. Could you call him a Diplomat with Communication and Public Relation skills…….No way and I don’t blame him.

      A Prostitute in London suburbs has better talents, Public Relations and skills to attract customers than most of our Current MFA Diplo Mutts.

      All I say to both of you is to Give the devil it’s due…..and “Aba Saranang” to GLP and to our MFA.

      Both Prof. Rajiva, Dr.Dayan, Tamara and Dr.Jayantha Danapala with his Friday Forum should keep on educating the Public and should keep on writing to put back the MFA in correct path. This is their responsibility and obligation to the Country.

      Every Tom, Dick and Harry cannot be a Diplomat while 35 out of 48 Diplomats are Rajapakses close family and Party cronies. No wonder we loose at UNHRC.

      • 2

        Lasantha ,

        “First I tell both of you is give the devil it’s due. Don’t you see that when it comes to Public Relations, Diplomacy, knowledge and communication skills, aren’t both Prof.Rajiva and Dr.Dayan are way ahead of others.”

        Lasantha what are on about ? why do you want to talk about these opportunist’s lying oratory skills , are you out of your mind ? can’t you see the crux of the issue here ? these so called Diplomutts protecting their king , nothing else ! get that right first !

        it’s a different matter what kind of a person representing SL , at the end of the day they all do the same thing , some do it arrogantly with their fancy (fake) accents while others do it in our singlish way !every single person who represents MR is helping to destroy SL , period .

        • 1

          correction ,

          it should be

          “Lasantha what are you on about “

      • 2

        Read what I have highlighted and you will find the answer why I oppose such characters.

        See how Dayan was refusing to deal with Bogollagama. That’s EGO for you.

        Dayan was a (politically appointed) diplomat, his SUPERIOR was Bogollagama.
        Him refusing to serve under him is INSUBORDINATION.
        If I were him I would have fired him even earlier.

        Imagine if he was a FM, how he would treat people. Yes, I have seen his youtube videos.
        Its all ME ME ME I am so wonderful and full of disdain for everyone else.

        Are these characteristics what you admire?

      • 3

        Ability to write well and speak well (Rajiva and Dayan) does not mean that the person is honest. Most important thing in any person is honesty. Dayan never condemns the President and Rajiva never leaves the President who has used him as a rug to step on and not listen to any of the advice. From time to time, both have been spin doctors for the benefit of Rajapakse.

  • 8

    Rajiv W,
    what are you mourning about ? Most people stand inside and pee outside, whereas you want to stay inside and pee inside. You and DJ are twiddle dee and twidle dum each of you praising the other’s tail.

    Now DJ is very quiet hoping he will get UK posting to replace Nonis, and then you can go as his lap poodle or sing his praises in Colombo with the hope that you will get something in the foreign ministry.

    You, DJ and the self proclaimed Prof and Doctor TC show all the attributes of being frauds albeit with different degrees of finesse, you put pen to paper just to prop each other and to suck up to the powers expecting bigger crumbs to fall from the table.

    Prof Telli wrote his own obituary a few years ago that he was gunned down in a hotel in Africa when he went to address a law conference, so glad to know that he has resurrected himself first working for late minister Fernandopulle, then for Douglas and now to anyone from whom he can borrow money.

    What type of people are in the government ? sad sad depressing situation.

    God save our nation.

    • 0

      Dear Moda Putha,

      I couldn’t have said it any better… You just saved me time from sharing similar thoughts.

      Thank you.

  • 9


    Aside from writing on this forum, and perhaps other forums, as an MP what is your responsibility when you see inadequacies in policy and other administration in the country? Do you bring these issues up in the parliament – or do you merely write to these in third-party forums. Would writing to forums alone justify the public funds spent on you and your family on citizen Silva’s name?

    Perhaps we can drill down to one current issue. You wrote very aggressively about the Nonis incident. Aside from that write-up, if the issue is that critical as you appear to have realized, what other action have you taken? As an MP do you have a responsibility to take some initiative?

    You can keep talking about other people’s responsibility, their lapses and inadequacies – but first of all don’t you think you need to explain if you are meeting your responsibilities?

    Could you kindly elaborate on that?

    Even if you are allergic to responding to comments (or spineless to do that as some would say), could you then write an article about what you have done as your responsibility on Nonis’ issue for starters?

    • 3

      Kumar R.,

      This Rajiva Wijesinha is simply a fault finder trying to portion blame to others while considering himself and his buddies as the greatest while not doing his duty as an MP within the government to point out the fault of its leadership. In the meantime he wants to uphold his godfather the president!

      Usually failures indulge in this kind of thinking and uttering.

      So basically he is there to collect the perks and privileges and direct the blame on others. Same thread runs among ministers too: PM saying Sri Lanka is the centre of drug trade, Hakeem the minister of justice saying that there is no law and order.

      Why do these unscrupulous fellows hang on there other than for milking the public funds?

  • 11

    What a load of wankers in the 3-photos above. It puts me off from reading the article. Sick!

    • 5

      Yes Professori,

      What earthly benefit did you intend when adding the pictures of a bunch of grinning onanists to this article?

      • 3

        They are all ugly buggers and are master baiters of the voters.

  • 3

    If it was not at least these few intellectuals like Dayan and Rajiva, we would have not won the war. Definitely, an international cat arm alone with Tamil diaspora would have stopped the war when it was on the final stage then.
    What good have puppets like GL, MS or SVG or RB have done to our nation ?
    I remember once our high commissioner to USA, Mr. JW saying we are now “deminding” the north. This i—t did not even know the right word, demining.
    Yes, they are now doing it to Tamil people their. What a person to send to USA.
    Our, foreign mission and diplomacy is in a grave situation now.

    • 3

      Oh, so Dayan’s victory was the war and not the Geneva resolution in 2009? Dayan has been chest-thumping the wrong reason then. I guess Dayan or even Rajiva or Tamara were not even aware of this feat by Dayan. The country should have celebrated Dayan as the war hero, and not MR, not Gota, and not Fonseka? Perhaps not too late.

  • 10

    Thank you doctor for washing all the dirty linen in public. All this shows none of the players are doing anything good for the country, all of them are trying to position themseves for power and position.
    The photos that you have posted are disgusting and sickening. These are the people who are running this country.
    God have mercy.

  • 8

    All these idiots should be behind bars indefinitely

  • 4

    All this regurgitation of past cock-ups is good prep for your memoirs.

    Poor much-maligned GL has little option these days – he certainly does not want to return to academia and the cess pit that is present-day Sri Lankan university education. It is, I suppose, charitable to let him go on until senility finally takes hold and turns him into an embarrasment,

    But tell us Professori, what is it like having to work with the likes of feral scum like SajinVG and his loose-mouthed bint Shaynookie-nookie-nookie, and other syconphantic shills at the EAM?

  • 5

    There is saying that Pigs in a pig sty eat the very same shit that they live in . This fellow is the same . Enjoys the perks of an MP and occasionally criticizes his masters to show that he is a law abiding Prof.

    If he had a back bone and values , he should have gone home and did gardening .

    • 0

      you have got it wrong – problem is he is not criticising the master, he blames everyone else but the master!

  • 7

    Rajeeva sometimes writes sense and this article is one.He is spot on in regard to Ksenuka manipulating
    Sajin Vass Gunawardena,as she has done in regard to many others.Rajeeva is right that the President has been given a WRONG picture of the capabilities and talents of officers there.This is with the idea to look indispensable to the President.This is how both Sajin and Kshenuka are working to the detriment of the President. Given below is a comment by Kautilya to an article ” Nonis continues to visit the High Commission despite Resignation ” which appears in the columns of the Colombo Telegraph.Readers can judge the utter waste of talents in the Foreign Ministry purely due to the talents and abilities of these officers. This how both Sajin and Shenuka survive and the President is the ultimate loser

    Sad situation of the Sri Lanka Foreign Service. The Nonis issue seems never to away and it would be important to see the situation of our Country’s Foreign Service since 2009 May.It has simply been destroyed as the following would show,with so many talented officers being sidelined on account of hostility shown by Monitoring MP Sajin Vass Gunawardena.

    1. Mrs Chitranganee Wagiswara ( 34) years in the Foreign Service. An extremely able officer with a extra ordinary service record . Served as Deputy High Commisisoner in London during the challenging years when the LTTE propaganda machine was going full speed in late 1990s.High Commissioner in Singapore,France and Canada where she performed well under challenging conditions.By her experience and talents alone she should have been Foreign Secretary.!compared to mediocre Shenuka Sneviratne. But Wagiswara sidelined since she will never carry out illegal orders of Sajin,which Shenuka will willingly do.Now she is additional secretary and though much senior she reports to junior Shenuka.

    2. Mr. Esala Weerakoon. (25 years in the FS)Ambassador in Norway.He kept SL/Norway relations in superb level after the peace talks were called off.acting head of mission in Tokyo and Paris where he was also Deputy Permanent Delegate to UNESCO. Posted to London he skillfully dealt with Commonwealth Affairs, obtains much for SL. Did much to promote Australia Sri Lanka relation.He was selected by the UN for the prestigious Disarmament Fellowship and by the Commonwelath for a Induction Program.An excellent officer with skill and ability to engage in English and French. His skills were much recognized by those like General Sepala Arttygalle in London and Dr. Ananda Guruge in Paris.He has been sent to Ministry of Economic Development to work under an officer many years his junior Reason for sidelining: Had not called Sajin “Sir”.

    3) Mr.Ahamed Jaward. (25 years expirience in the FS) Ambassador to Norway and Saudi Arabia.Was in Norway in the years of peace talks.His excellent reports on Norway’s attitude to the peace talks were much valued by Palihkkara former secretary.Was CEO of SAARC heads of state conference Colombo 2008.Was Deputy PermanentDelegate to UNESCO in Paris. Was selected by UN for Disarmament Fellowship and by Commonwelath for Induction Program Speaks excellent English and French.As Deputy head in ChinaWas nominated to negotiate accredited destination status agreement with China so that Chinese tourist can visit SL.Obtained Saudi support in favour of sl at UNCHR for 3 years.Reason for sidelining: Did not receive Sajin at the airport in Oslo although he was then just a coordinating secretary to excellency president.

    3)Maznavee Sadick (24 years in FS) Was responsible for drafting the best Miniute in SLFS history.Ambassador to Saudi Arabia where he did much to improve relations with Sl,especially with Saudi Fund.As ambassador in Brazil set up the embassy and got Brazil support for SL at UNCHR which was extra ordinary achievement since Brazil was to vote against SL.Did much for helpless refugees in Kuwait in 1st gulf war.Talented officer.Speaks excellent English and Arabic.Reason for sidelining.:Refused to carry out illegal order to appoint a friend of Sajin as a local recruit to the Embassy in Brazil.

    4) Mr. Mohamed Amza (20 Years in FS) Did brilliantly well as DHC madras having links to Karunanidhi and Jayalathia..Reason for sidelining.: wrote email to some friends about Sajin refusing him Additional Secretary post to him, some thing already granted to Majintha Jayasinhe,officer with only 13 Years experience .

    5.Mr.WGS Prasanna (14 years in FS) Excelent officer especially in Administration field.Did very well as country director for SL at SAARC Secretariat in Kathmandhu.Reason for sidelining: Wrote email in frustration of Sajins mad handling of Ministry.

    6) mr. Ransiri Perera,18 years in SLFS excellent officer .trained and worked under mr palihakkara one of the most excellent diplomats , in Bangkok.Speaks good English and Japanese.Reason for sidelining: could not get Sajin through VIP lounge in New York when he came for UNGA in 2012,when the maximum allowed by US immigration was 6 persons.

    7) Mr Kapila Jayaweera,18 years in FS ,excellent speaker in Chinese,and political analyst .Did very well in Ottawa, Beijing and New Delhi.Speaks good Hindi too..Reason for sidelining.Refused to carry out illegal appointment ordered by Sajin while Kapila was Director of Overseas Administration Division.

    8) Mr T Raveendran 19 years in FS. As High Commisioner in Kenya did excellent service specially in securing the release of Sri Lankan sailors held by Somali pirates.Organized State vists by Excellency the president to Kenya and Uganda..Reason for sidelining: Did not see Sajin off at the airport whereas Mr Ravvendran had to see off a Minister at the airport.

    . 9) Mr. MHMN Bandara 12 years in FS. Fluent speaker in Chinese.Gave much assistance to SL students in China by helping them immensely.Did much Consular and administrative work to help Sri Lankans in both China and Nethelands..Reason for sidelining: As Director in the Consular Division in the External Affairs Ministry refused to certify a FORGED certificate brought by a close friend of Sajin.

    Sajin has carried tales about all the above officers to The President tell him that all the above are not supporting the government and president has been given a wrong impression.Sri Lanka thus suffers With such capable officers sidelined by Sajin Vass Gunawardena, all Divisions except one Divison headed by very junior officers,with no seniors to supervise.Ministry now in fully messed condition.

    There are many more wronged officers.But no one cares.Ultimately no surprise that government gets a bad name abroad. President must remove Sajin for External Ministry and appoint some who can advise him on foreign affairs like HMGS Palihakkara a respected diplomat or at least Dayan Jayatilleke or Rajeeva Wigesinghe .But Sajin will never allow it.and President and government will get a bad image abroad.

    • 2

      I can see a single tamil name in yours list. WHY?

    • 2

      The Owl.

      Thanks for the info. Hope Ball headed, thug looking ex.Trico wharf clerk become EA Monitoring MP Sajin Vass and the President Rajapakse will read your comment and reply.

      Still have little time left to rescue EAM before it becoming a Pariah Ministry.

    • 1

      The Owl.

      Thanks for the info. Hope Ball headed, thug looking ex.Trico wharf clerk become EA Monitoring MP Sajin Vass, Kshenuka and the President Rajapakse will read your comment and reply in this forum.

      Still have little time left to rescue EAM before it becoming a Pariah Ministry.

  • 5

    What a strong attack on GL LOL

    Dayan seems to be getting very desperate to get back to arms of the president :-)

  • 5

    What a shame to see these disgusting photos with a bunch of cronies who look more like shaven head convicts than Politicians who run our country today.

    Where is their class, reputation and recognition.

    Only missing are the “Kangettas”, Thangalla Rapist cum murderer and Hambanthota Pistol waving Mayor.

    Jayawewa Hambanthota no class Choo Choo Train “Gan Kabarayas” jokers club.

  • 6

    Are you implying here learned professor that GL is the highest paid tuition teacher in SL ?

    I think he should be. Because he got to make a Presi out of a Flunkie.

    Don’t be Jealous.

  • 3

    Pl let me remind you:

    1.‘’During the past year or two, so manytop professionals in every conceivable profession in Sri Lanka have suggested to me that I should write a book on how the politicians of Sri Lanka have ruined our nation ever since independence.
    By accident of birth, those who made the proposal represented every spectrum of society from the poorest of the poor to the wealthy. We were all educated at the University of Ceylon, the only seat of higher learning in our time. Thereafter we proceeded to the best of universities in the world for our postgraduate studies. Most of us are now in retirement and the shadows are getting to lengthen in our lives. We all live in material comfort bystandrds applied to SriLanka. However we wonder what will be left for thenext generation ifour politicians continue to ruin our nation’’
    –Note by the author, The Politics of Sri Lanka – The Provincial Council Elections of 1999, T.D.S.A.Dissanayaka, February 4th 1999

    2.”The three elections prior to the escalation of protracted conflict when a new government was swept into power with overwhelming political support were those of April 5-10, 1956, May 27, 1970 and July 21, 1977. In each, the party previously in opposition gained decisive power on a platform that promised fundamental change. After each election, there were missed opportunities for initiatives that could have addressed many concerns of Tamil community members, while simultaneously respecting the concerns of all but the most radical Sinhalese nationalists. In each instance, however, Sri Lanka’s political leaders chose not to expend their political capital in this way but instead, to accede to demands of the radicals. … it will be useful to seek lessons from periods when Sri Lankan political leaders, like President Mahinda Rajapaksa, had such overwhelming political support that they were in a position, if they chose, to expend political capital by taking concrete steps toward communal reconciliation.” – Prospects For Post Conflict Reconciliation And Development In Sri Lanka: Can Singapore Be Used As A Model? Prof John Richardson, Text of a presentation at Global Asia Institute Speaker Series (2010), National University of Singapore, http://groundviews.org/2010/11/05/prospects-for-post-conflict-reconciliation-and-development-in-sri-lanka-can-singapore-be-used-as-a-model/

    • 0


      You writing a book will definitely be a headline Puthinam ( Thalaipu Cheithikal) . In these days of doom and gloom go for it and make the most of it.

  • 0

    Dear Professor

    I got two questions for you

    Why are you so angry with Kshenuka. Please try to minimise your hatred approach. You are a good professor.
    Why are you washing dirty linen in public. You are providing ammunition to the enemy.

    I can see a serious problem in your upbringing.
    Still I respect you for your knowledge and analytical skills and not GLP who is a third grade Professor for whom Sajin Sir will do the needful soon.

  • 2

    A.C.S. Hameed was truly an statesman who done a tremendous service to the nation but his service was not even recongised by his own Boss and long term pale JRJ by slapping his face ‘Israel will come, you stay or go, I never care’. There are no friends or foes in politics. It’s all based on utter selfishness…..

    • 1

      you are kidding right ? he was known to be worse than current sajin sir! what service! not to mention his gem smuggling

  • 4

    Rajiva, I am not sure what you are trying to tell us all in these two articles of yours! Any way, let me make my comments.

    In this article, as stated by you, only thing that was done correct was done by Dayan Jayatilleke. Everything else that has been concluded since then have not been done correctly. Well I have to say I agree with the second part of my above statement.

    But lets see what Dayan Jayatilleke did correctly. Yes he protected us at the UN. But have you ever paused to think how he did it. He made promises which were not delivered or concluded. He did not present the true facts to the world body.

    So in short, he lied to the world community to get out of a difficult situation. In diplomatic terms, I am not sure if its correct or not, but as a Citizen of Sri Lanka I do not expect my diplomats to lie to the world body.

    On the other hand, some times I wonder, if the sacking of Dayan Jayatilleke was a well thought out plan of the President. First of all its possible President did not interfere with the lies that Dayan told to the world body. Once this was done and Sri Lanka got away with it, then the President may not have wanted Dayan Jayatilleke to be at the next world body conference so that Dayan may say that the President did not deliver.

    It is also possible that Dayan lied to the world body on his own accord and did not have the blessing of the President.

    What ever said and done, it is true that Dayan Jayatilleke did not do a great job as you mentioned in this article but lied his way to get out of a difficult situation. Doctor Rajiva, any spin you do does not support the fact that Dayan and you are great diplomats. You both should first learn to be true to yourselves.

    • 3

      After writing the above note, I was wondering: is it possible that President requested him to lie and then kicked Dayan out?

  • 4

    I have a question to those who defend Rajiva.

    If the regime is so evil but they are so intelligent and good, why is Rajiva still with the government?

    He is NOT an elected MP. So he does not have a “voting public” who put him in parliament to answer for.
    So unlike those cross overs who cheat the people who voted for them he has no commitments but refuses to quit.

    I find this so weird.

    Could the likes of Ben Hurling/Lasantha answer this query?

  • 3

    Dayan J invented an “external threat” to sri lanka via the north, to enable militarisation of the northern and eastern provinces.

    This has spread south and the country is virtually run by the military, which has been given police powers.
    The president is well aware. He has reserved the biggest chunk of the annual budget, to the military.

    The writer completely ignores this state of affairs

  • 0

    I feel sorry for my country…..Why is MARA became close associate of SAJIN whose bad character is known to entire country?What has made him to hooked to this IRC fellow and allowed to ruin the country?

  • 2


    Part 1 Responses to Enemies Of The President’s Promise out on the 7th Oct

    Part 2 Responses to Enemies Of The President’s Promise out on the 9th Oct.

    I take it that like Rajan Hooles which is still running without readership yours

    To be continued.

  • 2

    Dayan getting Rajiva to do his dirty work? How low can he sink?

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