28 September, 2023


Gintota, Politics & The Muslims

By Latheef Farook

Latheef Farook

It appears that racism and racist politics which brought endless misery to people have started rising its ugly heads again. This time it is at Gintota, a town close to Galle in the South of the island.

It was racist politics which divided communities, paved the way for the 30 year ethnic war which in turn virtually destroyed communal harmony, economic progress, caused political instability and the killing of innocent people from all communities while politicians and their sidekicks flourished on arms purchase.

On Tuesday 14, 2017 Minister Lakshman Kiriella said that the 30 year war might have cost Sri Lanka US Dollar 400 Billion. This is colossal amount of money which, if used for the development, the country would have been a paradise to the benefit of all.

However the disgusting racist politics since the end of the ethnic war in 2009 only point out that racist politicians and their mercenaries have not learnt any lesson .As a result communal tension continue to rise.

Sinhalese and Muslims in the Gintota area lived in peace and harmony for generations. However some racist mercenaries including Buddhist monks oppose peace.    

On Tuesday 14 November 2017, a Sinhalese teenage boy riding a motor bike knocked down around a 55 year old Muslim woman who was injured. It was purely an accident and nothing to do with communal hatred.

The woman was taken to hospital, given treatment and sent home. Later the two sides, relative of the Muslim lady and the Sinhalese motor bike rider, met and amicably settled the issue. The boy reported to have paid a sum of Rs 25,000/- as compensation to the lady who has in turn agreed not to complaint to the police about the accident.

The issue ended there peacefully.

On Thursday 16 November 2017, around 6.30 PM some Muslim boys who were returning home after playing football in the same locality were attacked by some Sinhalese. Muslims went home, brought people and attacked the Sinhalese who attacked them. In the process Muslims also attacked a Sinhalese house which they admit was a mistake.

However since then tension began to rise and Pradeshiya Sabha member Kayas who usually takes active part in community issues went to meet prominent Sinhalese in the area to settle the matter peacefully. Representatives of the two mosques and Sinhalese in the area met on Friday 17 and agreed to settle all issues amicably.

However the Buddhist  priest  in the temple in the area, supposed to be a close associate of racist outfit Bodu Bala Sena general secretary Galagoda Atte Gnanasara Thera, accused Kiyas of inciting  problem, got him arrested and refused for a peaceful settlement. Result was tension again which many Sinhalese and Muslims believe was uncalled for. 

In the midst around 7 pm two bus load of people, all of them outsiders and face covered, suspected to be armed, arrived at Gintota junction together with four Buddhist monks. In view of the rising tension there was increased police force and STF personnel at the Gintota junction. However police and STF personnel were withdrawn after Friday prayers at around 1.30PM. Now the people question why they were removed despite rising tension.

The mob started moving into less populated areas first. They threw stones at a small mosque in the Gentofte junction. From there they started stoning Muslim owned houses and shops. Some of these shops were robbed and emptied of goods.

They started their attacks in full swing around 8.30 pm and continued for one long hour until 9.30 pm. From 8.30 pm onwards the mob moved into areas such as Kurunduwatta, Maha Hapugala, Welipitimodera, Ukwattha and Piyadigama to continue their attacks.

They attacked in the darkness and people pointed out at Muslim houses and shops saying ‘meeka thmbigi ge, meka thambige kade’. While these attacks were continuing Muslims tried  to contact the police. All their frantic efforts failed as there was no response.

According to Muslims in the area the mobs attacked two mosques, 66 houses, 26 shops and 14 vehicles. Police said 19 persons arrested in connection with the clash were produced before courts and remanded till November 30.

Muslims in the area feel that the absence of police till 9.30 pm gave the mobs sufficient time to continue their attacks on Muslim houses and shops. While the mob went on rampage the two buses which brought the mob were parked in the Sinhalese areas.

Till the police arrived Muslims were at the mercy of mobs. They gathered near the mosque to see what they could do to protect themselves and their property .They now suspect that the mobs were hiding in the temple where the monk who refused peace talks live.   

Some Muslims claim that they had seen police vehicles using head light which facilitated the attacks while others said that they had seen police vehicles moving slowly while the mob attacked Muslim owned properties. However they didn’t make any attempt to stop the attack.

Muslims now begin to feel that this not an isolated attack but a planned and coordinated one.

Meanwhile in a special statement issued on Saturday 17 November 2017, Law and Order Minister Sagala Ratnayaka said “the tense situation that developed in Gintota on Friday night has  been brought under control and law and order restored.

He said that additional Police battalions, the Police Special Task Force, the Anti-riot Squad and the military were called in to bring the situation under control. A police curfew was imposed on the area until 9.00 am on Saturday. The curfew was reimposed yesterday from 6.00 pm to 6.00 am Sunday in the Gintota East and West, Maha Hapugala, Welipitimodara, Ukwatte, Piyadigama and Kurunduwatte areas.

Minister Ratnayaka said “I am aware that some political groups are now on a desperate mission to turn this minor brawl into a Sinhala-Muslim clash. I urge the public not to be misled by their false propaganda. The same elements are now in the process of disseminating false videos and news on social media platform to stir up communal sentiments. I reiterate that stern action will be taken against everyone, irrespective of their positions and political affiliations, who attempt to resort to racist propaganda. “The same will apply to the rumor-mongers trying to capitalize on the opportunity to achieve petty political gains”.

Countering this statement parliamentarian Wimal Weerawansa told the Parliament that communal violence is being aroused in Galle and surrounding areas by the government to divert public attention from the Treasury bond scam probe.

He added that: “a very insignificant incident had been snowballed into violence among Sinhala and Muslim communities. We call upon the Sinhalese and Muslims not to fall prey to these tactics. Do not give into emotions. These clashes are not natural incidents. They seemed to be well planned events staged by some groups at the behest of very powerful people.

“Their target is to grab public attention from the topics being discussed in the public discourse. Such events could change the news headlines from the current situation where all newspapers talk of the Treasury bond scam and its footnote gang. They want to create different headlines. No person could kill another or set another’s property on fire. The people do so only when they are assured of the backing of some powerful persons. There is a very strong hand behind these ugly incidents. The people should understand whose hand that is.”

UNP parliamentarian Mujibur Rahuman said: “Communal violence erupted in the Gintota area and nearly houses of Muslims have been set on fire. Their properties have been damaged. Vehicles had been set on fire. We are talking of human rights and war crimes today. We have been able to win the confidence of the international community in that regard with some positive actions. But unfortunately we failed to stop yesterday’s violence. 

“Please do not let the country slide back. We call upon the President and the Prime Minister to implement the law immediately. We call on the IGP to implement the law and take action against anyone irrespective of their positions. We changed the government to avoid such incidents. Muslims live in fear”.

Leader of the House Higher Education and Highways Minister Lakshman Kiriella: “We assure that the law would be implemented and that it would be done immediately. We give that assurance to this House”.

On Saturday morning, Minister of Home Affairs Vajira Abeywareana visited the scene and, among the others, met Galagoda Atte Gnanasara Thera at the temple to explain the situation. The question is what and who is Gnanasara Thera, a man of violence known for his hostility towards Muslims and the one who instigated violence against Muslims in Aluthgama, Beruwala and Dharga Town, doing in Gintota especially at a time when tension began to rise between two communities. Whom does he represent? There are numerous court cases against him accusing him of violence against Muslims. Under such circumstance why should the government pamper him by a government minister meeting him?

Prior to the meeting, the Minister Abeywardena met several religious leaders and officials at the District Secretariat office and urged them to be aware of the situation because unscrupulous elements trying to trigger communal disharmony in the country.

The Minister noted that some political groups are now on a desperate mission to turn this minor brawl into a Sinhala-Muslim clash and he urged the public not to be misled by their false propaganda. “The same elements are now in the process of disseminating false videos and news on social media platforms to stir up communal sentiments. I reiterate that stern action will be taken against everyone, irrespective of their positions and political affiliations, attempting to resort to racist propaganda. The same will apply to the rumor-mongers trying to capitalize on this opportunity to achieve petty political gains,” the Minister asserted. According to Police media unit, the late Friday mob attack was due to nasty social media notices, comments and fake messages posted.

Meanwhile Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe  visited the area on Sunday 19 morning and inspected the houses and properties that were damaged due to Friday night’s attacks. He has called for an official report, from the Inspector General of Police, on the violence that erupted in Gintota and its surrounding areas over the weekend.

The Premier too assured that stern action will be taken against those who cause violence and unrest. He noted that even though curfew has been lifted the area will remain under tight security. The Premier instructed Police officers to visit affected homes and record statements. He noted that a separate team will be deployed to assess the damage. Additional Police teams and STF personnel have been deployed in Gintota and the surrounding areas.

The situation is that former president Mahinda Rajapaksa has to his credit Aluthgama, Beruwala and Dharga Town pogrom, and now, Maithri –Ranil team have to their credit Gintota pogrom. The need of the hour is not to entertain racist elements but to deal firm with them to prevent such disgusting incidents.

Muslims, disgusted with the Rajapaksa government, now begins to feel that Yahapalanaya is no better in view of its indifference on many important issues of Muslims. Unless racist mercenaries are curtailed all talks of reconciliation become fruitless.

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    TO THE ATTN: FAROOK…..Gnasara Thero Represents The Sinhala Community………Are U A Thoththa Baba Not To Know That…………..Your Analysing Things Are Not Correct And Not Up To Standard………..We All Know That You Are A Promoter Of Muslim Extremism………….Which Will Reap Very Bad Results In The Very Near Future………What We See Presently Is Not A Very Good Sign For The Peace Loving People Who Has Suffered a 30 Years War………As When Ever There Is Heat Within The Communities All Politikko Gather Against The Major Community Same As Done With The Tamil Extremist Groups…………….Just To Get The Minority Votes…..Adhering The Divide And Rule Policy Of The Colonials……….Pushing The Country Towards Racism…….But This Time These YAMAPALLA Stinking Politikkos will not be able to get away As All Patriotic People In Every Community Has Understood These Political BAS***DS…….THey will GET What They Deserve After They Go For Campaigning For Votes As No Other Time Done

    • 2

      The Govigama criminality has no end. From the 1900s, the GOVIGAMA (Jewish/Brahmin blooded Thelungu Origin criminals) who have plotted against the humanity with the backing of the Western Jewish systems (US,UK & the EU) by mass murdering the native people inciting one against the other. That’s why Anagarika, Ven. Soma and the Gnanasara been trained overseas (Tel Aviv, Washington, Lodon evil axis trained) on how to conduct Anti-Islam War Mongering and Terrorism with the state patronage. Always, the Govi Media Terror coming from (Upali Newspapers/ Wijeya Publication/ Derana/Swarnavahini/TNL/Hiru) Media outlets never fail to keep the racist fire burning by inciting the Sinhala against Tamils and the Muslims.

    • 1

      70 years of Govigama criminal rule of this Triple Cursed country has caused immense death and destruction on large scale to satisfy the Jewish masters who are controlling the Financial Evils (World Bank/IMF) and the evil UN system that promotes the Zionist agenda through their secret Jewish agents planted on all foreign governments in world. Govigama are one of their agents entrusted in the project to destroy the Tamils with full backing of the Jewish blooded Brahmin rulers of the Zionist India. SL racist govt., do not have any plans to ban the many Buddhist Racist groups the many Govi Govts to mass murder the Non Govis on false pretenses which is playing right at the moment including GINTOTA.

      • 1

        At the moment the Govigama establishment is powerful with the government in their hands no matter which party comes to power whether SLFP or the UNP, the criminality is always stays under the Govi control. The Wijewardenes media (Upali Newspapers and the Wijeya publications, TNL) and the Rajapaksa family backed Derana, Swarnavahini, Hiru, Mawbima are doing intellectual Terrorism by backing the Govi Terrorism campaigns carried out through the JHU headed BBS and other mercenary Sinhala Buddhist outfits writing and publishing lies against the Muslims and the Tamils and covering up their criminal activities. The victims are totally defenseless and are always comes under further discrimination through the Govi media with twisted stories on a pogrom they conduct and by pitting the blame on the innocent victims. 70 years of Govi racist experience is helping them a lot in this regard.

      • 1

        The Govi leaders will not remove JHU and BBS terror outfits from the society as they will be used again and again to incitements and then use them for pogroms as they been doing this from 1915 with many other organised terror activities. Derana Chatura is a media gobbasena who knows how to use his gobba programs to incite the Sinhalese against the Muslims and the Tamils. Govigama operation is a multi faceted big organisation that is designed to destroy this country bit by bit.

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      pot calling kettle black……………….

  • 5

    Dear Latheef Farook,

    Racist politics destroyed Sri Lanka but opportunistic politics by Muslim politicians played a key role in encouraging racist politics as well. Sinhalese did not learn the lesson of the impact of racism and Muslims did not learn the lessons of opportunistic politics. Muslim politicians were together with the racist politicians for ministerial posts.

  • 4

    Monk Gnasara is a police man of Buddhist world today ..
    He is worried too much about decline of Buddhism..
    It is a genuine fear ..
    All religions are drying away..
    Look what happened to Christianity today in west .
    70% of schools do not care about faith..80% do not go to church .
    Most of church are taken by Muslims as mosques in west ?
    The situation is not different for Buddhism too in west and east .
    In Sri Lanka how many percentage schools go to temples?.
    How many percentage of people go to temple?
    I estimate it is less and less now than old days.
    Modern technology is taking over religions.
    People who migrated to west eat all sort of meat and do not go to temple even once in life times.
    Monks have little control over people in west ?
    This decline trend has alarm some monk and they turn their anger into other community..
    Is it fair.?

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    This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our Comment policy.For more detail see our Comment policy https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/comments-policy-2/

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    All was done according to allah’s will. Why then you muslims get butt hurt?

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      Yo Shenal, Its the process of karma. Its not about the Muslims getting hurt, its the so called Peaceful and intelligent, karuna, metta, muditha is made to hurt in the process of mixing Jewish Talmud with Buddhism. Look at the leadership of Buddhism is being created by the Jewish backed Govigama criminals…. a filthy street thug is being promoted to be the protector of the Buddhist values…. Terrorism, lies and trickery is being used to hurt the innocent defenseless human beings. What’s being destroyed is not any other’s religion…it’s very same Buddha’s teaching they’re destroying operating from under your nose. Just imagine the enemies who destroyed the thousands of years old kingdom of the native Lanka by plotting with the Jews of the British Empire becoming the protectors of the very same religion… You don’t need any other Greater enemy than the Govigama Elite families….. Senanayakes, Wickremasinghes, Wijewardenes, Ranil, Maithree, Mahinda and Bandaranayakes are the best enemies chosen by the Jews to destroy the Buddhism from within…. Enjoy the invisible inner rusting….. Sponsored by Zionist system.

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    “Muslim politicians were together with the racist politicians for ministerial posts” , so you are saying innocent people can be attacked? Very good analogy. And is there any link for the brutal killing of Tamils? Ajith don’t be opportunistic.

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    This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our Comment policy.For more detail see our Comment policy https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/comments-policy-2/

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    Why this racist writer never utter one single word on the role of Mohommad Niyaz (Kaiz Hussain) the master-mind Muslim politician? What is the ethical right this humbug has to reject Ven Galaboda Atte’s positive involvement in this case? Why he says nothing on Faizer Mustafa, Rishad Bada Udin, and other bunch of Muslim politician who flocked together with their underworld gang? Are these racists to discuss this burning issues. This Latheez is a real Wahabi member.

    • 0

      This humbug has all the rights to reject drunkard, womanising and venom spewing priest like Gnanasara. If you love him and kiss his feet just because he is wearing a robe then lord Buddha will reject you. Ganasara has openly accepted his wrong doing and now trying to bring peace among the communities. If that is true Muslims can forgive him because forgiveness is an attributes of all religions.

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