10 August, 2022


Exposed: Angelina’s Removing Breasts?

Angelina Jolie’s announcement of undergoing a double mastectomy (surgically removing both breasts) even though she had no breast cancer is not the innocent, spontaneous, “heroic choice” that has been portrayed in the mainstream media. Natural News has learned it’s all part of well-timed for-profit corporate P.R. campaign that has been planned for months and just happens to coincide with the upcoming U.S. Supreme Court decision on the viability of the BRCA1 patent.

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    Now she is going to remove her ovaries. What comes next, her brain? She may as well because she’s certainly not using it.

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    The most easiest thing is to come up with conspiracy theories, that too against someone popular. And that’s the most easiest way to gain popularity too. Hats off to Jolie for going ahead with her decision and making it public so that other women too can benefit. I was told by a friend in the UK that such diagnosis, treatment and surgery are all free in the UK and in a number of countries and Jolie by going public has paved way for many women to make the right decision.

    One of my friends has gone through a similar gene test in the US and figured that he has 90% chances of getting cancer. And he is now working on preventive mechanisms. I have had a detailed discussion with him about this and he had shared everything what his doctor clarified about on gene test for cancer and preventive treatments. What Jolie has done is nothing unusual. Many people who can afford, do this but they keep it private. Jolie made it public and some useless fellows are after her.

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