1 July, 2022


Gotabaya Rajapaksa Wins

The Elections Commission of Sri Lanka has just announced that SLPP presidential candidate Gotabaya Rajapaksa as the seventh President of Sri Lanka.


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    Nandasena surely Won. But Keselwatta Kid did not lose it all.

    I don’t know why they make bad jokes about Dr Ranil now, when he is down .
    And even after Gota told them to be nice and clean..

    Anyway that mass exodus of UNP Ministers makes me wonder what Dr Ranil’s next move is?
    I know Keselwatta Kid jumped without giving Dr Ranil the chance to sack him.

    But what made Kabir Hasshim , Harin Fernanado, Malik Samrawickrema, Mangala Samtaweera, Ajith Perera ,Dr Harsha ,resigning en masse and leaving Dr Ranil in the lurch in this critical hour of need is un fathomable .
    Cconsidering how this Mob stood up for Dr Ranil through thick and thin.
    And even braved water bottles , A4 Folders and sharpened HH pencil attacks from the Pohottu dudes during that 52 Day Trial run, in Kotte.-

    25 UNP young Turks lead by the UNP Grandson have already negotiated with Rajapaksa Senior , what part they are going play in his new Government.

    The other Lot who have resigned wouldn’t have any part to play with Pohottuwa after their dirty campaign of Legal attacks, Character attacks and even Mud Attacks.

    The most logical fir for them will be to join Keselwatta Kid and build his UNP Dalit Faction .
    And present it at the next Election as United National Labour Party.. UNLP.

    That name sounds pretty cool too .
    Plus Keselwatta Kid has established himself well among the UNP Dalits now with that Election Promises List of Free Pads, Free Houses, Free Mid day Meals , Free Manure and free IT Parks and even IT Schools.
    It is reflected well in the Election Result.

    Keselwatta Kid managed to score 5,5 Million votes,.
    Although those are the the Muslim and Tamil Votes in the Dr Ranil designated Two Homelands and outside.
    In combination that is well over 2.5 Million.

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      Machang KAS
      The need of the hour is to have a strong Prime Minister, a strong Speaker and a strong Parliament to control Gotabhaya in case if he tries to sign MCC and SOFA or convert Sri Lanka a country of household butcheries.

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        Gota is an American who is being protected by the mighty USA.
        Would you like to appoint Wimal Windbag Weerawansa as the prime minister, defense minister, finance minister, foreign minister, speaker, ………………………all in one strong man?

        Gota will come up with all kinds of excuses to sign any agreement that is in US’s interest. He has no choice but to comply with all US demands.

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          Native Vedda
          Who cares about US demands?
          Only Gotabhaya is under obligation to the US. We are NOT.
          It is imperative to strengthen Parliament to overpower Gotabhaya in order to protect the sovereignty and independence of Sri Lanka, if he tries to sign MCC and SOFA and implement ACSA.

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            who cares? Please get into reality little bid. What I said about them is 100% correct. He has been supported and promoted to win by global Jewish agency in the U.S. Last week, he said “there is no security problem” This statement came from this agency. Jews are doing this to take revenge from Sinhalese Buddhist. His U.S citizenship is not an issues. They chose him solely based on his multi religious and multi-racial background that helps espionage excellently. I have thousand of evidence that global Jewish agency chose him during war period and lately, since 2015, they began to promote by doubling the effort.

            Also, Jews have connection to Chinese. Jews are the ones who directed RW to sell Sri lanka harbour to Chinese for 99 years as part of plot to find reason and to conspire against Sri lanka.

            In order to get him popularity, what They, Jews did is directed RW and Prez. Sirisena to do anti-Sinhalese Buddhist activities to be hated by voters. All of you have been living in Colombo, and you don’t know foreign spies have been contacting Tamil Tigers, RW, MS, JVP leader and Gota, And Sinhalese spies and their newspapers.
            Former Tamil Tiger leader Karana said last week something. His statement came from same spies who told Gota to tell “there is no security problem.

            Go and ask him to see if he ever going to tell that he contacted the people from American or Israelis section.

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              Jews? You mean Israelis? What do they have to do with Buddhists?
              I didnt believe the story aboyt ISIS leader blown himself. Pictures showed dead man’s body was intact. How could a man blow a suicide body kit and die without any damage to his face, head, beard and body? If he has blown himself his body should be in pieces. I am still trying to figure out why this story came just before our elections.

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        I want to see Mahinda as the Prime Minister.
        It was Mahinda who was with us in our fight against the slave government, not Gotabhaya or Basil.
        I want to see Mahinda as the Prime Minister in the current Parliament. Karu can be the Speaker. I have no objection.

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          Former president had some good qualities. But Can’t trust or will not trust anybody until things happens positively or until they prove by themselves.

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          Are you sure you are not gone “ga ga”?
          A few months ago you were against this crook and the war criminal. Now you have switched your alliance and admiration. What’s going on?

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            Keyboard Vedda
            What do you mean? I am still against Gotabhaya. I want Mahinda in power as I have a serious suspicion that Maithri will come to Parliament and claim his place as the leader of the UPFA group in Parliament.

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      Are you from California? Or NYC. You seems from Colombo 7

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      “Keselwatta Kid managed to score 5,5 Million votes”

      Less than that or 80 percent of 5.5 mil is supposed to be UNP votes. Rest is coalition parties plus Sajith’s last 2 weeks of campaign success. I don’t think there is much difference from 2015 PE election except that UPFA voters backed Gota this time ignoring CBK & Welgama.

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      “25 UNP young Turks lead by the UNP Grandson have already negotiated with Rajapaksa Senior , what part they are going play in his new Government.”

      What was the total bill for the purchase of these donkeys?
      Is Navin Nayakka (another aspiring presidential hopeful because the father too had that dream) in the job lot?

      Job lot

      1 : a miscellaneous collection of goods for sale as a lot usually to a retailer
      2 : a miscellaneous and usually inferior collection or group

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    I am supremely confident!

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    Don’t insult Africa or Africans, their IQ is far higher than the Sri Lanken Buddhist, who vote for an American, who’s wife is competing with malina trump to be the First Lady of Sri Lanka, with America.
    The guy is an illegal and a foreigner…

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      Jehan > We had a fine & dandy past 8 years from the local-born idiots.. We had the worst bloody year in recent memory..business is shit..tourism is shit…Taxation is through the roof, we had our kids stay at home for over a month, we still have army guys in front of churches & Infront of some schools…

      On the other front, Mangala & Ranil danced to the whims of Badurdeen, Sali, Rahuman, ect. & marginalized the majority..They made Sinhala Buddhists feel like second class citizens in their own country… As expected, Buddhist monks hit back as their Religion & themselves came under constant attack by idiots like Mangala

      And as expected, the majority got together & decided to put an end to the farce.. Expect even more votes for Mahinda’s party in the upcoming general election…for the first time, expect GR to assemble a parliament without much help from the minority parties just like Modi did in India

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    Now if a general election is held in early next year, Pohotuwa will have their candidates, SLFP will have their own set.UNP will contest alone. So what’s going to happen then for all the pohutukawa votes.

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