21 May, 2024


Ex-JMO’s Anticipatory Bail Application Rejected Over Thajudeen’s Missing Body Parts

The Colombo Additional Magistrate today rejected the anticipatory bail application filed by ex-Judicial Medical Officer Ananda Samarasekera over the missing body parts of ruggerite Wasim Thajudeen, who was murdered.Wasim Thajudeen

In August, Samarasekera submitted an anticipatory bail application seeking an order preventing his arrest in connection to the missing body parts of Thajudeen. However, when the case was taken up today, the Colombo Additional Magistrate Dulani Amarasinghe rejected the application.

In August, Health Ministry Secretary Anura Jayawickrema in a report submitted to the Colombo Additional Magistrate said that ex-JMO was responsible for the missing body parts of Thajudeen’s body. Jayawickrema said that Samarasekera had acted in an irresponsible manner when conducting the first postmortem, in which Samarasekera ruled Thajudeen’s death was due to an accident. The ex-JMO had claimed that he had handed over the body parts to two minor staff to store in a freezer but both staff members had denied this.

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    Fine.The Law is applicable to all.B

    • 10

      The particular ExJMO should be brought before a panel to question what went wrong with the missing body parts of the deseased that were all under his charge… if he failed to do the due, what can we expect from a medical professional of the kind ?Had he been suffering from alzheimer to that time ? Please bring your constructive asnwwer we the ones that have been fighting for justice need your truthful explanations

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      The Law is applicable to all

      Except to govt politicians and their people (Arjun mahendran)

  • 8

    Fine.The Law is applicable to all.Big or Small!

  • 17

    Take all the crook professionals who acted in contravention of their profession to please the Ace Crook, MARA.

    These learned idiots who got their education through public money owed their allegiance to the public, more than the Ace Crook MARA. Most of us knew the history of the Ace Crook and his behaviour was somewhat expected, save for the ones who were sitting on their brains.

    These so called professionals, to act in a murderous manner to conceal evidence is much greater crime than the crime itself. Crack them, whip them and let the society know the true qualities of these wolves in sheep’s cloth.

    Adios to the Judiciary to have upheld the hopes of the masses, One murderer DUMI down and lot more to go with the obvious climax of the God Father of all crimes and murders. Your guess is as good as mine……?

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    Gruesome Torture – Kill – Pay The Judicial Medical Officer – with major Drug Importers money – Fabricate stories – Dump everything including the Justice is the order of the Day
    All this in the land of where State Religion is Buddhism.
    Why I am dragging religion into these precarious state of affairs, because the State Religion is Buddhism not by its Holy Philosophy.

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    He is a disgrace to all professionals (excluding lawyers!). Apart from imprisonment he should be struck off!!
    Why is Dr. Neill Fernando keeping him as a “professor” in SAITAM??
    disgrace, disgrace, disgrace!

    Why is he not charged for false evidence in Dumi’s case along with Maheshika W???
    wheels within wheels?………?

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      Truth finder
      ‘excluding lawyers’
      You must be referring to the Baba who passed final law exams without attending a single lecture.

    • 1


      “Why is Dr. Neill Fernando keeping him as a “professor” in SAITAM?? “

      You are considered innocent until your are proved guilty, and that is the reason why he is still a ‘professor’ at SATIM. So far the allegations are merely ‘allegations’ and not facts.

      If you do not mind being removed from your employment based on popular allegations and rumours then I think you have made a fair demand. If you bosses want to remove you from your post they only have to make an allegation. Remember if such a thing happens to this professor being removed from his post based on unproven facts, this could also happen to you and do not let others quote what happened to this professor and justify that same action to you and say proving by court is not necessary. Do you like that? You will be then eating your own words.

      So kindly wait and give this professor a chance to explain his position to courts and await a fair judgement. Certainly if proven guilty he has to step down.

      But also when Raajapakse had the ‘rule of the jungle’ it can be difficult to prove him ‘guilty’ even he purposefully gave a biased report that Thujudeen died of accident! He can now claim he did under duress because he was threatened and no rule and order was kept during the time of Rajapakse. He would have felt it was safer for him to give such a report rather find him in very serious difficulty by the Rajapkse brothers who did so many terrible things to whoever did not comply. I am sure even you will not play ‘honest man’ to crooks. I will not. I will look for my safety first. If he argues in those lines I feel it will be quite difficult for the courts to find him guilty.

      All such professional decency and honesty works when we have basic safety and security provided by the country and rule of law applies equally for all. In Sri Lanka the Judiciary and Police comes directly under politicians and I have heard from reliable sources how politicians give direct telephone calls to the police or judges and threaten and force them to write favourable statements and verdicts. They have to comply otherwise the officers suffer serious risk of being transferred out or face dismissal on false charges and when it will take very long time to prove they are innocent. Certainly they cannot recover the lost time.

      So there so much more deeper than what you can imagine at the surface.

      If you do not agree with me that means even when someone keeps a gun on your head you will always tell what is correct even at the expense of your life.

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    This entire provision, “Anticipatory Bail” application must be removed from the Law and Order Books. Isn’t it that the very person who seeks refuge under this provision knows very well that he is to be questioned on an alleged crime and also knows well that he/she will be made responsible and accountable. If that consciousness is not lingering in his/her mind, why seek “Anticipatory Bail”? That course of action itself proves his/her guilt and guilty consciousness. On the other hand, if such a person is given “Bail” in terms of this provision, that itself is in effect undue “interference” with the ongoing investigations against a “suspect”; because he/she is let lose to prepare in many ways to, including extra judicial measures to protect against the alleged crimes. Also in the hearing of the application, there is only the story to be heard from the applicant that which is “subjective” and it is only one sided. Further, looking at it from a social perspective, at the rate the crimes have been and are been committed in the country, investigative machinery must not be put into any obstacles or crippled by allowing the suspects to seek this draconian Rule of “Anticipatory Bail”. Fortunately, the Judges have now AWAKENED to the task of discharging Social Justice and looks somewhat began to understand their role in establishing a JUST SOCIETY. Hope this decision would send a STRONG MESSAGE to those in line and their Lawyer community who are waiting to go before courts seeking redress under this “Anticipatory Bail” Law.

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    mister vetmahadeva, State religion is Buddhism, maybe.But, don`t you know that there are no Buddhists in Sri Lanka?

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    What an excuse “I handed the body parts to two minor staff” for storage, and then he says that the death was due to an accident.
    Obviously he thought that the law would never catch up with him and his woefully irresponsible/wilful act. Now he applies for anticipatory bail(sic)

    Most of these Officials and Bureaucrats of the previous regime did as they pleased and not out of a sense of duty and responsibility, either through fear of the higher ups or through receiving large handouts. They must all fry in their own fat.

  • 3

    very good but will this case get justice at all or will Ranil the PM ‘shape it up’?

  • 1

    A corrupt country leaves the instigators unhamred because they either legally or because of it is from the same group of parliamentary criminals, con-artists, financial fruds.

    Only those dumb professional who hlped those criminals are going to jaila and they have to worry about their future, dignity and family.

    There are so many to support it.

    this is why justice is blind those who implement the law and justice are like poles in the mud.

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    Can we get the man for a quick medical check up NOW? This way, he would be kept in the prison or remand house, not in a luxury hospital with a fake illness.

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    Srilanka Medical Council should take up this case ex mero motu (on its own)without waiting for someone to make the complaint as this shameless JMO by his conduct brought the noble profession into disrepute.He was bought over by the Rajapaksas and enjoyed their patronage until the long arm of the law caught up with him. Come on SLMC, it’s time to take action without fear or favor, at least in the interest of your profession.

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