20 May, 2022


Government Throws Festivities And Parents Are Made To Pay

While the government basked in the glory of staging a grand welcome for the Chinese President who arrived in the island yesterday, part of the financial burden of the festivities had been forced upon the parents of children who participatd in the welcome event.

Over 2500 children were stationed along Colombo – Katunayake expressway under the hot sun to perform a dance yesterday morning as part of the welcome for the Chinese President who drove out of the Bandaranaike International Airport.

Sri Lanka ChinaStudents from schools in the Minuwangoda and Negombo education zones had been selected for these dances while another group of students from Newstead Girls College, Davisamara Maha Vidyalaya and Ave Maria College had been made to perform a welcome dance inside the BIA for the Chinese President. They had missed two days of school as a result of participating in the dances.

Parents and teachers are disgruntled about the use of students for these events as the financial burden of the costumes for the dances as well as transportation costs have been forced upon school authorities who in turn have palmed it off on the parents. Education professionals point out that the use of children in this manner is in clear violation of education ministry circulars that state that school children including bands cannot be used in political events.

Similar course of action was followed by the Government in staging performances for the CHOGM held last year where parents were forced to pay Rs. 2000 – 4000 per costume for the dances that students performed.

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  • 15

    RE: Government Throws Festivities And Parents Are Made To Pay

    Right now, the Chinese are paying, i.e. loaning money.

    When these children grow up, they will pay again.. as adults…

  • 10

    Our Jathiye Aadambarakara Pin-Piya has to make sure that “Polee Mudalali” is satisfied. Students Parents and others can go to hell as long as he get his share from the “Gini Polee Mudalaali”

    Only Jimmy, Aathal Sumane, machanic, Banda, Vibeeshana, Elu …… can explain why Gini Polee Mudalaali didn’t landed at Mattala Mahinda Rajapaksha Airport.

    • 5


      ‘Polee Mudalali’ has to be placated. Unfortunately our ‘Loku Mudalai’ is pocketing most of the money.

  • 11

    Indians gave a very dignified low key welceome. No song and dance and pagentry of children under hot sun.

  • 13

    all these are just trips for chinese, but for our leaders – great events.
    China focuses Srilanka only for their advantage.

    Besides, this visit is not only to SLANKA even Maldives and India were their other destinations for the regional tour.

    Our gon wassas make every effort to sell something else to the stupid folks THAT would even stay deaf and blind even if their lovely ones would have been forcefully made drug addicts but by Rajapakshes calculated agenda.

    • 0

      Meeharaka Rajapakshe (MR) would never be able to grasp it.
      He has vision to see the damage being practised by his shenannigans today in the country. They call the day of campaigning to be ended, but continuing their distribution of materials in Monaragala even that. All these are well planned programs by the rulersin power while Peththappu of police is asked to react accordingly.

  • 9

    What happened to Carlton Pre-school children. Why they did not take part in this procession. Why are they been spared out. How about Namal riding his famous Duty free Lambourghini racing cars along Katunayake Colombo expressway to greet Chinese leader.What happened to the white horses.
    This is purely another show off attention getter of the illegally and fraudulently power grabbed leader. Ex Philippine leader Marcos did same, but ultimately kicked out from his country. Same will happen to all Dictators including Rajapakses.
    Already people are fed-up, boring, frustrated and tired of Rajapakses. They are looking for change and that change will come soon.
    Finally there’s a saying that both Money, commission and mega illegal projects TALK and WALK.

  • 8

    RAJAPASSAS AND FAMILY AND ITS CLOSE ASSOCIATES EGO is destroying the country. Killing Sri Lanka.This is what happens when village idiots become leaders.

  • 7

    Isn’t there a “Rajya Netum Kandayama” under the cultural ministry and maintained by tax payers money available to perform in these events, so school going children are freed. This abuse and slavery of children is shameful and not acceptable in civilized world.

  • 3

    Isn’t there a “Rajya Netum Kandayama” under the cultural ministry and maintained by tax payers money available to perform in these events, so school going children are freed. This abuse and slavery of children is shameful and not acceptable in civilized world.

    Some kids may file fundemental right (violation of right to education) case, win and prevent future abuse

  • 9

    What a shame. I feel sorry for those poor kids and their parents. They absolutely have no choice. Either do what the big Raja wants or pay the price. Sometimes may be with their lives. What a disgraceful country. If there is natural justice big Raja and his gangsters will pay for all these someday.

  • 2

    This sort of pageantry using schoolchildren is reprehensible. The visit by the Chinese President was a government to government decision. The children had no say in it and neither did their parents. The education system and schools are failing the country when it allows children to be used for political events, let alone the inappropriate cost to the parents.

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