29 May, 2022


Free Media Will Continue Even If Journalists Are Murdered; MR Makes Ironic Statement Day After Lasantha’s 10th Commemoration

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa today said the free media would continue even if the journalists are murdered.

Rajapaksa made this statement a day after the 10th death anniversary of former Sunday Leader Lasantha Wickreamatunge who was murdered in broad daylight under the watch of the Rajapaksa government. Rajapaksa today spoke to ‘Sirasa’ against a protest organized by several pro-democratic civil organizations against the conduct of black media.

Several civil organizations today staged protests opposite all mainstream media institutions demanding fair and ethical coverage. Their mainly raised concerns over the media institutions that justified and supported the 51-day political coup engineered by President Maithripala Sirisena and former President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Sirasa stopped their regular programmes and went on a special live coverage denouncing and demonizing the protestors.

“They even borrowed the term black media from Ranil Wickremesinghe. It is very clear whom these protestors are serving. They are trying to suppress media and freedom of expression. This is a severe threat to democracy,” Rajapaksa told Sirasa.

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    If journalists are murdered then how can it be Free Media..
    Someone please admit Mahinda and family to the Mulleriyawa hospital ASAP .

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      what is excruciating than to wait this infamous criminal be still free from being captured by lanken laws ?.Painfully enough ones just steal a coconut or a needle is prisoned for years.
      Enough is enough – if these men have the right to enjoy impunity, why PRISON authorities lock those high criminals inclu. BBS head, Tangalle TOURIST murderer/rapist further in those prisons ?
      When would the day – justice would be served as pledged in the Presidential ELection campaign ?.

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      Sri Lankan’s from 1956 following path of Marxism. But no one going live in Cuba, Venezuela or Russia. All want to come to west.

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      Disgusting comment by Mara Rajapakse given how notoriously intolerant he was of any free expression during his time. He doesn’t deserve publicity in these values columns.

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    FRee Media is representing Spy agencies. What Mahinda Rajapakse did was correct. MAhinda Rajapakse is now very old and is frail. Many politicians are grpuping around him because bot Mahinda Rajapakse and Ranil allows corruption and they both are pro-corruptions. Mahinda Rajapakse now should retire leaving the politics aside. He should leave his son to come on his own. He is doing some thing vry destructive to the country by pushing his son to succeed him Wha tMR and many politicians say LEADERSHIP IN SRI LANKAN VISION TO DEVELOP SRI LANKA IS SOMETHING VERY EASY AND ANY IDIOT CAN DO THAT. THAT IS WHY WE ARE STILL STUCK FOR 70 YEARS AFTER THE INDEPENDENCE

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    Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa has nothing to do with Lasantha’s killing or assaults of any media men. Therefore, he has a right to talk on behalf of media personnel.
    A large number of on line websites and social media platforms were created during his government.
    Unlike Ranil and Maithri, Mahinda never lamented or was harsh on media for criticizing
    Media had more than enough freedom to attack him mercilessly with fabricated accusations.
    In fact, it was the freedom enjoyed by print and electronic media that brought Ranil and Maithri into power.
    There had been protest marches in Colombo almost everyday during Mahinda’s time, but as far as I know, there were no baton, teargas or water attacks on protesters which is common now, in a period where everybody says that there is freedom of expression.

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        I am fully awake man.
        Why should I ask him? You tell me.
        During 1989 – 1990 horror era, 3 prominent and respected journalists, Thevis Guruge (Chairman/ITN), Premakeerthi and Richard de Zoysa were killed.
        Then between 1999 and 2011, 25 journalists were killed.
        Out of 25, only 1 murder of a journalist was reported during Mahinda’s time, i.e. Lasantha and that also happened during the last battle of war with LTTE.
        Lasantha had a large number of enemies, more than any other journalists, as his newspaper, in its own style, humiliated and character assassinated many social, business, governmental, religious and political figures, at times, even going beyond accepted media ethics. But I don’t think anybody should have taken his life.
        Knowing the power his newspaper carried at the time, nobody was dared to take Lasantha to Courts. Out of all people who he humiliated, only Gotabhaya filed a defamation case against Lasantha’s newspaper and won the case.
        During Mahinda’s second term, as from 2010 to 2015, no journalists were killed.
        If you look properly, run upto the Presidential elections in 2015, there had been severe criticism, character assassination and fabricated allegations against Mahinda in main newspapers, electronic media as well as in social media, much more than what Lasantha’s newspaper did. But Mahinda didn’t do any no harm to any journalist.
        If you have forgotten, Sri Lanka saw sunshine again after 30 years only when Mahinda ended the bloody LTTE era. Everyone is enjoying their right to life today, including journalists, thanks to the peace he brought in.
        The darkest period you are talking about only started in 2015 which will be over in 2020.
        Today, government sponsored masked protesters hound print and electronic media institutions demanding them to work according to their (protesters’) rules!!!!! How about that?

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      Free medias will continue despite murders. But it can take different forms to escape the wrath of the Governments.

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      Please come with facts if yo would vehemently deny the allegations being levelled at your pay master – Mr Medamulan – infamous criminal not just for the mentioned crime, but dozens more.
      Remember, you guys never stood against him, even if the bugger et al- grabed the power, saying that he would be the PM – all stood against, but you guys, never uttered a single word. Why ?
      Today shameless man repeats, if he had not reacted so, the COUNTRY would have been divided – NOT even Senegelese tribe living in that Andeman island would behave AKIN to lanken grass eaters right ?.
      Yesterday what revealed was – by 26 Oct 2018 – Central Bank Deposits (Mahbaenku sanchithaya) was near to 7.5 billions
      After the 51 d crisis – it has been reduced to 5.5 biillions.
      What happened to the sum of 2 billions us dollars ?
      Why the bugger et al ruined our nation this way ?
      Why the perception is unchaged ?
      Is that because people are irrepairably brainwashed for their POLITICAL survival ?.

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        Simon De Silva: Do we have to believe your Crap. Earlier they could not do it because of the previous govt. This time because of the COUP, because of the 51 day govt.

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        Simon de Silva
        Your government may have, I don’t know, may have lost 1 billion (not 2 billions as you say) as Mahinda reduced fuel tax thrice during his 50-day-in office.
        He gave many other concessions too.
        He returned Rs.1 billion to poor citizens which was pick-pocketed by your government.
        What’s wrong with that? After all, they were people’s hard earned money.

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      Oh ! hoh! Hoh!!
      Have we forgotten the FEAR INSTILLED by him and his Mafia??
      Don’t ,pretend , that we will never forget those days of Fear Psychosis created by his men?? in the country. Ok!!
      People were afraid to talk to their friends or family against the Mafia. Fear of Whitevans threats ! And TIDs!!
      God what’s wrong with these people??
      Testing the intelligence of the general public ? just because Champa the scavenger wants to scrape the scavenged bits under the carpet of his Masters shits??
      Same story today in a temple in down south the” “” Medamullana Megalomaniac “” shedding crocodile tears on drug barons polluting the country!!
      What a Liar? And What LIARS we have got here to garland the Medamulana Pshyco or the Fake Family?? On CT!!!
      White washing??
      There was no Freedom of speech during the Mafia time.
      Cat’s got the Cream ??? They say!

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      There are no proper investigations on any crime under the Impunity Angel Ranil Wickremesinghe. The PM is accused as a party of Batalanda Murders, a war crime status action. EP, New King is a war Criminal. Opposition Party Leader, Old King is a war criminal. Chief of Military Staff SavageIndra de Silva is a War Criminal. Minister Fonseka a war criminal. These 22M crowed is not ready to face 6B world because of their Sinhala Buddhist Only Jury Verdicts.
      Duminda Silva and Premachandra were world’s notorious drug kingpins. Duminda was accused as the royal supplier. He was promoted over Premachandra, the previous royal supplier. Duminda was used to murder demoted Premachandra. After the Murder, he was sent to take treatment on presidential fund to Singapore. There was not case on him until Chitanta regime lost the power. When Yahapalanaya came, to power, Ranil threw him out of the impunity camp. It was because of Duminda had gone from UNP to SLFP. So, he is in death raw bed. Now all those who claimed Duminda’s innocence are keeping silent.
      Chitanta government’s PM signed customs papers and imported dugs. He served under Old King until Chitanta government was dethroned. He was an SLFP official Consultant until his last days. A ship load drug was coming from Pakistan to Lankawe. Instead of raiding the ship with Coast Guards in Lankawe port, America messed up the case and ship escaped. For Years, Rapist Army, Police and Paramilitaries are managing the drug trade in North. So the Tamils want the army to get out of North East to rehabilitate their children out of drugs. The rascal Old King had said in Parliament the Rapist Army has to introduce to control the drug. He established the record of being 174th out of 179 on the Reporters without Boarders’ list.

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      “Former President has nothing to do with Lasantha’s killing or assaults of any media men”.
      Yes.the Tamils and their LTTE was involved in all of that?

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    Free media will continue even if journalist are murdered blurts MR. This allows him to hide behind this mask and get more of the truth reporting journalist killed. This guy is a snake under grass schemer.

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      Pot calling kettle is black.
      This much of hypocrazy is not seen anyone but in MR.
      So called Rata thanakola eaters are the majority, conditioned mindset would remain in favour of his political existence.
      This is SRILANKA where over 90% of POPULACE is caught by Astro predictions, sorcery tricks, kovil prayers, parmistry than any thing else. That was the reason such good programs such as ” YATHARUUPA” was not allowed to telecast any more.
      Instead, even COW DUNG can be promoted to the Rata thanakola eaters, if anyone from outside world withthe CAPACITY of Kirithi DIssanaayaka would approch them through SIRASA, and other MOHINI naalikas and not forgetting KEEPING Rajakashe above the altar, would become a lucrative business.
      However, though it took 8 long years, Hakgediya promoter Disanayaka the man who looted lacks from the poor to rich are now caught since 7th Jan 2019. – but Rajapakshes with THOUSANDs of allegations being levelled at them are roaming in the city.
      Perception Disorder is the term – This nation woudl never make tremendous progress in the areas of thinking right.

  • 2

    This man called Mahinda thinks he can kill according to his Law but others cannot. What we have as Rulers are damn idiots, My3 and Ranil are the same. read what Sumanthiran has said today, nobody cares a damn shit all the killings by their God father Mahinda. no one will be brought to trial, that’s the short and sweet of the story of these rogues and murderers.

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    Journalism is a risky job/business unless the journalist is perfect in carrying out his/her duty.

    Attempt to gain fame may cost his/her life.

    Controversies occur when they reveal state secrets that must be kept secrets.

  • 1

    TO BE LIVING ABROAD ( Compiled by Vishwamitha CT 22-11-2016)
    T. M. G. Chandrasekara, Rupavahini, 2007
    Anurasiri Hettige, Rupavahini, 2008
    Lal Mawalage, Rupavahini, 2008
    Ranjani Aluthge, Rupavahini, 2008
    Keith Noyahr, TNL Television, 2008
    Upali Tennekoon, Rivira, 2009
    Poddala Jayantha, Divaina, 2009
    Sonali Wickramatunge, Sunday Leader
    Iqbal Athas, Sunday Times
    Upali Joseph Fernando, Lankadeepa
    Rathnapala Gamage, Lankadeepa
    Anuruddha Lokuhapuarachchi, Reuters
    Mandana Ismail, Sunday Leader
    Romesh Abeywickrema, Sunday Leader
    Sanath Balasuriya, Divaina
    Sunanda Deshapriya, Lankadeepa
    Prasanna Fonseka, Silumina
    Shantha Wijesuriya, Lanka-e-News
    Jayampathy Bulathsinhala, Pathula

    • 0

      Why have you missed out the name of Fredricka Janz from Sunday Leader in your list of those who fled SL to escape the Rajapakse’s?

  • 1

    2nd part:
    It is during his decade of corrupt rule, the following met with their Maker. The Colombo media has lost
    touch with this matter, for good? Lest we forget –

    2004 1.Aiyathurai A. Nadesan – Journalist / 31 May
    2. Kandaswamy Aiyer Balanadaraj – Writer / 16 August
    3. Lanka Jayasundera – Photo journalist / 11 December
    2005 4.Dharmaratnam Sivaram – Editor / 28 April
    5. Kannamuttu Arsakumar – Media worker/ 29 June
    6. Relangee Selvarajah – Journalist / 12 August
    7. D. Selvaratnam – Media worker/ 29 August
    8. Yogakumar Krishnapillai – Media Worker / 30 September
    9. L. M. Faleel (Netpittimunai Faleel) – Writer / 02 December
    10. K. Navaratnam – Media worker / 22 December
    2006 11.Subramaniam Suhirtharajan – Journalist / 24 January
    12. S. T. Gananathan – Patron, Tamil News and Information Centre / 01 February
    13. Bastian George Sagayathas – Media worker / 03 May
    14. Rajaratnam Ranjith Kumar – Media worker / 03 May
    15. Sampath Lakmal de Silva – Journalist / 02 July – killed by ArmyIntelligence
    16. Mariadasan Manojanraj – Media worker / 01 August
    17. Pathmanathan Vismananthan – Singer and musician / 02 August
    18. Sathasivam Baskaran – Media worker / 15 August
    19. Sinnathamby Sivamaharajah – Media owner / 20 August
    2007 20.. Raveendran – Media worker / 12 February
    21. Subramaniam Ramachandran – Media personnel / 15 February
    22. Chandrabose Suthakar – Journalist / 16 April
    23. Selvarasah Rajeevarman – Journalist / 29 April
    24. Sahadevan Neelakshan – Journalist / 01 August
    25. Anthonypillai Sherin Siththiranjan – Media worker / 05 November
    26. Vadivel Nimalarajah – Media worker / 17 November
    27. Isaivizhi Chempian (Subhajini) – Media worker / 27 November
    28. Suresh Limbiyo – Media Worker / 27 November
    29. T.Tharmalingam – Media Worker / 27 November
    2008 30.Paranirupesingham Devakumar – Journalist / 28 May
    31. Rasmi Mohamad – Journalist / 06 October
    2009 32.Lasantha Wickrematunga – Editor / 08 January ** (latest write-up)
    33. Punniyamurthy Sathyamurthy – Journalist / 12 February
    34. Sasi Mathan – Media worker / 06 March

    • 1

      Isai Priya – Tamil journalist who surrendered to the army was ganged raped and brutally murdered under the watch of Shavendra Silva; Gota and Mahinda.

    • 0

      Your list of those journalists who fled SL from the Rajapakse’s is not complete without the names of J.S. Tissanayagam who was jailed and then forced to tender a conditional apology for a pardon.
      Then there is the case of Ms. Fredika Janz from ‘Sunday Leader’ who fled SL when her life was under threat.

  • 2

    Mahinda, SHOULD start calling your PHOTTU PAKSHAYA as HOTU PAKSHAYA, because joining that would be like giving the Kehi Geni and taking the Hotu Geni.

  • 3

    The list above with the names of journalists who have been murdererd and disappeared in the hands of the murderous regime between 2005- 2015 should be remembered .
    They should be remembered as a group of journalists who dared doing what was meant to be Democrasy exposing the unjust in the country were killed in their course of duties.
    They should be remembered every year .
    SLWJA the Srilanka Working Journalists Association ( If they have guts and spine) should commemorate these brave men and women who gave their lives in protecting the country by exposing Wrongs.

  • 0

    Were these Media workers wearing LTTE uniforms ?

    • 3

      @JD the racist, the buggers who wore LTTE uniforms are with Rajapaksas now. Do you need the names?

  • 2

    SL are paranoid about LTTE. பயந்தவன் கண்ணுக்கு ஆகாசம் எல்லாம் பேய் paranoia person sees only the devil. Diaspora Jews founded the Israel. It is not to get tamil rights. Because I see how strong the diaspora Tamils are. But I don’t support the separate country but I want to live with singalrse with equal rights.

    • 2

      @Vijekumar, I am a Tamil and never heard this before: பயந்தவன் கண்ணுக்கு ஆகாசம் எல்லாம் பேய் .

      Fantastic, learnt something new. I also agree with you that everyone in Lanka should live with each other with equal rights. Even a lot of the poor Sinhalese have no rights in this country and treated like dirt by the filth that rules this nation. Good comment bud!!!!

    • 0

      The proverb is “வெருண்டவன் கண்ணுக்கு இருண்டதெல்லாம் பேய்”.
      With Tamil one can get away with murder.
      That is what I learn again and again.

  • 0

    Culling is the way of solving all issues MR clan is aware of and ruthlessly resorts to.

    MR is the last of the Sinhala Kings who won and defeated the Tamils in this land gifted by Lord Buddha to create a Land of Buddhism to protect and promote his teachings.

    The majority of the victims in his list are TAMILS and those who voiced for the TAMIL Cause. Now the Media is ONLY of PATRIOTS clean of TRAITORS.

  • 0

    What a disgrace to the country. This mentality ill power hungry thug has become the biggest joker of the world. October 26 th last year proved it. There is is a another word leader like this ,now has taken six hundred thousand workers hostage.

  • 0

    In SL, what was launched against media by branding them as black media is now called a ‘Black Coup’. RanilW used the word ‘black’ for the first time in Parliament and threatened certain media to be ready with Rs millions to pay as compensation. It will have extremely negative repercussion for a PM of a democracy who boasts about the Westminster system but practices the JVP system.
    Will somebody go to courts requesting a psychological test? If not, we can patiently wait for the next election to get the results of the ultimate test?

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