1 March, 2024


Gota Paid Karuna Faction 50 Million To Kill Raviraj

Former defence secretary, Gotabaya Rajapaksa is alleged to have paid Rs. 50 million to the Karuna Faction to murder Jaffna District Parliamentarian, Nadarajah Raviraj. This was disclosed by a former State Intelligence Serviceman, Police Constable Liyanarachchi Abeyrathna to the Colombo Additional Magistrate Thilina Gamage.

Former Secretary to the Ministry of Defence

Former Secretary to the Ministry of Defence

Giving further evidence, the former police constable went on to say that the payment was channeled through the defence ministry to the Karuna faction, by a ministry official named Wasantha. Abeyrathna also claimed that DIG Keerthi Gajanayake, and State Intelligence Service SSP Mahil Dole were also aware of this contract.

Court was adjourned, and further examination will resume on March 2. Notice was also issued on Angelo Roy, an eyewitness to be present in court for the next hearing.

Raviraj was shot dead by gunmen in Colombo on November 10, 2006. The Tamil National Alliance among others alleged that the then Sri Lankan government under Mahinda Rajapaksa was involved in his assassination. However the government denied responsibility.

Gotabaya Rajapaksa, is the brother of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Correction: The original version of this story incorrectly stated the paid amount was Rs. 5 million. The figure has been updated.

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Latest comments

  • 23

    Is it not Gotabhaya who sent Karuna on a false passport to England with Karuna
    purporting to be a consultant/expert in Environment, Climate change or some such thing for which Karuna was imprisoned in England? Karuna according to his own admission was said to have enjoyed this sojourn in an English prison. Bensen

    • 22

      Gota arranged for that fake passport to be handed over to Karuna in side the flight after he boarded the plane via VIP route.

      Gota must have thought that he got rid of Karuna and with that all evidence of murders committed by both.
      The British police saw the better of it.

      Now one by one revelations are emerging

  • 0

    He should have learnt from We Thamizh’s masters and used a Reaper and a stack of Hellfires to take care of business instead. Of course that would have cost slightly more than Rs 50m, so may be this was the smarter option :D

    • 5

      Wee Thamihz Siva Sankaran Sarma Menon

      General Sepala Attygalle was sent to UK to help the return of VP’s wife and children from a Nordic country (Sweden ?). The Sri Lankan High Commission issued the mother and child with passports although they were not present in the country.

      This was when VP was fighting the Hindians while RP’s army was hiding behind their women folks.

      General flew to Sweden then accompanied them all the way to Singapore and then to Sri Lanka.

      When VP resumed war against Sri Lankan armed forces Sepala was greatly disappointed, and told one of his acquaintance VP was the only Tamil who had ever cheated him.

      Sarma, it’s now the right time for you to pull your head out of wherever it’s now. Breath fresh air, be part of human race.

  • 13

    A confusing story ! When Gota had so many killers under him why spend such a large sum on an unknown assassin ?

    • 3

      Exactly, why so much to do it in Colombo? If Raviraj was gunned down in the North or East then maybe.

  • 7

    In my view the biggest give away is Rs.50Mn.
    Why should Gota pay Karuna a terrorist under his custody for a simple assasiation as that of Raviraj.
    considering the claims of terrorist sympathizers that calls Gota himself a murderer and had death squads and white vans, Rs.50Mn does not fit the bill!

    • 7


      You should know, it was a payment to maintain Karuna’s sub-contractors against LTTE, …..

      Part of the contract stipulated that they are obliged to undertake other missions as and when their service was required.

      These are too complicated for you. Hence, have a rest.

    • 4

      @NAK and @harry hatton

      You guys are absolutely correct.

      In Sri Lanka, no need of engineering sophisticated rumors. Any fool statement leaked out will suffice to get everyone all excited and accept it as Gospel Truth !

      This morning, when I read it, it was 5 Million. A few hours later, it has ballooned to 50 Million.. !

      Meanwhile the much-vaunted FCID is still being paid to bring SOMEONE…, (Anyone !) to “justice”. In spite of apparent Billions and Trillions of Dollars changing hands, so far… nothing.

      They can’t even keep a known thug (Gnanassara) behind bars !

      • 4


        “They can’t even keep a known thug (Gnanassara) behind bars !”

        All because the Mahanayake is still fond of the saffron clad thug for his services to Sinhala/Buddhism and the country.

        Here is the news:

        Asgiri Mahanayake speaks out on Gnanasara Thero
        January 27, 2016

        The Chief Prelate of the Asgiri Chapter of the Siam Sect, Most Venerable Galagama Sri Aththadassi Thero, says that the Maha Sangha acted in a sacrificial manner during times perilous to the country and the people.

        The senior Buddhist leader made these comments during a meeting with the State Minister of National Integration and Reconciliation, A. H. M. Fowzie, in Kandy this morning (27).

        The Most Venerable Mahanayake Thero further said that the General Secretary of the Bodu Bala Sena organization, Ven. Galagoda Aththe Gnanasara Thero, has been remanded and that the latter has also acted in a sacrificial manner with regard to the country and the people.

        Therefore everything needs to be done properly, he said. Most Ven. Aththadassi Thero stated that unity between communities should develop.

        He stated that something should be talked about with pure intent and that one must act with human compassion.


        • 3


          Good to know that Adaderana is your source for unimpeachable news

  • 4

    If the media story is true, the govt. must investigate and find out
    as to who paid the 50 million rupees, whether it came from the state coffers or from an individual. One wonders as to why Rs.50 millions were spent to kill a Tamil MP, where as senior Tamil leaders like Amirthalingam, Kumar Ponnambalam were murdered for nothing.

    • 1

      Lanka watch I agree tamil leaders like Amirthalingam, Kumar Ponnambalam were murdered for nothing, meaning nothing was achieved by their murder.

  • 2

    Whats all this fuss? The money was used to eliminate a Tamil MP. They should have continued to do more of the same so that we could have been in power for ever. Any way we will achieve this in the very near future, as MS/RW regime is nearing an end.

    • 2

      If it was TNA it would have been worth the price.

  • 5

    Something not right about this story. Gota was such a powerful person during his time, why would have to give 50M to anybody to kill someone. There are enough trigger happy people about in Sri Lanka, and there are enough firepower behind Gota to get things done for no cost. I won’t buy this story at all

  • 5

    should anyone waste 50m to kill a third class idiot like raviraj? 5000 is more than enough for a terrorist like raviraj

  • 0

    Scary photo. He may decide to sue CT for unauthorised photo of him, as he had done in the past!

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