23 May, 2022


Ex-IGP Mahinda Balasuriya’s Preferential Treatment Cost Taxpayers 30 Million

Preferential treatment meted out by former IGP Mahinda Balasuriya to certain politicians has resulted in the country losing at least Rs. 30 million.



This came to light during an inquiry carried out by the Presidential Commission of Inquiry to Investigate and Inquire into Serious Acts of Fraud, Corruption and Abuse of Power, State Resources and Privileges (PRECIFAC) which is investigating as to why Balasuriya provided armed police security for members of Wimal Weerawansa’s National Freedom Front (NFF) who were not even MPs.

During the inquiry, the Commission demanded to know on what grounds he provided members of the NFF police officers under former President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s term as President. These member were provided with at least 15 armed policemen from 2010 to 2015.

Most of the politicians who were provided with armed police protection were not MPs, therefore they were not entitled for police protection. According to the Commission, due to this preferential treatment by Balasuriya, the government had incurred a loss of Rs. 30 million.

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    These Thakkadiyas too could have thought before acting so irresponsibly.

    This is where the people of this country have to focus on- today various rains of attacks are on the rulers, but the manner previous govt acted is is becoming clear now.
    So how can anything remain on the state s treasury. Law and order minister of former administraton should be well aware of the facts.

    Here just let fallen their heads as seen in the picture cant help us further.

    Former tree climber – but later became parliamentarian cant know much about lanken history of politics. He may thought even his dogs should be guarded by state security services just becaues Weerawanse always behaved as the penis of Rajaakshe.

    • 8


      “He may thought even his dogs should be guarded by state security services just becaues Weerawanse always behaved as the penis of Rajaakshe.”

      Don’t be silly.

      Don’t you know CIA, MI6, RAW, ……. etc were after Wimal and his NFF members called for a boycott of Google, Yahoo, Kentucky, McDonald, … etc?

  • 14

    This man is bad enough but the worst of the lot was IGP Wickremanayake, Gota’s goon squad Cheif and boot licker and criminal master mind.It was under his tenure that the notebook of Lasantha Wickrematunga disappeared while in the custody of police.This criminal did it in cahoots with Prassana Nanayakara who at that time was DIG Mountlavinia Division.

    • 7

      knowing all these to attack current rulers not tohave done the job yet or their moves being that slow etc – we should understand easily.
      Even if the head of state with few cabinet changes were made, all the authorities were not subjected to any changes. There all the high abusive men andwomen that learnt MR tactics, continue even today. Given that knowing the truth as itis, we must not attack current rulers not to have taken actions adequately.

      Be it related ot schools, police, universities, or any other areas, thre shouls be shifted the paradigm if at all this nation to turn a civilized one. r

  • 12

    What a way to cover up 5.1 billion of day light robbery by Perpetual

    • 8

      Patriot the pathetic

      “What a way to cover up 5.1 billion of day light robbery by Perpetual”

      Rs 5.1 billion < $18 billion.

  • 5

    Wonder why esteem journal CT waste their valuable space in their journal allowing such articles to be published as there will be
    no follow ups by the govt. as their own officials do the same
    thing. In fact the Govt. does not like such old cases brought up
    because new cases are piling up and they have to deal with them.

  • 6

    If he has done an unlawful act he is supposed to give an explanation as to why it was done and on whose recommendations. If unable to provide then he should be asked to pay for the damages or the losses. If you implement that you can get the entire A to Z story from him without any issue.

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    Ex IGP was questioned by PRECIFCA on the loss of Rs.30 million. The question is clear and reported accordingly. Now WHAT WAS THE ANSWER? Why that part of the inquiry cannot be reported or why silent on that aspect of the story? That is what the People want to know. If the people are to be informed of all facts that came out with the ANSWER, it is no doubt a responsibility of the media to fulfill that obligation. CT, I request you to do a further research on this fact of finding the ANSWER and publish that for us. I don’t think it is that difficult, because these inquiries are open to public. Thank you.

  • 4

    So PRECIFAC finds LKR 30 Million which Bale spent on our MPS for security is a big deal..

    As a matter of fact, some of these MPs wouldn’t be sitting in Kotte now and helping the Yahapalana PM’s Plans to expunge Buddhism from Mahavamsa Constitution, and give Mr Sambandan a Homeland exclusively for his subjects, if “Sambandan’s Boys” could get to them..

    Mahendran’& SIL collect LKR 5000 Million ROI, in just twelve months.

    That is bigger than BENHUR in Bond Trading..

    Wonder whether this PRECIFAC stands for Precise Facts…

    • 2

      Ado Sumaney:
      I’d try to comment on your idiocies if I (or anyone in the universe) could understand your “language.”

      • 0

        Mr Pootin,

        Did Mahendran give you a few shares in PT, after that bis ass collect of 5 Billion LKR in just 12 months from the PAYE Yahapalana suckers ?

        Or was it Malik?.

        Or just an ex gratia payment for the services …

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    We all remember Sri Lankan air line saga when maharaja’s time.

    Most of these officials don’t have a choice,judical police customs (ethanol imports)police JMO army personnel have to do abduction murder etc.these all orders of the masters.

    How they chase away the Apollo share holders and took charge by force.one business man have to make a present of a helicopter for little prince.

    VP gone but the economy damages he wanted still continuing only differences is no more loosing lives.(in big scale)

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    Didn’t think going to Weight watchers & treatment for Sleep Apnea plus Ear cleaning cost 30 Mil.

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