26 May, 2024


GoSL Disagrees With War Death Toll Figures In UN Report: Ranil

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has said that his government does not agree with civil war death toll figures published in a recent “UN report”, during his controversial interview with an Indian Television channel yesterday.

In his interview with Thanthi TV, the PM had however added the government is willing to verify and get back to the world body on the issue.

Colombo Telegraph also reliably learns that when the PoE report was released in 2011, it was PM Wickremesinghe who advised Basil Rajapaksa, as the Opposition Leader then, to refrain from referring to it as a UN report and to describe it as the ‘Darusman report’.

Colombo Telegraph also reliably learns that when the PoE report was released in 2011, it was PM Wickremesinghe who advised Basil Rajapaksa, as the Opposition Leader then, to refrain from referring to it as a UN report and to describe it as the ‘Darusman report’.

“The UN report talks of the last phase of the war, where large numbers of people were killed. The numbers are in dispute. UN report says 40,000…Some of the official reports say 5000… I don’t think it would come even up to 40,000… We are willing to verify it,” he had said.

Furthermore, the PM had stated that what needs to be inquired is the series of events that took place when the LTTE used the civilians as a shield. “Was it that they were used as a shield and you couldn’t avoid the casualties or, was it that you could avoid some casualties and you didn’t do so? We are not trying to cover any thing up. We are dealing with the UN,” he added.

Although Colombo Telegraph attempted to contact the PM in order to specify which UN report he was referring to, it was unsuccessful. However, PM Wickremesinghe’s close staff member said he is referring to the Darusman report of 2011 as no other UN reports on Sri Lanka’s conflict have been released so far since then.

Colombo Telegraph also reliably learns that when the PoE report was released in 2011, it was PM Wickremesinghe who advised Basil Rajapaksa, as the Opposition Leader then, to refrain from referring to it as a UN report and to describe it as the ‘Darusman report’.

Report of the Secretary-General’s Panel of Experts on Accountability in Sri Lanka was a 2011 led by Marzuki Darusman states that as many as 40,000 civilians may have been killed in the final months of the civil war. This was a figure that was being quoted by the UN even before the PoE was established. Former UN Spokesman to Sri Lanka Gordon Weiss suggested the figure actually might be much higher.

These claims however, were vehemently rejected by the former regime who claimed it was part of a Western conspiracy.

Meanwhile, commenting on the allegation that ‘genocide’ had taken place against Tamils in Sri Lanka, the PM said, “I would say that a large number of people of Sri Lanka, including a large number of Tamils were killed in the conflict. Some of them are casualties of war. Some are killed for no reason at all. Deaths have been partly due to the operations of the Sri Lankan Army, security forces, partly due to the operations of the IPKF; partly due to the operations of the LTTE . . . We are in no way denying it. We are not going to say that the actions of the Sri Lankan security forces did not result in deaths of Tamils, may be in large numbers – some in fighting and some in other circumstances, which we are willing to look at. But to say that it was only the Government of Sri Lanka?” he questioned.

Watch English interview after 30 seconds;

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    The white-wash begins: the new government hasn’t been able to release any political prisoners because they haven’t been able to find out about them, but they already know that the numbers of the UN are wrong? Hmmm .. how clever of them.

    • 29

      Does the Sri Lankan state, whose prime minister today is RW, have any moral right to dispute the UN report that states that tens of thousands of innocent Tamils were starved, denied food and medicine, raped and killed in the final phases of the war?

      Does the Sri Lankan state keep any record of Tamils killed in the following anti-Tamil riots/pogroms?

      1 Tamils chased away from their homes and killed in Amparai in 1956,
      2 Tamils killed, raped, etc. in anti-Tamil pogrom in 1958,
      3 Tamils killed, raped, etc. in anti-Tamil pogrom in 1977,
      4 Tamils killed, raped, etc. in anti-Tamil pogrom in 1983,

      I have omitted many mass killings of innocent Tamils by the armed forces for brevity. No records exist for those too. Why? Surely they don’t want to accept that they are culpable for such crimes.

      I am sure they don’t have any records because the state and its Sinhala actors don’t care for the welfare of Tamils either.

      Further more they don’t want to be accused of those heinous crimes committed against Tamils later if they kept records.

      It is really hypocritical and cheeky to dispute the UN report when the Sri Lanka has no history of keeping proper records of atrocities committed on Tamils mostly by state-sponsored Sinhala mobs events/actions.

      The reason being that accurate or reliable records will later make them culpable and subject to justice, compensation and reparations.

      They are using their same historic ‘logic’ to wriggle out of justice, compensations and reparations to the Tamil victims of the Sri Lankan state and its agents.

      Doesn’t it sound like genocidal intent?

      • 6

        Alex and Thiru,

        Yes. The white-wash has begun.

        First Step decrease the number killed.

        SL State and AND LTTE, should be help responsible.

        Did they include the Muslims killed and expelled? Not Counted? What about innocent Tamils and Sinhala by BOTH the LTTE and the Sinhala Sate?

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    First of all the govt should reveal a list of the forces dead for the period Jan 2007 to May 2009 for the thirty months where it is said that MR led Forces defeated the LTTE. This list of the Forces dead with their names, ranks and their private addresses for a cross check for the public, will help the public to understand better why the LTTE buried their armoury, abandoned their stronghold Kilinochchi and assembled on the beachfront to surrender. It is here that the worst massacre took place. Really speaking there could not have been any deaths of Tamils on the beachfront as they did not have weapons to fight.

    A list of the dead Forces for the period will help the public to understand better the deals MR had made with a faction of the LTTE led by KP to decimate those LTTE who were with VP, thus explaining the whole war waged.

    • 3

      Dear Gamini,

      Re “…abandoned their stronghold Kilinochchi and assembled on the beachfront to surrender. It is here that the worst massacre took place. Really speaking there could not have been any deaths of Tamils on the beachfront as they did not have weapons to fight”

      What you say (reproduced above) is not supported by the Photographs that were taken by a foreign team that overflew the NFZ with Ban Ki Moon. Those photographs were published by the Times of London.

      It is also not supported by the UAV Videos streamed live to the Diplomatic corps and later telecast on National TV which clearly showed LTTE fighters shooting at Tamil civilians to prevent their escape from the war zone to safety.

      It is also not supported by the UNSG’s POE report that says

      237. Common Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions: Credible allegations point to a violation of Common Article 3’s ban on the taking of hostages insofar as they forced thousands of civilians, often under threat of death, to remain in areas under their control during the last stages of the war and enforced this control by killing persons who attempted to leave that area……”

      End Extract

      Thus your characterisation of the LTTE, as a group that has UNARMED itself and was getting ready to surrender MEEKLY to the govt forces, is a CALCULATED LIE.

      Such a blatant distortion of the TRUTH calls into question your bonafides.

      Hence I don’t know what your AGENDA is but relating the TRUTH is certainly not it.

      Kind Regards,

      • 4

        Off the Cuff,

        You claim that none of the UN Official Reports or observations by the very bodies that helped MR on the job will obviously not confirm what I have said. Let it be Ban Ki Moon, the UN or some paid individuals in the UN itself who wrote books and articles blaming MR to give credence to what they wrote is testimony that all of them were together to distort the whole saga.

        If you can refresh your mind just before August 2008 elections to the NCP, then PM Ratnasiri Wicremanayake and Sarath Fonseka the Army Commander made a public announcement that the LTTE and the Tamil civilian population of around 390 to 400 thousand were holed up in Kilinochchi their last stronghold. They also claimed that Kilinochchi was encircled on three sides. Did you ever wonder why Kilinochchi was not surrounded on all four sides? Obviously one side was left for the crowd to leave after the Monsoon settled. So when the Forces entered Kilinochchi in January 2009 after killing Lasaantha Wickrematunge on January 8th 2009, Kilinochchi was deserted as all had left to Puthukudiirippu a distance of sixty miles. Do you believe they left in one day? one week? or one Month? Are you serious in telling me that the Forces were unaware of such an exodus of people? if not for what was planned and with the full knowledge of the Army top brass? What happened thereafter? The MR govt speculated that the LTTE was using the civilians as a Human Shield and the LTTE were shooting any who tried to leave. Infact there were scenes of such shooting released to the media to confirm what was said. However at the end of the day a three hundred and fifty thousand came across to the Forces controlled side and the LTTE with VP numbering around a forty five thousand remained. So when you tally the number of civilians crossing over and the number remaining on the beach front, adds to the original figure released by the Govt media of the number holed in Kilinochchi in August 2008.

        What did the Forces do to the 45000 who remained? They were attacked from air and whoever remained were rounded up and taken in to Army custody and stripped. The whole world has seen from Chanel 4 films obtained from the Forces personnel themselves who filmed it from their mobile phones, how those who surrendered, and other males and females stripped, with their hands tied at the back in Army custody later their bodies were shown in nude, mutilated and massacred.

        Off the Cuff, if the LTTE were fighting the Forces they would have remained in Kilinochchi and fought the last battle there and not on the beachfront. How VP and the cadre were lured out of Kilinochchi was by sending some ships as promised to VP to whisk him way. But VP was deceived by all these Human Rights crusaders abandoning him in the end. Off the Cuff do not go by what others say, but use your common sense.

        • 4

          Off the Cuff,
          reference your comment,

          Thus your characterisation of the LTTE, as a group that has UNARMED itself and was getting ready to surrender MEEKLY to the govt forces, is a CALCULATED LIE.

          Why not you see the archives of the First Deyata Kirula Exhibition held at the BMICH after the War was over in 2009, where a vast array of Arms and Ammunition were displayed that were buried by the LTTE unearthed by the Forces? If the LTTE was fighting the Govt Forces would they have buried a single weapon along with the ammunition? Who is trying to create a CALCULATED LIE? Did you see those Tamils rounded up by the Army, bare bodied with their hands tied behind their back who have been all killed? Did they have any weapons in hand? At least now learn to face facts. What bravado the Forces displayed on the unarmed Tamils is a disgrace for the Sinhala race. Granted the LTTE just did the same. That is no reason for the crime to be repeated by the Army.

  • 18

    Dear PM,

    Do you only disagree with the War death toll or all of the report which accuses war crimes, crimes against humanity, the murder of those surrendered, bombing of hospitals, refugee camps, blockage of food and medicines, raping of women and so on. These are the things you have to find answers. You may have forgotten that it is your government burnt Jaffna library and organised 1983 massacre. Can you explain why you have not investigated those things until now.

    • 4

      RW. Has won the nods from the previous Racist regime for singing the same tune and have gained lots of Racists vote by saying all what he said in preparation for the forth coming election on Thanthii TV Channel.

      His interview was appalling and would not have gone well as the Prime minister of SL. He did not listen to the questions just bullied his way all through out the interview. A prime minister of a country wants to shoot the fisher men who strayed across the waters. Which international Law book says that you can shoot the fishermen.

      A Prime minister should create a cool and calm atmosphere and reply to questions intelligently. All these days I had thought he’s well educated and speaks sense . Another kind of dictatorship brewing on horizon?

      • 8

        Another kind of dictatorship brewing on horizon?

        Yes it is if you saw the interview, that is what you will take away from it.

        It shows the country is still not ready for democracy in the modern sense of the word, and not majoritarian dictatorship!

        • 11

          “” It shows the country is still not ready for democracy in the modern sense of the word, and not majoritarian dictatorship! “2

          they cant’t do more than the same from this different strokes platform- commonwealth to hide the shills internationally.

          what you gooner do??
          Learn from a lama how to fight for language and run leaving your rosary when you see gold- money money honey bunny- hole in one vp too many <")))))-< malu karrans with foreign (always undeclared)loot to boot spoiling the show.

          clean up the show because paskaralingam is there `the servant` to commission paying tam`ills` too.tamils have always signed the corupt racket for the sihal politician in all ministries/department- because they too have head in bum its all in the money.
          pick pockets them all like Nehru advocate.

      • 12

        “” RW. Has won the nods from the previous Racist regime for singing the same tune and have gained lots of Racists vote by saying all what he said in preparation for the forth coming election on Thanthii TV Channel. “”

        It’s called Para_demal racist all are para deshi! “Achtung, achtung!
        achi pochi mal pochi!! anylise the what your demala mole??? of Hole In One VP fatso schedule class died a coward.!

        anylist muniyande on kallu kadde sirupu ^^^^^
        kuddi kudi nallavar pillu.

        Ham kisi kam Nehe! England Tokyo here we are Tin Tin.
        Snoopy coup try me.

    • 2

      Dear Ajith,

      Re “Do you only disagree with the War death toll or all of the report ……

      One of the MAJOR problems with the Darusman report is the SECRECY of the evidence they have used to arrive at their conclusions, which prevents any verification (truth or otherwise) of the evidence.

      However there are areas of that report where the report writers Mr. Darusman, Ms. Yasmin Sooka and Mr. Steven Ratner, have referred to documents in the public domain that can be cross checked with statements made by them.

      The INTEGRITY of the UNSG’s Panel can thus be checked.

      What follows is such a comparison that proves the integrity of the UNSG’s Panel of experts has been compromised.

      Please refer to the UNSG’s POE report,

      237. Common Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions: Credible allegations point to a violation of Common Article 3’s ban on the taking of hostages insofar as they forced thousands of civilians, often under threat of death, to remain in areas under their control during the last stages of the war and enforced this control by killing persons who attempted to leave that area. (With respect to the credible allegations of the LTTE’s refusal to allow civilians to leave the combat zone, the Panel believes that these actions did not, in law, amount to the use of human shields insofar as it did not find credible evidence of the LTTE deliberately moving civilians towards military targets to protect the latter from attacks as is required by the customary definition of that war crime (Rule 97, ICRC Study)

      Rome Statute of the ICC state,
      Article 8
      War crimes
      2(b)(xxiii) Utilizing the presence of a civilian or other protected person to render certain points, areas or military forces immune from military operations; (page 7)

      This is what is known as a Human Shield

      The Rome Statute does not require “MOVEMENT” where as Darusman and company does. The UNSG”S POE has CORRUPTED THE ICC LAW in order to EXONERATE the LTTE.

      When the LTTE is exonerated those who financed the LTTE gets automatically exonerated.

      Thus Mr. Darusman, Ms. Yasmin Sooka and Mr. Steven Ratner would have had a very compelling INCENTIVE in order to risk corrupting International Law.

      Think about it.

      Kind Regards,

      • 13

        One obnoxious tit Cheat,

        Coconut head- pick pocket- so they kick you off our colony Canada!!

        Bureaucratic Bullshit Bugger, You know know law but a Bihari Bandit type OUTLAW! babuva!
        The one page UK constitution.It has been suggested that the British Constitution can be summed up in eight words: What the Queen in Parliament enacts is law.
        Finally, because the British Constitution cannot be found in any single document, politicians and lawyers have relied on constitutional authorities to locate and understand the constitution.

        Even the US a former colony is built on English Law of the New England Boston Brahmans- the law makers from inception –
        not a Babashaeb Poop patrol.

  • 14

    I think RW has started to bring back ethnic politics as he has to face the public soon for this election. It is now going to be war between SLFP and UNP to score who is more racist than other. I don’t think Sinhala Buddhists can’t have politics without the blood of Tamils.

    • 9

      You are absolutely correct: Democracy means giving the whole works (I am sure you know what that means) to Tamils, the more whoever gives, the more votes he or she will get and end up with power.

      This is why democracy has failed in our wretched island with the curse in the form of the belief in Mahavamsa from the word go in 1948.

      Have they done anything constructive other than oppressing Tamils in every respect possible from denying citizenship immediately after independence to genocide in 2009?

      Look at Singapore (with a man with vision and wisdom – Lee Kuan Yew) that attained independence much later and has become a first world country while Sri Lanka pathetically exports its women as maids who work like slaves in foreign lands.

      • 3

        Dear Thiru,

        The way you are inciting Tamil emotions by spreading Lies at every opportunity is deplorable. Apparently you have no regard for the Tamils living in Lanka because you are safely living overseas.

        The Mahavamsa is a historical document similar to the Ramayana or the Mahabaratha. ALL of them has myths as well as history. Though the Vamsa text is as much the history of the Sinhala as is of the Tamils.

        You are attacking the Mahavamsa because you don’t have a historical document that can match it.

        The problems of Sri Lanka is due mainly to the following,

        1. Fraudulent claims to Land by Tamils.
        2. Fraudulent charges of Sinhala oppression of Tamils.


        The Tamil kingdom of Jaffna, when it existed, did not extend beyond Elephant Pass. It completely excluded the EAST. Yet you FRAUDULENTLY claim land far beyond Elephant Pass.


        The Dutch built a Fort at Elephant Pass in the 17th century to protect the BORDER of the Dutch held Jaffna Tamil Kingdom from the armies of the Kandyan King. This is said by the DUTCH and not by any Sinhalese. It is a clear statement regarding the BORDER of the Tamil Kingdom and the Kandyan Kingdom of the Sinhalese as it existed in the 1600’s.

        Please note that there is continuity of the Jaffna Kingdom’s border to the Cankili II’s reign (the last Tamil King) as Cankili was overpowered by the Portuguese who were in turn overpowered by the Dutch.



        You are using the word “TAMIL” in an all encompassing context. Tamils are not homogenous for you to do that. The lines of division are very strong with 30% DOMINATING and OPPRESSING the 70%. Therefore you are practicing deception.

        The Tamil majority had no Voice though they were 70% of the Tamil population. What the world heard was the voice of a Tamil minority of 30%, who were Slave Drivers that violated all norms of Human Rights.

        It was this 30% who owned ALL LAND in the North and all means of production. It was this 30% who had economic power and thus had UNPRECEDENTED control over the Tamil majority, who were nothing but SLAVES to the Rich and Powerful.

        It was the Prevention of Social Disabilities Act of 1957 which was aimed at emancipating the oppressed, that triggered problems INSTIGATED by the 30%.

        To understand why, you should observe the adverse reactions of the Vellala (the 30%), to the EQUAL seating directive of the Colonial Govt a few decades earlier.

        14 years after the PSDA became law an amendment had to be passed in 1971 as the original PSDA remained a dead letter in the North. It had no teeth to bite the oppressors and the oppressed were abjectly poor and had no means to sue the oppressors.

        Thus Tamil oppression by Tamils continued in to the 1980s.

        Tamils were oppressed by Tamils for Centuries because of the ingrained social injustice of the Hindu Religion, not by the Sinhalese.

        Sir Arunachalam made representations TWICE to have the cast system encoded into the Constitution. If that happened 70% of the Tamil population would have been in eternal BONDAGE and ruled by the 30% High cast TAMIL Slave drivers who owned ALL Land and ALL means of production. Luckily for the Tamil people this was rejected outright.

        Arunachalam noted in the 1901 Census Report : It is compatible with ‘high caste’ in Ceylon to seek not only to exclude members of the other castes, however worthy, from public offices, but in the rural districts to prevent them from adopting modes of dress, living or locomotion hitherto used by higher castes. Riots have occurred from these causes and they constitute one of the difficulties of administration in Ceylon.

        The social status of the non-vellala castes in Jaffna was extremely low, compared to the position of the non-goigama in Buddhist Ceylon. This stemmed from the fact that some of the largest non-vellala castes, the koviyars, cliandars, paths and nalavas had been slaves of the vellala up to the abolition of slavery by the colonial government in 1844. There had been slavery among the Kandyan Sinhalese but it was of the mildest form, slaves being personal bond-men to the owners

        Of the four slave castes, the koviyars were the most privileged, as they had been household servants to the vellala; the nalavas or toddy-tappers, and the pallas, landless labourers, were however treated much like helots or serfs by the vellala who formed the powerful landowning class. Their position after the abolition of slavery was not much improved. As Tambiah observed, Although slavery was abolished legally, many of the depressed classes remained as de facto slaves of their masters for economical reasons.

        Even by the mid-20th century the status of the pallas, for example, was hardly any better than a century before. Tambiah quotes from the Manual of the Madura District published in 1868 to describe the position of the pallas in 1951.

        They are a numerous but abject and despised race. Their principal occupation is ploughing the land of the more fortunate Tamils, and though normally free, they are usually slaves in almost every sense of the word.’ The outcastes or parayas had a deplorable social status. Among this group, there was a caste unique to Jaffna, the turumbas or washers men to the parayas. They were not allowed to be seen in the daylight and could only travel by night

        In 1933, the vellala bus-drivers went on strike in protest against attempts by the depressed classes to emancipate themselves to the extent of exercising a prerogative of sitting on the seats in the buses, as opposed to the floor which had previously been their preserve. A few months later in a caste feud between vellala and non-vellala Catholics, a vellala was killed, and the houses of several parayas burnt down, over the issue of a paraya man wearing shoes in church.

        The next day, another feud developed in another village between vellalas and nalavas over the rights of the nalavas to cremate their dead in a vellala cremation place, and a man was shot.

        Quoted from the PhD Thesis of Dr Jane Russell, Communal Politics under the Donoughmore Constitution, 1931 – 1947 (available from Thisara Publications, Lanka).

        Bryan Pfaffenberger’s book, ‘Caste in Tamil Culture’ has the following

        “The alleged oppression of the Tamils by the Sinhalese is mostly a defensive garb, to conceal the inner conflicts caused by the caste system among the Tamils”.

        “Becoming a Vellala involves assuming Vellala customs and gaining control over land. It is precisely for this reason that entire villages may be burnt down and people killed over trivial incident as a Pallar cutting his hair or wearing a shoe. For Vellala much is at stake.”

        You are welcome to make a factual counter claim denying what I have written, but I doubt you will do so as you will be on a losing wicket.

        Kind Regards,

        • 1


          there is a reason why none has replied you but only voted you down :)

          Between, I have heard that Suntheralingam was a teacher and he had started classes to spread eelam ideology to tamil youth those days. There was a class of 5 students during the early period. One of these students became Prabhakaran’s tutor later..

          • 0


            They dare not respond as what I have written is the Truth. That’s why the TGTE contractors tried to silence me, though they failed.

            The voting down is an indicator to the number of Tamil Separatist who have read my comment and could not REFUTE any of it.

            Thiru is a Rabid Separatist who takes every opportunity to incite Tamil emotions by spreading his lies. As you can see he is just a coward though once he called himself a rational scientist.

            There are many like that and the resident Tamil in the Veddha mask is also one.

            Kind Regards,

            • 0

              sour grapes go find a head hunter agency- pronto tonto!

              30 years of Babasaheb, politics in ceylon does not work at the present moment in time in the Indian ocean. a decade to go and the order is sure to change for the better of asia as a whole.

              bon voyage off the chuff,canute centre point..
              my cat is on top of delhi iron pillar and the Mystic Muslims are around- you cannot get there this time over.

          • 1

            @Sach, 90% of the folks here give you a big thumbs down. You know why, because you are a low life racist pig.

  • 9

    Not only you, Tamils around the world and the humanitrion activists also disagree with the number stated in the UN report because more than 40k people, nearly four times people were killed by the top racist MAHINDA WESIPAKSA during 2008 & 2009. When you all are taken to International Court you must accept the truth. You or Maithree are not different with the MR. All are Sinhala racist SOB.

  • 2

    Here is the proof for the Validity of the Genocide resolution. This is the validity for burning the Effigy of the traitors Sampanthan and the back door entrant Sumanthiran duo. Should be eye opener for back boneless ITAK central committee who supported the traitorous duo. Thanks to the resilient Ananthi an Ravikaran

  • 8

    You sinhala racist Ranil first go and see Channel 4’s three documentary films those will describe the truth. DO NOT L–I–E JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE A SIN-HELise RACIST FKR. YOU ALL SINHALESE DONT HAVE POLITICS WITHOUT FINGERING TAMILS OR MUSLIMS ASS AH? If i could throw a nuclear bomb, I will destroy the hell pooplanka.

  • 10



  • 10

    I think Ranil is playing double game.Even though an army personal agrees that there is”Gotabaya camp” Ranil denies that.Now he is denying the UN report regarding Total Death record.This means that R.W. is denying the violations done by the former Government

    Ranil is sitting in the present Government chair &supporting the former Government

  • 10

    I’m not sorry to say ‘I told you so’. This is realpolitik. It is not possible for Ranil to say anything less if he wants to remain PM. Equally the UN will eventually agree some lower figure and a few soldiers MAY be arrested, found guilty and jailed and it will all be over as far as the UN & GOSL are concerned. Trials at The Hague will not happen. Meanwhile the gon demala diaspora will be still quareling with each other, collecting funds and shouting about Eelam.

    • 26

      and india will stand on your head so that you Dal(eat) IT Parrippu-

      taraki (condom) control freak preek preek preeeeek preek!!

      • 3

        Spheres, or just the one in your case. GOSL has plenty of ammo e.g. Mai Lai’s tip (cut) of the iceberg – lettuce affected by CIA Agent – code name Orange. Your letter burst but not to worry – nothing in it.

        • 22

          largest imports of ammo by IHindia- that is world record(jane’s defence weekly) you see
          coconut head pick pocket tatava- preek preek preeeek for fish heads to produce the smelly food to eat parripu you fooool!!

          • 3

            Scared stiff by parippu bombing, a pathetic effort you mutt.

            • 15

              Keep far*ing Parripu Poop!
              skin head coconut head!

              All tamils in the Indian Ocean are iHindu – backward class tarava!

            • 19

              Rajive was marrakala and Indira (married marakkala)
              he never passed cambridge neither his son (in american glass case because he is scared stiff of sihala shills)that is your parripu like sajit or all Passa gonnu.

              IIT – we have the art of defence martial art in the air respected by Engilsh, american and chinese (8 day war take off from maratha vally)

              what were the yakees lankan air space porkistani China doing then – hit by a woman like pigs back stuck by the lightning strike of 8 day eq to Dayan Moses.

              • 6

                Javi Do you think your brain wires are connected back to front?

                I cannot read your mind , today being sunday is it too much of Kassippu in the offing? And Roasted Nuts?
                Go easy chap. It’s too much for my brain your parrippu sooooop on a sunday.

                • 17

                  Puta madre you think anylist is a list of all that you can count is counted talle tel porrike smelly bottocks

                  We know how to tickel the middle to know that your head is in your bum_boo butt. Go climb the toddy tree stupid maggot.

    • 20

      We have the Art and Technology to stop you in the Indian Oceanlittle rat – playing hide and squeak your favourite with the muslim who is embedded with it like the bangaladeshi rats.- all in your sarema- rats and rats.

      Indian Ocean Defence League headed by IIT Bombay

      Indian Reserve Bank Headed By IIT N Delhi
      Microsoft headed by South Indian.
      American trade headed by south Indian.
      Foreign Sec Indian by autumn Delhi Brahmin Tamil fluent with Xi and Mandarin the man who solved the cavity check that RAW cutex woman could not.

      All IIT’s apna mal apna Salle, brother in laws machans
      victoria’s secret guju bhai chemical engg. is no match for maratha record hold chemical engg. New york state university.- all he does is buys and sells american aid like diamond cutter guju from kenya- porter son ambani is under fire in the west f***ing mole

      Coconut head Lankets Wowlas keep singing rain drops keep falling on my feet tra la lall la la- feet up head down brain in your bum _boo feel the new broom! Lathi RSS

  • 11

    The Indian leaders are coming or at the Lankave. This is like invading Lanka by Indian troops for a UNPer. UNP leader is showing his hates towards India. He even refused to stop the Port City Project because “even if he lose the nose he wanted to be a bad omen” to India, by allowing China to exert its sovereignty that close to India.

    Ranil can convulse the way he wants. But when FM Susma’s preparation are over, PM Modi will be coming. Ranil has one idea, like Premadasa left country when Rajiv came, he too could do that.

    Tamils are not the opposing party if the UNP wants to investigate the IPKF. In fact, they would welcome it. But, Old King many times challenged and he could not. Last was was during the last UNHRC resolution time. With that threat, he forced Sonia to abstain from voting at UNHRC. That is it.

    The fact that Ranil has indicated, but not disproving, only denying the PoE report, is a clean indicator that he can not be neutral on finding out facts internally. UNHRC has to stop saying it is waiting the reaction from the New Royal for table the report on September.

    Ranil is the one refused to sign ICC accord. This is to save the troops from CBK period war crimes. Then he went to New York to demand from UNSG Ban ki Moon to abandon the report. Now he is pretending like that he has not read the others reports which have put the claims up to 100,000. Father Rayappu showed evidence from government record that it is 150,000. But these record keepers are the one said only 70,000 stuck in war front. Latter they said 270,000 came to camps. So Mannar Archbishop is not considering that the Royal Governments purposely would keeps low numbers in the record. Other estimate are putting above 325,000. Mine is showing 500,000. They all ways said very low numbers on the pogrom death too. But if we count the friends and relatives alone it exceeds the SWRD, JR’s numbers. This evil empire Kingdom never counted the Tamils’s properly from the day the Slavery Day Feb 4th, 1948 started.From that day they are hiding the numbers to understate the murders they commits in pogroms, war crimes and Genocides. So I think mine might be the correct one.

  • 7

    That is why we need an independent inquiry from outside the country to find the truth not guess work from a PM who has an interest in hiding the truth. Given the Sri Lankan state’s record of murdering Tamils with impunity an internal investigation can never be trusted. Remember, Ranil himself was a member of the government that implemented the 1983 anti-Tamil pogrom for which not a single person was held responsible.

  • 19


    If you are truly concerned about the dubious nature of the UN system, you should indeed join the gon demala diaspora with your gon Sinhala/Buddhist diaspora to highlight international machination.

    My Elders tell me during the 1987/90 gon demala diaspora supported the gon Sinhala protesters in Europe. Tamils helped MR when he went to Geneva.

    Gon Demela helped Dayan when he was in hiding from Sri Lankan security forces. Once NM Perera was smuggled out of this island by Kallthonie, organised by Gon Demela, during the colonial rule.

    Whats your problem?

  • 6

    It appears that President Sirisena is a far more moderate person than Raniil.

    Sengodan. M

    • 21

      Pseudo no es sambal,

      Coconut- Head lie like Viet Cong. brother on tel control big brother is watching.

      Rustic Pickpocket.

    • 17

      Sengodan. M

      Remember Ranil has to look and sound tough, general election is around the corner.

      He is much more sophisticated than any other politicians put together. The cease fire agreement with LTTE mediated by Norway was the beginning of the end of LTTE.

      Cease fire period exposed LTTE’s political and military bankruptcy, internal contradiction, despot’s crude thinking, earned them more enemies than friends, …………. LTTE’s ideology (if any) was the fig leaf of the psychopath who alienated disgruntled cadres from its leadership.

      The cease fire agreement was the culmination of joint effort by Hindia, IC and Norway. Ranil played his part. VP thought, through Norway they could achieve International recognition for their dream Thamil Eelam.

      Solheim was sent to weaken LTTE just as Norway did to Palestinians (PLO).

  • 5

    Sure no death all Tamils there committed suicide … file closed…….

    • 18


      Didn’t VP encourage suicide of Tamils and usually they had their last supper with the mad man?

      Didn’t VP LTTE kept large number of Tamils, including women, children and feeble as sacrificial lambs at the altar hoping that their death in large numbers would act as a catalyst for future Tamil Eelam.

      • 1

        he he he why your leaders couldn’t win this mad man (???) over 30 years …..during this time all patriots like you were hiding under bed with wife…yes?When IPKF occupied this country where were you all jokers who are writing today…?????? Who fought against the invaded IPKF FROM POVERTY iNDIA ????? Shame you called yourselves patriots ..and veddahs ( who have tamil names and practice Hindu rituals )

        Now RW has opened the bag and cat is out he has told that without India thing MR couldn’t win LTTE …..your forces used banned chemical weapons to silence them …all you danced for free liquor about this fake..artificial …borrowed victory…and still shivering rebels will come ….he he he

        RW also told in this interview that Sinhalease also used coconut oil like Mlayalies in Kerala ….not only coconut oil ..also dress..festivels..traditions…magic all brought by so called Sinhalese when they came from todays Kerala (which was Tamil Sera Kingdom then )..and colonized here ….

        • 9

          “”Who fought against the invaded IPKF FROM POVERTY iNDIA ????? “”

          Porriki bombay chu_da mix of parripu (rajive was marakkala pop poop with stewardess host sonia never passed any but high school, swamy is just 2nd semester maths married to muslim – its the sihala muslim connection plus the one off talle thel- paskaralinga- `servant to acomplish as task` but he missed RAW
          little boy coached by SP chanakiya puri body guard monkey.

          Po DA Po Ya! the solar eclipe is due on 20th ask any elephant or ant or Chinese they know better.

          Chuda mix po Da!!

  • 5

    Well this comment board is a promising poster for reconciliation. Well done the Sinhalese brethren who really don’t care to find out if the UN report is right or not.

    • 18

      “” Sinhalese brethren who really don’t care “
      you are racist linguist like them in borrowed languages.

      Do a cavity check with the Lamas and ask them how to defend your language without talking about your own.- no talle tel you village buffoons.

      we have the art and technology to do them all off bribery or defend them.
      you are like raj rajaratnam- ranil and all- hedge the fund.

      corrupt to core when you see a money not rosary run like a lama leaving his robes.

  • 1

    Javi, thank you for making my point for me.

  • 0

    To all those who are commenting here taking one racist stance or another.

    The fact remains horrible crimes were committed in Sri Lanka. The Tamils were at the receiving end of the racism stick. Racism in Sri Lanka is still thriving. Politicians and monks are at the forefront of fomenting racism in the community. The way we are going we are sure to end up repeating more horrors and much more horrendous crimes. I do not have a magic wand to wave and cure Sri Lanka of this malignant cancer called racism. I can only ask each one of you who will read this post to spend a moment looking within and isolate the racist elements within.

    There is no point in getting worked up over the numbers killed or the spin given by RW. After all he is complicit in the horrors that occurred in Sri Lanka.

    We need to find a way we all can co-exist without fear or fervor independant of caste, creed, colour, language and religion that we inherited at birth. If we give in to the racist element within us we cannot then claim to be human beings and deserve to live in the hell that we will then create.

  • 1

    I thought RW is different but he is not, here go again, racist rabbing

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