23 April, 2024


Gota’s Inaugural Press Conference – Full Video

Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna(SLPP) presidential candidate Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s inaugural press conference:

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    “Who started White Van culture”? According to Presidential Nominee of SLPP, it was UNP. So he (Gota) too leaned it from the UNP and practised it “OPENLY” and indiscriminately . Didn’t we see some what better “Performance” (not that I agree) from the “Economic Pandith” Wimal Weerawanse and “Investigative Pandith” Udaya Gammanpila? Both of them “KICKED OUT” SLPP nominee Gotabaya Rajapakse. What a “QUANTITY” and “QUALITY” of a man to be the President of a country. May be only good for the “SLAVES”, because they are there to be “BLIND” and “FOLLOW”.

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      “”SLAVES” , because they are there to be “BLIND” and “FOLLOW”. whose IQs fall below 79, the mean of the populace, and are fed grass, as they behave like cattle and buffalos, Harak and Mee-Harak.

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      A bozo for the imbeciles?

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    All 225 + 1 have demonstrated their complete lack of any brains, vision or patriotism. Just like the others, this press conference shows that the SLPP are just Indian bootlickers, tired old men and morons. This country could be like Singapore. These buffoons sing “India is my brother” from the rooftops.
    Only thing that can save this country is getting the BASICS right. Only a candidate who promises something like these 16 things should be voted for if we want to save the country rather than political clans (the two are not equal):
    1. ABOLISH 13th amendment (and Provincial Councils)
    2. ABOLISH Indo Lanka Accord (no self respecting country would agree to such a a thing which strips us of our independence). No point talking against other countries and yet silent on India
    3. Foster economic relationships with China, the US and ASEAN to counter India (the country which sponsored decades of terrorism here killing Sinhalese, Tamils, Moors, Burghers, Malays etc in our country)
    4. SCRAP all wasteful layers of unnecessary bureaucracy and “jobs for the boys” and any political appointments. All public sector officials should be appointed and promoted naturally by merit within the service and the number of civil servants should be kept to a minimum.
    5. Institute proper labour laws like in Singapore
    6. BAN all Indian buses and trains from being imported
    7. INVEST in electrified railways from Japan, China or Europe and a bullet train from the North (ALL THESE THINGS CAN BE PAID FOR INSTEAD OF WASTING ALL THE NATION’S MONEY ON POLITICAL PARASITES AND THEIR VEHICLES AND PERKS)
    8. Set English medium as the language of instruction for ALL children in ONE school system. Each child can learn either Sinhala or Tamil as their mother tongue (One or the other), but are in one classroom to learn all other subjects together in English

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    You can understand the caliber of the people who spoke about economy like Wimal Gonwansa who will head his Government

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    History of White vans started in 1971 insurrection because there were not enough vehicles for Police and armed services government during emergency rule allowed Police and armed services to take over vans from public for use which were mostly white. They were heavily used during 1986 to 1989 “Bheeshana samaya” where UNP and JVP killed about 60,000 innocent youth. You can read this book for more information and facts about many people lost their lives. (http://www.ft.lk/entertainment-sectors/book-on-second-jvp-insurgency-to-be-released-on-20-december/10405-585750) During the war white vans were used by both government and LTTE. But after the war you have to ask yourself whether do you know any of your friends or relatives were lifted by white vans other than the published kidnapping under investigations.

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