23 June, 2024


From Mirihana To ‘Gota Go Gama’: Chupon Or Honorable Exit

By W. Vishnu Gupta

W. Vishnu Gupta

It was astonishing to find out that, Google has not taken many days to register “Gota Go Gama”, in Google Maps. The glorious protesters of Mirihana mostly dejected Millennials and Generation-Xs have achieved a major goal that JVP and LTTE or other chauvinists could not accomplish with the sacrifice of many innocent lives, thousands of our mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, and children lost their lives for challenging the actions of dubious politicians since 1955. Today, the world has noticed the disastrous outcomes of what Rajapaksas and other similar charlatans before them have done to Sri Lanka (Ceylon), one of the three richest countries (Japan, Malaysia, Ceylon) existed after WWII in Asia. It is a pitiful nation that begs for basic needs of its citizens, food, clothes, shelter, and medicine.

Attempt to dupe and create division among Sri Lankans

The patriarch of the political family of Rajapaksas made a pathetic plea to spare them of agonising moments of their lives in an addressed to the nation this week. This was a speech of a senile man suffering from selective memory syndrome. First, the MR’s advisers have failed to tell him to shed every sign of black-magic or magic associated with the devil or other evil spirits when he goes before the national T.V including the talisman he wears and conceal in his right palm. He said that “every second the youth protested; the country was losing vital dollars”. Instead of that threatening vociferation, MR should have said “every second his family occupies the seat of power, the country was losing vital dollars”

Secondly, he added “there was a lot of blood shed during the 88/89 period due to the rejection of democracy at that time. “Around 60,000 young lives were lost as a result of the violence unleashed at that time.” He conveniently forgot to say over 40,000 Sinhala lives in 1971 and over 100,000 lives of both Sinhala and Tamil were lost during the period from 1980 to 2009. What about the lives lost in 1953,1956 and 1958.Though these numbers are quoted by many sources, no one knows how many Sri Lankan lives were lost because of the struggles made by Sri Lankans to rid themselves of the dubious democracy and all corrupt politicians including the current (225 +1) occupying our legislature and presidency through deceit.

Finding a Refuge is becoming harder

One of the livable attractive destinations among four countries (Maldives, Singapore, Dubai, and Uganda) identified for Rajapaksas to seek refuge has come under the scrutiny of the G7 countries suddenly. It threatens the hope of Rajapaksas to seek refuge in Uganda because a recently published report states that “the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), a global inter-governmental organization on the initiative of the G7countries to develop policies to combat money laundering and terrorism financing” has put Uganda on the ‘Grey List’, It means transactions originating from Uganda or made through Uganda’s financial system and cash from or to the country, face more scrutiny by the international systems, which leads to delays in concluding the business transactions. For Rajapaksas, perhaps this would have been the worst news that they received at the dawn of 2022 Sinhala-Tamil new year.

End of Tyranny in sight and Chupons

The people have been awakened from deep slumber of 72 years. 72 years of political deceptions that brought vile autocrats pretending to be Sinhala Buddhists. Neither Bandaranaikes and Jayawardene clans are Sinhala Buddhists, yet they managed to swindle the nation, recruit, and train despicable set of autocrats; Ranil, Premadasas, Rajapaksas and lay foundation to a failed and bankrupt state. They defiled Buddhism demonized innocent Sinhalese, and precipitated national hartal in 1953, 1956 Gal Oya Riots, 1958 Anti Tamil Riots,1971 JVP insurrection, 1988/89 JVP insurrection, 1980-2009 LTTE insurrections. It baffles the minds of any decent literate person on earth, how did a handful of crafty politicians managed to swindle a nation such as Sri Lanka (Ceylon) for such a long time. Their political charade must come to an end with the departure of the last autocrat and his family from the political landscape of Sri Lanka very soon and the majority hope it will happen in April 2022.

At the start of glorious rallies in “Mirihana”, “Gota Go Gama” and other villages and towns in the country, the main theme, and the goal of the protesters was to depose entire Rajapaksa family from Sri Lanka. However, by third or fourth day, the protesters have incorporated with another demand, accordingly Rajapaksa must return the assets and wealth stolen from the nation and stashed away in foreign countries. Also, it is alleged they have laundered money internally, through fraudulent schemes of buying real estate and starting business operations. The luxury lives enjoyed by the Rajapaksas are openly challenged, the leagues of lawyers, civil activists, prominent artists, teachers, and health unions have come together and added their voice to encourage the glorious and non-violent campaign at “Gota Go Gama.” It is obvious every sinister move such as making Shantha Bandara, SLFP MP a State Minister will delay the departure of Rajapaksas, but simultaneously it will give the opportunity to relevant authorities and detractors to investigate and tightened the legal noose around Rajapaksas and their cronies involved in corruption and mismanagement since 2005 starting with notorious “Helping Hambantota” exploit and very recent scams including the sugar imports, malpractices related to Covid-19 testing/vaccines kits and fertilizer imports. It is problematic to any sensible Sri Lankan to observe, that the key Rajapaksa cronies involved as main advisers and state officials in Rajapaksa regimes since 2005 have remained the same. Before, it is too long the glorious rallies will add the names of these rogue cronies into the “WANTED LIST”, making the departure of Rajapaksas more complicated and harder. Especially, if the exit of Rajapaksas is further delayed they will become “chupons”, a Spanish slang for those who are finished and useless; like the oranges with juice squeezed out of them. Rajapaksas must realize they did not inherit power to rule but it was given to them by the people, hence the people can take it away from them at any time not withstanding the constitutional ploys that shield them from corruption, criminal activities including money laundering. Because, an executive presidency, legislature, judiciary, all three branches of the state are subservient to the sovereignty which belongs to the people. If these three branches are incompetent and corrupt it is the responsibility of the people to use non-violent methods such as Mirihana protest to evict them from their respective tasks. Also the people must be mindful of the dangers ahead, they cannot afford to endure a civil unrest or a military rule in the country due to incapacitated three branches of the government due to corruption, mismanagement, and lack of credibility. Therefore, a transitional government or a caretaker government under a handpicked leadership of less controversial politicians of the current legislature is the best option.

Transitional Government

A transitional government is a system of law and leadership put into place during a change from one type of government to another, usually during a period of crisis such as economic insecurity encountered by Sri Lankans.

It seems that existing government of Sri Lanka will be overthrown and dismantled by public pressure. In the eyes and minds of people, the present leaders have lost credibility and people including children have throng to the streets demanding (225 +1) to resign and stop the political charade of last 72 years. Their demand is further reinforced by the economic collapse, Sri Lanka has ended-up being a failed bankrupt state. Hence a transitional government needs to be established sooner. Transitional government is not akin to shuffling the cards as some political novices and youtubers claim.

The purpose of transitional governments is typically to determine a new political structure, and sometimes even a new economic structure as well. The transitional leadership may be expected to establish a new constitution and hold elections and restoring a sense of justice. The existence of Sri Lanka as a country and the future of Sri Lankan children are at risk due to 72 years of self-centered actions of politicians, corruption, and mismanagement. The people need to take responsibility to make proposals to overcome the present impasse faced by the government just like the keen interest taken to oppose the leadership non-violently. The following political structure needs to be looked at seriously as an alternative, instead of scheming in the dens of politicians devoid of voice of people.

Hence, it would not be a bad idea that President Gotabaya considers the following members of the existing legislature in a transitional government, before his imminent departure, and he will earn respect locally and within the international community for taking such a courageous step to safeguard the sovereignty of Sri Lanka. The suggested names to the transitional government are not “Lily White Saints” but appears to be less evil, they represent every political party in Sri Lanka. Moreover, elimination of all State Minister portfolios is warranted to save billions of rupees spent on maintaining these political dead-weights. The caretaker government positions are within the constitutional framework of Sri Lanka and the international leaders, UN, IMF, World Bank and EU will not hesitate to recognize them as the representation of sovereignty of the people of Sri Lanka.

1. President,

Minister of Defence, Buddha Sasana , Religious & Cultural Affairs, Economic Policies & Plan Implementation:

Mahinda Yapa Abeywardene

2. Prime Minister, Minister of Transport: Kumar Welgama

3.Speaker: Ranjith Siyambalapitiya

4. Health and Environment: Maithripala Sirisena

5. Public Services, Provincial Council & Local Governments: Sajith Premadasa

6. Finance: Harsha De Silva

7. Foreign Affairs: L.Peiris

8. Agriculture: Anura Kumara Disanayake

9. Justice and Internal Security: Wijayadasa Rajapaksa

10. Water Supply: Rauf Hakeem

11. Fisheries: Shanakiyan Rasamanickam

12. Ports & Shipping: Vasudeva Nanayakkara

13. Industries and Labor: Wimal Weerawansa

14. Energy & Power: Udaya Gammanpila

15. Plantation: Jeevan Thondaman

16. Education: Dinesh Gunawardena

17. Highways & Technology: Susil Premjayantha

18. Land & Irrigation: Mahinda Amaraweera

19. Trade: Nimal Siripala De Silva

20. Tourism and Mass Media: Gayantha Karunatilake

The Mandate

The mandate of the transitional government must be strictly confined to the following priorities of the people and fulfilled within six months, hence our glorious protesters of Mirihana, ‘Gota Go Gama’, and other emerging nonpartisan civilian groups must remain hawkish, vigilant and monitor the progress of the elected transitional leaders every month.

Priority-1: Provide immediate relief measures to free the masses from economic insecurity.

Priority-2: Repeal 20th constitutional amendment and simultaneously enhance the 19th amendment with the inclusion of changes to electoral system that combines FIRST PAST THE POST (or single member plurality) voting and the PROPORTIONAL REPRESENTATION structure.

Priority-3: Abolish Executive Presidency and elect the president from the legislature. Introduced budget limits for the election campaigns with audit controls.

Priority-4: Cleanse the judiciary system and restore the credibility by retiring or reassigning present political appointees.

Priority-4: Conduct new General Election for the legislature under new election rules before January 2023.

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Latest comments

  • 6

    Justice and Internal Security: Wijayadasa Rajapaksa
    Priority-4: Cleanse the judiciary system and restore the credibility by retiring or reassigning present political appointees.
    He will bring in his buddy – Senadhipathy of Avant Garde and get him to rob again.
    WR should not be in Justice Ministry.
    Also 4/10/12/13/14/19 are not the best in the current circumstances.
    Better get a slot in National List and get Karu as Prez. Mahinda Yapa has been a lackey with no original thinking.
    Get Chandima Weerakkody, Kabir, Imtiaz and Eran to this list instead.

    • 5

      For the sake of all-inclusivity, some one or two TNA legislators must come in.
      BTW way if L Pieris is the old relic GLP, then much better get even Ranil who can contribute in the Foreign Ministry.

  • 5

    The world has learnt how the peaceful protest are going, Peaceful protest is a hallmark of our democracy. It has been in motivation for social change.

    the protest, whether the freedom rides or any march, they prepared themselves with disciplined. committed to the way of peace – the way of non-violence – the way of love.

  • 1

    The author, out of the blue, proposes a Cabinet. He thinks that MY Abeywardena, the current speaker, should be the President. I must appreciate the author’s ingenuity to find a politically acceptable arrangement in having a non-Rajapakse regime, but that is only a change in faces just to appease the psyche of those who are angry. According to the author, what are their options for them to get this country out of the morass? If the country cannot get out in the shortest possible time, food shortages will set in. Then the chances are that the entire 225 would be skinned alive instead of this relatively peaceful vigil at “Gotagogama”. Amongst many, a viable solution for the new regime, whoever it be is to engage in harlotry, (Acknowledgements: Prof KD), namely a 99-year lease for some strategic locations of Sri Lanka for so many billions of USD (not a mere 1 or 2 billion). Carve out areas for integrated resorts (Wine, Women, Song and Casinos). Specific areas for the elite foreigners. The list has no limit. Then can the new regime withstand the social pressures for engaging in harlotry? What about the “security considerations” from neighboring countries? Challenges are enormous.

  • 1

    A transitional govt. made up with the list of current yobs? No way Jose. SL needs a fresh start & all the current & those who have been in parliament for the last 20 years need to be investigated & kept out of parliament.

    Hitler blamed the Jews & the public adored his ‘patriotism’, to make Germany & the superior German race great but in a matter of few years, reduced the country to rubble & the Germans to beg for food. However, resolute German people re-built their country from scratch with a little help from the West. GR emulated Hitler, blaming ethnic minorities & brainwashed the citizens into making SL a great nation but only for Sinhala Buddhists, which ended up with the ruination the country in a matter of years. Hitler committed suicide & GR should do the same. As for the rest of the cronies & bum suckers, there should be a Nuremberg style trial & justice served.

    We need aid & investment, which has to come from the developed world but we have a general suspicion of the West, in fact, of all developed countries, but I am sure even the most sceptic would not refuse an opportunity to live in those countries, given a choice. We are already mortgaged to China & India, so what if the West (like in West Germany) also take a stake? At least, it will keep each other at bay.

  • 0

    By now people should now that he writes for amusement.
    Many of us lack a sense of humor and debate his little jokes.

    • 0

      Reading the list of the proposed cabinet, I fully agree with you. Trash indeed. Imagine WR as Justice (many a misdeed when he was JM) and GLP as Foreign Minister.

  • 1

    What is proposed is a temporary, Transitional in other words a caretaker government for 6 or 7 months with a limited mandate. It make sensible. May not satisfy everyone.

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