17 August, 2022


From ‘Can’t Do Without Mahinda’ To ‘Can’t Do With Mahinda’

By Karu Jayasuriya

Karu Jayasuriya

Karu Jayasuriya

Power at any cost; It is the UPFA’s election strategy which is evident now from their daily change of slogans. The UPFA campaign commenced with the slogan “can’t do without Mahinda” then changed it to “we rise with Mahinda”. They have now abandoned both those slogans and their election campaign has taken a new turn in the eleventh hour. Now they have started using the photograph of President Maithripala Sirisena to boost their campaign. It shows that those who shouted the slogans “can’t do without Mahinda” have now changed the slogan to “can’t do with Mahinda”. The group which tried to convene the SLFP Central Committee and oust the President and his loyalists from the party has now started marketing the image of President Maithripala Sirisena; as their final trump card.

What the UPFA leaders should understand is that President Maithripala Sirisena is not merely an individual, but he is the icon of a program of action. The real representatives of the movement who stand for good governance, guaranteeing the supremacy of law and creating a righteous society are candidates contesting the elections from the United National Front for good governance and not from the UPFA.

Now they have started using the photograph of President Maithripala Sirisena to boost their campaign

Now they have started using the photograph of President Maithripala Sirisena to boost their campaign

The majority of the UPFA candidates are those who are accused of corruption, fraud, thuggery and spreading fear psychosis. They do not represent the thinking of President Maithripala Sirisena. The group that broke away from the UPFA along with President Maithripala has come forward to contest this election as candidates of the United National Front. It is now too late for the UPFA to guarantee their future by taking cover under President Maithripala’s image.

Throughout the whole election campaign, UPFA based their propaganda on slogans connecting the diaspora, division of the country and federal administration. When it was found that these slogans have lost validity they resorted to staging hilarious dramas by exhibiting vials of poison and empty pots. The issue of the UPFA manifesto is another trump card used by them. It was a shower of promises; what Mahinda Rajapaksa did not do when he was in power and what he willfully abandoned are now incorporated into a pack of promises “guaranteeing the future” which itself has boomeranged on them.

He promises to give Rupees 200,000 to the youth at the time of tying the nuptial knot. It reminds the people of the increase of the marriage registration fee from Rs. 500 to 5,000. It also reminds the people about his broken promise to “giving houses and lands at the time of marriage”.

The promise to increase the public servants’ salary reminds the people of the promises not honoured and just laid by. When they talk of increasing the salaries of the private sector employees, people are reminded of how the youth agitating for an increase of wages were shot and killed on the road. The promised report on the incident, which was to be published in two weeks, still awaited.
The UPFA harshly criticised and attacked the Five Point Plan of the UNP. It resulted in disaster for the UPFA. On one occasion they say that there is a move to sell the water resources of the country, then on a later occasion they say that the health services are to be amalgamated into an Authority; stating that it was a move to privatise the health sector.

Establishing an Authority does not mean privatisation, it only serves to expedite the functions and enhance the efficiency. We can cite several examples. The Department of National Housing was converted to the National Housing Authority by President Ranasinghe Premadasa. The subject of Urban Development and functioning agencies were integrated into the Urban Development Authority, the Harbours were incorporated into the Ports Authority, the Mahaweli Scheme as Mahaweli Development Authority; none of these institutions were privatised, but it only helped to expedite the delivery of services to the public.

The proposal to manage the health sector and develop it in a manner to offer better services has been looked at with malice. It was the UNP which started the free education system and the free health services. Therefore, the UNP takes pride for the introduction of these welfare measures to the people and would act committedly to continue with these projects.

The Janasaviya Program started by President Ranasinghe Premadasa as a tool for poverty alleviation was changed as Samurdhi making it an outfit for political gains. Mahinda Rajapaksa who made those innocent people to work as political slaves of this country is no more a victory factor to be reckoned with which fact has to be understood by the UPFA.

The leaders of the UPFA have now realised that people of Athugalpura are ready to send Mahinda Rajapaksa on retirement on the 17th of August repeating the defeat he tasted on the 8th of January.

That is why they have been driven to conduct their election campaign reminding people of the old adage “Koheda Yanne ? Malle Pol” (“where are you bound to – I have nuts in my bag”).

*Karu Jayasuriya – Minister Of Public Administration, Local Government And Democratic Governance

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    karu once upon a time you left ranil and joined mahinda and helped him to pass 18A.at that time you wanted to do without ranil.now you canot do without him.all started with rohitha bogollagam and rampukwella and some others.all crossed over for money.this election also there are so many specially in UPFA are on the fence and awaiting to crossover for money and minister post.ranil or mahinda the money will decide.what ever said and done mahinda has enough money even to buy over fifty new new members.MY3 is going to have a difficult time.good bless elected new members who will be sitting on the fence.

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      Small correction to your comments. Karu J had nothing to do with constitutional amendment 18 which was passed as an emergency bill in October 2010 whilst he had the UPFA government in 2008. He is man of principles and certainly he would not have voted for this amendment even if had been a member of the government at that time.

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        In your reply to Parogon you said “He is man of principles”

        If he was a man of principles he would have stuck to his party through thick and thin. I remember quite well when he left the UNP to support MR he said he should put country before the party. Everybody knew his real reasons.

        This very action disqualifies him to be the future leader of the UNP, because under his leadership he cannot control other UNPers similarly leaving the party telling “we too love to follow your golden principal and place the country before the party and serve the country”. Certainly these are big and attractive slogans to perform shady deals for money the way Karu did talking big. He will not be in a position to take action as he would have to punish him first before punishing others.

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      Karu Jayasuriya

      From ‘Can’t Do Without Mahinda’ To ‘Can’t Do With Mahinda’

      What you can di with Mahinda is Lying, Corruption, Robberies, Criminal Activities and Murder.

      Thajudeen case delayed by govt. institutions-Sister
      2015-08-13 10:07:27


      Aisha Thajudeen, the sister of the popular ruggerite, Wasim Thajudeen, who died under mysterious circumstances, said that the case had dragged on due to delays on the part of government institutions.

      Speaking to Daily Mirror, she said the family has been avoiding the media with good reason, and that everybody should understand that no-one would intentionally remain silent when a member of his or her own family dies under suspicious circumstances. “It took one and half years for the Judicial Medical Officer (JMO) to discover the cause of death, and additional one and half years for the Government Analyst to deliver his report. So three years were wasted due to delays by government institutions. When it came up in January the case became very active, and I now have confidence in the CID.

      “The case was heard many times in court, but there was no cause of death given for one and half years. Then there was no support for us and I didn’t think it was the correct time for us to have got involved. But in the current political environment, and with the CID taking up the case, we know that something is going come right,” she said.

      Speaking about the long, silent battle for justice over the death of her brother, she said, “A case was filed immediately after the incident occurred, and I remember giving evidence at the first court hearing. When the judge asked me if I suspected anybody I said that the death was suspicious but that I did not suspect anybody because my brother had as many friends as possible.”

      She said that Thajudeen had no enemies and that he was a favourite with everyone.

      When asked about rumours that a former VVIP’s son was involved in the incident, Aisha refused to comment as the case was still going on.(Kamanthi Wickramasinghe)

      – See more at: http://www.dailymirror.lk/83349/thajudeen-case-delayed-by-govt-institutions-sister-says#sthash.WLchq7sc.dpuf

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    Karu Jayasuriya –

    RE: From ‘Can’t Do Without Mahinda’ To ‘Can’t Do With Mahinda’

    Yes, liars, Crooks, Thieves, Robbers and Criminals, the people can do WITHOUT Them.

    “Power at any cost; It is the UPFA’s election strategy which is evident now from their daily change of slogans. The UPFA campaign commenced with the slogan “can’t do without Mahinda” then changed it to “we rise with Mahinda”. They have now abandoned both those slogans and their election campaign has taken a new turn in the eleventh hour.”

    The MaRa MaRa Song

    MaRa MaRa Chatu maRa

    MaRa MaRa Amana MaRa

    MaRa MaRa HoRa MaRa

    MaRa MaRa Pacha MaRa

    <aRa MaRa Dhushana MaRa

    MaRa MaRa Mini MaRu MaRa…

    "They have now abandoned both those slogans and their election campaign has taken a new turn in the eleventh hour. Now they have started using the photograph of President Maithripala Sirisena to boost their campaign."

    So the Truth in sinking in for UPFA, and they should now sing the MaRa MaRa song.

    Wipe them off the walls, (The Liars and Crooks).

    By Capt Elmo Jayawardena



    One morning I was out, Sunday the 9th, on some errands and saw a policeman walking with a gun accompanied by a young man in a grey jacket. Seemed like some serious ‘hora police’ business on the Sabbath. Crowds were following them and I too watched whilst jammed in traffic wondering which criminal they were hunting. "Sir, horu nemai Sir, boru karayo" (not thieves Sir, but liars) a passer-by answered my query with a deflated shrug. That was an election poster tearing team, the gun-toting constable and his grey companion. ‘You paste them, we tear them’ seemed like the silent slogan and I saw some ‘political pseudo-grinning’ getting torn and wiped off the walls at a cost of 75 million rupees. Yes, that is what the newspapers said, the Election Commissioner allocated that vast amount of money to remove the posters and cut-outs of the political leaders who are promising us a honey-laden moon and cheese-cakes to munch, and at that, as much as we can eat.

    Read on the Link….

    A few more days before we elect the new government to charter our lives for the next 5 years. Does not matter what party you support, but make sure you will not waste your valuable vote on someone known to be corrupt. We owe that to Mother Lanka for all that she has suffered among the corrupt leaders we sent to rule us from the birth of independence. It is the corruption we must eradicate, irrespective of who it is and what party he or she belongs to. That is the curse and the bane and the misfortune of this country. Sadly with the passing of time it has become cancerous to a point of almost no cure.

    • 1

      Karu Jayasuriya

      RE:From ‘Can’t Do Without Mahinda’ To ‘Can’t Do With Mahinda’

      See what Chandrika B K has to Say. What has MaRa, Mara achieved?

      Vote for any animal but not betel leaf: CBK
      2015-08-13 10:20:54


      Former President Chandrika Bandaranaike said the people could vote for any animal and not for the betel leaf symbol or the hand symbol at the forthcoming general elections if they wanted to save the country from corrupt individuals.

      Addressing several public meetings in Embilipitiya and the Eheliyagoda towns the former President said the UNP, the Hela Urumaya, a faction of the SLFP and the Leftist parties had joined hands on January 8 to bring about a change and to form a national government.

      The JVP was not directly involved in the campaign but it supported.

      “Again the main constituent parties of the national government are contesting the general elections to take forward the policy of national government. “Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka’s Democratic Party is contesting the election in the hope of winning as a separate group. However, he will support the national government that would be formed after the election.

      “The corrupt rule should be wiped out and a new system of government without political differences should be formed. It is the duty of the people to support forces that have undertaken to move forward that object.

      “On the other hand, my party has fallen prey to robbers. The situation is beyond the control of President Maithripala Sirisena, even though he is the Chairman.

      “The corrupt individuals cannot be expected to lead the country along the right path. The Citizen’s Force is not affiliated to any political party. A vote for the UNP is not a vote for a political party but for a movement that could build the country. Now democracy in the country has been restored and we can chase away the corrupt representatives,” she said. (Ajithlal Shantha Udaya) –

      See more at: http://www.dailymirror.lk/83353/animal-but-not-betel-leaf-cbk#sthash.jlRBigsY.dpuf

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    Come on 6.5 million voted against MR because he was not acceptable.

    But what is the UNP up to now ?

    Is it correct that Ranil will appoint businessman, blind follower and fellow traveler (in other matters)Malik Samarwickrema (list MP) as his minister for finance.

    Is it true he will also appoint Tilak Maropane (list MP) as Minister of Defense & Highways?

    Will Arjun Mahendran & his son in law be given national awards for their services to the nation ( Desha Abimana title) ?

  • 5

    Actually I think that’s the UNP’s strategy. Power at any cost. . Through lying and mud slinging.. but the problem you face now is one of ” CRY WOLF”.. Even if you may be telling truths are partial truths people don’t believe it any more.. they’ve had enough.. absolutely enough.

  • 6

    Mavai Senathiraja , a Senior heavy of the TNA promised the other day in Jaffna that the North and the East will be joined together into a Federal Province soon after the Election.

    He also promised his audience that all Military bases will be cleared after the 17th.

    How can a TNA MP give such Iron Clad guarantees to the Inhabitants of the North, unless their leader Mr Sambandan hasn’t signed a MOU with Batalanada Ranil who is the new boss of Mr Jayasooriya.

    The great majority of the inhabitant population have already tasted the bitter Economics of the Yahapalanaya in the form of Job losses, stoppage to all Development projects and stripping the 1000 Mahindodaya Vidyalas of their valuable Laboratories and qualified teachers..

    Batalanada Ranil doesn’t believe that the Village Kids ( gamme Kollo ) need to go to Uni , because Batalanada wants them to be assembly workers in his Cluster Village while their parents grow organic Bonchi and Carrots for Cargills.

    And Batalanda is going to give them Kidney Decease Free Cow Manure as well. .

    This only in less 180 days.

    Going forward, the 60 Month plan of Batalanada Ranil and his Golaya, Galleo Ravi is to privatize the water resources and make the inhabitants pay to have a bath or a wash and also drink a little.

    Elite will be be spared a bit because they only drink bottled water from Cargills.

    The next big ticket item is to strip the services of the major public hospitals and force the inhabitants to , Delmont, Nawaloka , Asiri, and Durdens.And of course Appollo..

    Plus supply the patients to e new ones which the Elite have planned under Yahapalanaya.

    Mr Jayasuriya seems not worried about how the Dalits are getting screwed big time already by Batalanada Ranil, Galleon and Rajitha.

    Mr Jayasuruiya, if he still claims to represent the Sinhala Buddhists should focus on how to protect them from getting rimmed . when Batalanada Ranil and his Elite, Anglicans , and Vellaa buddies get stuck in to the Dalits.to give them Yahapalanay based on Privatization and Pruning of the Public Service.

    • 7

      Sumanasekera, you are yesterdays garbage. Cargills garbage will stop in front of your dump at 8 am sharp 18th August to collect you. Be there on time and well attired in your amude. You will serve as fertilizer on their organic Bonchi and Carrots farms. Take pride that you have been chosen to serve Mother Lanka. Namo namo matha ……

    • 10

      Your whole comments are Bulgaria phrased and nothing can be done if that is what gives you joy.
      The UNP manifesto is well balanced and with a clear understanding of the needs of the country. There is no plan or evidence to say Ranil is going to just give away NE to LTTe nor to any others. However, he will do justice to all communities in an equitable manner.
      Further, Karu J, being a Sinhala Buddhist, will do all possible to enhance and enrich Sinhala race and Buddhism whilst at the same time looking after the minorities with same compassion, love and kindness according to
      their needs.
      The country is set to prosper under a UNP government with Ranil as PM and Mythree as our President. This combination is going to make a big name for SriLanka in the world as a decent, peace loving, progressive country.

      • 1


        Karu Jayasuriya has a chance here. I mean after the election..

        He can become the PM in a SLFP government if Bodhi Sira really cares about the Sinhala Buddhists.

        And Sira can finish off Batalanda for good.

        And the long suffering Sinhala Buddhist Faction of the UNP can get their rightful place in the party, which was founded by a good Sinhala Buddhist, D S Senanayaka.

        Sira in his latest somersault has written off Batalanada .

        Why would Sira makes such a stupid comment that he won’t make MR the PM.

        I thought the Elite , Anglicans and the Vellalas wanted to enhance democracy through Yahapalanaya by castrating the President.

  • 5

    The UPFA manifesto talks about lesiltlature to change party constitutions to be democratic. They are seeking a amndate for it. Ms supporters must remember that MR will deal brutally with mS if he wins. Bribes will be used to inmduce members to support him. He is obviously trying to weaken RW s Hand to.

    • 3

      Ranil Wijeyesekera

      ” Ms supporters must remember that MR will deal brutally with mS if he wins. Bribes will be used to inmduce members to support him”

      The MaRa MaRa Song

      MaRa MaRa Chatu MaRa

      MaRa MaRa Amana MaRa

      MaRa MaRa HoRa MaRa

      MaRa MaRa Pacha MaRa

      MaRa MaRa Dhushana MaRa

      MaRa MaRa Mini MaRu MaRa

  • 1

    I blame you for the birth of this “MONSTER”. If you did not “decamp” with that “power hungry” and “unscrupulous” bunch of MPs from UNP to UPLF, that President would never have been able to establish himself in the way he reigned from 2010-2014. In contrast, we would have made him a much more worthier President. You left him, leaving those who went with you to remain and that paved the way to establish a “GANG OF SLAVES” who had no CHOICE but to say “YES SIR”. All of us suffered, because of YOU. At least in future learn with this experience, and please do not make foolish decision. Than you.

  • 0

    Inclusion of MR for the campaign simply strengthen the RW position further as MR carries a heavy baggage. The die-hard supporters, many of them, just consider MR as a bridge over the Diyawanna to the Parliament. Next Secretary general of SLFP will be SB and if MR attended the Central Committee on 24th he will be hooted. This is a good lesson for politicians when to leave the power and retire from the office.

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