19 May, 2022


GoSL Has Directly Challenged The UNHRC: TGTE

The Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) points out the hostile attitude adopted by the Government of Sri Lanka towards the investigation on Sri Lanka led by the Office of the High Commisioner for Human Rights (OISL) is a direct challenge to the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC).

Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran -PM - TGTE

Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran -PM – TGTE

The TGTE releasing a statement on the present situation – where individuals willing to testify before the OISL are facing threats by GoSL whilst the oral update on the OISL is due to be delivered before the ongoing UNHRC sessions in Geneva – has pointed out the GoSL has been repeatedly threatening prospective witnesses of ‘dire consequences’ that includes legal action.

The TGTE points out that these state-level threats that have been publicly expressed by Government Ministers have been coupled with other intimidation including ‘white-van abductions’ and disappearances and they have placed all potential witnesses in a precarious position.

It has gone on to point out that although many Tamils who are wither victims or witnesses are eager to testify to seek justice, they are becoming increasingly reluctant due to the threats by the GOSL.

“There are also concerns that the Sri Lankan security forces may target relatives of witnesses ho testify overseas,” TGTE adds.

Furthermore in its statement, the TGTE has also reiterated the call made upon the UNHRC to UNHRC to ensure the protection of witnesses and urge the Sri Lankan President not to harm Tamils who testify before this UN body, warn the GoSL of the consequences of intimidating and persecuting potential witnesses and to consider requesting the UN Security Council to ensure witness protection for those who testify before the OISL.

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    Thus spake the Prime Minister!

  • 12

    Every Tom, Dick and Harry forms transnational governments! Muslims, Burghers, Malays and Christians also have to form their own Transnational governments so that Sri Lanka will be the first and only multi-governmental country.

    • 5


      “so that Sri Lanka will be the first and only multi-governmental country.”

      The only Sinhala/Buddhist ghetto in the Indian ocean.

    • 10

      Isn’t Sri Lanka today a multi government country? Its ruled by multiple parties.

      Rajapakasa Family
      Drug Mafia
      Military Mafia
      Buddhist Mafia in robes

  • 10

    GoSL Has Directly Challenged The UNHRC. Well of course it has. It could not challenge the TGTE because it could not find it on the map.

  • 7

    The “sarong raised mode” will have to change with time. Are we in the 21st

  • 4

    Rudra pumps money and GOSL challeges directly.

    UN can be found but not Rudra the weasle who is living off tamil collection money.

  • 5

    PM Rudra obviously hasn’t received the last quarter report from the ITAK new Boss of the TNA.

    Otherwise the PM couldn’t have missed the directive from the ITAK boss to all his subjects to submit ,allegations, evidence, and any other complaints about the SL Armed Forces and the Commander in Chief to the TNA Locked Bag.

    He assures that the names and addresses will be strictly confidential and will be locked away even longer than Ms Pillai.

    What can the Govt or any one else do when the TNA gives this iron clad guarantee with the backing of the US , British and Canadian Govt reps in Colombo.

    Besides how can you take legal action against the Legal Eagle Abraham.

    Wonder whether the TNA already got the Victim Impact Statement from Mrs Thamil Selvan the late Political Leader of the LTTE whom this PM has replaced.

    Mrs Thamill Selvam evidently was with the captives and escaped when the Govt opened the no fire zones.

    She is on record saying that there was no Nadesan or Pullidevan trying to escape holding White Rags,

    Nadesan although not a Registrar signed the marriage certficate of Mrs Selvam after Mr Prabakarn walked her down the isle.

    Pullidevan was her hubby’s buddy who was living in the same bunker..

    So there can’t be any chances of mistaken identity.

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    Video on TGTE leader’s speech outside the UN where Mahinda Rajapakse came into the UN through the back door.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Owf0_o5QtV0 – Just out -Only 10 Views.

    Donald Gnanakone
    Tamils For Justice

    • 2

      Scintillating! Seems like he had a massive audience too going by the several pairs of hands you can hear clapping. LMAO :D

  • 3

    I thought this guy is a member of the NY Bar Association .!!!!!

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    I saw in You Tube a video of a “Fruit Cake with a Shrilly Voice talking in broken English into a toy Walmart microphone, outside the UN Headquarters”. He must be the so called comedian PM of the TGTE, the country invisible in any Map of the World entertaining the jay walkers during a break.

    I am sure he earned his keep by his Peter Seller type accent.

    We British should have taught these clowns at least to pronounce English words properly. Shame on the English.

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    Hon Prime minister how is your government going.

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      What government? TGTE is a pie in the sky.

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    /GoSL Has Directly Challenged The UNHRC/
    PM of the pie in the sky doesn’t know it but 22 other countries have backed GOSL move rejecting the investigation by UNHRC.

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