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Full Text Of The Principles: UNP’s New Draft Constitution To Submit People Within 6 Months After The Formation Of A Government

This is the New Constitutional Principles formulated by United National Party. This draft constitution will be submitted for the approval of the people for relevant suggestions and appropriate amendments.


The Second Republican Constitution was adopted in 1978 to provide for the economic, political and social development of the country. It achieved the expected objectives including the socio-economic transformation of the country, to a great extent.

Ranil Wickremesinghe

During the last several years under Mahinda Rajapaksa’s regime, the office of Executive President has been completely desecrated, by destroying all the checks and balances that were built into the system. The dignity and the integrity of that office has been reduced to a despicable state as a result of the blatant abuse of power and the creation of an authoritarian regime marked with extreme nepotism and corruption, with gross disregard for democratic values and fundamental human rights.


There is now an urgent need to restore the dignity and sovereign rights to the People which were forcibly taken away by the present regime, and to adopt a new Constitution for:

– the establishment of a just and equitable society, creating an environment for all people to live in peace and harmony while enjoying their fundamental rights, irrespective of any difference of creed, religion, language or political opinion;

– the establishment of a vibrant and prosperous economy, (which has been completely destroyed in the recent past), including the creation of opportunities to generate income for the people;

– the restoration of the independence of the judiciary, law and order, which has been critically and unprecedentedly debilitated during the recent past;

– the restoration of the pristine glory previously enjoyed by Sri Lankans in the International arena.

Main features of the Constitution proposed to be adopted by the United National Party Government

Sovereignty is in the people and is inalienable.

Sovereignty is exercised directly through universal suffrage, and includes the following fundamental rights:
a. Universal access to education,
b. the right of persons belonging to a religious or ethnic community to enjoy their culture, practices and their religions and use their language,
c. Right to good administration.

The Sovereignty of the People requires that Parliament and the Government are accountable to the people.

01. Restoration of the People’s Sovereignty

i. The Constitutional framework will enshrine the Rule of Law within a democratic framework. Not only the ruled but the rulers are also subject to the Rule of Law.
ii. Buddhism will be given the foremost place while assuring the rights of all other religions in compliance with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR).
iii. Fundamental human rights shall be guaranteed and secured for each and every person irrespective of any race, religion, language, caste, sex, political opinions or any other differences.
iv. The Directive Principles of State Policy imposes the duty and the responsibility upon the State to provide necessary facilities for good health, opportunities for employment, access to education, protection of family rights, children and women’s rights, rights of senior citizens and disabled persons.
v. The Constitution will guarantee the freedom of expression and will be strengthened to include the right to information.

02. Legislature

i. Parliament shall consist of 225 members elected on a mixed system where each constituency will elect its representative and the final result (seats in Parliament) will reflect the Party’s true strength (i.e. total votes polled) at elections. This system will give value for every vote cast.
ii. The system of preference votes will be abolished.
iii. The tenure of the Parliament and the Provincial Council is fixed at five years.
iv. Elections for the Parliament and all Provincial Councils shall be conducted on one and the same day, and in the event the Head of State is also to be elected, that election will also be held on the same day.
v. Any Member of Parliament or a Member of any Provincial Council or a Member of any Local Government Institution who loses the party membership from whichever Party he/she is elected/appointed to that institution shall cease to be a Member of that institution forthwith.
vi. If any Member of Parliament, or a Member of any Provincial Council or a Member of any Local Government Institution fails to submit Annual Declaration of Assets and Liabilities within the stipulated time period, he/she shall cease to be a Member of that body. Ministers and Deputy Ministers shall also be required to submit their Annual Declaration of Assets and Liabilities to the Speaker instead of the Executive as it is done now.
vii. If any Member of Parliament, or a Member of any Provincial Council or a Member of any Local Government Institution is convicted for a crime irrespective of whether he/she serves a jail sentence or not, he/shall shall cease to be a Member of that body.

03. Executive

i. Presidency will be abolished.
ii. Instead of the Executive Presidency, a Head of State will be substituted. The current powers conferred on the Executive Presidency will be divided among the Head of State, the Prime Minister, and the Speaker’s Council.

Option 1 : A Prime Minister elected by the people at an election to govern with the Cabinet. The Prime Minister and his Cabinet are responsible to Parliament.

Option 2 : As a novel system the executive powers will be exercised on apolitical basis and to be subject to checks and balances.

2.1 : To ensure direct exercise of the People’s Sovereignty, the Head of State will be directly elected by the people.
2.2 : The Head of State will be the Head of the Council of State (which will consist of the Prime Minister, Leader of the Opposition, the Leaders of the political parties represented in the Parliament and the Chief Ministers of the Provinces), and will act on the advice of the Council of State.
2.3 The Council of State shall decide on all political directions and national priorities. The Cabinet of Ministers headed by the Prime Minister and the Provincial Boards of Ministers shall be responsible for implementation of the decisions of the Council of State.
2.4 The decisions of the Council of State shall be by consensus. In the event there being no consensus the majority decision will prevail. This will pave the way to practice Lord Buddha’s preachings on governance – peaceful assembly, peaceful dialogue and peaceful dispersion.

Option 3 : To adopt a system similar to that of the Westminster system.

iii. The Cabinet of Ministers will be restricted to 25 including the Prime Minister.
iv. There shall be a Speaker’s Councils consisting of the Speaker, the Prime Minister, and the Leader of the Opposition and representatives of all political parties represented in Parliament. The Speaker shall be the Chairman.
v. On recommendations of the Council of State, the Head of the State shall appoint members to Independent Commissions, Justices to the Constitutional Court and Superior Courts. Heads of State Institutions shall be appointed by the Head of State with the approval of the Speaker’s Council.

04. Devolution of Powers

i. While Sri Lanka remains a Unitary State, powers will be genuinely devolved to Provincial Units taking into consideration:
a. The Joint Communiqué between the Government of Sri Lanka and the Secretary-General of United Nations in May 2009;
b. Resolutions on Sri Lanka at United Nations Human Rights Council;
c. Tissa Vitharana Report and the connected documents including papers exchanged at the talks between the SLFP and the TNA;
d. Recommendations of the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission;
e. President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s speech in Parliament in May 2009.

ii. The Office of the Governors of the Provinces will be abolished and their powers and functions shall be performed by the Head of State.
iii. The Member who commands the majority of a Provincial Council shall be appointed as the Chief Minister and the Leader of the political party which has secured the next highest number of seats shall be appointed as the Deputy Chief Minister.
iv. The Boards of Ministers of the Provincial Councils will be appointed proportionately to the votes polled by the respective political parties in such Council.

05. Judiciary

i. There shall be an independent and separate Constitutional Court which shall be solely responsible for inter-alia the interpretation of the Constitution and the examination of the constitutionality of Bills and its decisions are final and conclusive. The Executive and the Legislature are bound to follow the decisions of the Constitutional Court.
ii. The tenure, salaries, allowances and privileges of all the judicial officers shall be guaranteed. In the event of any impeachment against Justices of Superior Courts, the Constitutional Court is empowered to investigate into the charges leveled against such Justices, in compliance with the Commonwealth principles (Latimer House Declaration).
iii. The Constitutional Court shall be empowered to hear and determine Parliamentary Election Petitions and there shall be a fixed time period within which the cases are to be concluded.

06. Good Governance

i. Independent Election Commission, Independent Police Commission, Independent Public Service Commission, Independent Judicial Service Commission and Independent Anti-Corruption Agency would be set-up as a matter of utmost priority.
ii. All elections shall be conducted by the Independent Election Commission which shall have the powers to issue directions to all agencies involved in the election process including both State and Private media.
iii. The State will promote and strengthen measures to prevent and combat corruption efficiently and effectively. The institutions of government will promote integrity, accountability and proper management of public affairs, public property and public resources.
iv. A new anti-corruption law will be enacted to give effect to the United Nations Convention on Corruption.
v. There shall be codes of ethics for Parliamentarians, Members of the Council of State, Justices of the Constitutional Courts, Superior Courts, Members of the Judiciary and all other elected Members of the Provincial Councils and Local bodies in accordance with international criteria.
vi. Anti-Corruption Agency law shall include Bribery and Corruptions in the private sector and shall apply retrospectively.
vii. Parliamentary Oversight Committees such as Committee on Public Enterprises (COPE) and Public Accounts Committee (PAC) would be strengthened and Parliament shall take steps to ensure that their recommendations when approved by Parliament are implemented.
viii. There shall be an independent secretariat with a data bank to facilitate investigations by COPE and PAC and they shall be empowered to examine the estimates of annual budgetary allocations before annual budgets are presented.
ix. Any project or investment or contract exceeding the value of Rupees One Billion shall be examined by a specially constituted Select Committee of Parliament.

07. Participatory Democracy

Women’s Rights:
i. There shall be an allocation of 25% for women’s participation in Provincial Councils and Local Government Institutions.
ii. There shall be a Women’s Chamber representing all strata of women from all over the country to deal with the diverse women’s interests. The Women’s Chamber shall be an instrument of deliberative democracy to uphold and enforce women’s rights. The Chamber will also exercise other powers vested by Parliament.
Community Council:
iii. With a view to establishing participatory democracy and building national reconciliation, there shall be community based Councils in each Grama Sevaka Division which are obliged to perform and function on apolitical basis.

* Within 6 months after the formation of a government by the United National Party, the draft constitution will be submitted for the approval of the people at a referendum. This will be the first Constitution to be adopted by the people of this country.

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    what a load of reactionary bull garbel, nothing visionary or long term. Just plugs some current holes in the current political climate.

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    “For Forms of Government let fools contest; whatever is best administered is best” – Alexander Pope Quotes

    This what JRJ said during President Premadasa rule,quoting Alexander Pope, when Gamini , Lalith made a fuss on Presidential Constitution for cheap, selfish, personal reasons.

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      It appears that there are apologists of MR, willing to wallow in the cesspit of corruption, relishing the Pigshit, as their Masters have said. It is said that one cannot straighten a dog’s tail. Therefore this proposal is for the masses who are treated differently and are not so equal as those who are with the regime and the system.

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        You got a tiger tail, any body can understand. MR has some 65 % of peoples vote ,unprecedented in history of this country from 1948 todate. UNP idiots can never come to power for another 20-30 years, leave alone bringing in any damn new constitution.

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          Who is this [Edited out] John living on the pig-shit of MACHABAGO&Co. that brags about 65% of people’s vote? The biggest shit supplier to the pig-park where John swine lives MARA is running all over the world being unable to hold election in the country especially in the North. The bugger is trying all sorts of gimmicks to avoid a wholesale defeat and facing war crime allegations and imprisonment or gallows! Let alone 65% the bugger wont obtain even 16% votes this time if free and fair elections are held throughout the country simultaneously. Pigs like John harangue about 65%s but they do not talk about the non-functioning of election commission, police commission, pa commission, usurpation of all the key institutions in the country by the despot, bribing and coercing the opposition politicians into regime benches, vote rigging, election malpractices and all the other numerous gilmarts that they commit to somehow grab on to power! The day these bastards lose power there wont be enough prisons in the country to dump them in en mass! By the way, you moan about tiger tails but get any beggar by the road to kick on your filthy ass and there loads and loads of used condoms, brinjals,sex toys and left behind penises would be thrown out depicting the despicable life you live.

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    First they’ll have to win. And that’s like a never :/

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    Major flaw in this is the special status to Buddhism. Why should one religion have special status in a democratic country. This is a useless document and should be put into the garbage. If UNP is truly a democratic party then this should be amended to read all religions to have equal rights, all ethnic communities to have equal rights. This is the correct thing to do and you need “balls” to bring this change.

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      During a time Buddhist extremism is at its peak. No one will change that to win.

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      Well said, Park.
      This is THE major flaw in the present Constitution. It has enabled the Politicians to exploit the “Sinhala-Buddhist” (the terms are now synonymous in Sri Lankan psyche) majority racist, to gain power and further erode the Rights of the minorities. Every abuse of power, discrimination and corruption that we have witnessed in this country, can be traced to this fundamental flaw.
      The rot set in 1972 when Sri Lanka included this in the Constitution.
      If the UNP is going to maintain this garbage in a new Constitution, it would be no better than the despicable Regime it is trying to replace.

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    There are two major elements lacking in this proposed Constitution. 1) All elections should be conducted by either UN or any other international body so that election relation malpractices could be minimized including “computer jilmarts”, stuffing of ballot boxes, malpractices in the counting cenres, intimidation, impersonation, etc. etc. 2) Basic qualifications (G.C.E. Adv. Level or equivalent) plus corruption-free past record. Proved thugs, drug dealers, drug addicts, extortionists, criminals, sex perverts, etc. etc. shouldn’t be given nominations. However, this proposed Constitution is far better than the existing one and our congratulations to whoever drafted this. We should not criticize this but give our suggestions and ideas to get all of us out of the “pol mess”.

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    Very good to have presented this proposition for the people to discuss and know what UNP is planning for Sri Lanka. So let this be discussed in a democratic spirit for the benefit of the country at large. In that spririt I for the moment wish to present the followig:

    1.01 Restoration of the People’s Sovereignnty: In item (iii) Fundamental human rights shall be guarantaeed and secured…… This is not enough because every political party has pledged and supported this so far, but nothing worthwhile has happened. All have so far proved to be empty. Therefore I suggest that it be mentioned: “A Biil of Human Rights will be entshrined in the Statute Books”

    02. Legislauree: (i) What is this “mixed system” that you are speaking of?. Why can’t you be very direct and say “each consitituency will elect a member on the majority vote basis and such members will be 225 in numbers, (one member for each consitituency.) You must close the door for “Henchmen” (who cannot command public respect and win votes) to be broght in thorugh the back door to the Parliament and appointed as Cabinet Ministers. In short they are not peoples’ choices and how come they hold responsible Cabinet positions in the Government and ensure “Peoples’ Sovereignity”. In short that is complete BS.

    03. Executive: (ii) “Executive powers will be divided amongh the Head of State, the Prime Minister and the Speaker’s Council” This will form a “PICKLE” and everyone will start the “Infight” trying to uphold the “Eecutive Power” vested in each of them and drag in different directions. Who suffers? The country and the nation.

    Again under this Heading 03 Executive you propose (1) The Head of State of the “Council of State” (what does it mean?) (2) A Cabinet of Ministers headed by the Prime Minister and Provincial Boards of Ministers responsible to implement the decisions of the Council of State (3) The Speaker’s Concils consisting of the Speaker, the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition and representatives of all political partaies respresented in Parliament. Again a big “PICKEL”.I know it is an option, yet with a view to misguide and not to be very direct in proposals.

    3.OPTION; This is the only place you mention of a “Unitary Sate”. It must be stated at the start and as the PREAMBLE. Why it is hidden?

    Under “Devolution” to Provincial Council why be guided with the UN and other outside agencies? Don’t you have an “INDIGENOUS” insight into the affairs of this country? Does it go to prove again that you and your party is “far from the ordinary affaris of this country”. Don’t you think it is much more relevant to think in terms of the affairs of this country and suggest ways and means of good Local Government”?

    06 Good Governance: Where is the most important Office called the “Auditor General”? At present he is the “obedient servant” of the President and does not hold any responsibility to anywhere. You too want it that way?

    You also say within 6 months after the formation of the government by the UNP, the draft constituion will be submitted for the approval of the people at a referendum. I have one question for you:

    After the adoption of the Constitution by the people will all the Members of Parliament and the Provincial Councils “resign” and re-contest under the terms of the “New Constituion”. I raise this issue, because not a signle of those will be entitled to hold office as they have been elected as per the old Constitution. Would you disolve the Parliament and the Provincial Councils and hold elections under the New Constitution? What is your suggestion?

    The above is only my “surface view” of the “Principles”. Yet, reading thorugh, I feel it is not worth the time to spent any more to go into indeapth study, becaue this is “targetted” to “hoodwink” the frustrated general public on the whole set up as at present. My only request is for you to be a “Responsible Opposition” rather than think of 2014- the year you have earmaked for a “Change of Government”.

    Yet above all there is a “BIG IF”. i.e “IF YOU WILL BE ELECTED TO FORM A GOVERNMENT”? I doubt it very much.

    • 0

      Douglas, Considering all other topics and debates on this forum, this person cannot even attract a few sensible people into a debate. Its high time that he left the post and the party, for the sake of the people of this Country.

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    The Principles outlined by the UNP setting out the contours of the Draft Constitution certainly hold promise. If it sees fruition, it can help SL turning a new leaf only if the polity would honour the spirit of it. If successfully steered through, it will be the fifth in less than 85 years. The first 4 have been made a travesty of with no tears shed. The state is never writ differently from the citizens. The legislature takes its hue from the polity. For good governance no perfect document is required. Do administrators refer the FR before getting a commission? It is probity that insures.

    The British constitution derives its strength without a document. The character of the people has ensured steadfast adherence to principles and norms. The US constitution retains the original with only 27 Amendments and the length of it is about 5 A4 pages compared to the original 2.

    The New Draft is good enough to promote good administration.

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    Good Morning Sri Lanka
    I honestly believe it is bedtime stories for Mr.Ranil.

    I have scanned through his political manifesto ,a miserable effort by a politicians I would say honestly with respect have a sound knowledge of parliament procedures , but with zero level of leadership is miserably trying to convince a population who are fed up of this utterly failed ideology based on an age old constitutional mechanism with the same old poli –tricks using religion and race by a man born as a Christian and using Buddhism as a showcase to beguile the entire population is a comedy of errors and a political idioticy to b to be thought of as a permanent solution to the ongoing major up heaval in a once a upon a time known Island of smiles, where people of different culture ,religion races lived in perfect harmony and believed life in such an Island was only meant to enjoy life to the maximum with all people celebrating together all festivals come Vesak ,hindu festivals,Muslim festivals ,Christmas and New year as if it belonged to all of us , which was buried once and for all by a wicked ,power hunger selfish man named JR , who is solely responsible to all that happened since 1977, pushing the once peaceful united country in a bloody war with once again using nationalism as a tool to meet all his hidden agendas, he is the one who is only responsible of introducing executive presidency with the sole purpose of appointing puppets like All seen countries Hameed (which is all he did in all his political life with the polgaha yate kotiya) as foreign minister who did sweet nothing to the country its people or his people, Hameed is just to name, one but there are many more, all to make sure number one that he can stay in power and do what he wants, he was a man without a heart or soul who sat in his luxury president house sipping brandy while definitely not Sinhalese, but a masquerade of JR’s thugs .murderers and goons went on burning homes ,shops, slaughtering Tamils like cattle for sacrifice ,burning women and children alive for three consecutive days ,without declaring curfew and without bringing law and order ,and selling out sri Lanka whole sale to India and pushing the country into a curse of Terrorism that lasted for more than thirty years and of all people Mr.Ranil should not talk of abolishing the executive presidency which he too was a strong endorser of it then.
    The only thing Mr.Ranil is now capable of ever being is a mentor member it is time he steps out of his hallucination he will never even be able to secure 20 % of the votes he did last time if he is to ever to go into election ever again, let him be a gentleman and step aside and give the position to a young capable person like Mr.Sajith, at least am sure he will be able to form a strong opposition. In my opinion this nostalgia of party name UNP , must be shunned if Mr.Ranil wants to hold onto his hot seat let him sit along with his supporters of retirees at sri Kotha.
    Mr.Sajith should be confident and brave enough to unite all the small parties together and under one party ,definitely not as an alliance but as a new party and take with him along younger people who are not just capable but also are willing for a real change in Sri Lanka, he will make it.

    It is my opinion that it is a bit too late for reconciliation to a level of the old past, let us face realities ,the mad extremists have gone overboard , today I say this without fear or reservation the Muslim –Sinhala (Buddhist including Sinhalese Christians and Tamils as a whole) the venom they feel towards the Muslims and the distrust and damage is beyond reversible and I will take anyone on a platter on that, is my open challenge , Muslims of Sri Lanka have been strongly imbedded in the minds of not just Buddhist, but all races .are not to be trusted ,and are planning to bulldoze the rest of the races, spread radical Islam and sharia and in the end make Sri Lanka a Muslim country(a Myth spread with venom) ,of cause this is finely introduced by a very powerful world secret society of business mafias , weapon dealers , drug peddlers and many more who really creates all the trouble in the world and are used by some governments time to time to get their agendas Implemented , they have a years old well trained system and their network in every single country, first victims are always multi cultural countries which are poor ,and deeply rooted in superstitions, and most of all dissatisfied with life’s punishment of no hope ,no opportunity, no justice ,no fair play ,no recognition of their abilities ,poverty stricken ,homeless ,in debts, these frustrated people are actually not the evil ones rather the victims of the evil selfish ruthless greedy men who move in and uses the most sensitive tools racism and religion ,it is the easiest form, to make such people believe they have become victims of such injustice because either they are a minority by race and religion which enables the majority to suppress them or use the majority who may have more of these people simply because they are in larger numbers ,but not aware of it will be programmed to think they are being robbed by the minority,, this is simply how Racism and Religious extremism is grown in poor countries leading to riots and so called terrorism.
    Actually the real ground work is done by their local comrades and continued by them.
    After 30 years of war ,we need to leave everything a side and if any of us are really sincere and honest move forward , we need to completely change our constitution and bury the old for good. (are we willing? Or some brave leader has to do it even at the wrath of some)

    I personally is of the opinion before really investors more in they will be looking at some very important factors, and one need not be a business student or an economist to understand this.
    1) The country they want to invest must be stable in racial harmony ,peace and security..
    2) No two party Union eternally on strike ,it should be one that has a tri party agreement where while matters are being discussed and settled work must carry on uninterrupted.
    3) Corruption although I agree can never be at Zero level ,but should be at its minimum
    4) Crime should be extremely and mercilessly controlled at all levels (shoot at site whenever it is necessary especially riots)
    5) Transparency to the maximum
    6) Doing business should be made completely easy and fast as much as possible do it your self online .
    7) Make sure investors coming in even to do the smallest business is well investigated with his or her written consent ,never allow bankrupt businessman to step into the country other than for tourism.
    8) Set up Investment centers in every Sri Lanka Mission abroad including Tourism.
    9) Removing all duties expect for vehicles etc and charge a flat Vat or GST and make it an open market ,duty free ,I guarantee the customs will make money than now where goods are undervalued and the country robbed left right and center including the masses as the masses do no benefit although the goods undervalued are instead the Business cartel make max profit ,making it almost impossible ,this will also drastically end smuggling.
    Depending to much on Chinese Investors is not a very wise idea, I assure you, they have completely different way of dealing they do business strictly on a guaranteed entry exit system this is a very complicated and highly confidential system only shared among The mainland Chinese Businessman, you will never ever have a win- Win game with them they will Win anyways. The west must be brought in it is of great importance.

    Arabs are not interested in Sri Lanka and we should not waste time with them , they have their own comfort zones and will never move from them.
    Africa is not reliable..

    We can never achieve these if we any of the proposal put by outsiders ,and we should not let other countries dictate terms to our constitution ,they may be sincere in their advice ,but they do not understand our culture and wont work.

    Devolution of power only for North and east will be the worst disaster ever Sri Lanka will make if it is implemented fully with or without Police powers.

    This a sizeable country how can a few men run the affairs of millions of people with millions of different needs? Does it make any sense? And with thousands of acres of land ,buildings roads ,transport etc et..?
    We cannot even manage a home of two children a wife and 1000 sqft of a house properly hence a country?
    Why talk more some of us can not even take care of our own affairs leave a lone the families of two and one wife and our rev. Clergies feels The Majority must marry four and have more children , even with all the privileges and loads of money Arabs are not willing to doing it ,neither Sri Lankan Muslims I can challenge to prove this, talk is cheap but must walk it to know.

    Our One and only solution is the Swiss system of making the whole of Sril lank into a confederation and let people for a change take charge ,but monitored strictly by the federal government .let every province have a premier and each electorate have a head minister and let all the Villages or cities have their own coop committees let them collect taxes ,run business ,take care of policing and crime control , and where there is a larger population of whatever religion present who is oppose to meat eating let them vote for a ban within their coop area ,same with alcohol pork etc and holidays ,allow them to receive aids and donations from overseas but channel it via the central bank with control and let the federal government hold the Military and foreign affairs exclusively, and have a share of the taxes collected for the federal government.
    This will be 100% successful and there is only one man who can do it and it is President Mahinda ,you need a man with an iron hand for the beginning to put things right.

    If this does not happen the country GDP may grow but it will be like rain in the desert, if a Sri Lanka Confederation is not created by the next six months after throwing all the amendments handed out in the dustbin and the country’s Politics kept strictly secular away from all religions still respecting and protecting all religions to freely and fairly to practice and not letting in any form of illegal religious activities which includes construction of illegal religious places without proper permission of cause this includes every one putting up statues as they like ,not taking into consideration that a future road expansion may be effected. We will remain in our well as frogs.

    This should be The Mahinda Chinthane,, if this does not happen in the next few months , more and more BBS groups will grow as they will and take over the country, may well one day become another Myanmar.
    Facts are not stubborn –but are to be faced.
    Stay Awake citizens!

  • 0

    A breadth of fresh air. Well done. Other than those who worship the King no matter what will like a change for the better. Is there a clause to stop joining the Govt from the opposition.Make hand bills in simple language and go to the four corners of the island to have dialogues with the youth organisations like yovun samithi, Maranadara samithi ,govi, dheevara,etc

  • 0

    There is some improvement from the previous constitution. As regarding system of Checks and Balances there should have been a Senate which should have the authority to monitor the activities of the House of Representatives. The word Parliament never mentions about the its composition and appears to be vague. Will it be a uni-cameral system or a bi-cameral system.

    2.4 This version ‘In the event there being no consensus the majority decision will prevail. This will pave the way to practice Lord Buddha’s preachings on governance – peaceful assembly, peaceful dialogue and peaceful dispersion.’ is ambiguous. What if there are conflicting views on Buddha’s teachings.

  • 0

    Damned if you do Damned if you dont. They have made a genuine effort to do something positive but it is never appreciated by some. If for example they do not put Buddhism at the top what do you think are their chances of getting elected? None. So the other nay sayers prediction comes true. As long as Prabakaran was alive no decent politician could survive. The devil made sure of it. So we had to elect the devils brother to get rid of him. Now it is time to get back to decent politicians before they disappear altogether. Unfortunately some buffoons keep missing the point. While Mervin is only a minister now imagine a time when he is president and the village butcher is the prime minister that is where we are headed if we keep shunning and running down the UNP.

  • 0

    “The Wickremesinghe led UNP’s decision to defeat Kumaratunga’s 2000 constitution was perhaps the biggest political miscalculation in the party’s recent history. No party has suffered more due to the consolidation of presidential power and no political ideology has been defeated as roundly as the UNP’s peace proposals; and both these have been at the hands Kumaratunga’s successor. Kumaratunga’s constitutional reform sought to severely dilute the powers of the presidency, with the establishment of an executive prime minister. It also included a devolution package for the Tamil community residing in the north and east and as the Friday Forum pointed out during the impeachment of the country’s 43rd Chief Justice, a far more judicious and ethical system for the discipline and removal of judges of the upper courts. After 28 rounds of meetings and negotiations about the 2000 proposals, the UNP pulled out of discussions citing the fact that Kumaratunga was seeking to complete her second term in office (that commenced in 1999) before the new system would take effect. However, President Kumaratunga had told a senior UNP representative at the negotiations that the clause for her to continue in office had been included by then Constitutional Affairs Minister G.L. Peiris and acknowledged she was agreeable to its withdrawal if it meant the UNP would support the legislation.

    But Wickremesinghe pulled his party out of the discussions and proceeded to agitate against the draft when it was tabled in parliament, creating uproarious scenes in the House of MPs burning the constitution while the President presented it before the legislature. In light of the actions of her successor to consolidate the powers of an already too-powerful office, with the removal of term limits and the annexation of the Attorney General’s department and the deciding authority on appointments to the public service at all levels, Kumaratunga must be given her due for having chosen to introduce the 17th Amendment and the 2000 draft constitution when both legislations severely eroded her own presidential powers.” – Dharshini Bastians (parallel thread in CT).

    Can a leader and a party that sabotaged the above effort, supported by a LTTE driven TNA, be trusted to do what is right by this country transcending his personal and party interests?

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran


    • 0

      Correction: Dharisha Bastians. Apologies.

      Dr. RN

  • 0

    UNP is Always Talking without any reason.Every day ranil wants tell lies to people.Also he can’t speak well.Now UNP party should do support to the government activities. that’s the way to build up a Developed sri lanka….Because there is no opposite party to handle this country except this government…

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    why not the UNP get the concurance from the TNA

  • 0

    Dear Readers
    I had made some spelling mistakes and missed out on punctuations ,CT seems to have left it as it,please do accept my sincere apologies ,I do have a bad sight and also a quiet a old lap where the mouse is nastily uncontrollable.LOL


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    Only a dream of Ranil. under the leadership of Ranil U.N.P. never come to power without change his attitude. before change the Constitution Ranil must change his attitude and listen to the own people. people know Ranil can’t win. every election people didn’t cast their votes are U.N.P.er. we don’t want to change the leadership of U.N.P. but everyone want Ranil to change his attitude. reform the party.there is no doubt there is no leader other than Ranil in U.N.P.

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    Hip Hip Hooray!! Hip Hip Hooray!!!

    Our great Leader of the Opposition, Ranil Wickremesinghe,
    the Supreme Leader of the United National Party for life,
    if not six years, has at last come out with a brand new
    Constitution for Sri Lanka. Its to improve on his political
    grand daddy, late J.R. Jayewardene.

    This is like a menu card in a gourmet restaurant where
    there is NO kitchen nor cooks!! Who in hell believes that
    RW will ever be elected by the people of Sri Lanka as a
    President except himself? Can a Constitution change this man?

    Constitutions do not change governments. What RW should do
    with the cohorts who help him stay in opposition power and enjoy all
    the perks at taxpayer’s expense, is to work out a formula to
    make RW win an election. Can that happen to an opposition
    leader who cannot even smile or extend a tight handshake. I
    mean a greeting and nothing else. He is with the UPFA by night and
    UNP by day.

    It is now public secret that RW is also a member of the Mahinda
    Rajapaksa government, the only one who sits in the opposition.
    How many opportunities has he missed? At the rate at which the
    party is sliding down the drain, it may not be a bad idea to ask
    Chaminda Pusswedilla to be the next Presidential candidate. Sajith
    Premadasa can continue to donate the usual fifty thousand bucks
    to temples and mosques. Occasionally he can stand alongside a visiting
    dignitary, take a photograph and canvass to have it published in
    the print media. Karu Jayasuriya, the lily white former Deputy Leader,
    has been left to his own news conferences every two weeks.

    So who is there in the UNP? Karu J took the best in them to the
    government side. Otherwise the history of this country would have been quite different. Some of them were top UNP stalwarts before. Others like Mahinda Samarasinghe, Sarath Amunugama and Rajitha Senaratne went on their own.

    There are only three in the UNP line up – Mallik Samarawickrema, Akila Viraj Kariyawasam and Sagala Ratnayake. One of them may be the next
    Presidential candidate. They will sure have the backing of RW both
    in the political front and behind the party.

    MR will win hands down. RW will continue in the opposition to retain his title as the longest surviving opposition leader in the whole
    World. Guinness Book of Records and even Ripley’s Believe it or Not please take note.

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      John.. I think a name like a’Senanayake’ could stir something in the old guard…. If RW can propose a new Constituion, ….. I hereby (Whether for the good or bad), propose the name of Mrs.Rosy Senanayake, be elected as the new leader of the fading old Uncle Newphew Party, to lead the few remaining unp faithfuls, whether it brings good or bad.!

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    High time someone gets approval from the Board of
    Investment of Sri Lanka for a humble pie factory.

    Even if there are no customers for what they produce,
    there is one man who will buy their entire production
    and wait for more. His name is Ranil Wickremesinghe. He
    is the Leader of the Opposition. He is also the Leader of
    the United National Party. The majority in that party are
    united to keep Ranil in power. They are truly national. That
    is why RW supports the Government. It is a party in more than
    one sense. Every other day RW throws parties for his party
    boys. They walk straight for the party but leave staggering.
    Don’t ask me why

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