23 May, 2022


Government ‘Very Slow’ In Implementing Important Initiatives To Safeguard Human Rights: TNA Tells UNHRC

The Tamil National Alliance on Friday expressed its concern over the very slow pace in the implementation of crucial initiatives with respect to safeguarding human rights issues in Sri Lanka.

TNA Leader  R. Sampanthan

Leader of the Opposition R. Sampanthan

Citing reasons for it’s claim, the TNA pointed out the delay in releasing private lands illegally occupied by the military; the continued use of the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) and the government’s failure to repeal it; the breach of undertakings to release those held under the PTA; and the continuing surveillance and harassment of civilians in the North and East, as issues that was proving to be an obstruction towards reconciliation in the country.

“Delay in the resettlement of displaced people in both the North and East, and in the restoration of normal life by providing then with housing, livelihood opportunities and other facilities continues to be a matter of concern and is a great impediment to the process of reconciliation and the return to normalcy,” the TNA said in a statement.

The party also noted that the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights at the 32nd session of the Human Rights Council had accurately captured the opportunities and challenges for reconciliation and accountability in Sri Lanka,.

“With respect to the reconciliation mechanisms proposed by the government, we welcome the tabling of the Office on Missing Persons (OMP) Bill in Parliament. The government consulted us on the Bill, and we are pleased that several of the extensive revisions we urged have been included in the gazetted text. We commend the government for its constructive engagement on the Bill. We look forward to further amendments being moved at the committee stage, and to the early passage of the law through Parliament,” the party said in a statement.

According to the TNA, a law on the lines contemplated by the Bill, if implemented sincerely, could bring relief to families of the forcibly disappeared who are in desperate need of answers. “The OMP must represent a dramatic break from the experience of failed Commissions, including the current Paranagama Commission which lacks credibility. We reiterate that justice for crimes committed in the past by both sides is a necessary precondition to meaningful reconciliation,” the statement added.

The party also noted the High Commissioner’s observations on the importance of crafting a new Constitution that serves all citizens of Sri Lanka and the support that the proposition has received from several countries. “An acceptable resolution to the national question through adequate constitutional arrangements is fundamental to the process of genuine and effective reconciliation and to the attainment of justice with equality and permanent peace by all people in Sri Lanka. We will continue to remain engaged with all parties towards this end, with a view to addressing the longstanding national question that has plagued Sri Lanka,” the TNA added.

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    If these [Edited out] cannot eat and breath freely as they are doing now and have been doing since living memories, must go and domicile in Tnadu, or else these kind of betrayals should be expelled from this country. This is terrorism. Complaining against the country in which these Fkers are living and enjoying a luxury life. These cancerous people are paid their salaries from majority Sinhalese and minority other innocent poor peoples’ money. And they enjoy every privilege that Sinhalese and other average minorities do not have in their own soil. And still accusing in the outer world for political and monetary gaining. These people are a curse to the country and to the whole universe. Only lunatic would say that the prevention of terrorism act should be abolished, while the whole world is under the threat of various terrorist groups including LTTE still in its hidden clothes. If these [Edited out] do not voice the way they do and have been doing, the funding agencies all over the wold will not pump money for these cannibals luxury living in addition to the luxury they enjoy over the money of innocent people.

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      Government ‘Very Slow’ In Implementing Important Initiatives To Safeguard Human Rights:

      Best Example would be – the investigations and the verdicts.

      Like sun rise and sun set, they call guys with higher allegations, but so far many of them have been freed through BALING OUT.

      Bailing out has been made a joke by the current investigators be them politicians or independent authoriteis.

      Moreover setting free OF that most absuvie Man of the spot light these days – Gonthadipila s release yesterday is no means acceptable.

      Then the alleged killers of Thadjudeen murder- is still roaming free.. be them former Presidents sons or kith and kin -no nothing is tangibly done towards the justice.

      Only one side is seen as contented while nothing is even thougt about the victimized sides.. MEANING.. not much is improved in the line of HUMAN RIGHTS. So called independent committees have been built up but they are teethless as we experience today.

      Former President publicly make statements that former IGPs arrest remand is no means fair – but nothing is discussed as to why the abusive former president says that.. All in all, there are also no real truths being air.. since media men seem to be continuing their tasks PROXY Rajakashe.

    • 4

      I agree completely, Jaffna University Tamil students get free education, and Tamil lecturers get paid from Sinhalese people’s tax money, but Tamil students or lecturers wouldn’t say anything good about Sinhalese. Tamil leaders talk a lot about democracy and human rights, but they hardly value democracy or human rights. Where were those Tamil leaders, including the diaspora leaders, the Western leaders, especially the UN leaders when the Tamil armed groups were mercilessly gunned down each other group members; and assassinating political leaders and intellectuals far more than any other terrorist groups in the world?


      Sri Lankan Tamils’ problem was sorted long time ago, but the Tamil leaders weren’t smart enough to accept it. Tamil leaders always end up in wrong side, and look for ways to create disasters not solutions. When G G Ponnambalam was the leader Sinhalese generously agreed for 40:60 solution even though Tamils’ population wasn’t 40% at that time. But Tamil leaders rejected it. Later on decided to take arms from New Delhi to kill their fellow countrymen. Then the second opportunity came through Indo-Lanka agreement. Again Tamil leaders rejected the good offer, but decided to listen to the West, and turned their guns towards their fellow Tamils, Muslims, Sinhalese and Indians.

      If Tamil leaders have little brain, little love for their motherland and people they would have found a solution long time ago. Tamil leaders are the least when it comes to honoring smart people. Tamils don’t know the value of unity, the foreign powers can do wonders among Tamils because of their divisions. Jealousy is eating Tamils. Tamils would do anything to undermine their fellow Tamils, even if they have to join with foreign powers. I have been living in Jaffna since last August. I have been to many public events. Indian High Commission and the Westerners are the VIPs for those events, but not smart Tamils or Sinhalese. Therefore, sharing power with Tamils is sharing power with foreign powers; this will lead to disaster. Literally the government has to be on its knees to please the foreign powers; if it shares power with Tamil leaders.

      Let’s keep things in perspective…

      Tamils got arms from India and turned against Sinhalese. But India got freedom through non-violence. In 1526 the Westerners brought slaves from Africa to the US. They were chained in arms and legs. Imagine those slaves’ daily life, Tamils didn’t face this much discrimination. In 1863 the slave trade act was abolished. In 1963 African Americans got equal rights, but not voting rights. Finally, they got voting rights in 1965. Tamils followed foreign powers blindly and took the wrong path. Unfortunately, finishing any war will cost lives. Tamils must accept this reality.

      Secondly, don’t judge the Rajapaksas by joining with the powerful Westerners who rob the world. Don’t you know how many centuries the West robbed South Asia and the rest of the world? They still rob others’ resources. Don’t you know what happened in Iraq? Americans, Australians, Canadians and Kiwis don’t even live in their own country, they took others’ homelands on genocide.

      Thirdly, the Rajapaksas put their lives in danger while the LTTE was in power. Therefore, they deserve financial incentives. How bad the Rajapaksas’ actions are compare with the LTTE’s Gold and money collection around the world, bank robberies, kidnappings of business owners for money, and killing innocent people, intellectuals and political leaders? I know Tamils who collected money for the LTTE are enjoying public money. Former President CBK bought a house in London, where do you think she got the money to buy a house in the UK? The West doesn’t talk about her corrupt deals, because she is with the West.

      Fourthly, don’t judge the Rajapaksas by joining with the powerful Westerners who kill in millions. The British killed in millions to takeover North America and Australasia. During the 2nd world war the British sent India’s food to the Europe, especially for the forces who fought against Nazi Germans. Due to this 3 million Indians died by starvation. Plus, if you add the people who have died in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan that would be more than million. However, no one was accountable for those deliberate killing of millions of innocent people.

      I am not saying that the Rajapaksas haven’t made any mistakes, but advocating to you all to look the matters in perspective.

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    Sambandan is a person who supported LTTE terrorism, whitewashed LTTE terrorism and was a proxy of LTTE in parliament for 30 years. Therefore he too is responsible for LTTE terrorism. There is no way he can disassociate himself from LTTE terrorism.

    Therefore him talking about human rights is laughable as he has worked for Ltte and thus for prolonging human suffering in SL. I wonder why SLG does not bring charges against him

    • 6

      Yes, proxy of LTTE but able to be in parliament for 30 years, being democratically elected, which says something about how State terrorism had been unleased on Tamils, can you figure out it?. State Terrorism has longer history than LTTE’s and in fact LTTE was a necessary evil created by none other than SLGs. Rapidly spread out as a force to reckon with only after 1983 riots where Sinhalese mobs led by clergies with voters lists in their hands went home by home where Tamils lived and killed. Pathetically though Army tankers used to forced open the jewelry shops at Sea streets to let the looters in. You know what GSL did then, they loaded the tamils who survived in to a ship provided by India and sent to Jaffana, accepting with what Tamils extremists have been saying, that is your land go live in there, what else could have been the interpretation for what they did. We didn’t divide, but your GSL did. There was no other way for JRJ other than accepting the reality as is, that was Tamils are safe only in NE. Blaming everything happened after is a matter of convenience, the fact is you, the majority has a minority problem, which doesn’t allow genuine devolution power to provinces where Tamils have been historically predominantly live. That has been the basis of the issue.

      • 2

        proxy of LTTE but able to be in parliament for 30 years, being democratically elected, which says something about how State terrorism had been unleased on Tamils, can you figure out it?//

        Actually it tells otherwise. The leniency shown by each SLn government for 30 years, if it is in US or in India Sambandan would be under earth

        • 4

          Dear Sach,

          What you say doesn’t stack up with what you say. Tamils using the democratic rights voted him in for the past 30 years. Why did they did so, because they who faced the brunt of State Terror, particularly Tamils from Trinco. Do not need to remind you the well documented killing of university students who had a gathering at the Trinco beach. Even worse, the victims were branded as terrorists, do you know who was responsible?.

          I didn’t know that people like Sambandan or any other elected member of parliament or of (congress or senate)in US and in India are being buried under earth as you point out. Yet, in this regard, recalled our current president was making a speech aftermath of his win and saying, had he been lost the election he would have been six feet under the spot where he was standing on.
          I think this is what you have got mixed up with. I agree with you, in SL, you’re right. You know, HE was not making fun nor exaggerating when he said he faced with such risks for accepting nomination against MR. He saw what was coming if he failed to win the race and took refuge in a coconut farm in the wee hours of 9th Jan 15 to protect him and his family from state terror- I don’t think you could have heard this kind of episodes in US nor in India. If this kind of protection was warranted for a person who was a Minister in the past government and current president, just imagine the fate of a common folk, even worse is if he/she can be tagged as terrorist after bumped off. With these incidents in mind, am sure you can comprehend how much freedom we had been enjoyed as opposed to India or the US.

  • 8

    Mr Sampanthan,
    Thank you.
    TNA also should have said
    (1)govt is releasing lands in one part and taking them in another part in N&E.
    (2) govt is not doing anything to stop this – building viharas in N&E where no Buddhist live.

  • 2

    UNP Tamil woman Minister predicted that the TNA will form Govt with the UNP Elite and Anglican Faction.

    That was only about 6 weeks ago.

    Even the UNP insiders were talking about it as late as yesterday ,when Batalanda humiliated the Yahapalana Prez ,by barging in to CB with his Singaporean mate and stopping the Prez in his tracks, when the latter was about to announce a good Economist as the next Governor.

    And went on nation prime time TV, to white wash the Singaporean by referring to the three acquittals the Singaporean received from Batalalana Ranil’s own investigators and even judges.

    Ranil is no fool..This is the final stand to assert his dominance because the Prez has been reversing each and every policy decision of the UNP Ranil, including his VAT on Keeramin.

    With the Bedoiun Prince putting a grenade up Ranil’s ass over his non commitment to War Crime Judges from the West, and not removing Army Camps , Batalanada is under enormous pressure to deliver on his promises to the US , Bedouin Prince and the Diaspora.

    Now the TNA leader Vellala Sambandan trying to pull the pin, with this speech, Ranil has to do something drastic soon.

    And show his handlers that he at least tried his hardest to fullfil his contract obligations.

    With 16 Velala MPs and 106 of his UNP Mps , Batalanada Ranil can do as he has been told.

    Sira’s golayas who are now enjoying lavish santhosams from UNP PM and the FM , may even give support to the UNP , TNA Government.if they are offered a bit more jazzed up Santhosams.

    Because they have no future in the Dalit lands, as we have seen over the whole 12 months of this Yahapalanaya.

  • 4

    @ Anpu,

    You must be eating PUNNAKKU as so did your ancestors. Self should be ashamed of your own conscious while being living among Sinhalese Buddhists,and to curse them.
    There is no any other race in this world like Sinhalese who live in harmony with any kind of people of different ethnicity.
    If you do not know, mind you that the Buddhism was all over the world at a time, not only in N&E. People like you destroyed the evidence of Buddhism in N&E.
    Terrorists like Thaleban [donno whether or not you too are a member] destroyed the Buddha statues in Afghanistan in recent past by launching heavy weapons.
    What is Nagadeepa Temple? Is that your mother’s****
    We live in harmony with Tamils, Muslims and any other. Tamils enjoy a special property law right in Colombo 6, where even Sinhalese do not have such rights anywhere in Sri Lanka or else.
    If you feel like time has come for you to leave Sri Lanka, yes please.

    • 4

      You not Tamil Milton but a Sinhalese Simpleton. CT is not the proper forum for you. Your friends at Lankaweb or Spur

    • 3


      Decent people in this forum know what you eat.

  • 2

    @ Anpu,

    Read this.


    This is how your so called Tamil political leaders killed innocent Sinhalese.

    And, who is the Governor of CB today?
    Shut up bloody clown. Tamils have every privilege in this country.
    If this [Edited out] Mano wants , go and ask him to learn Sinhalese language along with the other Tamils and live peacefully, otherwise leave this country.
    Jlalitha will receive them all, that bldy LTTE woman has enough milk to feed you.

  • 5

    During the time when the LTTE was active NONE of the TNA members of parliament to my knowledge EVER raised ANY concerns about , guess what the HUAMN RIGHTS situation in Northern and Eastern Provinces of Sri Lanka.

    No PROTESTS was ever organised in COLOMBO , where most of the TNA MPs lived at that time , among the YES REALLY BAD SINHALA people.

    Why NO concern against LTTE ?

    Because , LTTE promised Tamils a separate state.

    At that time they were instigating protests in Sri Lanka and overseas such MILITARY strategies of LTTE would succeed. In fact , they were coordinated in such away that those protest overseas would supplement and PRESSURE Sri Lankan Government or Government of Sri Lanka to STOP the operations against the LTTE.

    In the meantime , LTTE went on recruiting children , women into their PARA-MILITARY ORGANISATION.

    NO ONE COMPLAINED . WHY ??? BECAUSE , LTTE promised a separate state and THIS IS what the TAMILS WANT.

    Today, EVER SINCE THE LTTE WAS DEFEATED By the then Rajapakse administration, the then TAMIL TNA politicans and the foreign supporters of LTTE and Tamil separatism has taken on the HUMAN RIGHTS AGENDA as the mechanism to DAMAGE SRI LANKAN GOVERNMENTAL INFRASTRUCTURE….For what you may ask….the ANSWER IS >>>Not for Human Rights >>BUT TO ESTABLISH a SEPARATE state for the Tamils in Sri Lanka.

    The separatists militia was defeated but the ideology of Tamil separatism and elitism in Tamil Nadu and Tamil majority areas of Sri Lanka has NOT changed or defeated. They have changed their tactics to suit the international requirements of the day.

    There is NO appetite for freedom movements or violent movements in the world arena. NOW it is related to HUMAN RIGHTS and LAW and Order.

    So the Tamils have jumped on that bandwaggon to achieve their objective::::>>>Tamil EELAM.

  • 2

    To Paul,and Anpu

    Oh, ho now only I realized.
    This Paul must be that “hukanawadaPaul”.
    This forum is only for (F)king LTTEyers like you to attack on Tamils and Sinhalese?
    Enjoy your meals whatever shit you eat. Have a nice time here alone.

    Good Bye.

    • 2

      SO you are a Sinhalese Simpleton confirmed.

  • 4

    True. The government is very slow. Speed up the process. Establish the court, appoint foreign judges and try the LTTE cadres for their terrorist activities, killing thousands of innocent Tamils, Muslims and Sinhalese. We are ready to provide solid evidences to prove the atrocities committed by LTTE and human rights violations. Hunt down the LTTE leaders hiding in safe havens in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Norway, France, Germany. Try them and hang them. Try Adele for for recruiting child soldiers and promoting suicide bombers.

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