18 May, 2022


Fake PM Rajapaksa Wants Crisis Meeting With Tourism Leaders: Ukwatte Tasked With Coordinating Discussion

As the prevailing political crisis has severely impacted the tourism industry, Fake Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa has called for a meeting with a group of private sector stakeholders of the industry tomorrow evening, Colombo Telegraph learns.


Sanath Ukwatte, a Rajapaksa lackey, and the President of The Hotels Association of Sri Lanka (THASL) is coordinating the meeting, on behalf of the fake Prime Minister and the purported government.

Colombo Telegraph also learns that several high-profile industry people have turned down Ukwatte’s invitation to attend the fake Prime Minister’s meeting solely on the basis of the illegitimacy of the purported government.

Despite their reluctance to attend the meeting, Ukwatte was seen pleading with them to attend the fake Prime Minister’s meeting.

It is reported that tourist arrivals for the month of November have plummeted by 18% due to the current political turmoil as several countries have cautioned their citizens against traveling to Sri Lanka.

A number of top hotel chains have made no secret of their disappointment with the current state of affairs in the country as the decline in arrivals have made a debilitating impact on their businesses.

Issuing a statement recently, the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises in Tourism (ASMET) urged all political leaders to resolve their problems without delay and ensure political stability as the current turmoil has crippled the tourism industry.

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  • 36

    Already troubles started for Shitsena. He has stopped all appointments for state institutions by the fake PM and ministers, without his approval. He sinking down in the shits which he himself created. Yes, more to come for him as time passes. It’s not easy for him like Ranil and UNP to work with Mara and cabals. Also the honey moon and joy ride would end soon when Mara and goons take the upper hand in every thing.

  • 33

    The greatest damage is done, countries have sent out the advisories, and it’s taking the toll on the tourist businesses in their peak season. Yes, they could ask Shitsena and Meeharaka to pay out of their pockets for the damages. All these things are created by them, and they should pay for it for the affected parties.

  • 29

    THis country now do not have true President, Prime Minister or Parliament. There is a possibility of riots in coming days. Whatever the fake PM or fake President promises the real situation is that this country is very dangerous for all the citizens within the country and tourists coming to this country. Currently the fake PM and fake President’s gangs are running a propaganda against many countries who are demanding the rule of law and democracy. They are also running a propganda against Tamils and Muslims because they are against to illegal appointment of PM, bribing, violence etc.Therefore, there is a possibility of riots against minorities and foregin nationals who are visiting this country. Even the diplomats and embassies could be a target. In Srilanka riots are very common and civilian casualties are massive. So, it is not surprise tourism goes down

  • 5

    I wonder how our history books will record the Prime Minister Rajapakse’s few months in office, three months, if elections are held. Colombo Telegraph, you are showing your partisanship and true colors by calling everying fake.

    Will the real Prime Minister and real President step forward and take resposibility for all that is happening now?

    CT is fake news.

    By the way have you Googled “Prime Minister of Sri Lanka?” lately?

  • 7

    Talk about shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted. These dumb idiots should know that foreign embassies monitor the situation & advise their govts. accordingly as they have a responsibility of safeguarding the interests of their citizens visiting the country or doing business. The British Foreign Office is warning against travelling to SL, therefore, if I travel to SL, my Travel Insurance is invalid as it is against advise. Therefore, it’s not only the tourists from developed countries who will be thinking twice before coming to SL & that leaves, maybe, only tourists from China that will be bringing in the much needed $.

    These uneducated yobs don’t seem to understand that it takes years to build up a booming tourist industry with the right infrastructure & climate. The historical & cultural significance, scenic beauty & relative cost of the holiday are not enough for tourists to visit a country now. In these days of the Internet, people research on the country’s human rights record, the plight of the average citizen & the conduct of the Govt. . foreign policy before they decide where to spend their holiday money.

  • 6

    ukwatte well known as the ultimate rolling stone.

  • 3

    Many from the tourism industry are yes men. I am in this trade too and was shocked how Chairmen an Directors suck up to these politicians. They have no guts. They even go to the extent of carrying their brief cases. Some own hotels and DMC’c but act like porters or beggers. This is especially on overseas trips.

  • 3

    The term ‘Fake PM Rajapaksa’ is name calling.
    If the PM is ‘fake’, then now is it time to remove him? It is NOW or never.

  • 2

    too little too late tourists who were coming here in december have cancelled their plans and are going to maldives and india instead. Pollonnaruwa won’t be affected as they never go there anyway.

  • 2

    Spend another $3 million on the “So Sri Lanka “ad campaign and the tourists will arrive.

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