16 August, 2022


Extremists Are Running This Country; Yet Again

By Lukman Harees

Lukman Harees

Lukman Harees

The dangerous enemies of your species are fundamentalism, intolerance, separatism, extremism, hostility and prejudicial fear, be it religious, atheistic or political.” ― Abhijit Naskar

The hate filled events which Sri Lanka has been witnessing these days are both shameful and dramatic belying the grandiose promise of promoting national reconciliation and denying oxygen to the destructive forces of hate and racism. Tell-tale signs are obvious and their slogans are just hollow pretensions. The extremist Sinhala Buddhist forces led by rogue elements among the Maha Sangha, appeared to have joined hands and on a united spree to demonise, stigmatize and hurt the Muslims on all fronts – socially, politically and economically. These vicious forces of hate still continues to enjoy a near free reign despite a change of government which came to power by promising tough action against them and on a platform of promoting National Reconciliation and equal treatment to all communities. BBS and their likes with their new found cousins Sinhaley have begun to re-enact many episodes which the country saw in the MR era. –street protests, boycott calls, attacking Muslim places of worship and businesses. Nay, they have even found a patron saint in this government too, who speak their language; then it was the Defence Secretary and now it is the Justice Minister.

It is however not surprising that the well –orchestrated anti-Muslim hate campaign in Sri Lanka which had a upward swing during the MR Regime, has once again begun to surface in full ferocity, having had a illusionary dip during the early stages of the Yahapalana rule. Firstly, the climate of fear and cultural mistrust, which has becomes one of the grim aspects of our present day society did not happen by accident. Secondly, it is also a grim reality that at a time when Muslim bashing has become a cottage industry on a global plane, it needs no rocket science to discern that many vested interests and highly organized networks as part of a million dollar industry which preach the virulent Islamophobia, have their local agents too in this country.

Video – Yesterday’s anti-Muslim campaign in Kandy

It should be kept in mind that extremist Buddhist monks who are thankfully still a minority, are confounding; they directly contradict a canonically nonviolent religion often perceived as apolitical. Like radical monks in Myanmar, these Sri Lankan hard-liner post-war hate movements reserve special ire for Muslims. In the last decade, activism by Buddhist monks has grown more overtly political, consolidating their political power to lobby for a majoritarian state ,thus placing minorities in a dependent and a subservient situation. As Analyst Jayadeva Uyangoda argued, many tragic events that transpired in post-independence Sri Lanka could be attributed to Buddhist leaders and Buddhist monks campaigning for policies that exacerbated ethnoreligious violence. It was a matter of shame that the successive governments do not seem to learn lessons from history of the dangerous consequences of pampering to these hate lobbies for political gains, which are hell-bent on making a bogeyman of Muslims – a community which has had a rich history of over 10 centuries of standing up for territorial integrity and unity of this country .

As stated, it should also not be forgotten that the many global events which have made headlines especially in the last decade has also begun to create anxiety and a climate of fear and insecurity for the Muslims within Sri Lanka. The much maligned obnoxious xenophobic Brexit campaign in UK and the Trump’s divisive racist Presidential campaign and his subsequent win in US have served in no small measure in reinforcing the Islamophobic narrative especially seen in the Media actively promoted by the far right groups. Resultantly, this has led to not only an unprecedented increase in hate attacks and fear mongering but also gagging and silencing moderate Muslim opinion in the West. The local agents naturally therefore feel comfortable in mainstreaming the anti-Muslim hate among the grass-root level people specially through the social media without attracting much social public disapproval.

It is in this context that Minister Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe too started tuning into this stereotype Islamophobic narrative and playing to the anti-Muslim hate lobby, during his address in the Parliament by attempting to brand all religious movements as extreme and making a misplaced statement about “ISIS infiltration” in Sri Lanka. As Muslim Council of Sri Lanka rightly stated, ‘“Hon Wijedasa Rajapakshe’s statement comes at a very opportune time to certain extremist elements bent on tarnishing the image of the Muslim community for reasons only best known to them. Certain parts of his statement are verbatim of the hate speech spewed by the extremist priest Ven. Galagoda Aththe Gnanasara Thero”.

It is therefore time opportune if not overdue, to bring in hate speech laws without delay to bring to book the reactionary forces who are abusing the right to free speech and critique to create communal and religious tension both on the streets and in the social media, of course ensuring that such laws are not used to oppress political opponents and to silence reasonable political criticism. Otherwise, these undercurrent forces have the potency to bring their hate campaign to mainstream, which thankfully has not been the case (hopefully) as we saw how they were routed at the last polls.

Further, the law enforcement authorities did lose their credibility at the time of MR Rule who allowed BBS and their goons to operate without fear or sanction and act as ‘unofficial policemen’ and make the Muslims feel as aliens in the land of their birth. Still, it is a matter of disappointment that the Police have not done enough to reclaim their credibility. The Police should not therefore drag their heels to identify and act without fear or favour under the existing laws, against initially the main ‘champions’ of this extremely damaging campaign to divide communities along racial and religious lines by hate speech.

As CPA once stated, the need of the hour is to ensure that religious and communal tension and violence do not engulf the country.  The full weight of the law without fear or favour should be brought to bear on anyone who incites violence or engenders religious and communal enmity. The deeply corrosive culture of impunity in respect of human rights violations, and indeed, in respect of the incitement of religious and communal hatred, must be reversed as a matter of the utmost national priority. The widespread perception that the purveyors of religious intolerance and violence enjoy patronage and support from quarters within the government needs to be comprehensively dispelled. The minorities should perceive to be living as dignified citizens with equal rights.

Furthermore, there should be a multi faith approach to defeat this unpatriotic hate mongering campaign which ultimately will ruin the chances of realizing the Post-war dream of the Sri Lankan people to create an inclusive, peaceful nation. This united approach will also help in clearing the country’s name, which has long been tarnished internationally specially after the 1983 Anti-Tamil pogrom which was allowed to continue by the then JR government for undue political gains. No numerically minority community, whether Tamil or Muslims should feel as second class citizens (which they unfortunately feel as present) if the country is to move forward.

At the same time, it is also important for the government to starve off the extremist lobby’s ability to access the grass-root levels by exploiting sensitive issues, by looking into the genuine grievances of the majority community. The unfounded rhetoric about minorities, specially the Muslims for example attempting to become the majority and destroying the Buddhist heritage, among other things, has led to the monks and opportunistic politicians to justify anti-minority practices. In the end, unless this prevailing ‘minority mindset’ which the vested political interests have instilled in the psyche of the majority Sinhala community is challenged and their genuine grievances are redressed, this mindset will eventually pose a far greater danger to Sri Lanka than the blows of these hard-line thugs which we see on our streets.

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Latest comments

  • 16

    What is wrong with the Justice Minister warning against 32 Sri Lankan Muslims joining ISIS? Such warnings happen in every country. USA, UK, India, Australia, France, Russia, etc. That is OK in those countries. Then why is it wrong in Sri Lanka?

    We all know what ISIS is doing in the middle east. We cannot allow that to be imported to Sri Lanka.

    I praise the minister for his truthfulness.

    The fault is with the 32 Muslims that joined ISIS not in the minister that revealed it.

    This is yet another shoot the messenger thing. Thank you minister for telling the truth.

    • 3

      Moreover, these guys are probably sending sacksful of Dollars too.

    • 20

      Premkumar Sivanesan

      “We all know what ISIS is doing in the middle east.”

      Do you?

      “We cannot allow that to be imported to Sri Lanka.”

      We should not import ISIS to this country. However, will you please tell the state/government to stop special import licenses being issued to saffron clad thugs BBS, BJB, Gnanasara, Ampitiye Sumanarathana Gota, ….. ?

      “I praise the minister for his truthfulness.”

      Ministers and truthfulness don’t mix.

      “This is yet another shoot the messenger thing.”

      The messenger should bring authentic information, not when its suits him nor it directly or indirectly benefits him.

      The message could lead to draconian measures being imposed on a particular community as a whole, and the thugs being empowered.

      You too should start worrying about the timing of the message.

    • 14

      It is not this matter. it is that this same message and same number was given by Def Sec Hettiarachchi in January this year. This 32 participants is quite true. They are from a family and the 32 includes Women and Children too. They all fled to Syria. The problem is the timing and why Wijeydasa had to come out with an old story at this moment in time. He also talked WITHOUT evidence the old BBS line of extremist preachers coming to Sri Lanka and teaching their brand of extremism at Muslim International schools in the country. Either you are from Mars or conveniently pretend ignorance of these facts !!!

    • 7

      Lukman Harees

      RE: Extremists Are Running This Country; Yet Again

      They are well represented in the Govt. like the Justice Minister, and the Crooks.

      Turncoat, Traitor, Mala-Perethaya, Sirisena is part of the team by the appeasement policy towards the extremists.

    • 11

      This government has done nothing to deal with the rise of Buddhist terrorism just like the Rajapaksas regime!?(one of its biggest failures)

      The Minister of Justice and BUDDASASANA Wijeyadasa Rajapaksa is dodging the issue of Buddhist terrorism by using ISIS and the supposed rise of radical Islam as an excuse for his inaction and inability/unwillingness to deal with Buddhist terrorism…

      This supposed spread of radical Islam in Sri Lanka is definitely connected with the failure/unwillingness of both the Rajapaksas regime and the MS RW Government to deal with this radical Buddhist terrorism that is destroying Sri Lanka.


  • 12

    I challenge the Sri Lankan government to arrest these 32 ISIS Muslims when their return to Sri Lanka. They are highly dangerous. So far 30 Tamils have been arrested for being part of AAVA group. Why not arrest Muslim terrorists?

    • 4

      They are in Syria at the moment and dont know the fate of them.

    • 1


      “I challenge the Sri Lankan government to arrest these 32 ISIS Muslims when their return to Sri Lanka”

      Why bother. Most will not return. They will join the Devil, Satan, Iblis in Hell.

      No need to spend money and resources housing idiots in jail.

      Suggestion: Let’s send the Sri Lankan ISIS idiots to Syria to fight along with the ISIS.

      Let is also send the BBS and their Clones to Syria as well to fight these idiotic Sri Lankan ISIS supporters on Syrian Soil.

      Let us keep the soil of the Land of Native Veddah Aethho, clean.

  • 7


    They thrive on idea of the “other”. The reality is everyone is connected.

    Therefore, one cannot hurt another without hurting oneself.

    See here -> https://vimeo.com/2293696

  • 16

    Do you Know why Fashion Bug was set on fire again in Papliyana ?

    why should you set fire to No Limit and Fashion Bug only , while Fashion Bug owners are related to one of the most respected Muslims family and have always maintained great relationship with the Sinhalese Community and are very long standing Sufi ahel Sunnah Muslims which has along history of maintaining cultural harmony with all races in the country.

    While No limit owners are great philanthropists ,both have no connections to Thaweed jamath groups.

    The only thing I could see here is an assumption that a certain Minister who had some controversial issues being from their electorate may have suspected to have close relations, it is always the case the Innocent suffers ,

    I guess we could suspect the same with No limit , again because of a minister’s issue , these are peaceful and pious people who live a simple life and are always extending their services to all people of this Country .

    can you please stop targeting the Innocent , same with the Poor maligahawatte folks , what can they do if The Thoweed jamath have an office there? should all of them got to pay the price of a stupid ignorant foul mouth ? he is already arrested and remanded.

    Is it not enough ?

    Why does Thoweed jamath drag the entire Community by getting stupidly trapped by playing in?

    This is indeed unfair and heart breaking.

    The majority decent educated Sinhalese need to voice their displeasure,please do not let the nation go to gutters.

    You have an obligation unto the nation.

    • 7

      No one knows the cause of the fire.

      It was on the 19th evening that extremists ranted slogans against the Muslims and issued anti No Limit, Fashion Bug and Etissalat pamphlets. Today it happened.
      In 2013, there was a march in kandy and in a few days later Fashion Bug was attacked


    • 3

      Karma, simply put, is an action for an action, good or bad.

      “Why does Thoweed jamath drag the entire Community by getting stupidly trapped by playing in? “

      Why? Because Tauhid Jamath are clones of Wahhabis, Salafis and their clones. They follow the Devil,Satan, Iblis. They love death and destruction.

      “Do you Know why Fashion Bug was set on fire again in Papliyana ? “

      This is Para-Sinhala Para- Buddhism, not Buddhism.

      So, please expose, expose and expose the Para-Sinhala in the Land of Native Veddah Aethho.

      Of course Para-Sinhala are not the only Paradeshis in the Land.

      Mitochondrial DNA history of Sri Lankan ethnic people: their relations within the island and with the Indian subcontinental populations

      Through a comparison with the mtDNA HVS-1 and part of HVS-2 of Indian database, both Tamils and Sinhalese clusters were affiliated with Indian subcontinent populations than Vedda people who are believed to be the native population of the island of Sri Lanka.


  • 6

    WR’s comments are irresponsible because, first he made it in parliament, second he did not say that he is repeating old information, and last the statement was ones sided as there are extremists of all hues and they were not mentioned.

    Please read N Krishnamoorthy’s article in today’s Sunday Leader and there appears to be political machinations and udercurrents

  • 17

    I think now it’s very clear to everyone that the kallathoni para Sinhalese doesn’t deserve to live in this island, they should be deported back to where they came from-Bihar, Bangladesh and south India, only then this country will prosper!!!

  • 9

    You did not howl and cry when Sinhalese racists and Buddhist extremists were hounding the island’s Tamils on the contrary gleefully joined them, as this benefited your immigrant Dravidian community from South India. However since they have turned their guns on you after vanquishing the island’s Tamils. other than religion with whom you share a common history language culture origin and heritage, you have started howling fowl. Sinhalese or any other extremists should never target any innocent Muslim in the island but the minister has every right to target these Islamic extremists who joined the ISIS. You call the LTTE terrorists, al least they had a cause and at the inception were fighting for the just rights of the Tamils and state sponsored Sinhalese racism, although they lost their way somewhere in the end. However what excuse have these local Muslims to fight some Islamic war in the name of Sunni Arab word superiority and Wahhabi/Salafist Islamic fundamentalism. They are not even Arabs but South Asian Muslims whom most Arabs look down upon and they are fighting for Sunni Arab world superiority and chaos. Are you aware there is a pecking order and caste like hierarchy amongst the ISIS? On the top of the pile are the Sunni Arabs from the Iraq/Syria region then other Sunni Arabs then Other western Asian/Middle East Sunni ethnic groups and at the bottom of the pile are the foreign fighters like these Sri Lankan Muslims and they are the frontline cannon fodder. You people are disgusting will lick Arab arse and give your lives for them, despite getting kicked by them and treated like dirt but will deny your own real South Asian Tamil heritage and will go out of your way to help anyone to destroy your own language and culture. No wonder no one trusts you. Al least Sinhalese and Buddhism belongs to the island just like Tamil and Saivaism. Even the 1000 year old Tamil Sufi form of Islam belongs but not Arab Wahhabi/Salafist Islamic fundamentalism and its values that belongs to the deserts of Arabia and the middle age.

  • 6

    Brother Lukman

    Firstly, it is extremely unfortunate that in preparing your article you chose to focus solely on the ‘extremist Sinhala Buddhist forces’ that ‘hurt the Muslims on all fronts’. Your views would have had much wider acceptance among all Communities if you had instead discussed the adverse impact of the words and deeds of all ‘extremist groups’ on other communities. You have noticeably refrained from even mentioning the pain of mind that would have been caused to our Buddhist brothers and sisters by the recent abuse hurled on Buddhism by the leader of the Sri Lanka Thowheed Jamath. Or are you an advocate of the policy ‘An eye for an eye’ ?

    Secondly, your call to promulgate hate speech laws as the solution for religious extremism is frankly a non-starter. The necessary laws are already in place, but what is lacking is the will to implement such laws fairly and firmly. However, the bigger question is : Since ‘hate speech’ is driven by ‘hate thoughts’, can legislation alone prevent the creation of ‘hate thoughts’ in the minds of individuals ?

    The third issue that I would like to bring to your notice is the rather shameless attempt to continue placing the blame for the anti-Muslim sentiment in Sri Lanka on the previous Government, even to the extent of drawing a parallel between the former Defense Secretary and the current Justice Minister. Do you really believe that there is a causal relationship between the Justice Minister’s statement and the events that followed ? Have you not heard of the common fallacy of causation : Post hoc ergo propter hoc (After this, therefore because of this) ?

    Finally, I would like to urge you to examine the surge in ‘anti-Muslim’ sentiment in Sri Lanka dispassionately, objectively and in the context of similar and related occurrences world-wide. Space is being created for the manifestation of long-dormant anti-Muslim sentiment and for the emergence of individuals who singly or in groups are ready and willing to express such sentiments vocally and/or physically.

    …… and ask yourself as to what significant steps the Muslim Sri Lankans have taken over the past few years to address these negative sentiments. They appear to be far too busy fighting among themselves about their out-dated Marriage & Divorce Laws.

    • 2

      There was an article on SLTJ leaders abuse of GnanaSara thero recently by this same writer. Please read

  • 9

    Just like The original kallathoni Vijay and his band was banished from Bangladesh due to their intolerable behavior and trouble making, the present day para Sinhalese needs to be banished back to Bangladesh so the rest of the people can live peacefully.

  • 7

    I would like to name a few ‘real’ extremists in the current government –
    Faizer Mustapha. This guy is a dangerous Muslim extremist. He was the last to leave the Mahinda Rajapakse gang, and his father was the MI6 agent who managed the British part of regime change in our country. The he gets appointed (not elected) to the cabinet and becomes Sirisena’s chief advisor. The he dictatorially dissolves all local government and starts gerrymandering the electorate to increase Muslim seats.

    As Sarath Silva pointed out recently, the government increases of taxes without representation is illegal and people should not pay increased taxes.

    You write about extremists leaving him and Bathiurdeen and Saleh?
    Pull the other leg Thambi.

  • 5

    interestingly 2 tamils r the 1st to comment..where were yall when the “pasangal ” were killing Srilankans of ALL communitirs…btw…sooner than later it will be exposed that the ISIS is a poodle of the Israrelis n AmeriCons….

    yes we dont want any form of terrorism or racism whether it. be Sinhala Tamil Muslim or Christians.

  • 6

    There was no ISIS phobia when the extremist BBS led by Gnanasara ignited incidents like the one at Aluthgama.

    It appears the attack on the Muslims seems to be a part of a grand scheme by sections of the Sinhala extremist forces to neutralise all the minority communities in Sri Lanka after the Tamils’ armed uprising was defeated in May 2009.

    Muslims would not have thought that they will be next in the firing line when they extended their fullest support to the government to defeat the Tamils’ armed uprising led by Prabaharan. In the Eastern province, in particular, Muslim youths were enrolled by the Army as auxiliary force to defeat the LTTE and they even went on to kill innocent Tamils. They never realized at that time that they themselves will become the next target.

    It is unfortunate to find some Tamil commentators writing in this column in support of the action against the Muslims and ISIS.

    ISIS is not a threat to Sri Lanka. Their fight is against the Americans and their European allies that killed the Muslims in countries such as Iraq, Syria and Libya, destabilised those Muslim countries and made millions of Muslims to take dangerous sea trips to reach Europe in search of safe havens.

    It is foolish on the part of BBS and Gnanasaras to target Muslims at a time when most western countries and their white populations are branding all the Muslims as owing allegiance ISIS. Naturally, emotional Muslims seeing their fellow Muslims being killed in the Middle East would like to join hands with their brethren. Only a few Muslims from Sri Lanka are reported to have gone to join with ISIS. There is no flood of Sri Lankan Muslims taking flights to join ISIS in Syria or Iraq. Justice Minister is unnecessarily blowing up the ISIS issue.

    There is no need for Islamophobia in Sri Lanka. It is true that educated Muslims youths have become very assertive about their rights unlike their elderly Muslim leaders. It is also true that some opportunistic Muslims leaders, particularly in the North East, have been fanning the communal feelings of the Muslims, particularly against the Tamils. But I do not think any of the established Muslim leaders or traditional Muslim parties are motivating the Muslims youths against the Sinhalese or the Sri Lankan government.

    It is also true that Saudi Wahabi led fundamentalist Islamic movement had spread among the Sri Lankan Muslims. This is clearly evident from the dress code changes among the Muslim women and Muslim males. If one goes to a 100% Muslim town like Kattankudy in the Batticaloa district they can clearly seen this change. It is also true that scores of Mosques have come up thanks to liberal Saudi assistance.

    However, people of other religions need not be alarmed about these outward changes in the Muslim community. Perhaps because of the Saudi Wahabi indoctrination these Muslims might have learned that they were not really living according the true teachings of Islam. In fact, it is the right of every Muslims to live in the way their religion teaches them to live. What is wrong in that?

    The danger at the moment in Sri Lanka is not Muslim extremism but the race hatred spewed by extremist Buddhist monks like Gnanasaras who are calling the Tamils and Muslims as “kallathonies” and asking the Muslims to go to Arabia. If not checked by the government, this will certainly cause a violent backlash from the Muslims.

  • 1

    well well very well I just completed reading an assay of vedi bana. what should I say sadu, sadu sadu or cheer cheer and cheer or down down and down with this article.person who carry hate speech book on his head talk on consequences of hate speech.

    yes It is true, hate speeches should be stopped whoever do it should be punished.if it is so first of all writer should agitate banning of the book he believe holiest on universe. simply holy book called koran.it is the main cause of every issues he mentioned here in his long assay. he might say I am taking it out of context as it was spoken in war like situation.here nobody is at war with Muslims live in this land.then why this writer carry that book on his head as holiest book in entire universe.

    he further speak on religious harmony. how can it be possible. when his religion insult all the other religions five times a day openly announcing over the loud speakers ‘There is no god but Allah’ writer should explain.

    A country ninety percent people are non Muslims then why should they want halal certified foods and want to kill animals the way they want against internationally accepted norms. why should leaders and people of other religions keep quite on those issues if these rituals violate very basics of their beliefs. writer should explain..

    • 1

      As usual , out of point . Your mind is locked and not open to discussions.

    • 2

      Islamic call for prayer is meant for Muslims. It is universal and is called in Arabic. For Muslims the world over, there is no God worthy of being worshiped except Allah, and Prophet Muhammed (PBOH) is their last and final Messenger. That is what is even recited at their beginning of existence and at their very end of life on earth. It is so closely entrenched in the lives that they will do anything to hold tight onto that rope. Going by what you question, you know next to nothing about Islam what makes a Muslim tick. In retrospect Muslims know more about Buddhism and how it came into existence, that most Buddhists themselves. All you need is a little respect and humility towards other faiths to peacefully co-exist. We have not come into this world to live forever, nor to take with us what belongs to you when we die. All we ask is a little space for us to live our lives as ordained by our religion and equals in citizenship as rightfully so. Not to live and die as second class fugitives on some alien and foreign soil, simply because we are a little different in few respects. We are not Rohingyas living in Myanmar ruled by a dictatorship.

  • 4

    gnanasara the mad monk should be in jail for aluthgama, the east also has got another crazy monk who calls tamils dogs.

  • 3

    Was Just Forwarded an Email with attachment; ‘Iraqi Boy’s Narrative mp4’

    All those who sympathise with the Forces that attack Muslims should take a look at this Video.

  • 7

    @zaneera Farook

    The same way they issue pamphlets to boycott fashion bug, nolimit and etisalat, the dumb idiots should issue pamphlets not to take the money coming from the Middle East so that the mad monks and their para Sinhalese can starve to death and self-destruct themselves, end of story. The rest of the paras can live peacefully

  • 3

    Cham-puka(Champika)& Rathana is the mastermind of BBS,they were in MR regime as well as Yamapalana.they blackmail MR as well as current PM Ranil and MS. there will be no action for now.wait till rebirth of MR. honda honda sellam elivena jameta.


  • 3

    Lukman Harees

    Muslims are islamizing the country by building mosques every where. Tamils are tamilizing the country by force. Sinhala Politicians are busy fooling the masses.

    Sri lanka was a buddhist majority country. Sri lankan culture and the religion are intertwined.

    You say no one should talk about that should not take action ?

    Why Europe is scared about Islam ?

    • 2

      Then you should ask yourself ‘why Sinhalese are not Sinhalizing?’ instead of trying to justify some extremists elements terrorizing the peaceful living.

      • 1

        Jim doesn’t ask himself self reflective questions. If he did he wouldn’t be verbally vomiting again.

    • 2

      Jim softy,
      Muslims are islamizing the country by building mosques every where.

      Every male, sane,Muslims is commanded to offer five times daily prayer in congregation in the mosque. So Jim you will find the Muslims are adhering to its call five times daily, in compliance with the command of their Creator. All over the world, Every second, in a 24 hour cycle, Jim, it is only the Muslims, be it any part of the world, even the eskimos, even in the Brazilian jungle, in the plane, in the ships, in the train, bus in the football pitch, you will find a Muslim who prostrate to his Lord, so never will you find, at any given time, the Muslims will not pay tribute to their Creator either in form of prayers, in the form of visiting the sick, accompanying a funeral and praying To God Almighty for the dead person’s forgiveness, or charity or any good deeds in order to gain the pleasure of his Creator. Muslims will converge in the Mosque to offer their daily five times prayers in congregation. This practice is done only by Muslims, because it is obligatory upon them. Our Lord Has Blessed all of His creations whether they believe in Him or not, that every second of a Human being’s life is Blessed with all goodness, breathing, seeing, quenching the thirst, the water, discharging the waste of the body, the various kinds of food to eat, Glory Be to You Oh My Lord, Who else can Grant these Blessings other than You? so jim, dont worry the Muslims are simple folks, who are doing what is ordered upon them by their Lord Almighty, so what is causing you pain? Dont worry Europeans,Canadians and highly knowledge folks in the western world are highly civilized and they know who the Muslims are? Jim do you know that, in spite of negative publicity against Islam, that Islam is accepted by these people in Europe, USA, Mexico, even in Latin Americans in large numbers are reverting to Islam. So accept the truth without blaming Muslims or keep quite watching Islam grows.

  • 1

    Some interesting facts found around the Internet on Myanmar:

    Both the 969 Movement and the Mabatha with a broad anti-Muslim campaign have emerged since the political transition in 2011, seem to have one common goal: Creation of an exclusively Buddhist state in Myanmar, starting with anti-minority propaganda in the form of economic boycotts against Muslim businesses and false criticism of religions they do not like.

    The campaign against the Rohingya and Muslims in Myanmar is spearheaded by controversial monk Ashin Wirathu who has warned against an impending Muslim takeover of Myanmar.

    Minority radical monks have used Buddhism to promote violence against the Rohingya. However, not all Buddhists are promoting religious intolerance.

    These extremist monks are proving to be valuable political allies for the ex-military leaders of the pseudo-civilian government.

    When in 2012 communal violence took an ugly turn with killing hundreds of innocent Rohingya Muslims, the government was reluctant to step in, and even when it did, the authorities blatantly sided with the extremists.

    The government doesn’t care about the actual teachings of Buddha; they merely use the “religion” to control the people and do not tolerate other beliefs that might challenge the power.

    The unprecedented chasm between the monkhood and the people is for now, a source of tension and turmoil. But it augurs well for the country’s political and social development in the long term

    Buddha preached that salvation could be attained only if one were to free himself or herself from worldly desires. Universal brotherhood of humankind was the underlying principle of Buddhism in its pristine form.

    “It’s more about politics,” former United Nations Ambassador Nyunt Maung Shein said of the conflict in 2013. “It is not due to a crisis of religion … It is a political play, not due to the discrimination and religion.”

    Luckily, History of Sri Lankan Muslims to Sri Lanka is different from Rohingyas to Myanmar. And the majority of Sri Lankan Buddhist monks and people are peace loving and love to develop as a nation. And SL’s democracy is not pseudo.

  • 3

    Fatwa against the minister will backfire on Muslims.

    USA, Russia, Germany, Japan and India are ruled by anti-Muslims. They are very keen to clamp down on Muslims in the island.

    BBS is backed by Norway a powerful NATO country.

  • 1

    Izeth Hussein can you please verify. is there ISIS cells in Sri Lanka?

  • 2

    The reign of terror leashed on the Muslims during rajafuksa period, some of these scary Muslims decided to live in a Muslim environment and thus fled to Syria, but these are not hostile people. among them few adults and the majority were their children and grand children. Muslims of Sri Lanka will never allow radicalism and other evil plots as a religious obligation of Islam to their Creator Almighty Allaah, that every Muslims should be patriotic to its soil and never indulge in treason, that is enacted in their Holy Script The Quraan and Hades, so no Muslim will ever think of treason, as it is tantamount to going out of the fold of Islam. The Muslims who adhere to Quraan and hades, go according to its teaching and that is why they are called Muslims. To non-Muslim, due to their wilful ignorance, their mindset is controlled by shaitan, devils, so they twist facts about Islam to suit their lust. We Muslims are not worried, even the world get together to destroy the Muslims, The true believing Muslims in Quraan and Hades, will be steadfast, as their only wish in this earthly life is to gain the pleasure of their Creator, the Lord Almighty Allaah. Due to Divine Restrictions (Haraam) imposed on the Believers by the Creator Almighty, the Muslims shall not partake in any activities which is contrary to Islamic Monotheism, such as idols, grave worship, consuming interest (Poli), drinking alcohol and all kind of intoxicants, gambling, homosexuality, illegal sexs, mixing and mingling with both sexes, music, exposing the bodies of females in the public and many more vices, the true believers do not dare to indulge. So every believers should share their faith with non-believers in the best way possible to convey each other in humanity, we Muslims do not look hostile to non- Muslims so these ignorant SLTJ and its followers are in fact, enemies of humanity and their actions are highly condemned by all right thinking people. As Muslims, we condemn cast system of segregating human being as upper and lower caste, this is against the Religion of Islam, that is why in the annual pilgrimage in Mecca, every male should wear a two piece white cloth so the king and the pauper, the white and the black, the entire human race will pray shoulder to shoulder not knowing who is standing next to him. For Almighty Lord Will Bother who you are in ranks and file, but He Knows the one who is pious and righteous, that is all that matter for a Muslim. Thus our Lord, The God Almighty Creator Says:

    “O mankind! We created you from a single pair of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that ye may know each other (Not that ye may despise each other). Verily the most honoured of you in the sight of Allah is the most Righteous of you. And Allah has full knowledge and is well acquainted with all things.”( THE HOLY QURAN: Chapter 49 Al Hujurat, Verse 13.

  • 1

    If Minister Wijedasa Rajapakse has got his facts correct why not he get his law-enforcing agencies to act according to existing laws which are quite sufficient to deal with the matter taking to task any extremists individuals or groups, be it Muslims or other, who resort to disturbances. Several complaints have been lodged by responsible Muslims and other concerned citizens against the provoking activities of Gnanasara and the likes, but little has been done. The Secretary of the SLTJ has been taken into custody at the very first complaint made against him. The previous MR Govt. deliberately avoided maintaining Law and Order so it could strengthen its voter base among the Sinhala Buddhists and paid its price. Is Wijedasa too thinking of following the same line. He will cause more tragedy if he does.

  • 0

    Ti forgot how loving ISIS wahabi islamic practitioners are in sri lanka. They never engage in hate speech. They never threaten monks or committ sacrilege like throwing dead cow heads into temples. Wahabi Sunni radicals are the scum of the earth


  • 2

    Zaneera Farook -Why was this not investigated , ? I personally believe the Muslims of Sri Lanka has brought the wrath of Mahinda Rajapakshe and family , sit for few minutes and try to picture the LTTE war ending, yes Terrorism must be wiped out of every single inch of the world, I am not condoning LTTE’s ideology .

    But the way the people who surrendered young boys and girls were handle on orders and the consequent racist &anti-religious attacks on selected minorities, says it all.

    Yes, As long as Mahinda ,his family and especially Dinesh Gonewerdana who started his first party based on eliminating the Muslim and Tamil communities, I regret to admit The Muslims will never ever be allowed to live in Peace in this Island .

    Unlike The Tamils , Today The Sri Lankan Muslims with its new Ideologies have permanently divided themselves and have unfortunately become the one and only self destructive community in the world, they betray each-other based on trivial issues , even when you write something positive about peace, words are twisted and passed onto their Sinhalese friends who in turn misinterpret it in their anti Facebook groups.

    This is how Muslim in Sri Lanka behave , today there is only One Muslim Politician who dares to speak the truth and is a true guardian of The Community -Hon.Azath Sally and because of his sincerity ,both governments betrayed him , even when the Mayors’s post was rightfully due to him it was given to good for nothing Muzzamil who was licking Mahinda’s backside when The Muslims were being openly persecuted and after working so hard for mahinda’s victory he was put behind bars, then again after working hard for Ranil he has been conveniently forgotten, not even a word of thank you.

    My Sincere advice to Muslims who have connections overseas and are willing to help ,or those who have Money ,send your children overseas to study or work.

    And please stop following heedlessly the Thoweed jamath, they are more a Political and business platform , the only people who discreetly benefit from this group are certain Politicians ,their families and certain businessmen. You can do your own investigations.

    The Poor ,(who work hard for the daily income ) The Needy who struggle to to exist should and Must avoid this group totally , and The Tabliq jamath must asap distant themselves from the new friendship Tho weed jamath is trying so hard .

    Ahel sunnah has lost all their masjids , except a few , they must work hard to maintain the Madhab and keep away from all extremist groups and ideologies , this does not mean we will be spared , but at-least it will give less excuse for them to attack us, remember the first attack on Islam and Muslims soon after the defeat of LTTE was a Sufi Shrine of The Ahel Sunnah in Anuradahpurah by a notorious local and Burmese group who entered the country on visitor’s visa .

    So we have absolutely no hope at the moment and while Muslims keep betraying each-other , the enemy is strengthen.

    At-least as long as this government remains in power and because of its obligation to the international community things wont be very bad, but on and off attacks will continue, lies and hate will continue to spread to demoralize the community and remember another dangerous community who is quiet, but has the maximum hate towards us because of the unconditional support extended towards the past regime for the war, which they are thanking back with racism and bigotry and hate to-date.

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