29 June, 2022


Gnanasara Is Not The Disease, He Is A Viral Symptom!

By Vishwamithra1984

“Once you’ve built the big machinery of political power, remember you won’t always be the one to run it.” ~P. J. O’Rourke

Galagodaaththe Gnanasara, who is alleged to have been indicted in the past on four cases of DUI (driving under the influence), whose regular vocabulary is sometimes more disgusting than that of an uneducated petty thug in a street corner and whose fiery speeches have engulfed a naïve and susceptible ethnic group into violent, virulent and vituperative politicking has single-handedly managed to inflame hatred, jealousy and vengeance, three human qualities the Great Teacher, Gautama Buddha asked his devotees to discard as venomous human qualities from their day-to-day lives. The emergence of Gnanasara is directly correlated to the meteoric ascendance of the Bodhu Bala Sena (BBS), somewhat similar to that of the Taliban or Al Qaida of the Arab/Muslim world. As much as these Muslim fundamentalist organizations operate- desecrating the teachings of Islam and selling the Quran to suit their political goals, BBS and their propagandists garbed in saffron robes, too are engaged in that dishonorable and despicable act of debasing the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama and painting an ominous picture for the susceptible consumer, Sinhalese Buddhists, of a declining trend in Buddhism due to the imaginary vagaries of Islam.

Gotabhaya with BBSTo date, more than two hundred (200) incidents of vandalism, murder, manhandling, intimidation and public humiliation have been caused to those who claim another faith other than Buddhism as their religion. The fundamental premise of Buddhism, free thinking, has been denied to the very followers of that religion and some petty thugs are marauding the streets as Buddhist Monks, apparently charged with the responsibility of protecting some vested interests of diabolical politicians, quasi-patriotic political parties and political charlatans. Whatever they are pretending to be safeguarding, it is quite sure, is not Buddhism nor its pure teachings nor the devoted followers scattered throughout the island. Yet their appeal is very magnetic and its message, although very cynical in execution, is lending an identity to a segment that is in search of an identity. This much I have already written about in my last week’s column. But the effects of organizations such as BBS on the societal evolution and the direction it takes a community in a frenzied ride could be enormously catastrophic. What flared up in Aluthgama was merely a manifestation of that phenomenon at a fairly controllable level.

The infamous ‘83 riots are now more than a quarter century old. The images of innocent men, women and children whose lives were forever altered, some of whose last breath was taken among burning tires and kerosene pyres, properties and businesses vandalized and destroyed and some people garbed in Saffron robes leading the mob pointing their holy fingers at the boutiques and abodes to be burned in that frenzy of killing orgy may now have been swept away into a indistinct and faint memory by the winds of time. Only the ravages of racial enmity and religious antagonisms were left behind as a dishonorable legacy of a generation driven by jealousies, hatred and suspicions of their fellow men and women. The Sinhalese mobs attacked their Tamil brethren with such a ferocious mindset, a mindset conditioned and shaped by myths and legends of the Great Chronicle, Mahawansa, and in such an unprecedented scale, the pogroms engineered by Hitler’s ‘Brown Shirts’ in the late nineteen twenties in Germany looked only a shade or two crueler and more ghastly.

These are the indelible scars of civil wars; a permanent line of division and disparity between two national entities carved out for Sri Lankans to grapple with in the following decades and centuries. When engrossed in the flight of mayhem and violent riots, one loses all sense of reasonability and self-constraint; one loses all sense of wisdom and far-sightedness; one simply reacts to mob mentality which overtakes rational thinking and balanced decision-making. Instead of making deliberate decisions in favor of this or that, one begins to act on momentum, a momentum that is ever corrupt and corrupting in its each stride with an acute desire to avenge based on a centuries-old racial hatred that is veneered by a phony sense of patriotism. That was the sad saga written in blood, sweat and tears in ‘Black July’ of 1983. No accomplishment that any civilized people could be proud of.

The ‘83 July riots did not give rise to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Ealam (LTTE) but it certainly accelerated the process of recruitment for the militant Tamil organizations and in fact, acted as a tremendous recruitment tool for the up and coming Tigers at the time. What a waste of ‘grand old patriotism’?

But what happened thirty years ago and during that period is all history now. The triumphant Sinhalese majority and their political leaders who claim victory in that violent conflict, are resorting to naked triumphalism at every corner of the socio-political landscape and calibrating those very base emotions of a voting population which in turn have been ushering in the Taliban-type violent and fundamentalist quasi-religious organizations such as BBS. And with their irresponsible and uncouth leaders clothed in the very robes that the Founder of that religion asked his Maha Sangha to wear in order to identify the serenity and solemnity of the philosophy that he preached at the foot of the Himalayas, these organizations are being manipulated to gain undue advantage at the polling booth for interested parties when elections come.

Now the true characters and subtle features of the real disease appear, ever so slowly but ever so violently too. The present regime’s dogged philosophy of treating all ethnic groups in Sri Lanka other than the majority Sinhalese as second–class citizens is not going to hold in a closely-integrated world that exists in the Twenty First century. When taken in the context of other violent manifestations of the dictatorial manner in which the current rulers have been governing Sri Lanka- the killings that included Lasantha Wickrematunga, impeachment of the Chief Justice, instigation of violence against independent journalists, ‘White Van’ syndrome and the ‘fear psychosis’ that has been engendered in the psyche of the people in general- rise and growth of extra-social organizations such as BBS could be easily comprehended and ways and means of averting such extreme elements in our society too could be more easily understood.

In other words, fanning the flames of patriotism and love for ‘Sinhalese-Buddhistness’ is a winning issue for the ruling coalition. That is why at each election, their propagandists resort to the same hackneyed slogans of ‘war-victory’, Halal protest, Muslim invasions, religious conversions etc. Therein lies the disease, therein lies the malady. A socio-political disorder is being portrayed as a beneficial, patriotic and nationalistic notion. This notion is sometimes giving a much-needed ‘identity’ to a generation without roots, to a people without purpose; as Pundit Nehru described in the “Discovery of India”: “a generation that neither understood the inner content of a developing liberal society which is ever more amenable to modern-day discoveries of science nor that could relate to the age-old traditions that sustained man and kept him above the fray”. A listless band of wanderers caught up in the winds of change yet absorbing all the evils of that change and discarding the universal appeal of hard work, honest disposition and intellectual inquiry.

The shortsightedness of organizations and their cruel backers is further exposed when one takes this argument in the context of the enormous ‘job market’ that has been opened to Sri Lankans in the Middle-East, which has been one hundred percent (100%) Muslim in their adopted faith for centuries and extremely volatile in the face of perceived wrongs done unto them and exceedingly cruel and inhuman when extracting vengeance. It is not a clever ploy on the part of election strategists in Sri Lanka to antagonize such a universally-recognized force of extreme fundamentalism that take the form of Taliban, Al Qaida etc. Making our own adjustments, compromises and concessions is not appeasement; it is clever and wise politics and courageous statesmanship.

The disease has invaded the body-politic of Sri Lanka. Its control over the entire frame, the flesh, blood, veins and marrow is total. Manifestations of symptoms such Gnanasara, Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU) and BBS are being treated with kid’s glove and more often than not, with extravagant veneration. When a surgical operation is the answer, Band-Aid solutions are suggested and executed. No one dares touch a Saffron Robe; Gnanasara is protected from such corrective measures and instead, the helpless victims are being paraded as villains and wrong-doers. Merchants of political cynicism and religious distrust remain untouched and untouchable. These politico-religious untouchables are taking a vulnerable public and unsuspecting devotees inexorably towards certain chaos, at the end of which is ‘total power and total control’. That is what remains at the end of that road- chaos and disorder. That is what Hitler achieved in the late Nineteen Thirties with ruthless efficiency and that is what’s happening in Sri Lanka in the second decade of the third millennium. Hitler’s “Thousand Year Reich” lasted just twelve years. Our leaders also must realize that their power too has much shorter a run than they would like to anticipate.

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  • 10

    Dear Writer, Thank you very much for writing this brilliant piece of writing on BBS, Very true Sri Lankan who loves to see a prosperous Lanka should read this article. This is one of best on BBS and description is very much vivid. The similarity between the racism of Nazi and BBS is very much exposed in this article. This tells people whether you are Muslim or Hindu or Buddhist when they see barbarism and injustice they boil out with anger. justice is unconditional. There is no one justice for Praba and another for MR. whoever does injustice and aggression they would reap the fruits of it. See what happened to all dictators and aggressors in the world.
    It is in the interest of Sri Lankan BBS should wiped out now before it pour out of contexts. BBS could destroy Lankan economy soon. Who give jobs those people who lost their jobs in NO LIMIT and cloth factory in Aluthgama. .

    • 2

      They killed avaanche of tamil civilians. They did care any kind of killings among Sinhalaese during the last few years. They now start killing musliims. Today technology is powerful enough any legal authorities to analyse the danger of this outfit that now has become from ant to the elephant due to the full ignorance of lanken security forces/legal authorities, but they further stay in dead mode telling something palatable to animate and manipulate the buddha intoxicated masses for no reason. Buddhists that sometimes behave intoxicated but not knowing the facts and figures of the key reasons BBS to rise up have been focused by Rajapakshe regime to continue their terms even if the minority educated masses would go vehimently against them, but to stay in power calling it them to have elected from the masses.

      My only wish, now the minority appeared to be the educated to grow within shorter period of time, in this almost fully literate nation.

      Sinhalayani, Demala janathawani,Muslim Janathawani, please wake up, we are caught by dracons. MR visits the vitimzed areas in Aluthgama, as if an indian film star would have done, but his agendas are not as he promise to the poor there. People cant know what his underground net work run by his brother Gota may have planned to go for next. Brutal politicans like Rajapakshes abuse the poor people as human shields but not in the same manner Prabakaran did, but in an intelligent form.
      Like making thinking shiny, but underneath planning every devious agendas to stay in power. If anyone would ask me about my say, I would fealessly say, this man Rajapakshe DESERVE to be jailed for all these crimes he commited and being commited even today. There will be no excuse.. to the very same manner Sadam did, he continues to live up abusing poor majorities.

    • 2

      The very day – Athathi Rathne former Election commissioner issued the results of last presidential eleciton, he sounded as he went through all the torments that a human being could have gone due to the stress made on him.
      What kind stress and what really took place in that regard is being out of the knowledge of any one upto this day. Results were rumouered to have been miscalculated by the mediation of Rajapakshes themselves. But none of these cleared it becaause athathai ratne was not interviewed by anyone in pulic, nor nothing about him was revealed since then either.
      So was the case with Tsunami embesszlement.
      So was the case with Duminda silva murder that took the life of Hirunika s father, entire world knew that it was Duminda killed Hirunikas father.. but state covered it telling sinibola story to the people, while the lawyers collective and everyone were deaf and dumb without reacting as any other democratic society would have done.

      And since then, there have been hundreds of crimes if not thousands have been reported, but none of them have been investigated to feel the average, that the regime piroratise the FAIRNESS and dignity of life… in making convictions against crimes and criminals.

      And the most recent events, decent UNP politicians of young sort, paid a visit to Hambantota and were physically and verbally attacked to the all abusive levels, but no nothing is done against those criminals… criminals that should long been kept in jails are free for their work to get done. Their wording are that abusive .. also towards the young MPs.. as they thought my god,.. what a society we live in.. Please get more from Ajitha perera and other few who went to the crime sites.

      Jara pakshe … Rajapakshe have manipulated the once civilized society to all abysmal levels .. that the average today would not feel secure anywhere even if the war is no longer there.
      Even during the war at its heights, people in other areas were not directly affected. War victory paved the way nothern and colombo folks to feel fine, but many others dont see its aftermath – as the regime makes every efforts to paint.

    • 3

      The writer may be right.

      But in today’s context – the state should be made accountable for all the crimes that due to the lack their proper actions have taken its rises.

      What happened to those who attacked the muslim shop owners and their properties at broad day light with police standing next to vandalists doing nothing but onlooking at the manner they go for it ?

      What happened to those criminals gangs that the TV screens clearly showed to the entire nation to have been hired to attack UNP MPs visiting to Hambantota lately ? What was their message as a regime ( president himself said.. it was just nothing but they themselves have animated those poor folks).
      Now what is happening in Aluthgama ?
      They dont even let medicos to make post mortem investigations of the the dead there independnetly…. while they denying the UN intervention for an independent investigation of alleged war crimes made by Rajapakshes in the war and since then.

    • 3

      Govt senior ministers make it clear BBS is no way acceptable


      See these ministers agree 100000000000000000000000000000000000%

      He clearly makes it if anyone would agree with BBS, they only belong to psychiatry.

    • 7

      BBS is the Worst thing that happened to Sinhalese Buddhism

      The politicians like Mara and GR are trying to exploit it.

      True Buddhists must get rid of these Maras, who are making a mockery of Buddhas Philosophy.

      Muslims lament before the pyre of Sumangala Thero


      The cremation of Ven. Ambepussa Sumangala Thero, incumbent of Sri Swarnagiri Raja Maha Viharaya at Rambadagalla in Kurunegala took place at Rambadagalla MV on the 26th. When the pyre was set on fire his student Bhikkus, devotees, relatives and Muslims including Abdul Faiz were seen lamenting grieved by the loss of a great personality to the community.

      Their tears indicated that the relationship Ven. Sumangala Thero had with the masses was very close and sensitive. In a country where extremist Bhikkus preach ‘aba saranay’ (death) for Muslims publicly crying before the burning pyre indicates the loving-kindness compassion shown by Ven. Sumangala Thero who was also popular as a vivid preacher, poet, author, journalist and an archeologist. He died of a heart attack on the 24th.

      Ven. Sumangala Thero, who was 56 years old at the time of his death, was popular among the Sinhalese as well as the Muslims in the area and was venerated by both communities as a very pious monk.

  • 7

    Disease…..Viral Symptoms….. are a wastage of good English words for this Lunatic.
    Ideal word should be SCUM.

  • 3

    Now he is a hooked smelly worm! trying to creep into hole to survive.

  • 2

    Dear Vedda,
    Just sit back and enjoy….

    • 5


      “Just sit back and enjoy….”

      Enjoy what?

  • 5

    Vishwamithra1984 –

    “As much as these Muslim fundamentalist organizations operate- desecrating the teachings of Islam and selling the Quran to suit their political goals, BBS and their propagandists garbed in saffron robes, too are engaged in that dishonorable and despicable act of debasing the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama and painting an ominous picture for the susceptible consumer, Sinhalese Buddhists, of a declining trend in Buddhism due to the imaginary vagaries of Islam.”

    BBS Follows the Mara, aka MaRa and cronies.

    Wahhabi follow the Satan and their cronies.

    Why the hell are they in the Land of Native Veddah?

    Please get back to South India.


    The Vedda Tribe

    • 4

      MR and his GOSL, will soon find Sinhala Buddhists being converted to other Religions, because of the Activities of this Man in Robes and his Cohorts.
      Then the ‘King’s Party’, Sinhala Buddhist Vote Base will decline rapidly, and he will find himself without the Power which he so craves for his Family.

  • 3

    Buddhism is a very humanistic philosophy and there is no other philosophy which understands a human better than the buddhism.

    If the buddhist monk Ghanasara does un-buddhist like things he will face the results in his life whether this or future.

    It is the christians and muslims who are really pi$$ed of because of him. Monk Ghanasara is one really gutsy one who has backbone to fight back Islamization of Sri Lanka and attempts of foreign cultures to dominate in Sri Lanka.

    It is pretty stupid to accuse the political machinery for every thing. It is nature of the politics to address popular beliefs and activities. Just read and see how what Jesus said and what Jesus did became christianity.

    Why don’t you talk about how Europeans and british fight against Islamization of europe and Britain. Why don’t you think why Americans are conscious about the ISlamization of America ?

    Sri Lankan politicians are and were backward that is two major foreign cultures are trying to dominate Sri Lanka and they are fighting it out by using buddhists.

    • 11


      “Buddhism is a very humanistic philosophy and there is no other philosophy which understands a human better than the buddhism.”

      What do the Sinhala/Buddhists got to do with Buddhism/Buddha’s teaching?

      • 4

        Good one Naive! Hit the soft dick hard.

    • 3

      JimSofty and Para-Avatars,

      “Buddhism is a very humanistic philosophy and there is no other philosophy which understands a human better than the buddhism.”

      As practiced by the Sinhala Buddists in Lanka, the Land of native Veddah.

      Buddhism The Great Evil — Part 1


      Buddhism The Great Evil — Part 2


      Child Abuse by a Monk in Habaraduwa


      Uploaded on May 29, 2010
      She sent her grandson to school with the idea of providing him with proper education to make him a good person. The Buddhist monk in charge of the temple asked her to send the child to the temple and she sent him there because they were poor. There was no possibility for them to pay the money for tuition fees. That was the reason why they sent the boy to the temple school.When the child began to refuse going to the temple school so adamantly, grandmother had to look for the reason. It was then only that she discovered that the child who was sent to learn good behavior, ethics and Buddha’s Dharma from the monk had in fact been abused by the monk.

    • 8

      Buddy Jim,

      Authentic Islam is indeed mono-theistic. Although most Moslems are pragmatic as well. They would know Jihadism would backfire on them first.

      What you need to get out of your thick head is that most Moslems want to live in peace too. They want to avoid conflict. If given a choice between Islamization of Sri Lanka vs Peace, I suspect they would choose the latter.

      That is why Sri Lanka needs to work with the Moslems of whom majority love peace and harmony to keep people such as Wahabi’s out of circulation.

      If you antagonize all Moslems just like this Gon Gnanasara the job get much harder than easier.

      • 0

        Shame on you Chandre.

    • 3

      You must refer to the islamaphobes like Geller who are trying hard, like you, to denigrate Muslims, and spread the hatred in Sri Lanka too. For your information, only the bigots who are ignorant, in the US are “conscious” about so called “Islamization”, as you claim. A US court recently upheld a ruling disallowing the bigot to trademark her stupid Islamaphobic website.

      US appeal court upholds trademark ban on ‘Stop Islam’ website
      Wednesday, 14 May, 2014, 8:21pm
      Reuters in Washington
      A US appeal court has upheld a decision to refuse to allow the owners of a website titled “Stop! Islamization of America” to trademark the site’s name.

      The case had its origin in 2011, when an examiner with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) refused to register the website name as a trademark, arguing that it could be disparaging to American Muslims. The decision was reviewed by the USPTO itself, and upheld.

      The US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit affirmed that decision, citing essays and comments on the website that opposed building mosques in the United States, and expressions of support for Muslims who leave the faith.

      “Appellants (the website owners) contend the essays posted on their website do not advocate suppression of the Islamic faith, but only oppose political Islamisation. The (USPTO) board disagreed, as do we,” the court said in its ruling, which found “substantial evidence” for the trademark office’s decision.

      Website owner Pamela Geller said she was not surprised by the ruling.

      “This is clear ongoing evidence of how the federal government and especially the courts, bend over backwards, kowtow and placate Muslim sensitivities,” she said.

      When you say Americans next time be more specific and refer to the hated bigots like Geller.
      It seems the courts are not so concerned.

    • 8

      Jimsoftly, you can’t dance with the devil and do the bidding for the devil then call your self a Buddhist. What is wrong is wrong. No one is arguing with you on the fact that “Buddhism is a very humanistic philosophy”, in fact as a SL Muslims I follow almost every tenant of it. I don’t drink alcohol or take drugs, I don’t womanize, I have never stolen or taken anything which does not belong to me, I try to be honest as I can possibly be. I don’t kill or harm another life intentionally (of course except for consumption but within the strict guidelines), I can assure you I do not lie. However in my opinion and of many others including some of my Buddhists friends, everything the monk Ghanasara does and gets others to do is un-Buddhist. A whole nation believed Hitler had guts and backbone too. If you care to apply Buddha’s philosophy to BBS speeches and actions it will be hard to disagree with me. Christians and Muslims are really pi$$ed off not because he is correct but, he is spreading lies and hatred and now started to kill and burn innocent people for no fault of their own. I would say the Buddhists who should be pi$$ed off more than anyone else since he is using Buddhism and the sacred robe as a tool to propagate this un- Buddhist fascist philosophy of his. If this is the kind of actions you condone to save Buddhism then people like you are why Buddhism is in any danger. What I mean is that “Buddhists” like you have stopped following Buddha’s philosophy. Whenever there is any doubt about my own behavior the simple question I ask myself is, what will the prophet Mohamed do if faced with the same situation. 99.999% of the time the answer is pretty straight forward. Do you ever ask your self what Lord Buddha would do in a similar situation? I ask you what you mean by Islamization of SL? I think you and BBS are confusing the SL Muslims and their commitment to following their religion and safeguarding their culture as the cause for “Buddhists” decline and “Buddhists” getting influenced by foreign cultures. You just need to switch on the TV to see who’s to blame. Only Buddhists can fix that problem by being better Buddhists. We minorities are like children in a family where as you the 70%+ of the country, the majority are the parents. It is not possible to be a threat what so ever to you from us children so stop being the victim. Take the lead and be the guiding force for the whole country, don’t become the cowardly drunken patent that runaway from the problems of the family of Sri Lanka blaming others for it including the children. In the process we could become another dysfunctional family and that can never be fixed. We minorities will only be safe if “Bhuddists” follow Buddha’s philosophy. In which case we will be more like you and you will be more like us. In fact, we both know we are here for a limited time and ultimately want to attain Nibbana don’t we?

  • 1


    Your articles are always well written.

    I find this particularly true of what you wrote above, ‘In other words, fanning the flames of patriotism and love for ‘Sinhalese-Buddhistness’ is a winning issue for the ruling coalition. That is why at each election, their propagandists resort to the same hackneyed slogans of ‘war-victory’, Halal protest, Muslim invasions, religious conversions etc. Therein lies the disease, therein lies the malady. A socio-political disorder is being portrayed as a beneficial, patriotic and nationalistic notion.’

    Democracy for Sri Lanka has been a curse. SWRD got the majority Sinhala Buddhist vote, by blaming all the countries’ ills on the hapless Tamils. All politicians since then found it expedient to play the race cards with disastrous results for the Tamils. Now that the Tamils have been decimated and made ineffective, they pick on the next target – the even more hapless Muslims. Swabasha education where only the myths of Mahanama are taught and reinforced, the curse of racial democracy will continue to plague Sri Lanka for a long time to come.

  • 3

    it is how bhikkus are from stone age. Who wants give up the free food, gay sex, special allocated seats in the buses and airports and respect forcefully received every where.

    All you have to do: just to shave the heads and robed in saffron,
    It gives all the freedom you want!!!

    Gay sex culture in viharayas made Sri lanka as boys sex paradise… all the sex perverts from all different countries brought by sri lankan airlines (not to mention the boobs/waist showing saree glad sinhala hostesses — it is the welcome note to the sex paradise) to the gay sex land into the assholes of young boys sold by the own parents/pimps….

    it is hard to comprehend for a minority to see the culture of skinhead driven majority…. but can you do??

    skinheads define our culture…

    monks — the skinheads drove like this from times of mahavamsa times and will do the same….

    they always find the support in the house:
    Dutta gemunu

    In the interest of time I just mentioned a few..

    it will continue until the skinhead privileges are stripped.

  • 4

    Well done France and EU for banning the Burqa.

    SL must follow.

    Most Singhala people are like frogs in a well. They don’t know WHO is at fault in Iraq, Afghanistan, Europe, USA, etc. and SL. It is the same group that is at fault everywhere.

    Some of them think BBS is killing people in Iraq!

    • 0

      Ta modaya, we are not interested about Muslims and their problems who live in other countries. Why should we Muslims living in SL be penalized for that which we have no connection nor control of in any of those said countries? They have their own political reasons to fight against repressive regimes, political rights for representation, fame, acceptance and recognition, whatever. That is their way of fighting what they perceive as injustice, which needs to be addressed. Of course they are Muslims, and why should they not be? They have the guts, the courage and fearlessness to die for what they think is a violation of their rights. These incidences of violence have no connection with SL Muslims. It is like asking Buddhists living are SL to take responsibility for what goes in ‘Wirathu land’ in Myanmar.

      Muslims in SL, by and large, prefer to live and die in peace. What they look forward to has everything to do with what is ‘Up’ and ‘Below’ earth, nothing which is ‘On’ the earth. Let me explain. They look forward for blessings and rewards from God ‘UP’ above, and also their desire to enter heavenly paradise after their demise, and they also worry about their situation ‘Below’ after burial, if they will be forgiven for their sins committed knowingly and unknowingly throughout their entire lifetime on earth. There are not expected to have material craving for what is ‘On’ the surface of the earth. Since these are all temporary, and will be left behind when they die, and look forward to an abode more permanent.

  • 2

    I have the feeling, ministers within the coalition react as if they have all threats but no other choice than stay joined to the blood sucking regime.
    Else, no other words came instantly to my mind as I heard the following.

    This is the most brutal regime we ever had since Indepenence.
    There is no need of any new clarifications, MR and thugs must be investigated by all powerful world bodies… in order to avoid
    POLPOT like human killings inthe days to come.
    Gotabaya Rajapakshe should be kept away from any human association. My feeling is his is comparable to what I watched in the film ” Silence of lamb”. He abused them in war field, he has now been abusing the rest for his survivial, he has along been doing all these to please his brother – they will surely be found to the very same manner in drains as Gadaphis were. Days are numbered.

  • 3

    Para deshis living in Sri Lanka do not understand that.

    What do the Sinhala/Buddhists got to do with Buddhism/Buddha’s teaching?

  • 0

    I think the time has come to differentiate between upcountry Buddhists and low country Buddhists!

    There is a form of Buddhism being practiced in the low Country urban areas which is totally unrecognizable as anything the Lord Buddha ever preached.

    • 4

      Don Quixote

      “I think the time has come to differentiate between upcountry Buddhists and low country Buddhists!”

      No it won’t work.

      Free Buddhism/Buddha’s teaching from Sinhala/Buddhists, decouple the political identity of religion from people or people from religion.

      The idea of Sinhala/Buddhism and the identity based on combination of religion and language has been the lethal cocktail mixed in variety of proportions depending on the requirement of the day has produced sad history of this island.

      The idea of Sinhala/Buddhist itself is the root cause of all ills.

  • 2

    “The Sinhalese mobs attacked their Tamil brethren with such a ferocious mindset, a mindset conditioned and shaped by myths and legends of the Great Chronicle, Mahawansa, and in such an unprecedented scale, the pogroms engineered by Hitler’s ‘Brown Shirts’ in the late nineteen twenties in Germany looked only a shade or two crueler and more ghastly.”

    Thank you for reiterating what I have been posting as comments.

    I am re posting it in the general interest of educating more,not to repeat like old vinyl stuck in a grove.

    One has to read and understand antisemitism as history and educational material to understand Fascism/Anarchism.

    The events, players,general population/interested parties responses during and aftermath of 1938 antisemitic pogrom are strikingly similar to the state sponsored 1983 and 2014 Anti Tamil/Tamil speaking Muslim pogroms in Srilanka.

    Here are the links for those who want to read.

    http://www.ushmm.org/wlc/en/article.php?ModuleId=10005201 http://www.ushmm.org/wlc/en/article.php?ModuleId=10005183-title=Pogroms

  • 1

    “UNP, Foreign Diplomatic
    missions and Muslim extremists behind Aluthgama incident”

    The United National Party (UNP), certain powerful foreign diplomatic missions and Muslim extremist organizations were behind the clear international conspiracy that orchestrated the recent communal clashes and religious riots in Aluthgama and Beruwala, the BBS intoned.

    CEO of the BBS, Dr. Dilanthe Withanage said, “Leader of the UNP Ranil Wickremesinghe and UNP Parliamentarian Mangala Samaraweera by publicizing clashes must not try to push us into politics.”
    He lamented the fact that no one had talked about what would have happened in Aluthgama and Beruwala had the BBS not intervened.

    The BBS also noted that Beruwala was a hot spot for harbouring and fostering terrorism through a centre for training terrorists, which was masquerading under the guise of being a religious institution.
    “If the government feels that we are the root cause and result of Aluthgama and that arresting General Secretary of the BBS, Ven. Galagodaaththe Gnanasara Thera will solve all the problems that we have sounded the gong about for years now, then by all means do so but also understand that every building in the country will have to be made a voluntary prison and every coconut tree a gallows’ pole,” Education and Research Unit Chief Coordinator of the BBS, Dr. Chamila Liyanage said.

    Ven. Gnanasara Thera was of the view that the police had no right to arrest Sinhalese youth who had taken pieces of wood or sticks in self defence when Muslim youth armed with deadly petrol bombs were walking the streets.

    “The police are arresting them, beating them and throwing chilli powder on their faces and chucking them for 14 days in the slammer,” he added.

    The BBS disclosed that Muslim extremism was spreading in Kattankudi, Kalmunai, Mattakkuliya and Akkaraipattu and the Hindus in Hatton were being converted to Christianity.

  • 3

    “Gnanasara Is Not The Disease, He Is A Viral Symptom”

    No, Incurable brain Cancer.

  • 1

    There is a white man in the picture, always produced to link Gotabhaya with the BBS. I wonder what role is ascribed to him in the BBS.?

  • 0

    Is gandasara masquerading as jimsoftly?

  • 0

    There is no Rule of Law, and this is the fundamental cause of all civic disturbances, which could have been ‘nipped in the bud’ with simple methods of law enforcement.
    And, there is impunity of the “law enforcers”.

    Both are symptoms of corrupt politics – practised by those who wish to survive, at whatever cost.
    The pending elections – parliamentary & presidential – have to be “won”.

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    Very Good. Congrats. Bensen

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