7 July, 2022


Full Text: President Maithripala Sirisena’s Statement On First 100 Days

On this occasion that marks 100 days since my election as President, I think it is proper that I address you as your first servant, appointed by you. Following the results of the Presidential Election on January 8 this year, you gave me the opportunity of being sworn in as the Head of State or President of this country.

In the 100 days since then, we have as a new government, taken many important steps with regard to the country’s economy, politics, development and international relations.

I think that when the people of this country voted on January 8 they clearly carried out both a transformation, and revolution with their democratic right. The manner in which the freedom and democracy obtained by this transformation and revolution has been used by certain elements in the past three months, their political decisions and activities, brings to my mind the occasions in world history when in countries that carried out revolutions were later faced with counter-revolutions.

MaithripalaWe are aware that very often it is a common occurrence in countries for counter-revolution to follow a revolution. One could see a similar scenario following the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1990-91. Similarly, following the fall of Communist states in Eastern Europe, when a political transformation took place in those societies that had moved towards political extremism, there was a period of political turmoil and uncertainty until the people of these countries could enjoy their entitlement to freedom and democracy. When the great humanitarian leader Abraham Lincoln of the United States took action to abolish slavery and introduced legislations for this purpose, for some time after this some of the people in slavery stated that they preferred the condition of slavery. This is because they thought that going forward in life in slavery was better than enjoying the freedom given and building themselves on their own strength, as they were used to living under conditions of slavery. This is the reality of human society. It is therefore essential that we understand this.

Today some asked what has been done in these 100 days. I say, there was much done in these 100 days. Some of these valuable actions are neither physical in nature nor visible to the eye.

You will recall the international situation facing our country at the time I was sworn in as President on January 9th. The international community was divided over us. You will remember what took place at the United Nations, the Human Rights Commission and the Security Council. However, after January 9th, because of the faith you placed in me and elected this government, the international community that was divided over us, now place their trust in this government, and me just as you did, and believe that as Head of State I would protect the freedom of this country and its Democracy, Human Rights and Fundamental Rights.

My recent visits abroad started with our friendly neighbor India and later to Britain to participate in the Commonwealth Day events. Even more than my participation in the Commonwealth Day events was the opportunity to meet with the British Prime Minister, Leader of the Opposition, Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Secretary of Defense and Her Majesty the Queen, on behalf of our country. By this, it is my belief that we have the support not only of Britain, but also of the wider European Union.

My next visit was to China. As a friendly state that gave support for national development and made much investment in this country, I had the opportunity to further strengthen the friendship that existed between our two countries. I next went to Pakistan, which is one of our very close friends. I believe that trough these visits to India, China, Pakistan and Britain we have achieve a much towards winning over the entire world. Through the close friendship displayed by British Prime Minister David Cameron, Indian Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi, Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Chinese President Xi Jingping have confirmed their trust placed in us for the protection and growth of freedom and democracy.

I remember how close the world was to us at the time of Prime Minister Sirimavo Bandaranaike with the foreign policy of Non-alignment, which my government too clearly follows today. This leads to strengthening friendship with all states.

I also recall the good wishes conveyed to me when I was elected President by the UN Secretary General, whose Special Representative came to our country recently. Similarly, a large number of foreign ministers from Western countries and a large number of other diplomatic representatives visited our country and expressed their confidence in us.

Therefore, I wish to emphasize to those who question what we have done in the past 100 days that we have regained the international friendship and trust that had considerably declined under the previous government, and that my government and I were able to win over and strengthen this friendship for the benefit of the people of this country. We must greatly value this new trust we have won which will provide us with cooperation for national development, especially for development of national resources and effective participation in international affairs.

You are fully aware of the conditions under which you brought me to this office. I recall that prior to January 8 if I spoke to one of our own Pradesheeya Sabha Members by telephone they would shout and ask me not to speak because the telephones were tapped. The government officers did not speak freely. Ordinary people in the country would not speak freely. Members of the armed forces, the lower ranks of the police could also not speak freely on the telephone. None of them had the freedom to speak freely by telephone.

In the past 3 months, this freedom has been restored and strengthened. This was similar with media freedom, too. I recall how prior to January 8 those who yielded political power spoke to the heads of media institutions, news directors and news editors. That included intimidation, threats and mental pressure. Today, the media is free of all this.

Are we to transform the freedoms we have obtained to that of the wild ass? I see some of the media institutions behave today. I am surprise how they use these freedoms in a wrong manner. It must be noted that we have firmly established the democratic rights of the people and the freedom of the media.

Let us take the Judiciary. You are aware of how the rule of law was so badly damaged. Did the people have confidence in the Judiciary? The Commission on Bribery or Corruption, the Supreme Court and all these institutions were subjected to telephone calls of those who were in power. You know very well how persons associated with various crimes obtained freedom at that time; how judgments in cases were obtained. Did the Attorney General have the power at the time to act according to his office? Today, with the appointment of the Chief Justice, the Commander of Army, all who serve in those sections have a clear acceptance that these appointments had been made on seniority and suitability for such positions. Therefore, we have strengthened the Rule of Law, which is essential for freedom and democracy.

National Security has now been strengthened. I informed the Tri-Forces and the Police at the Security Council that we need a new plan of action on national security. That work is now being done better than it was done earlier. This is only a beginning. We have to go much further in this regard.

My dear people, there is another thing I wish to bring to your notice. Some have made various criticisms about my performance during these 100 days. Some say I lack strength. Some say it is weak. Some say I am no leader. However, I wish to tell all such critics, and you, my people, that my behavior in the last 100 days was not to use the unlimited powers that are available to this office. Why, because you elected me to distribute this power. I came for that purpose. I came to remove the unlimited powers of an Executive President. There could be many analyses about this. I wish to state clearly that my election manifesto stated very clearly that my election would be to remove the unlimited powers held by Executive President. I wish to mention how flexible I have been on this matter.

From the time the 1978 Constitution was adopted, the Sri Lanka Freedom Party had been opposed to the Executive Presidential system. Therefore, since 1994 at every Presidential Election our candidates stated in their manifestos that the unlimited powers of the Executive Presidency would be removed. Yet, no one was able to do that.

Similarly, the SLFP has from the beginning opposed the ‘Manape’ electoral system that came with the 1978 Constitution. The Leftwing and progressive political parties are opposed to both of these. As I recall in 1999 the United National Party adopted a resolution at their convention against this. The UNP has been opposed to this since1999. This dialogue prevailed among the common people that went together with their knowledge, wisdom, understanding and experience. Therefore, this must be done. This is the 19th Amendment.

In order to build a democratic and civilized society, it is necessary to prevent the emergence of dictatorship and taking control of state power, state assets, the judiciary, parliament and all of this to one’s own control that comes from the Executive Presidential system.

This should be immediately changed. I have worked towards this in the past three months. I am not aware of any leader in the world who had obtained an office with all these powers but has been as flexible in trying to get rid of those powers that had been bestowed on such a leader.

The Attorney General informed the Supreme Court that in keeping with my advice these powers should be removed. My Constitutional Adviser also informed the Supreme Court that these powers should be removed. We took a political decision on this. The Supreme Court has given a decision on this.

It is now necessary for us to act in accordance with the decision of the Supreme Court. We cannot go beyond this. Therefore, in the past few days there were certain obstacles with regard to presenting of this 19th Amendment to Parliament. It is my respectful appeal to the honourable representatives of the people to consider this as a historic occasion that has come to you. Voting for this will bring respect in history to you. Therefore, in order to ensure that we build the country that protects the people’s freedom, democracy, promotes civilized society and helps build a disciplined country, it is my belief that every one of you will vote to adopt the 19th Amendment. I call on you to use your valuable vote for this and be a partner in firmly establishing freedom and democracy in this country.

In addition to the 19th Amendment, a draft bill has been presented to the Cabinet to change the electoral system. Action is being taken to present this to Parliament for adoption.

In keeping with the promises we gave to the people, we have appointed a Presidential Task Force to inquire into corruption and fraud and work on this matter is proceeding effectively.

In order to build a strong democratic and equitable nation it is necessary to promote unity, friendship and coexistence among those who follow different religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and Christianity and also among communities such as Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims, Malays and Burghers, we need ensure reconciliation and brotherhood that will eliminate mistrust, doubt and fear among people. The developed countries of the world that are democratic and give an important place to freedom have many different races, religions, languages and are multi-religious and multi-ethnic societies. It is therefore necessary for us to understand that while protecting the historic dignity and respect of the Sinhala Buddhist people, it is also necessary to ensure the brotherhood, friendship and coexistence among all communities and move towards a just society that will ensure the rights of the people.
Moving further towards reconciliation, we have now appointed a Presidential Task Force and a Presidential Office for Reconciliation.

Having understood the internal problems, we face as a country we must take every action to prevent situations that led to the armed conflict that lasted three decades. For this, the friendship among all people is essential. However, it is regrettable that our political opponents are using the Internet and some media to spread false information that the armed forces are to be reduced or removed from the North. That land had been given to LTTE terrorists in Sampur. That more rights had been given to the Tamils and Muslims than to the Sinhalese. Such stories are entirely spread by extreme racists. Please do not give such false information to the world. This leads to large-scale misleading of Sri Lankans living abroad.

I wish to clearly state that during the time of the armed conflict the armed forces took private land for their use not only in the North and East, but also in the city of Colombo. Therefore, is it wrong to give these lands back to their original owners? Should we not return the large extent of private property acquired in Colombo Fort near the President’s House, around Temple Trees without any compromise on national security or weakening of and security camps? However, there is wrong publicity given about this.

We have a clear policy on this regard. A special Presidential Task Force has been appointed to regain State assets. Similar action is taken to recover the State properties transferred to others and funds belonging to the country placed in foreign banks. Action is being taken to obtain cooperation both within the country and abroad for this purpose.

If we consider development, our country imports food worth Rs 400 billion from abroad annually. Therefore, are we self-sufficient? With the building of roads and other constructions under the development of physical resources, this question of self-sufficiency is not solved. The national economy must be strengthened.

Our country is one with a beautiful environment. The natural resources, climate and weather are blessings to this land. With such assets, we do not need to import Rs 400 billion worth of food. We have the objective to strengthen the local agricultural economy.

Similarly, we are taking steps to strengthen the conditions of the public servants, workers and employees in the private sector. By addressing the needs of all these sections of the society we make our commitment to Good Governance as stated in our manifesto.

The freedom and democracy that comes with Good Governance should not be abused for personal gain. However, our responsibility towards people of the country and for the children born tomorrow must be fulfilled.
Every action will be taken to reduce and eliminate corruption and fraud. To this moment I have not made a telephone call or spoken to any officer in the Commission on Bribery and Corruption. I have not spoken to any officer in the judiciary. That is a necessity in good governance. The State sector should be an example to the people.

When I took office, the number of employees in Presidential Office was 1575. Now it has been reduced to 600. Reduction of a 1000. That is our example.

I very respectfully tell my people that I am committed to fully carry out the promises given in my election policy statement. I will leave no room for corruption, fraud, theft or waste. As I stated earlier when we are taking action against corruption and all these threats to society, there are people who like the slaves in America who were against the abolishing of slavery and said they preferred to remain as slaves. They seem to prefer a corrupt system and therefore mislead the public when action is taken to eliminate corruption and fraud.

I have kept my faith with the people. I know that the people will take the correct decision. We cannot allow the law of the jungle to supersede a good legal system. I do not hesitate to take required decisions. I will take every step possible, especially to protect and strengthen the people’s freedom and democracy and through these means eliminate corruption and fraud, and thereby protect the genuine rights of the people. It was with the possible sacrifice of my life that I contested the election. That was like a leap into the ocean with the lives of my children myself at stake. I am so even today.

I will conclude with the call to all my people to join in brotherhood and friendship to achieve the goals for which the people gave their mandate on January 8 and, therefore go forward to establish the society we seek for today and tomorrow.

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  • 29

    What a MAN! Humility, determination and TRUTH, the real qualities of leadership. Compare MS’s address to the Nation with RW’s address to some MPs!! Brash and unrealistic!!

    • 24

      Sirisena who is the puppet of Ranil-CBK attempts to hoodwink the public by spewing out the script written out for him by his masters!
      He speaks of slavery while being enslaved by Ranil (holding the chain) and CBK! (holding the whip).

      • 32


        If you want more democracy, freedom, accountability, respect for human rights, …………. and corruption free country please indicate by ticking thumbs up here.

        Those who want to kiss Mahinda’s bum please tick thumbs down. Dayan will officiate the kissing ceremony.

        • 9

          Judging by ticks so far, Dayan should not base his career on officiating bum kissing ceremonies.

          No reason for alarm though, DJ has multiple skills that are attractive to the market place.


          • 22

            multiple ??? Ho ho

            setting up one super power against another Nasser failed All failed .
            DJ can’t even romance with a coconut shell, da silva buruva ge potha.
            Tic tok is not his birth right.

        • 1

          Native Vedda

          looks like 20 to 25% are still Modayas, with I Q of around 65 who want to be slaves of Mahinda Rajapaksa. Rettraining takes time.

          Mr. Matripala Sirisena was talking about slaves who want to be slaves of Mahinda Rajapaksa and his cronies.

        • 1

          Native Vedda

          Here is the Video of President’s Address to the Nation on April 23, 2015.
          Maitripala Sirisena . Has English subtitles.


      • 6

        Kevin – looks like YOU are the puppet, “spewing” your MR propaganda on behalf of your slave-master so that you can live off the crumbs thrown to you from the ill-gotten gains taken from the people and the country. If you object to whatever MS has said you have the freedom to express it intelligently, unlike in the time of your master.

        Get a life! The people will not be fooled by “puppets” like you.

        • 6


          ʘʘ Pick Pocket Rustic Government
          Where is the big cherry on the cake.???


          ʘʘ”If you’re in a situation that Zhou Yongkang finds himself in, fully subject to the mercies of the Chinese interrogation services and at the feet of your chief adversary Xi Jinping, what wouldn’t you admit to in order to save yourself and your family?”

          China watchers say his punishment will likely match that given Bo Xilai – life in prison.

          As for whether Xi’s anti-corruption drive will continue to reach higher, analyst Pantucci said, “The question for me is whether they will really continue to chase down big figures like Zhou, or if this will be the big cherry on the cake.”

          After that,” he said, “the anti-corruption drive will continue, but maybe, become more of a background story rather than the prominent center-stage piece that it is at the moment.”

          ʘʘ China Slowing economy

          Slowing growth in the world’s second largest economy prompted the People’s Bank of China (PBoC) to stimulate lending, but that has seen the quality of loans deteriorate.

          China’s economy expanded at its slowest full-year pace in 24 years in 2014, undershooting the government’s target for the first time since 1998. The economy continued to lose momentum in the first quarter of 2015 with on-year growth marking its slowest pace in six years.

          The PBoC has undertaken easing measures to prevent the economy from slowing further. Most recently, the central bank cut the reserve requirement ratio (RRR) for banks by 100 basis points on April 19 to stimulate lending – the second RRR cut in as many months.

          ʘʘ More bad loans

          As the economy slows, the loan books at China’s 12 biggest listed banks are growing, but the quality of their loans appears to be deteriorating.

          ʘʘʘʘ Russia has bigger concerns than oil, ruble: Deputy PM

          ʘʘ When will Putin take the plunge is anybody’s guess; after his reserves same as of India around $336 billion dwindles.

          “How do we deal with this? We are working with new partners. This is why we are in China, in other countries, looking for new partners who can bring new investments into the country,” he added.

          ʘʘ Russia’s economy, which grew by just 0.6 percent in 2014, is expected to enter a deep recession this year under the weight of lower oil prices and sanctions, which have compounded the country’s underlying structural weaknesses and undermined business and consumer confidence.

          ʘʘ “We were not counting on higher oil prices in our economic policies. We were saving some money for the times like what we face now, so we have reserves that allow us to smooth this stage and to help poor families and increase unemployment benefits,” he said.

          ʘʘ As for the precipitous fall in the ruble over the past year, Dvorkovich said the implications are not all negative as it gives Russian manufacturing and agricultural exports a pricing edge in global markets.

          ʘʘ Will the world go to war after 3-4 winters- We are at it again Stalin’s Soviet Crimea with Putin-??

          ʘʘ Poacher President Truman, missed raining in on Russia which Roosevelt planned than partition of India and today’s ISIS crisis counting.

      • 2

        Kevin what a Moron you are. Go masticate on a banana.

      • 0

        Oh you have read too much of 50 shades of grey !

        Heard someone is writing a script ’50 shades of Jarawa’ – can’t wait for the show !

    • 4

      I totally agree with you Kumaraya. But 55% of slaves who love their slave master would not agree. These slaves see this rare humane, humble, gentle Lankan president as a puppet or week man. I am wondering how these people have seen humble and soft modern world leaders like Nelson Mandela or Mahatma Gandhi. ( I heard the above message in this MS speech, have you?)

  • 27

    We have faith in you sir
    that’s why we voted and nurturing the thoughts of GOOD GOVERNANCE. Hope you don’t disappoint us. freedom of expression freedom from poverty freedom from the thugs the criminals and the swindlers.
    Everything happened in this beloved land for over two three decades should be put to right.

    Slow and steady wins the race that’s what you should do and WIN the hearts of the true SLankans.and this country needs a saviour to get it right. Sooner than never.

  • 38

    Great speech by our President,Maitrepala Sirisena on the first 100 days of his government.

    The whole world will praise and appreciate him for what he has been able to achieve in this short period. People are enjoying the freedom which was lost during the last 9 years. Cost of living has come down. There are many more achievements.

    We wish him well, and may the Almighty God Bless him with good health, long life and continue his good governance.

    • 29

      What a difference from what we had in the last 10 years !

      Now we have a Statesman with real leadership qualities whom we can proudly call as our President !!

  • 25

    When Sirisena acts unconstitutionally, in his fervour to put MR away‎.
    Yahapalanaya – out the window!

  • 25

    Sirisena is dictatorial in implementing the wishes of Ranil-CBK. He politicised the military. He appointed 10 military posts breaking military protocol – undermining the very service that the country is indebted to.

    • 6

      Kevin – “Sirisena is dictatorial”?????? Hahahahahaha!! If he is dictatorial, how would you describe your apparent hero, Mahinda???

      If you have nothing intelligent to say, don’t say it here and waste our time.

    • 2

      Please look at the past and think for a moment..
      What was the culture and the kind of people MR was upholding and safeguarding? Whatever it is, there’s at least some hope now.

  • 26

    You cheated ‎us!

    • 14




  • 25

    An honest statement and a genuine appeal. I hope he will gain the necessary support and an end to this increasing lawlessness being preached by a band of parliamentary rogues.

    MS should summon them rogues individually and question them if they are above the law of the country or not. If they say yes, arrest the baskets and put them in jail.

  • 25

    You forgot to mention conveniently the pledge to dissolve the parliament on 23rd April dear President for whom we voted for this pledge and abolishing the Executive Presidency. You promised to establish the parliament abolishing the executive. 19th amendment is nothing. We are no fools.
    Flowery words OK. We can not wait till you negotiate with SLFP. We UNPers voted for you not SLFPers. Respect our vote. We did not vote for you to talk to MR. We are informed that Ms and Mr will meet to discuss contemporary issues. I think you are going to betray those who voted for you if you speak to MR.

  • 24

    Sirisena who is the puppet of Ranil-CBK attempts to hoodwink the public by spewing out the script written out for him by his masters!
    He speaks of slavery while being enslaved by Ranil (holding the chain) and CBK! (holding the whip).

    • 4

      Slaves who love being a slave would not understand this sort of modern world humble, soft leaders…

    • 1

      Hey Sopi, you must have forgotten that you made the same statement when you were writing as ‘Kevin’!!! What’s up? Forgotten your pseudonyms (you have so many!) and put your foot in your mouth??? With idiots like you supporting MR no wonder he is a thing of the past!

  • 21

    LOL – he speaks about how good he is! Clap! Clap!
    He enjoys the “wahal” bhavaya under Ranil and CBK! Sri Lanka has hit the pits‎! Dropping on all its indexes! He thought he could “ride” on the progress of previous government! But he had no vision to think that development includes “maintenance”.

  • 23

    Sirisena – a pathological liar???…….The man who said he never said to close the airport – addressed the nation on 23rd April 2015 and lied about the actions he has taken in the north. Never before have Tamils said they want a separate “president”. Now they want a “president” under yahapalanaya! He has fractured the relationships more than ever before!

  • 20

    What an excellent speech! So humble, so honest, so calm yet so responsible! In the previous thuggery regime of MR and sons and family and friends we did not notice this type of good governance or behavior! So proud of you, Mr. President and wish you all the best!!!

  • 39

    Come on Srisena,
    U and u r Sinhala Buddhist folks love Tamils suffering…why otherwise u cant fool Sinhala damn peasants…. go on be a man let Tamils rule themselves…stop f****g fool Sinhala modayas…. educate them…

    • 13

      ◕SL 86% of the citizens live in village atmosphere. India 66% China 42%.

      ◕Mr President rats live on no evil star you started with the Sobitha con of 100 days, picked pocket of Rajapakase …… hi_story is unfolding.

      “”therefore go forward to establish the society we seek for today and tomorrow.””

      ◕Rescue Buddhism not Sinhala Buddhist who a freaks of civilisation and you can never kill their faith like that of the medieval Muslim.

      “”I will leave no room for corruption, fraud, theft or waste. “

      ◕Even USA Judges would confirm PM Manmohan was true honest and intelligent economist fine man, but they all agree that GRAFT India breeding ground was a legacy that he alone broke records.

      ◕You just started with Central Bank Governor of CBK recommendation and Ravi approval.

      ◕Buying price 12.5% Selling price 7.5% OK we are aware of currency swap but at what rate the $1.5 billion for SLR to keep in new Industry floating and Lanka currency stable. India has reserves due to prudency and China has the most backed with workmanship provided we are diligent and not racist in any way

      22 establishment of totalitarianism, ending personal liberty and democracy as we know it 22,
      Mao too received US support to spread communism or Japan would have ruled them like Soviet would have been speaking German.
      Total graft runs smoothly under democracy.
      Like Totalitarianism.
      ◕ Roosevelt’s Ambassador to the USSR Averell Harriman cabled Roosevelt that “we must come clearly to realize that the Soviet program is the establishment of totalitarianism, ending personal liberty and democracy as we know it.”[243] Two days later, Roosevelt began to admit that his view of Stalin had been excessively optimistic and that “Averell is right.”[243]

      22 playing the superpowers against each other” ended 22
      ◕Nasser cut relations with the US following the war, and, according to Aburish, his policy of “playing the superpowers against each other” ended.[238] In November, Nasser accepted UN Resolution 242, which called for Israel’s withdrawal from territories acquired in the war.

      “while protecting the historic dignity and respect””
      ◕Life is a Paradox not for
      ◕Protect individual political rights not majority collective punishment. –
      Like Islamist crusaders Sinhalese.
      “” without any compromise on national security or weakening of and security camps?””
      ◕Move your Sinhala incompetent fat ass out of their hard earned money land into any other government land even at bintanne we communicate via net in 21st centenary.
      “”With the building of roads and other constructions under the development of physical resources, this question of self-sufficiency is not solved. The national economy must be strengthened.””
      ◕Without proper transport and infrastructure food does not succeed anywhere it failed in the USSR and Africa- where African public showed their middle finger Bob Geldof.

    • 14

      Hey Muthu,

      I am a jaffna tamil from chundukuli myself. We cant reconcile with your attitude. I think MS is doing a fantastic job and we must support him.

      Your comments display a racist mindset which you accuse the Sinhalese of. Absolute shame!!!

      • 4


        “Your comments display a racist mindset..”

        To have a mindset, one must pocess a mind. J. Muthu does not have one.


  • 4

    MS has delivered.

    RW has not delivered.

  • 17

    There cannot be a better way to send the message across to dumb elected members of the government who are backtracking on the most important constitutional amendment this country needs. Non of these dickheads had a word when changes were made to remove the limit of numbers of terms along with other dictatorial clauses.

    As the president mentioned it is the responsibility to the people by elected members to pass the 19th amendment. The Sri Lankans must ensure we do not vote these scoundrels back to power. We have been blessed that we did not see MARA for the 3rd time.

    Just listen to the words coming out of ex presidents mouth seems like he has got his wires mixed up so badly in the recent past. The noose must be tightening around him and his clan’s neck.

    Await further Big Bangs !

  • 6

    What a President. Well done, Sir!

  • 21

    Bodhi Sira presented this to Ambassadors from UK , Germany and USA , the day before.

    I wish Sira delivered this to the inhabitants in English and Tamil only , because there is only bad news for the great majority going forward.

    Sira was atleast f kind enough mention about the tens of thousadns of poor rural Sinhala youth who were culled from the Public Utilities such as RDA, UDA and even Sira’s own office.

  • 12

    “Every action will be taken to reduce and eliminate corruption and fraud. “

    First and fore most severe all the dealings with the most corrupted Indians. As long as you are friendly with the corruption filled India you can not reduce or eliminate corruption. Enough corruption will spill out from India and land on Sri Lanka. The corrupted India will never wish Sri Lanka to overtake them in prosperity and in corruption too.?? The west should see there is protection for every one in Sri Lanka and there is no intimidation of Tamils by police and armed forces. No interference by them in school and public or private functions and no interference in day to day life of a person. Make the Judiciary affordable to ordinary citizen. There should be guaranty to Protect Tamils from anti Tamil pogroms. India will fragment. If the west doesn’t care,p then China will fill the cap.

    • 13

      no wonder you send mums to medival ME and young boys adv in eU mags;
      so what do you know but spit on the salt you eat.
      [Edited out]

      Central Bank of Sri Lanka said in a statement. During his visit to Sri Lanka last month, Prime Minister Modi had pledged USD 1.5 billion in financial assistance on a currency swap arrangement. The Reserve Bank of India and Central Bank of Sri Lanka agreement will help Sri Lanka keep its Rupee stable.

  • 2

    Congratulations Mr President.

    You have proved with your actions that Sri Lanka can be governed with a clear vision and more efficiently by common people and not by people who were born to famous families with sliver spoons in their mouths. It is important for us to perceive this reality.

    Your reference to `slaves in America who were against the abolishing of slavery’ is the icing on the cake.

  • 1

    I would have liked to have seen President Ranil Wicramasinghe instead. I blame 100% the innocent population of this country for not being ready to elect him as president.

    Lack of support for the UNP and the loss of its fine leaders from the past has brought us to the end of a disappointing 100 day program.

  • 3

    What a great speech sans communalism for the 1st time from a seasoned politician with leadership qualities.The people understood him but not the half baked politicians, who are all out to sabotage the move of bringing all communities together and eradicate political thuggery, intimidation, corruption and nepotism. The best solution for the president is to call up the election and get a new set of educated politicians and move forward. He has the backing of the people and the international community and what else he needs to progress. There is a saying that empty vessels make the biggest noise and the people will silence them after the election after all they are a few of them of no fixed abode.
    It will be a grave mistake if the President does not call for the general election before the end of this month as people may get distracted by the rattling by a minority of 30 odd MPs, who does not have any vote bank, speak as if they are the saviours of the country. Obstructing the parliament functioning and parading on the streets are some of the narrow minded policies of these saboteurs of democracy.

  • 1

    There were things not done in the 100 days. The initial mistake done was to do this gigantic task withing 100 days and being a minority government.

    The moment you take in the real culprits even for questioning, the supporters of the former regime staged ILLEGAL protests within the Parliament and in front of the Bribery commissioner’s offices. If this was done in the MR govt, GR would have shot these protesters as he did in Rathupaswela.

    Here the President is asking to reduce his powers, unlike MR by the 18th amendment increased his powers and he faces such opposition.

  • 1

    The whole speech says the focus on PROCESS not the RESULTS..
    Yes we all were slaves of Mr. Prabakaran until 2009. Then all had to work till 08th Jan 2015. Now he says no slavery means all go to town. Had Mr. Lee Kwan followed the same Singapore still a fishing village. We donot ask to bring back MR..not at all. But we need a dynamic Leader who has a Vision.

    One Tuk tuk driver gave a different example. Since the village priest is more holier than the Officer in Charge of the village Police station we replace the O i/c with the Priest. Will Law & Order prevail in the village ?

    • 0

      That is why he is a tuk tuk driver…….. !

  • 3

    “President Maitripala Sirisena”

    Pronouncing these three words gently …… is the only thing that brings some hope in the hearts of ordinary Sri Lankans who are beginning to worry if the silent revolution they staged against all odds for the restoration of their democratic freedoms and the rule of law on January 8th is in danger of being reversed by the conspiracies of the criminal gang that was ousted from power.

    Sir, your words give hope to all of us: Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims, Burghers, Malays and the indegenous people. Your simple, unadorned words reflect the sentiments of the law-abiding, everyday citizens of this country: all what we want is to live in peace – respecting all Sri Lankans alike, but fearing no one – pursuing our livelihoods in a lawful manner, building a secure future for our children.

    We don’t doubt your sincerity for a moment, otherwise your words will not resonate with us the way they do. But, Sir, we urge you to be more resolute and insistent in your pursuit of the mandate given to you by the people to reform the state machinery and develop a new political culture. We know your challenge is great and you are facing many dangers as the enemies of the people’s march to freedom are regrouping at the moment in a manner unprecedented in postindependence Sri Lanka. You can be rest assured that all decent, fair-minded Sri Lankans are solidly backing you in your fight against the forces of reaction and will be with you all the way until you achieve victory.

  • 1

    Sir,you bring pride to our beautiful country.the minority hAyers willl always condemn you,but we have faith that you will. Preserve the sovereignty of Srilanka,thank you sir .I severely hope the younger generation will follow your goodness.the behaviour. Viewed recently was atrocious.pleased sir encourage to instill good behavior an good manners amongst the Srilanka..discipline is zero,tolerance is below zero

  • 2

    Great humble speech.
    When i voted you in its true i had
    high expectations. I am sure most
    people agree. But your 100 day plan was too ambitious to be done in 100 days.And yes as a result many may judge you as a failure.

    On the flip side I voted to get rid of dictatorship, voted for freedom of speech, a lower cost of living in order to give the common man a chance at survival(questionable)and a smaller cabinet.

    You have done this. Specially in the freedom of speech area judging by the comments on this page.

    I dont worry if you are a puppet or not or if this is a unp or slfp led govenment as long as you get the job done.

    Work on the abolishment of the executive presidency and other tasks.

  • 5

    Beautiful and refreshing.

    Powerful in its Simplicity.

    Thank you Mr. President

  • 5

    For argument sake !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    MS has missed out on 23/Apr according to his promises.
    6.2m people voted for Sira for a change and not to the parlimentarians.
    If he promised the people 19A he must use that mandate or go back to the masses. There is no necessasity to give Ministerial Posts to the Parlimentarians to get 19A approved.
    The way Sirisena appointed Ranil as PM from the minority party, he must act in the same manner to bring in the 19A.Parlimentarians are not responsible for 19A.They may be a bunch of opportunists appointed longtime ago for other reasons and promises by the masses.

    China Snub
    Chinese Could Spend $50 Billion on New York City Real Estate Over Next Several Years according to Phillip Micheal-“The Street”- MSN 24.04.2015

    At a time Chinese have & are heavily investing in USA property, $$ figures are mind boggling. Philip Micheal of the “The Street” states USA expects another $ 50b from Chinese Investors. Chinese have bought off the Waldorf Hotel as well.
    Duped by USA/India alingment, Sirisena driven by Ranil, CBK does not see the economic reality. If Chinese investment is good for the USA, why is it bad for Sri Lanka.
    Snubbing China is costing the Government & her people billions of $$ in economic development.
    Why don’t the Yahapalanaya see the economic reality which is benefitting the USA ?????????????????

    • 9

      If the Tamils and Malayalee’s can run splendid software schools at Shanghai and are considered good businessmen by the general public what is this ala battala talk of enemy China??
      Many countries set up traps to steal wealthy people from China. Even the rich govt. officials are moving their assets oversea. Soon China will have no millionaires left.
      Meantime, the super US Congressional and Govt. heroes in Washington DC will soon pass world laws that it is illegal for China to have millionaires. These US officials are brave to protect wealthy Chinese from harming themselves (sort of like the humanitarian b-oombing in Libya by NATO so that dead Libyans could not harm themselves anymore).

  • 2

    People say you are a weak leader because you ARE a weak leader. Becoming president doesn’t change your personality. It has nothing to do with how you use your power, its about how you manage yourself.

    • 4

      You mean dressed up, chest thumping Tarzan like personalitity ? Mama thamai miniha (I am the man) !

      Poor Eranda, don’t you know we have evolved ?

  • 3

    who ever prepared it let us take it as the genuine view point of the president. if unruly and racist elements are negative that itself is a victory for the president.country has to be redeemed and move forward. mr. president; pl. appoint professionals and genuine people to important positions. even if you appoint trustworthy people they should be efficint and clean. there are thousands of them who did not find any place earlier. they were silent and observing. at least follow singapore and malasia.what they did was elimination of corruption and bribery and making use of professionals. look at the complaints re; economy and education.think of the way to stop brain drain and bringing back our brains from abroad.there are very good people writing very often to educate the people and their pol. leaders-prof.hettige, dr.jehan perera,prof.luxiri fernando. there are so many others. find out from your tamil and muslim leaders about the professionals among them. give them equal opportunity to serve the nation.see how many of them are in the upper echelons of the govt.bureaucracy.then you will understand how they are underrepresented.i can continue like for hours and hours. but i am not sure whether i am reaching you.
    anyway congratulations on your 100 day performance.

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