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Gnanasara’s US Five Years Visa Is Cancelled

In the wake of repeated allegations against the Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) General Secretary, Galagoda Atte Gnanasara for inciting racial hatred in Aluthgama that led to the deadly clashes in the area, the US State Department has allegedly made a decision to cancel his visa to the US.


The organization’s Executive Committee Member Dilanthe Withanage says that Gnanasara was notified on Friday by an official of the US embassy in Sri Lanka that the multiple entry visa that was granted for five years has been cancelled. He claims no explanation had been offered as to why the decision was made.

While expressing his displeasure at the move, he stated that Gnanasara was planning a visit to the US next month to attend a religious function.

According to Withanage, Gnanasara had received a five-year multiple entry visa in 2011. He has used the visa to travel to Indiana in 2011 and once again to the US in 2013.

“All these moves – the blocking of BBS profile and Gnanasara thera’s profile on Facebook and now the visa cancellation are indicators of how we Sinhalese are a minority group in the world. It is time we stood up to these global forces,” Withanage said.

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