15 July, 2020


Gotabaya Rajapaksa Wins

The Elections Commission of Sri Lanka has just announced that SLPP presidential candidate Gotabaya Rajapaksa as the seventh President of Sri Lanka.


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    Against progress for all vs progress to a feudal family, democracy vs fascist, and good vs evil, civil liberties vs uncivilized tyranny, the majority of our modaya’s picked the side which the sane would dared have not picked except for satan. The country will truly be MAROONED! There is a common adage that say, “the people deserve the leaders they elect”. I personally don’t think the people deserve this because time and tested twice, they have failed miserably. Only if our dumb idiots had the acumen to see what is happening in Hong Kong to learn any lessons from their struggle. Yet again, the SINHALA MODAYA will never learn. Even those with learning disabilities are disabled for a certain biological malady and not because they don’t have a brain. The majority brainless Sinhalese hypocrites will fall at the feet of anyone, including SATAN if the demon is draped in a saffron robe.

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      We enjoyed democracy to someextent, but now on to pass it to milliatary and unethical criminals make me very sad… i have no doubt, you will share my grief on this day at least on this platform. Why people are misled by a group of bunch is the greater puzzle yet in my mind.

      Aniccā vata sankhārā
      All things are impermanent
      Uppāda vaya dhamminō
      They arise and pass away
      Uuppajjitvā nirujjhanti
      Having arisen they come to an end
      Te san vūpa samō sukhō
      Their coming to peace is bliss

      (Mahā Parinibbāna Sutta)

      There is a saying in sinhala vernacular: saying that the palace is being built going by the aspirations of the devils. The exact meaning can be applied in our context in the country today. It is not the governing rulers but people in general and the former goons are to be blamed.
      If people nevertheless want parayahs to rule the country, regardless of the human dignity and mlechcha nature, let it be.
      meaning people are not wise enough for democratic nature of rule. They just want to be slaves forever. Now with former millitary junta men will come back under the appointment of rajapakshe goons, because they seem to know nothing but that in ruling the nation.

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      Minority friends,
      Never give up, over 55 lacks of millions stood by you here. Most of them thought, that would work. It is not the mistake of the decmocratic and human leaders such as Ranil and Sajith:
      They heartfully intend people to enjoy equal rights.
      Now with the comeback of SATAN, north eastern provinces will have no own voice but to go under the command of millitary junta. You need to express yourself here or any other forums where youa re given a place.
      I am really sorry for the fate we are fallen in today.

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      Majority voted and they got their choice period so your opinion count for nothing “the people deserve the leaders they elect” you correct.
      And you got the high morale to call others brainless wast are you pseudo intellectual, intellectual idiot or quack physiologist. Hate hate is driving you to insanity so be careful you may get what you deserve as well
      Sinhalese ” Modayas” may say it take one to know one.

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    Thank you Sri Lankans for being so nice and voting us back to power in spite of all the terrible things we did to you in the past. In return we promise we will make things much better for you this time around. In order to achieve that goal, we are regretfully announcing that we are shutting down the courts and throwing out all the charges against us – the ruling dynasty of this beloved country for the next 30 years. May the triple gem bless you, Theruwan Saranai … … Oh … … We almost forgot … … Thank you Sirasa … for taking Sajith for a ride.

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      Looks like, after Gota’s victory, again RACISM is raising its ugly head. The social media is full of Racist Anti-Tamil comments. What these Racists do not realize is, even though the people of North and East did not vote for Gota, they did not vote for the Tamil candidates either. They all (Tamils of North and East) voted for Sinhala-Buddhists only. Why cannot these Racists under this? Let’s hope that the new president will stop this kind of Racism in our country.

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      Never works “Putting down the majority to look to good you self”. For some democratic only good when they win got a name got name for them sour looser

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      This reflects even within our family circles. I live in Europe, and each time traveling back home, I see my own relatives smirk if I would stand against murderous Rajaakshes. I think people are caught by media mafia for their comeback.
      In a country media is the main power apart from governing leaders. For what purpose they the authoriteis kept away from not having taken due action against Hiru and Derana TV channels is the greater question before me today. Those are the blant lies they sowed among the people.
      Like for example the issue to have DHATHU being brought by a reptile (nagaya) lately is an issue, that entire world would call the nation as most misled and vulnerable to falshhoods in the line of superstition.
      See, if that DHATU to have been brought by any alien, there should be an accepatable way people to get it really. A to B transport by a physical object such as (Dhathu karanduwa) is not explained by anyone let alone by that Rajakashe biased Incumbent chief priest, Prof. monk at the temple. This temple has a greater history but to fall on the lies of the deceitful people and mislead the buddhist mindset ? Is that not a karma that can definitely affect on them ?
      The boy by name Udara Madhusanka is said tob ehave made records in FB being torn by love affairs or the like stuff. So, being a mental person, he should have planted this, with a group of people under the guidance of GOTABAYA election camp. They did everything to manipulate the mindset of the people and they will continue doing so.
      The poor people are caught by the unthinkable tricks being applied by the bunch of thug for their political and self greed.

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    I am happy MCC-agent Mangala lost. and Mangala – Ranil and bond scammers made Sajith lost. Tamils and muslim public are innocent and just like sinhala people. but, bond Scam profit receiving Muslim and Tamil politicians made both the Tamils and muslim (Tamil speaking) lose. Mangala could not win at least Matara for Sajith.
    If the country is to be developed the most important thing is RESTRUCTURE THE PARLIAMENT AND MINISTRY BUREAUCRACY. IT may be infested everywhere.
    CT talked about CWE importing rotten rice. rishad Bathiuddin says he did not do it. but his secretary and Brother must have been active. There was a plan to sell the CWE to Walmart which will import cheap goods from China and India and flood the market so that all the small businesses go bankrupt. because they are unable to compete.
    Yahapalanaya – Indian Tamil and the Tribalist minister promoted S
    TY and reconciliation while his web page talked about Tamil superiority. All the sinhala Scoundrels in the parliament talked about Sinhala, Tamil, muslim, burghur, Malay, etc., etc and power sharing, national question.
    They neglected the importance of the COUNTRY’S CULTURE AND ONCE THE CULTURE IS NOT THERE, CHILDREN ARE LOST, DEVELOPMENT IS GOOD FOR ROLLING IN AND SHOVING IT THRUH the as. Every one, Protestants and muslims have culture but majority can not have.

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    Congratulations to the President-elect. You as a former US citizen will have the grasp of its founding fathers of that nation to make the new country great and they did achieve it. You were not from the majority community over there, yet treated fairly. Please do follow its goal instinctively in your motherland.

    Please do advise your followers, and they will listen to you, that Ceylon Tamil community is an ancient society in Sri Lanka and they cannot be treated just as another minority but an inherent part of the nation. As a person with strong mandate from the majority community, you can resolve the issues arising from the time of independence and make the country to be another Singapore within five years. They started from nothing but inter-ethnic harmony. We have all the resources but the inter-ethnic harmony. Please do work on it. If you are successful, you may even receive a Nobel Price for peace.

    Please do not mortgage the country any foreign powers. Remember Machiavelli, nations do not have permanent enemy or permanent friend; only their permanent interest. Best wishes for a successful governance. It is a beautiful land, scarred only by inter-ethnic differences.

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      Native Islander,
      A very thoughtful and a very truthful request to the incoming president. The country had the opportunity to resolve the problems but that opportunity was lost although the incoming president was part of that regime. This is not a Singapore or US. Here Buddhist Fundamentalism is very strong and you cannot make changes easily. This President also came to power promising assurances but he has to take any inch against to his family instant. This family is surrounded by lots of people who had involved with criminal background. You can have hopes but you have to wait to see the outcome.

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      Sure, Tamil Tigers supporters in the West will bribe him to get what they want

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    1. Gotabaya joined the Sri Lankan Army in April 1971 as a cadet officer.
    2. He was commissioned in the Signals Regiment and sent for the Young Officers’ course to Rawalpindi in Pakistan.
    3. On his return, his first posting in the SL Army was Palaly in northern Sri Lanka.
    4. In October 1974, Gotabaya opted to move to the infantry, joining the Sinha Regiment. Later, he was tasked with raising the Gajaba Regiment and commanded the 1st Gajaba Battalion.
    5. In 1983, he completed the Staff Officers Course at the Defence Services Staff College in Wellington, near Ooty, in India.
    6. Then Lt Col (now Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka), commanding the 1st Sinha Battalion and Gotabaya, as Commanding Officer of the 1st Gajaba Battalion, launched a combined operation to rescue Sri Lankan Army soldiers from the besieged Jaffna Fort, surrounded by the LTTE.
    7. The current Commander of the Sri Lankan Army, Lt Gen Shavendra Silva, has served under Gotabaya in the 1st Gajaba Battalion as a young officer.
    8. Gotabaya quit the Army in November 1991 and migrated to the United States.
    9. He returned to Sri Lanka to help his elder brother Mahinda’s election campaign in 2005 and stayed on to become Defence Secretary and play a pivotal role in Eelam War IV to end the LTTE terrorism.
    10. Gotabaya is a devout Buddhist and a vegetarian.

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      Gotabaya is a devout Buddhist and a vegetarian., Hitler too vegetarian

      • 2

        So when you respecting the desth camps to build?. So you expert knowledge came up with the comparison is all vegitarions are Hitlers. And you left out Hitlet a Christen first.So now I increased the pool for you for comparison.😂

    • 0

      Eeekel Guy, do not try to be smart. This is a cut and paste job from an Indian journal.

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    This is part of a world wide trend, I see more and more Dictatorial technocratic rulers being elected in many countries. USA, China, Philippines, India Russia and Turkey, just to mention a few. Looks like the world is slowly moving towards a 3rd World war.

    In Sri Lanka’s case, we have a today elected a murderer with impractical promises who doesn’t like to be questioned about his very own policies.

    We have preferred Dictatorship over democratic rule. I think we deserve this, because the leaders we elect is a mirror image of our-self. And majority of this country are a selfish people who like to suppress and rule over the minorities instead of co-existing.

    Shame on the Mahanayakas and television mudhalali’s who backed him. The “Sinhalese Buddhist” Country they are trying protect is going to fall from bad to worse. People will feel this in the gut in only 2 years.

    • 4

      Democracy at its best…

      • 1

        Yes spot on bit of irony for you to digest for next few years .

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      Pity on you UNP stalwart

    • 6

      You are totally correct.
      Unfortunate fact is Most Buddhist monks and Sinhala Buddhist extremists do not know the afrermath repercussion of this hypocracy.
      More than 70 percent people are uneducated .
      Extremists can not fathom the reality.
      They are deluded.
      Most monks are extremists.
      They have used their poor devotees and survive as billionaires.

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      Concerned Citizen
      “I see more and more Dictatorial technocratic rulers being elected in many countries. USA, China, Philippines, India Russia and Turkey, “

      Really in US , India , Philippines, In case you got confused because of your concerns majority see it differently. So easy to be a concern citizen as long as you get your way when the majority go against your wishes by using their vote for a change concern citizen becomes pontificating WOKE.

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    It is rumoured that Mangala Samaraweera is leaving for the USA with a top job as an advisor to the state department on South Asian affairs. Why does USA give these people top jobs when they failed to deliver the MCC compact, SOFA and such deals pushed by the US. What will Ranil do? The Bond Scam money may be behind a top SL politican’s chalet in Davo, Switzerland
    These agents will find that they will finally be left in the lurch by the US. The US will
    now put out its “Chaatu” to Gotabhaya.
    So we see who are the real American agents in Colombo. Prasad kariyawasam is also packing up as US-paid advisor to the speaker Karu Jayasuriya. Where is Karu Jayasuriya going?
    The true citizens and paid agents of the USA will now come out of the wood work and claim rewards for their loyality to Uncle Sam. Uncle sam will give them a few peanuts and tell them that Uncle Sam doesn’t like failures.

    • 6

      A clean campaign based on policies amid mud slinging from the opposition. Great victory and a lot of work ahead.

    • 7

      You just forgot to mention where did Rajapakse brothers hid their loot of $ billions in their 10 years?

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    Congratulations to Dr Nandasena!

    You gave a hope to shady people with criminal background on how to execute a well-planned campaigned to win the heart and mind of half of the voters!

    Now you should also work hard to win the confidence of nearly half you voters who didn’t select you!

    You should find a way to hide the election results map from official documents and social media. 2019 presidential results map is reminding us the Eelam map.

    Hope you would come up with a master plan to win the heart and mind of voters from minority communities.

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    It is R Pemadasa who enacted 15th Amendment. Ranil – Raajitha antiques, Mangala’s Anti-vuddhist stand and the taste of 15th amendment to the minorities worked for
    Minorities voting against Gotabhaya Rajapakse.
    I hope Gotabhaya Rajapakse will not do the same mistake that Mahinda Rajapakse did which is making the family happy. and people gave a golden opportunity and think about that.
    Delimitation process should limit the powers of Tamil Tribalist politicians in the North.
    S\There should be a President’s commission about what was happening inside the Finance ministry and the Central bank and banks. That should not be like Maithripala sirisena’s Bond Scam and Sri lankan Air line commission reports.

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    My congratulations to Lanka, its wonderful people [edited out]

  • 15

    1.Duminda will be out
    2Thajudeen case will be shelved, I heard blood money offered to the family.
    3.Lasantha and other cases no files
    4.Missing children files gone
    5. White van sales will be up
    6.Racist Buddhist monks will out do themselves, and Buddhist will send their women to Middle East for housemaid and men for driver jobs, but will be racist. Till the Arabs ban the Buddhist from working in the Middle East. Eg: Thailand- 80% women in the sex trade.
    7.Law will be made to be broken with a call.
    8.More loans and commissions, which who ever deals will have to be paid.
    9.drug transit point
    10. Sanctions by the west
    11.embrace by China and slaves of the Chinese. Eg: Cambodia., Myanmar.
    12.More people leaving the country
    13.race riots and insurgency

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    B R E A K I N G N E W S : Namal Rajafucksha, our GCE (O.L.) failed synthetic “lowyer” and son of Prime Minister-elect Percy Mahendra Rajafucksha is tipped to get the portfolio as Minister of Law & Order in addition to Women’s Affairs. He will also have constructive control of Sri Lankan Airlines and have a say in all matters related to his “flying angels”. Cheers!

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    A urgent message to Sajith Premadasa.

    Dear Mr Premadasa,
    your decision to step down as the Deputy Leader of the UNP is not a good one at all.
    The country needs you and a large segment of the population needs you in this bleak time.
    Your decision to step down gives your arch enemy Ranil Wickremasinghe the ammo that he needs to use against you by your proving to him that you are weak.
    You need to show your strength now and there has been no better time than this.
    Your real enemy and the enemy of the UNP and people is none other than Ranil Wickremasinghe and all his cohorts who follow him to Hell.
    Please repeat please reconsider your decision and stick on with the party as we want to see you as the leader.
    This setback to you is a blessing in disguise and you will come out of it stronger than before.
    Failures are the pillars of success and there is no better way than this to describe your setback.
    Ranil Wickremasinghe is a Evil personality who will sell his Soul to the Devil for power, a man who will go to bed with the Devil to achieve his ends.
    The Rajapaksas are not the enemy but non other than Ranil Wickremasinghe.
    Ranil Wickremasinghe will pay for all the mess he has done to Sri Lanka and before the lid of his Coffin is closed he will deeply regret his mistakes but it will be too late. May he rot in Hell.
    Once again Mr Premadasa please repeat please stay on in the UNP and fight back tooth and nail to become the leader and if you do then you will definitely become the leader of all Sri lankans one day in the future.
    There is always another chance.

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    I just heard from someone who lives in colombo that he ran into some racist rickshaw drivers. When he wanted to get a ride he had approached the stand. And he was asked if he was a tamil or muslim and was told that they are currently not giving rides to them. Alot of sinhalese want to take revenge on minorities because the north and east voted for sajith in a landslide. Where else do you see this kind of backward animalistic attitudes? In sub saharan africa. And you can see the result over there.
    This is why Sri Lanka has a low iq rating (just like most of africa).

    • 1

      My lawyer cousin went with his Tamil junior to the Fort railway station to buy tickets to Kandy. The Tamil ticket clerk told my cousin “Sorry train full no tickets”. My cousin told his junior “There are no seats. We will have to phone and ask them to postpone the case” . His junior smiled and said “Just a minute Sir”, and he went and bought two tickets.
      So you see Jegan, you don’t have to go to Africa to find discrimination and ‘backward animalistic attitudes’, you can find both among the Tamils.

  • 4

    The Sri Lankans have opted for the known devil rather than experimenting with the unknown angel.
    I look at the results with raised eye brows because Gothabaya has won overwhelmingly without the votes of the north and the east and for the first time there was no major violent incidents reported during the elections which is a very positive occurrence. The President elect has celebrated his victory with a tweet saying that he’is not for revenge politics he will be the leader of whole nation not only for the people voted for him. I hope he sticks to his words and make use of this second opportunity to redeem his sins of the past. He’s in the twilight of his life’s span so it’s time for him to do some good for the minority people to win their confidence without alienating them further .I hope his regime would not make the same mistakes his brother made during his tenure amassing wealth for his family members and destroying the lives of those who opposed them. I congratulate Gothabaya and sincerely wish he gets the country out of the rut and build a nation where all citizens could live peacefully and happily.

    • 3

      Sweet talking is nothing new for the Rajapaksa family. Remember what Mahinda said in 2009 when the war ended? He spoke about how he was going to win the hearts and minds of the people of the north and east. And even spoke a few lines in tamil. He said alot of touching things. And it all proved to be a load of hogwash!

  • 3

    A decisive victory. Sajith won only Nuwara Eliya other than the North East seats.

  • 2

    As people here suggest, if the new president’s people or the cabinet going to be the same old recycled stuff – I mean people – the voters will not gain antthing. What ever talks it will be the same OLd yahapalana govt which finished a big bank robbery within the first 100 days.
    Delay the general elelction. Restructure the parliament. Get rid of the crooked 15th amendment and the current parliament and the crooked part of the related constitution. Some ministries need changes.
    People ask a better from two govts and both cheated people. So, the country is moving towards anarchy, indiscipline and hopelessness and more

  • 7

    Time to close down Colombo Telegraph and it’s anti national campaign on behalf of the LTTE and its diaspora.

  • 6

    This result is not unexpected. The behaviour of MS played a major role in destabilising his government. He panicked after the local government elections which his party contested separately and lost heavily. This lead him to destabilise the government even more. The main stream population began to believe that Sri Lanka needed a hardline tough person to be the president. That was GR. The April bombing consolidated this belief further. The outgoing government also implemented many austerity measures probably guided by IMF causing hardship. This further supported the view that the government must be changed.
    SP tried to project himself as a hardliner. But people considered him a moderate that is what he actually is. The voting pattern reflects this. GR received 65% of majority community vote and 20% of minority ethnic groups s’ vote. SP received 30% of majority community vote and 80% of minority ethnic groups’ vote. This gave 52.25% of total vote to GR and 42% to SP.
    Minority ethnic groups fear GR’s presidency. This fear was somewhat allayed by GR’s victory statement that he will be the president for all Sri Lankans. MR who will become the PM soon, issued a similar message. It is hoped that these are not political doublespeak and that they will walk the talk. In the meanwhile we have to live in hope and have our fingers crossed.

  • 9

    As bad as Yahapalanaya was, as stupid Sira and Ranil have been, most people jumping for joy will be begging for Yahapalanaya sooner or later.
    Just mark my words.
    These SLPP used the stupidity of the majority to get here, now they will put you where you belong.
    Mark my words.
    It is inevitable, they have an agenda. It will be nicely followed at our expense. We deserve it in the end.

  • 6

    How does Sovereignty gets threatened?
    1. Debt trap
    2. Foreign Invasion
    3. Ethnic and religious terrorism
    Why Reconciliation is Important?
    1. Direct solution for the 3rd reason above
    2. Economic growth due access to a larger market
    3. Better intelligence network due no gaps in the community
    Official Seal of the Nation(Importance)
    1. Able to refuse any political agenda within the legal framework
    2. He is the best candidate to do the same due country majority as a whole have selected him
    3. Make quick decisions in regards to national security and sovereignty

  • 3

    Abolish the Parliament and appoint Buddhist clergy the Cardinal and the Election commissioner said the media to run the country.

  • 2

    Ladies and gentlemen,i hereby declare the 2019 games over.To the many who may be disappointed that the free entertainment is finished,i ask them to be hopeful.To compensate for the dull and boring years of 2015 to 2019 we have the specter of more free entertainment now in our dull and boring lives.

    I hereby declare, let the white vans and grease yakkas begin.Hail again to never a dull moment in SL.

  • 7

    Dear Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa firstly heartiest congratulations on your great win. As an expatriate tamil living in Australia the following are what we ask:
    1. It was encouraging to see your twitter about being president to all’
    2. Please uphold democracy, peace, justice and religious tolerance and impartiality
    3. Appoint ministers who are skilled in their trade and are held in high esteem
    ‘4. Government expenditure should be checked and extra funds diverted to uplift the country
    5 Technology, skills and living standards should be uplifted
    6. Uphold justice. Independence of Justice should be preserved. Look at India the supreme Court is really supremeand is so independent
    7. All communities and religions should be respected and should live in a democratic and peaceful manner
    8 Senior government appointments should be made on credibility, experience and skill set

    Sri Lanka needs a very strong leader and I strongly believe and you are one of them. Your army training and the character shown are testament to this.

    Singapore is what is today is to a strong leader like Lee kuan Yew and I very sincerely believe that you have that mental strength and may god bless you and guide you to make srilanka to be like Singapore and more
    Good Luck Sir

    • 1

      So when you expecting the death camps to build?. So your expert knowledge came up with the comparison is all vegitarions are Hitlers? And you left out that Hitler a Christen first.So now I increased the pool for you for comparison.😂

  • 4

    In a country of blinds one eyed man is the king. No wonder!!!
    What’s his background?? Deserted the military fearing the onslought of LTTE and sought asylumin the US only to return after brother Mahinda became the president. Grabbed the war victory from General Fonseka and it became ‘Gota’s War’. China, murder, white vans, extortion, intimidation, violence, BBS, mega corruption and etc: all history.
    There again to be continued………
    Once again, in a country of blinds one eyed man is the king!!!

  • 3

    Though the process appears to be democratic, it is all deceptive. GR is dual citizen. He therefore cannot contest. He did not declare before election that he was dual citizen and now cannot enjoy any favourable arguement. MR cannot pretend that he was unaware. It is therefore unethical for an alien to be appointed a president. GR is a war criminal, fraud, murderer and a liar. These qualities are over ridden by racism and SLPP had abused the goodwill of the innocent population. GOTA’s appointment to Presidency is ILLEGAL. All those support the process are violating the rights of the citizens.

  • 2

    the unp is dead as a dodo
    the slpp will win the parliamentary election with a two third majority
    if they want to stay in the hunt the young members will need to form a new party jus t as basil did by breaking away from the slfp
    but whether there will be another election for them to contest is seriously in doubt

  • 1

    Victory gained by Gotabe Rajapakse could give kick start for the economy considering the resurgence of the retail sector with multiples of huge infrastructure we can witness. Though there were concerns about his past records, this time he can’t afford to make the same blunders again that could put his stake in the political arena in difficult situation. In recent past there are few modern luxurious malls opened and few to be opened. Also many star studded hotel chains, Lotus tower, luxurious penthouse apartments etc. waiting to be commissioned soon. Mega projects like metro rail to link many cities in Colombo, cable car project in Nuwaraeliya and finally the central expressways and New Kelaniya bridge project are a few we could list are on his plate to make them viable for the country. Therefore be good President Gatabaya and good luck.

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    American agent Mangala’s National candidate project failed. HE is scolding Bhikkus and made Tamils and muslims look stupid. The National candidate could earn only 34% of Sinhala vote. Sinhala voters now understand that their vote alone is enough to elect a president, if the right individual comes and not one who blames the previous govt or politicians for their failures. A different kind of politics also appeared.
    Long ago, it wasthe world market which screwed up every thing for them. After that it was always the opposition or the previous govt politicians that screwed up.

    PAw da Ranil, Mangala, TNA and muslim politicians.

  • 0

    Ranil must take temporary leave and seek medical treatmment for his bulging belly. To function effectively one must have both his hands on the desk, not his trouser pockets. While sympathising this it cannot be ignored. They brought on themselves this defeat. RW and MS were like a couple about to seek divorce. No one will feel confidence in such a dynamic in a government and none will vote. This is not surprising. People will rather have a crooked government than a non functioning government. Pity th
    at people like Eran Aashu and Hakeem didnt intervene to settle this. One good has come out of this. SL will have a president who will appear in suit and tie giving respectability to its citizens rather than the beggarly white dress said to portray humility. Bloody hypocrisy. They dress in white while their wives paraded in Colourful sarees. Shiranthi and Hema were masters at that art.

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