16 April, 2024


FR Petitions Reveal CID Threatened And Coerced Children To Sign False Statements To Fix Attorney Hejaaz Hizbullah

Three fundamental rights petitions filed in the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka tell a sordid tale of illegal arrest, coercion and intimidation of minors by the Criminal Investigation Department as it sets about its task of falsely implicating prominent attorney Hejaaz Hizbullah in the 2019 Easter Sunday bombings.

Lawyer Hejaaz Hizbullah

The children were forcibly taken to the CID without guardians present, threatened and recorded on video and forced to place their signatures on documents they could not read, the petitioners told the top court. Based on the petitions, the CID operation was tailored to illegally obtain testimony from the three minors that teachers at their school were preaching violence and extremism and providing weapons training to students – facts that all three boys have denied in their filings in the Supreme Court.

Mohammed Rifkan (16 years), Mohamed Risvi Mohamed Athif (13 years) and Mohamed Umar (11 years) filed fundamental rights petitions in the Supreme Court on Monday, 11th May 2020 through their parents and guardians. The three minors have asked the court to issue interim orders directing the IGP and the CID to immediately produce the arrest notes and other documents related to the detention of the boys to the Supreme Court, produce the video recording of the petitioner for perusal by the court and produce the purported paper on which the boys were forced to place their signatures.

All three petitioners hail from impoverished families in the Colombo 15 region and school drop outs, who had received scholarships to study at the Al-Zuhriya Arabic College in Karaithiwu.

According to the Petition filed before the Supreme Court the scholarships were intended to provide education for destitute children who required rehabilitation. All three petitioners also confess to having being involved in illegal activity involving narcotics as a result of socio-economic hardships. The college taught them Islam, Maths, English and Computer Science, the petitions state.

The school was funded through the Save the Pearls charity, of which Hejaaz Hizbullah was a trustee. The court filings by the three students at the school reveal the extent to which the CID is willing to go in order to manufacture a case against the Muslim lawyer being illegally detained since April 14, 2020.

The illegal interrogation and detention of the three students of Al-Zuhariya was intended to manufacture evidence that implicated the charity associated with Hizbullah was funding Islamic schools that preached extremism and even provided students with weapons training. The Government is focused on keeping the Easter Sunday bombings at the top of people’s minds, after the strategy proved highly successful in the 2019 presidential poll. The CID’s dubious line of investigation aims to stoke fears of future terror attacks and keep anti-Muslim sentiment at fever-pitch as President Gotabaya Rajapaksa heads into parliamentary elections with his eye on a two thirds majority.

The petitions tell the horror story of how CID officials visited their homes between 24-30 April. The purported CID officials showed the children photographs and questioned if the persons in the pictures had visited or preached at the school. When the boys said they could not identify the persons in the picture, they were induced to admit that the persons in the photographs were coming to the school to preach “extreme and violent ideas”. The CID officials also asked the students whether they received weapons training at the school which was denied. The CID visited the boys for the second time and took them in for questioning without their parents or guardians present. All three boys are legally minors.

According to the petition, there was no arrest note or any other details about where the boys were being taken provided to the guardians. In their court filing the boys said they did not know the location to which they were transported but had no option but to obey the orders since their movements were restricted.

The story then becomes even more frightening.

According to the boys’ petition, they were each taken into a room and a video recorder was turned on. Once again, the “CID” questioned the children about the same facts they were interrogated about at their residence, by showing them photographs. Once again the boys were all asked, this time as they were being recorded, whether they were provided weapons training. All three students denied this. According to one of the petitioners, the video camera had been turned off at some point during the questioning and thereafter threatened by those claiming to be CID officers.

“The Petitioner was told that his colleagues had admitted to the preaching of persons shown in the photographs and/or of having received training in weapons, The Petitioner denied any knowledge of such persons who were actually not teaching to him, Thereafter the Petitioner was ordered to sign on a paper, The Petitioner was not informed and or explained of the contents and/or the reason for obtaining his signature, The Petitioner was so questioned for 8-10 hours . He was thereafter dropped at his residence. Likewise the Petitioner was again taking back to the same place and questioned on or around 28th of April,” one of the petitions before the Court described.

The students immediately informed their parents of what had transpired with the CID officials, and through lawyers were instructed to lodge a complaint to the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka.

The boys told the court that they had legitimate reason to fear for their lives, and the liberty of their families. The petitioners told court the conduct of the CID constituted an infringement of their fundamental rights of freedom from torture and cruel and degrading punishment, equality before the law and equal protection of the law, freedom from arrest except according to procedure established by law and the right of being informed of the reason for arrest etc. (By Chinthika De Silva) 

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  • 30

    FR petitions doesn’t “Reveal” things.
    They “incriminate”.
    Investigations “Reveal” things.
    That’s what CID do.

    • 40

      This is unfortunately, new dawn ERA ruled by Rajapakshes.

      No respect, no dignity, with new secretary just appointed yestreday to HM is also a person with a background being in the millitary. Millitarization will ruin this country leaving the fate of the Sudanese sooner than later.

      People move from dictatorships to democratic governance, because nobody can stand against nature of the human beings.
      Unfortunatley, ours is turning to milliarisation from democracy.
      Long people stay away from ground realities in srilanken politics, easier it will be barbarians to achieve their goals.

      May all gods be on the side of the vulnerable in this country !

      • 13

        Whatever party comes to power, real culprits will not be brought to justice, because top Sinhala politicians on both sides and top security officials have received large sums. Remember how former army commander somersaulted and went against his statement to the press. Therefore to please the public and specially Catholic church, scapegoats will be found. It is said that several Muslim politicians, businessmen and professionals in providing financial and logistical support to Islamic terrorism. Azad Sally once said that he knows names of several judges who are involved. Why has the government not questioned him. Most of the bomb related activity have taken place in Kattankudi and Puttalam. Nothing could have happened in Kattankudi without the knowledge and support of politician Hisbullah. Instead of arresting him why lawyer Hisbullah was taken in. Nothing would have happened in Puttalam without the knowledge and support of Bathurdeen. Instead of arresting him why his brother was taken in. During Mahinda’s regime financial and logistical support was given to Islamic extremists through defence ministry to create trouble to Tamils, which continued during Yahapalanaya period. It is now brought to light that those involved in Islamic terror were those who functioned earlier as military informants and home guards. Therefore investigations cannot go very deep and will stop at the point when names of big Sinhala politicians are mentioned by the suspects as to their god fathers. Both government and opposition wanted bombing to take place for their own reasons and are now hoodwinking the people.

        • 5

          Dr. Gnana Sankaralingam,
          “Nothing could have happened in Kattankudi without the knowledge and support of politician Hisbullah. Instead of arresting him why lawyer Hisbullah was taken in. Nothing would have happened in Puttalam without the knowledge and support of Bathurdeen.”

          Similarly, nothing could have happened in Yapanaya without the knowledge and support of the politicians who are the Terrorist Nominated Agents (TNA).

    • 41

      Mr. PASQUAL
      That is in truly democratic country not in a country run by War Crminal President.
      In that CID.foes not investigate. They cook up stories to incriminate people.
      They did with thousands of youth in North and East
      Now they have turned it on to Muslims.
      We know how staged a attempt on his life by LTTE.
      We know how.state intelligence killed two Tamil.youths to plant evidence on the killing of.Lassntha.
      You telling about Gotas CID

    • 13

      “Investigations “Reveal” things.
      That’s what CID do.”
      SCP, they do at times.
      When they do, they are witch hunted. One may flee like CID Inspector Nishantha Silva or be persecuted or get sent on punishment transfer.

    • 8

      Pesky one of the most disliked pest.
      You seem to have gathered all your rajapuka Yakko clan ruffians to join paws together and attempt to play many a bandu of a pandu.?
      At the rate, your buggers are running the coronavirus prevention programme around the corner you will have an explosion of starving citizens as patients who will not know whether they are coming or going.?
      I for one do not accept that you still have only 876 coronavirus afflicted or affected patients.
      People who have no other choice but forced to live in this hell of a hole tell me that the affected areas are dying in the thousands and the dead are being cremated illegally even without their relatives being given the opportunity of saying a final bye & a bye.
      The rajapuk’s just do not know whether they are coming or going.?
      The sooner they are goners is better for the Kota Uda island the starving people are now saying and they have had enough of these boru horu buggers. Cheers, R. J.

  • 23

    Really CT?
    Do you think rational Sri Lankans would believe this kind of manufactured nonsense?
    You are suggesting two things at the same time.The CID is smart enough to ‘build’ a case against the suspect, but uses the stupid technique of coercion of Muslims to get ‘evidence.
    Do you think the CID would be stupid enough to coerce young Muslims to get evidence against another Muslim, knowing the noises they have been making to get this man Hizbulla out? Will they not scream blue murder to the world, and to people like Tisaranee Gunasekara about the violation of rights (they are hardly human, so I wouldn’t say human rights)? This petition is another lie.
    Just use common sense when you accept writings from people like Chintika de Silva, and also respect the commonsense of the reader.
    You lose your credibili fast with this kind of bogus reports. Only the Galageda desperadoe will ultimately read it!.

    • 36

      Of course, the CID has shown repeatedly that it is now run by stupid people.

    • 2

      “Rational” Sri Lankans will belive any kind of nonsense! Just look at the people they elected, Theives, Crooks and Gangsters!

  • 21

    I have read the article as well as the preceding two comments. The allegation involving children is serious, whatever be the truth. This must be looked into. The chances are that the CID might say we did not record anything out of the children and therefore we have nothing to produce of the children. With that anything recorded if any of the children can never be produced in any court and they can only be used to collect some other evidence against the attorney. In terms of strategy if this case involving children is accepted as true by the courts then the case against the attorney fails. On the contrary if the case involving the children is considered a damp squib then any positive impression of the attorney will vanish and will stand against him.

  • 18

    What is new guys ????? If thinking of excuses and explanations, at least try outside the box , because some of you sound worse than those beat up LP records. First act is to put the whole department (CID) on watch list, then the make over and now we see the results. Looks like ex White Van staff, is now recruited into CID. While our CID is preoccupied with Shaffi and Hizbullah, few of the Zaharans will be out there roaming in public. Worse is to create few more as though we havent had enough.

  • 15

    If one is taken into custody by the sad sorry shittiest police or the triforces if you do not carry with the correct influence or the cash to bribe the arresting buggers and their superior you are assured of the following –
    These 3 or mote Muslim teenagers are innocent victims due to the cussed deliberate antics of the rajapuka kallathoni president, his family and other criminals who are now aware that they are about to face a severe defeat at the upcoming general election are trying their level best like what they successfully were able to do at the presidential poll by frightening the Sinhala maioca eating raje modaya’s that there is a thoppy wearing thamby nanna heavily armed terrorist hiding behind every bush.?
    Frequent beatings at unholy hours whilst being stripped naked, hanging from poles having chilli power inserted into their nostrils private parts eating one’s or others faeces { shit } made to drink urine are few of the methodology used by the Lankan forces to torment and torture those 2 legged beings whether they are guilty or not.
    I along with my now ex-wife was unceremoniously arrested by a fully armed machine gun-toting team from Modera police and we were living in the Nawala area which came under the Welikada police station on a bogus complaint made with the connivance of the then SP who was a bribe-taking lecherous women’s skirt chaser who on Sundays was a pillar of the St. Luke’s church Borella.

  • 25

    Taking children into custody without a Lawyer or Parent present and interrogating them by CID under any circumstances is illegal. This violates not only Sri Lankan Human Rights Laws but also many International Laws. Although its not surprising for the Gotabaya-Mahinda-Pohottuwa Government to act in violation of HR Laws, this action of the CID has taken it to another higher level. Unfortunately we do not see that the Police or CID being taken before the courts by the affected and requested to pay large sums of money like in developed countries. Its time the Law Society or a civic minded group of Lawyers should take up these types of cases and take the Police/CID to courts and request large sums of money as compensation and dismissal of those who do these types of acts. These are truly inhuman acts supported by this Government.

  • 19

    Shame on the Rajapaksa’s and the CID they seem to be controlling. Is THIS good governance? CHILDREN are being used as pawns in the Rajapaksa’s ugly racist games.
    This is stooping to gutter level. This is resorting to police tactics that are usually seen in dictatorships and police states. This is so similar to Dr. Shafi being arrested, that followed mass hysteria by women claiming that Dr. Shafi had made them infertile, by performing illegal surgery, and it turned out to be disproved by the experts, and his colleagues. This is using intimidation, and might, against the helpless.

    All this hanky panky just to frame an innocent man and throw him in jail?

    This is becoming an ugly Rajapaksa habit.

  • 17

    Ali Sabry, where are you? See what’s happening to your fellow Lawyer, Hizbullah and how even Muslim children are not being spared.

    Of course, you predicted this back in October 2019, while canvassing for GR at the Presidential Elections, when you said that if Muslims don’t vote for him, “Ambanaikku kidaikkum” meaning Muslims will get a “massive Thrashing:”

    • 11

      Ali Sabry seems to be mute. If he had ANY conscience, he would not be sleeping well. But, we know some people have dark souls, and the suffering of their brothers, do not bother them, He thinks he is on the winning side, and most probably helping himself to the pie too.

  • 3

    What is new guys ???? Today we hear the confidential statement given by those children in Judge,s chamber was leaked to the media by the same CID, to get it out to the public. Isnt it truly a shit hole country. Expecting peace and progress DREAM ON.

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