13 August, 2022


Geneva And A Developing Axis

By S. Sivathasan

S. Sivathasan

S. Sivathasan

There are two events taking place in the first half of this year which are seen to have a major impact on the destiny of the Tamils of Sri Lanka. The UNHRC Resolution for an International Inquiry into happenings in Sri Lanka is one. A tectonic shift in the power equation in India is the other. The first envisages a probe of serious human rights violations. The second, why tectonic? For once since 1984, a single National Party; BJP is getting close to an absolute majority. In the seat of power with confidence it can draw four players – Delhi, Chennai, Colombo, Jaffna – on to a single platform.   Both will run apace to affect and to influence the course of political fortunes in Sri Lanka.

Geneva and Aftermath

What is the hallmark of Geneva 2014? Sri Lanka’s bluff of 2009 is called in 2014. The UN Institution tolerant of bluster had lost its patience. The world has now seen the sharp insights of powerful states successfully at work. Countries where individual agendas prevailed preferred to remain neutral. India apparently was mired yet in Nehru’s ethos of non-alignment, to put it cynically. To the countries with inhibitions or domestic concerns of their own, Geneva deliberations had made little impression. But the developed West and the developing rest moved as the weightier segment. Why this new orientation? What brought the change about?

Dramatis Personae

Tamils in Sri Lanka, most affected by the war which they call genocidal continue to remain aggrieved. They have thrown up a committed leadership for representation in Parliament. In a significant way they have placed in position the Northern Provincial Council devoted to their cause. They have both worked in tandem to drive conviction in the minds of member states of the Council at Geneva. The support extended by the million strong Diaspora with a growing unity of command among their spokesmen, complemented the efforts of the indigenous leadership.

Drawn from all parts of the world, they acted in concert and struck together. Personal interaction with policy influencers in the international community and with decision making personnel of the UN system had a profound impact. They established their sincerity to the leaders of member countries, making a deep impression in them. Plain honesty, persistence and zeal, unflagging for five years and more had exploded the canards of a rump or proxy engaged in such pursuits for mercenary reasons.

They marshalled evidence to overwhelm the fake and the fabricated churned out by the SL government and marketed by lobby groups and PR firms for pecuniary reasons. To the Tamils the CAUSE was of exceedingly high import. It was not without reason that tens of thousands had marched on snow clad terrain in Europe, US and Canada in the course of this century. The Tamils moving with verve and acting with unity was a rare factor and it made for success. It is set to stay and develop as a going phenomenon.


The youngest Tamil whose life was mercilessly extinguished in the struggle, swung opinion world-wide against SL government and in favour of the Tamils. It was pictured evidence of governmental brutality. A pointer to a myriad atrocities.  Balachandran son of the Tamil militant leader became like Julius Caesar mightier in death. He is now an icon of sacrifice because he was a picture of innocence. His memory has become indelible.

Presenting the tragedy videographically in the world arena is a tribute to the dedicated effort of Callum Macrae and his lieutenants. They had withstood many a calumny. Besides all the effect in citadels that mattered, it had ignited Tamil Nadu and inflamed the youth till the flames reached Delhi. No amount of SL government’s concoctions against it carried any credibility. Their fearlessness and persistence established their credentials as doughty defenders of human rights. They seemed to owe a duty to humanity that was spiritual, a personal obligation to prevent a recurrence. More importantly, the Tamil cause was furthered.

Above all effort, was the most trying task placed tortuously in the hands of Ms Navaneetham Pillay. Had she lacked in character, she could have cited ethnicity as conflicting with her duty and slipped out of a morally demanding engagement. In contrast she steered through adroitly and tirelessly much to the acceptance of the highest echelons of the UN and to the appreciation of the international community. A grateful people have dedicated a beautiful Tamil song composed by a Poet Laureate, set to music by a musician of renown and rendered melodiously. Transcending barriers it can melt anyone. It begins with the words “When pain afflicts, won’t you bring mirth into my heart with the melody of the lute?” Context is Father to young daughter.

World Leaders

As on many occasions, President Obama was in the forefront in speaking forthrightly for the cause of the Tamils. He had an efficient flow of information and trusting to the veracity of the facts he made a prepared speech which was televised on May 13th 2009 for all the world to know. On that date he spoke with feeling and with authority conveying emphatically that the Tamils were segregated and confined. He said:

“As some of you know we have a humanitarian crisis that is taking place in Sri Lanka. I have been increasingly saddened by desperate news in recent days. Tens of thousands of civilians are trapped between the warring Government forces and the Tamil Tigers with no means of escape, no access to food, water, shelter or medicine. This has led to widespread suffering and to the loss of hundreds if not thousands of lives. Without action, this humanitarian crisis could turn into a catastrophe.

“Now is the time to put aside some of the political issues that are involved and to put the lives of the men and women and children who are innocently caught in the crossfire, to put them first. So I urge the Tamil Tigers to lay down their arms and let civilians go. Their forced recruitment of civilians and their use of civilians as human shields is deplorable. These tactics will only serve to alienate all those who carry them out. I am also calling on the Sri Lankan Government to take several steps to alleviate this humanitarian crisis.

“First, the Government should stop the indiscriminate shelling that has taken hundreds of innocent lives including several hospitals and the Government should live up to its commitment not to use heavy weapons in the conflict zone.

“Second, the Government should give United Nations humanitarian teams access to the civilians who are trapped between the warring parties so that they can receive the immediate assistance necessary to save lives.

“Third, the Government should also allow the United Nations and the International Committee of the Red Cross access to nearly 190,000 displaced people within Sri Lanka so that they can receive additional support that they need.” Having highlighted the three steps he pledged that,

“The United States stands ready to work with the international community to support the people of Sri Lanka in the time of suffering. I don’t believe that we can delay. Now is the time for all of us to work together to avert further humanitarian suffering.

“Going forward Sri Lanka must seek a peace that is secure and lasting and grounded in respect for all of its citizens. More civilian casualty and inadequate care for those caught in resettlement camps will only make it more difficult to achieve the peace that the people of Sri Lanka deserve.”

Implicit in the 3 steps urged by Obama were the prevalence of the following:

Indiscriminate shelling, use of heavy weapons, no access to UN teams to assist trapped civilians, no access to Red Cross to 190,000 displaced people and humanitarian suffering. Fears were also expressed of a crisis turning into a catastrophe.

May I add that it is this peace that Sri Lanka has given the slip to and which the UNHRC has caught on in five years. Since Obama has a parental concern, Geneva and by extension the four power centres are likely to develop a rapport and move together.

Among world leaders David Cameron, Prime Minister of UK stands out for the stout defence of human rights. His tough position against violation of human rights and for restoring the rights of Tamils provided a beacon to the leading Western powers. In his unflinching posture he was unreservedly supported by Miliband brothers, Labour Party and the Liberal Party. Such a principled stand certainly transcended mere national interests.

In like manner was the long, sustained and forthright leadership that Stephen Harper Prime Minister of Canada and John Baird, Foreign Minister provided to mete out justice to the beleaguered Tamils. With the leading lights of the world coming together and acting in unison, International Investigation has become a fact of life. Tamils breaking out of the siege is now a proximate possibility

What is comforting to humanity is that the better elements of the International Community have joined hands to suppress inhumanity.

Janatha India

Vichy France and De Gaulle France were never the same. Nazi Germany and the Federal Republic are at the poles. In the short term, it is the tenor of the government that conditions our attitude to a state. So it will be after a political sea change from Congress India to Janatha India. Tamil Nadu and SL Tamils are poised to redraw their relationship with the power centre in a freshened Delhi. In the developing context of an impending international investigation, Geneva is constrained to deal differently from the past with Sri Lanka. From May onwards India’s stance with regard to Sri Lanka will be considerably different. The difference will make its way inevitably to Geneva.

The visit of Navaneetham Pillay to Sri Lanka and to the North together with interaction with those affected was path breaking. Her forthright presentation in Geneva had a clear impact on member countries. So did the labours of the strong presence of Tamil parliamentarians and the forensic skill of MA Sumanthiran MP. Tamils have thus got increasingly involved at Geneva.

Independent of developments in Geneva, political upheaval in India is altering her approach towards Sri Lanka relations and a drastic change has begun to unfold. From the present to the near future an axis is developing among four centres of power where policies will be moulded for a new ethos in Indo Lanka Relations. The centres are Delhi at the apex while Chennai, Colombo and the Northern Provincial Council located in Jaffna get drawn into its vortex. All four will have much to do with the UN system in Geneva as well.

Tamils can see new vistas opening and prospects growing for a resolution of the National Question. Very fervently they look forward to the triumph of Truth, for Justice to prevail and for Democracy to strike roots.

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Latest comments

  • 6

    The youngest Tamil whose life was mercilessly extinguished in the struggle, swung opinion world-wide against SL government and in favour of the Tamils.

    How melodramatic.

    We have seen so many innocent children who had nothing to do with this war, been killed in far more brutal ways than been shot, in places far away from war zones, in many hundreds, for many many years, yet you think world opinion tilted in favor of Tamils because of Balachandren’s death!

    Has your chauvinism got no bounds?

    Forget about Sinhalese, you are doing Tamils a great disservice by making Balachandran’s death even remotely representative of what they had to endure due to this war. Perhaps you may want to read what DBSJ has written about what Anandhi Sasitharan TNA NPC member’s husband “Ezhilan” did to “Tamil” children and “Tamil” mothers.

    • 5

      And read this: “As on many occasions, President Obama was in the forefront in speaking forthrightly for the cause of the Tamils…he spoke with feeling and with authority conveying emphatically that the Tamils were segregated and confined”.

      Ha.. ha.. ha.. It is the money talking, Sivathasan. It is the millions the company thief in jail now, Raj Rajaratnam gave to “Tamils for Obama” campaign that is talking.

      The cock-eyed view you have given here is utter bullshit. The UNHCR resolution does not mean a thing to SL and India’s BJP has declared its position on the Elam.

      You are a dreaming fool!

      • 4

        ” It is the millions the company thief in jail now, Raj Rajaratnam gave to “Tamils for Obama” campaign that is talking.”

        Renga Please!

        I am sure you don’t know even your name. Do you know when the Tamils for Obama formed?

        Raj is the one investing Mahinda’s money and Ranil’s money. If you don’t know, please don’t open your mouth.

      • 4

        Another good example of a kavum kana Modaya.

        Money or No-money, it is the US President talking, today it is Obama, tomorrow it may be Hilary, it is the Tamil power (influence, lobbying, campaigning, or whatever you call it).

        The UNHCR resolution does not mean a thing to SL???
        Ha, ha, ha……
        Then why did they spend millions of SL tax payers’ money trying to influence many countries to vote against the resolution.

        SL ignoring or rejecting the UNHCR resolution will help the Tamil cause by getting the world (UN & others) continuously involved/interfere in the Sri Lankan affairs including HR violation, Law & Order issues, devolution, etc.

        Irrespective of what BJP says today, it all depends on the King maker Jayalalitha. If Modi – Jayalalitha coalition comes to power, SL governments whoever they are going to be will have a really hard time.

        Eat a bucket full of kavum and go back to bed.

    • 2

      Forget about Sinhalese, Tamils factor. Think about a nation and humanity and the governance. You expect a government to behave honestly and humanely. People give the power to a government to respect to provide security and respect each individual as equal. You find all sort of criminals, law breakers but you don’t expect a government to break the law and safe guard criminals. You don’t justify killing of Balachandran by a state and argue Elilan did this to Silva and Silva did to Elilan and compare that with Government to Balachandran or Silva. Here, the truth is Sri Lankan government did kill unlawfully Balachandran and it should be investigated.

  • 6

    Don’t pin your hopes that Bala, the child soldier in the making was put to death by Sri Lankan forces. An investigation could prove otherwise. The child terrorist was abandoned by his cowardly “father”, the terror thug VP who ran away to save his own life.The terrorists must have killed the child soldier to avenge being betrayed by runaway terrorist leader VP. Why didn’t the fat, well fed child terrorist wear the cyanide capsule when other terrorist Tamil children wore them?
    The world has seen the bodies of Sinhala babies slashed to death, Sinhala women slaughtered, suicide bombings by Tamils. The fat boy drama is not likely to make much difference to the ” Terrorist Tamil Cause”!

    • 1


      “the terror thug VP who ran away to save his own life.”

      I beg to differ.

      Your Demela brethren VP was not a thug however he was a psychopath.

  • 4

    Very effective article.

    It is explaining how and why the billion of dollars and rupees that were spent on Bell Pottinger and others backfired on Royal Family. As a matter of fact, these goons are not going to stop the propaganda even after International Community,(for first time after 1948 freedom,) steps in to Sri Lanka and do justice for Tamils. That is where their income at this time stands.

    The diplomatic efficiency that was built by Kathirgamar for Chandrika’s government, the set up that turned around the condemnation revolution into a praising resolution in 2009, has been eaten atom by atom while the billion dollar propaganda was relentlessly firing day and night for the past five years. To those refused to cooperate to this immoral propaganda, the close friends of government, like Dr.DJ, Prof:Rajiva Vijeyasinge, General Fonseka, CJ Sarath N.Silva, foreign minister Mangala were humiliated and fired. CJ Shirani Bandaranayake was fired even against the constitution’s prescriptions. Hakeem showed desperate, cowardice pitifulness after being forced to go to Geneva to carried propaganda came back to hand over a note to Navi Pillay. Those cooperated like Prof:Peiris, Tamara Kunanayakam were treated even worse than the dogs on the road. Ministers known for their moderation with in the Sinhala community like VasuDeva, Rajitha Senaratne, DEW Gunasekara were forced to make and advocate the Gemunu Siddhanta. After all these, a resolution that is against the King’s government has been passed at UNHRC.

    The achievement at UNHRC is mountainous. UN means it is only for the countries. The countryless Diaspora, NGOs, TNA and others penetrated into the UN and provided the evidence and turned the UN against one of the its nation’s democratically elected government. This is like “One of your friend did a heinous crime like killing your girlfriend or raping her. You walked into his house. Talked to parents, Talked to his sibling. Even his wife children… Now the entire family is turning that man to law enforcement agency”. The same body which prised the King’s government for the way the war was conducted now holding it guilty of the way it was conducted.


  • 3

    Mr Siva……[Edited out] Tamil terrorists, I can tell you that you need to get your head examined ASAP. There are innocent Tamil people who are against LTTE and they were murded by these Tiger Terrorists. You sound like the Godfather of Velupulle and shame the LTTE did not get an opportunity make you there Symbol of eveil demon.

    [Edited out]

    • 1

      Ted you Sinkalam:

      Stop talking rubbish. TNA even with rigged vote by GOSL polled 87% and the message was Tiger Message. Ananthi polled the second highest and LTTE blood runs through her. You can Bark but you cannot bite anymore.
      Face facts mate you are doomed and when sanctions are applied Sinhala Lanka will grind to a halt and Ted Dexter will turn in to Ashes.

    • 2

      Ted Dexter

      If you have any stuff in your skull you must read and try to understand what Mr Sivathsan is saying. His article is visionary and it’s the most interesting article I’ve read recently.,

      Mahinda the mass murderer is in very big trouble.

      He did not praise the LTTE anywhere in the article – why are you bringing LTTE into this? The international investigation will also expose the crimes committed by the LTTE. I cannot wait to see the arrival of the UN inspectors in SL.

  • 3

    Wake up man……You are still living in Velu’s dreamland.

    • 0

      I have been wracking my brain as to where the word gopi (recently in the news as having shot at the police) came from. I now recollect that Manu brought in 20,000 gopis from his first foray into the hinterland.

  • 3

    If Obama is such a human rights campaigner why not dismantle Guanthana Mo Bay?Charity begins at home.

  • 6


    You have clearly summarized what may be happening in Sri Lanka this year.

    At last the evil hand of the Sri Lankan state will be destroyed for good.

    Hope for Tamils to free themselves from the Sinhalese yoke is at last glittering.

    • 0

      Let us hope that the human rights-loving Canada comes up with the needed visas.

  • 3

    It is Tamils and not Sinhalas who started Eelam wars in Sri Lanka. It is their elected leaders who instructed ‘Tamil youth to take up arms against Sri Lanka government and never to lay it down until Eelam is won’ at Vaddukoddai on May, 14th 1976. What more to say if LTTE terrorists had blasted 384 Tamil human bombs during the 33 years of those wars. Fortunately for Tamils, Sinhalese and others, MR government had ended those wars on May, 18th 2009.

    Everything in the North may not have come to be perfect since. But we’re far better off than Iraq where neo-cons brought their ‘real peace’ and democracy through war? Of cause there are numerous government shortcomings. But the question is; do Tamils not enjoy better benefits of peace in Sri Lanka than Iraq since? They do. We know Sivathasans have an aspiration problem. Their aspiration is Eelam and that is affected with the end of the war. That is what has made Sivathasans to identify ‘Tamils as the affected party.’ We have no medicine in Sri Lanka to cure that illness.

    Sivathasan talk about a youngest Tamil [megalomaniac’ son] allegedly killed by the government. He forgets that much younger humans were killed by the terrorists during their 33 year war. Does Sivathasan not know about hundreds of babies and pregnant mothers killed in LTTE blasted buses, trains and public places. Or is he discarding those deliberate slaying by LTTE as collateral damage of war. Is that why neo-con gang wanted to investigate only the last few days of the war. We’re for investigating the entire period of the war.

    Callum Macrae is a champion of terrorist LTTE and its rump now. He only hear what they say. So, he never heard LTTE boy brigade and makkal padai cadres had cyanide with their necklaces. Macrae never knew Velu had instructed young boys and girls to bite cyanide to prevent capture. For that reason Macrae cannot visualize megalomaniac Velu wanted his body guards to kill his son to prevent his capture. I wonder Macrae forgotten that Goebbels, the Nazi propaganda minister did the same to his children after Hitler and his wife took their lives to prevent capture.

    Sure, Tamils have a ‘committed leadership’ and the Northern Provincial Council is devoted to that cause. It no secret that both have worked against Sri Lanka in tandem with neo-cons. Then again this has been the case about Malabar Tamils throughout their history.

    Fortunately for Sri Lanka, both Congress and BJP are against Eelam. Among states of India, only Tamil Nadu support Eelam; all other states are against Eelam. It seems, India has realized at long last that neo-con gang has a preconceived agenda to divide Sri Lanka and install stooges in both of them.

    One need not go further than analyse what Dilip Singha the Indian ambassador said at UNHRC to understand that. Singha said; “this resolution titled promoting reconciliation, accountability and human rights in Sri Lanka at the UNHRC imposes an intrusive approach of international investigative mechanism which was counterproductive apart from being inconsistent and impractical.”

    But Sivathasans will never giveup Eelam. They’ll do their best to land their TGTE, the pie in the sky in the North of Sri Lanka. They do not know that the pie will be smashed into pieces when it lands.

    • 3

      Banda you Idiot:

      It is you lot who started the RACE WAR from 1958 and we waged a Freedom War to free ourselves from Sinhalese Tyranny. But the end is in sight and we will never stop dreaming of Eelam. So stop talking rubbish.

      • 3


        “we waged a Freedom War to free ourselves from Sinhalese Tyranny.”

        And imposed Tamil tyranny on Tamil people and your freedom fighters ethnically cleansed Muslims.

        What a double standard!

        What a hypocrite you are!

    • 2


      “It is their elected leaders who instructed ‘Tamil youth to take up arms against Sri Lanka government and never to lay it down until Eelam is won’ at Vaddukoddai on May, 14th 1976. “

      Vattukkottai resolution was dead on arrival as those promises made by the Sinhala/Buddhist leaders.

      • 0

        Truth is Sri Lanka had buried the Vattukkottai resolution with the misguided terra boys and girls in Nanthikadal on May 18th 2009. Any ghosts that tall man or short man send to upset the apple cart will have be dealt the way yankees do.

        • 1


          “Truth is Sri Lanka had buried the Vattukkottai resolution with the misguided terra boys and girls in Nanthikadal on May 18th 2009.”

          Nope it was dead and buried immediately after it was passed. A memorial was built on the grave when IPKF arrived.

          Nanthikadal was where a Sinhala/Buddhist ritual was performed in order to ward off an evil spirit.

          The USA and Hindia jointly officiated the ritual.

  • 1

    It is only democratic and free journals like CT that allow Velu to publish such terrorist propaganda. Can a Sinhalese racist publish anything critical on Tamilnet or any other place? So much for discrimination!

  • 2

    Most of all, the followings took my uttermost interest

    “From the time of our Prime Minister Dudley
    Senanayake who went to Cambridge and is
    said to have managed with two suits, we
    have deteriorated …”

    Those who originated from the social scum only harm this much to state funds no body else. Cambrdige goers never did it.. would never do it.

    Today the man in power abuse going to the core – but the very same folks that ate kiribath jubilizing the killings of own civil folks, vote for the man again and again.

    ” now into times when the President uses
    excessive jewelry and, as Transparency
    International reports, as Chairman of state
    institutions, he donates to his son’s charity
    and the son then uses that money for his
    father’s elections and a sports-car life style
    which cannot be supported on his
    parliamentarian’s salary”

  • 2

    “Tamils breaking out of the siege is now a proximate possibility”

    Sums up the whole article and will happen.

  • 2

    These idiots are dreaming that BJP when it comes to power in New Delhi will give them Eelam on a platter. Pathetic.

    These fellows will never change. Fellows like Sivathasan,Kirupaharan and a whole lot of others have overnight become experts in international relations and international affairs. I would like to know which Universities did Sivathasan and Kirupaharan go to learn international relations and international law.

    This guy Sivathasan is quoting extensively from the President of a country that is considered the mother of all evils. Did the world punish America for all the war crimes it committed since world war two? Hundreds of thousands of innocent people were killed by the Americans in Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Continuing misery in Syria and turmoils and regime changes in Egypt and Libya were the handiworks of this evil American empire. And to this silly guy Sivathasan, Obama is a great lover of Tamils. This guy is shedding crocodile tears for Balachandran. Did he ever give a single thought to those unfortunate children from Vanni and other places in North East who were rounded up and thrust into an unwinnable war as child soldiers by this very Balachandran’s father?

  • 0

    An Update

    It is reported today that Ban Ki-Moon has called on the GOSL to constructively engage and cooperate with the OHCHR on the implementation of the UNHRC Resolution. This statement was in response to SL’s refusal to do so. At an interview in Geneva given in Tamil, MA Sumanthiran MP said, we know that President Rajapakse will not cooperate.

    The author of the Mahaaabharatha wrote a 1,000 years back about Duryodhana,the adversary of the Pandavas,

    “Even when advised, he will never listen. Blinded by overpowering fate he will not see his own destruction”.

    • 0

      Durhyodhana, adversary of Pandavas did not listen

      Do you think tamils are similar to Uthishtran?
      I believe both tamils are sinhalese have not learn their lessons. We do not need accusing fingers, people boasting about the past legacies.

      We need engagement and that is why CT is an important platform. I agree that the government is unwilling to listen. But I can’t understand the logic of BJP saving srilankan tamils.

      Survival tamils in srilanka is intricately linked with survival of sinhalese. The international community perhaps feels that main deterrent for reconciliation is current regime. Regime change will most likely to come if sinhalese and tamils unite not via BJP.

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