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Forex Average Daily Range in Pips

Trading in the Forex market can be a profitable venture, but it requires knowledge and skill to make successful trades. One of the key metrics for traders to consider is the average daily range in pips. This measure gives an indication of how far prices typically move within a day on a given currency pair. Knowing this figure can help traders decide when and where to enter or exit positions, as well as manage risk more effectively.

In this article, we’ll discuss what the forex average daily range in pips is, why it’s important for traders, and how you can use it to your advantage when trading currencies.

What Are Pips in Forex Trading?

Before we get into the average daily range, it’s important to understand what pips are in Forex trading. A pip is simply the smallest unit of price movement for a currency pair. For most pairs, a pip is equal to one-tenth of a cent, or 0.0001 in decimal form.

How to Calculate the Value of a Pip?

Knowing the worth of a pip is essential when trading forex since it can vary depending on the currency pair, exchange rate, and trade value. To give an example, if your forex account contains U.S. dollars as its base currency (or the first in the pair), and USD serves as a quote or second currency – like in EUR/USD – then one pip will be equal to .0001. According to Charles Schwab, this is the equivalent of $0.10 for one standard lot (or 100,000 units of a currency pair).

The worth of one pip is determined by multiplying the trade amount (or lot size) by 0.0001. To better exemplify this, if you were to purchase 10,000 euros against the dollar at 1.0801 and sell it off at 1.0811 for the EUR/USD pair; after computing its value with .0001 – your pip will be valued at $1 which would subsequently result in a profit of 10 pips or $10!


Conversely, when the USD is listed first in a currency pair (e.g. USD/CAD), the pip value is determined by dividing the size of a pip by the exchange rate and then multiplying it by your trade amount. This will give you an accurate indication of your profits or losses per point movement on this particular currency pair.

For example, with a USD/CAD exchange rate of 1.2829 and a standard lot size of 100,000 USD, .0001 divided by the exchange rate results in each pip value being $7.79. In other words, if you bought or sold 100 000 USD against the Canadian dollar at either 1.2829 or 1.2830 respectively, your profit would equate to one successful pip: that’s $7.79!

When it comes to currency pairs such as EUR/JPY and USD/JPY, one pip is valued at 1/100 of the exchange rate. For instance, if the EUR/JPY is quoted at 132.62, a single pip would equal 0.0000754 (1/100 ÷ 132.62). With a lot size of 100,000 euros or more, this quantity translates into an impressive $7.54 per US dollar!

What is the Forex Average Daily Range in Pips is

The forex average daily range in pips is the total number of price movements (in terms of points) a currency pair typically makes throughout the day. For example, the average pip movement per currency pair can range from 30 to 100 pips per day. The average daily pip movement can be a good indicator of how much volatility the currency pair experiences during the trading day.

This figure can vary based on different factors such as economic news, natural disasters, and political events. For instance, during periods of low volatility, the range may only be a few pips per day. However, during times of high volatility (such as when economic news is released), the range can expand significantly to several hundred pips.

Why is the Average Daily Range in Pips Important?

The forex average daily range in pips is an important measure for traders because it gives them an indication of how far prices could potentially move within a day. Knowing this figure can help inform their trading decisions, such as when to enter or exit positions and how much risk they should take on.

Using the Average Daily Range in Pips

Traders can use the forex average daily range in pips to their advantage when making trading decisions. For example, if a currency pair typically has an 80-pip average daily range, a trader could use this information to set their stop loss and take profit levels accordingly. This would allow them to manage risk more effectively and potentially maximize profits.

Traders can also use the average daily range to assess the potential upside or downside of a currency pair. If a pair moves an average of 80 pips per day, a trader could assume that it won’t move more than 80 pips in either direction on any given day. This can be useful for traders who are looking to take advantage of short-term price movements.


Overall, the forex average daily range in pips is an important measure for traders to be aware of when making trading decisions. By understanding this figure, traders can set their stop loss and take profit levels accordingly as well as assess the potential upside or downside of a currency pair.

With these insights into how far prices could potentially move within a day, traders can better manage risk and maximize profits from short-term price movements. Ultimately, having knowledge about the average daily pip movement will help inform your trades with greater accuracy and precision.

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