29 June, 2022


‘Govt. Complicit In Aluthgama Anti-Muslim Attacks’ Says Women’s Collective

A Women’s Collective team that investigated and documented the anti-Muslim clashes in Southern Sri Lanka has announced in their report that survivors of the violence hold the Government complicit in the attacks against Muslims on June 15.

Aluthgama MulsimsThe Women’s Collective report states that survivors’ narratives clearly point to a well-organised attack by the extremist group Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) on the Muslims and had been preparing days ahead by stocking up knives, petrol bombs, clubs and axes in temples and had also transported bus loads of people to the areas to participate in the attacks.

The report also notes that state structures including the Police, STF and even government hospitals seem complicit in this attack.

“Inaccessibility of 119 numbers, ill response of fire extinguishing services, rejections by hospital staff and doctors to treat victims of the attacks and inaction by the Police and the STF during the riot. . .” lists the Women’s Collective report under the spine-chilling observations they have documented that point to the government’s complicity in the anti-Muslim attacks adding, although the government has denied any involvement, survivors feel otherwise considering their experiences during the initial stages of the riot.

The report also notes that no one has been brought before Courts under charges of shooting, physical or arson attacks or for provoking the riot.

They have further stated that the heavy military presence in the area similar to that in the conflict affected zones of the Northern province has turned into a main factor that has impeded the return of normalcy to the affected areas with families remaining restricted to their locations of refuge and children refusing to attend schools following the psychological trauma they underwent.

The report has also noted the government’s failure to provide even the most basic necessities to the survivors. “During the riot and after, no measures were taken to help the community that was trapped in the mosque due to the curfew. Many survivors stated that there was no food even for pregnant women, children and breast feeding mothers. No basic necessities were provided by the government. . .”

Furthermore, the researchers have listed several recommendations to help heal the affected communities that include psychological as well as legal support, particularly since the community has requested additional legal support that could help them bring the perpetrators of the violence to justice through the video evidence they posses.

It has also called upon the law enforcement authorities to arrest and charge each and every individual guilty of perpetrating the violence and to ensure fair trials through which justice would be meted out as well as an inquiry by an independent commission that would look into the reparation and justice of the affected communities in Aluthgama and Beruwala as well as in other areas to which the violence spilled over.

We publish the report in full;

Information on Aluthgama Fact Finding by a Women’s Collective

On the 15th of June 2014 ethnic riots took place in Aluthgama following a rally organized by the Bodu Bala Sena (BBS), a Buddhist fundamentalist organization. Even though the police and state officials had been informed of the potential of the rally to turn violent, no steps were taken to stop the same, instead a large number of police and Special Task Forces (STF) personnel were deployed in the area. In the aftermath of the violence that shocked the country, a women’s team visited Aluthgama and met with several survivors with the objective of documenting the events that took place.  Below is their report. Considering the safety of the survivors their names, location and other identities are not recorded.

“Around 12 midnight on 15/06/2014 the Welipitiya Mosque administration made an announcement that a large group of thugs were coming to destroy the Mosque. Upon the announcement the men from the village brought their families, left the women inside the mosque for their safety, and stood outside the mosque to protect the mosque. Around 2000 persons arrived in a procession at that time chanting slogans saying ‘we will destroy the Dharga Town mosque’, ‘we will change Dharga Town into a Sinhala village’ and started pelting stones from all sides,” said a mother whose son was attacked in this incident. She stated that she has four sons, she has been separated from her husband since the birth of her youngest son, and has brought them up single handedly amidst various challenges. “My two unmarried sons aged 20 and 17 heard the announcement from the mosque and left to guard the mosque. A few minutes after they left home I heard gun shots and ran outside to look for my sons but I could not locate them. I ran back home and prayed for their safety. I could hear the firing of gun shots for about 2 hours.

“Around 3 a.m. on 16th June, I was informed that my son was shot in the leg and was taken to the hospital. When I heard this I felt helpless and asked my second son to take me to see my injured son. However, he informed me that the Kalutara Nagoda general hospital refused to admit my son and therefore he had been taken to the Colombo hospital and that it would be difficult to take me to Colombo right now.” A couple of days later her son called and informed her that her second son’s leg needs to be cut off and that she needed to sign agreeing to the same. She said when her elder son was on his way to visit his injured brother he was also attacked by mobsters and the 2000 rupees he had was taken from him. He was stripped of his clothing. Narrating this she cried and said ‘I have brought up my children through such hardship and I cannot believe my 20 year old son has no leg. I don’t want to see him like this”.

A 36 year old man was killed in Welipitiya during the riot. His wife has three daughters aged 12, 4 and 2 months. The widow could not speak much other than repeating “our house was situated within the Sinhala village and I will not be able to return there.”  She is currently living with her brother and has no financial support. She and her children are severely traumatized.

The team also met many whose houses and properties had been set on fire in this village. In one village the survivors had this to say: “We have been living in this village for the last 22 years. There are two Muslim households and both were burnt. As we heard about the riots, we decided to leave but were prevented by the mobs. Our Sinhala neighbors helped us escape. We subsequently heard that our house had been set on fire. When I went to see the house it had been burned to the ground and there was nothing we could recover. Amidst the 17 Sinhala houses in this village we could see only two houses had been burned- the Muslim houses. This proves someone in our neighborhood had given information or identified the Muslim houses to the mobsters.”

The team then went on to meet a woman whose husband was killed in the riots. However that woman was unable to speak due to shock and grief. Another woman who was with her and had also lost her husband stated that both their husbands were daily wage laborers and that now they no longer had any financial support. They both lived in rented houses. They refused to speak to anyone due to fear. “If we talk about these issues the CID arrives and takes people away in white vans. I explained the incidents to the police and they took my phone number. After they left my phone has been disconnected. I called the telephone company and asked them what happened. They said they would reconnect it but to date the phone line has not been fixed.”

When the riot started calls were made to 119 and 118 to the Aluthgama and Beruwela police. But their lines remained disconnected. They also said that it was only after rioting subsided and two lives were lost did the police and the military arrive. Many Muslim women also said at initial stages of the riot when the mobs tried to enter their house they fought back throwing stones, boiling water and chilly powder at them.

The team then visited Adhikarigoda and saw 17 houses that had been burned and a mosque that was damaged. The team spoke to an 80 year old woman whose house had been burned there. She said “when the mob arrived they told me to come outside. I was home alone and scared, so I ran out through the back door into the forest area. I called my daughter from my mobile phone from there and she told me to stay patiently where I was. I waited for two hours. I was scared and there were many insects in the forest. I didn’t think I would make it back alive. I stood there for two hours listening to them destroy my house and heard explosions as well.”

Thereafter the team met with an affected woman from Seenawatta, narrating the incidents she said “when the announcement was made by the mosque I was at a neighbor’s house and I went to my house to collect my documents and valuables. However when I went there my house was already on fire. There were military personnel standing nearby and I asked for their help to recover my documents. They told me ‘these are problems you all sought after and you all better sort them out.’  My son and I put out the fire and went to the mosque. I have helped my Sinhala neighbors often but they too participated in this attack on us. I saw it with my own eyes and it is painful.

“A day before the riots, many cardboard boxes were unloaded from several lorries in the garden of the adjoining the Buddhist temple. When I asked a Sinhala neighbor as to what was in the boxes she said it was for following day’s Pirith ceremony.  However now we know that they were all full of weapons. There had been sharp knives, petrol bombs, clubs and axes used to attack us. Sinhala houses had been told a week before the procession to hoist Buddhist flags on their houses when the procession was taking place. This has been done to identify the Muslim houses. Many of the Muslim children from our villages study in Sinhala schools, however they are now afraid to return to their schools and their future is uncertain.”

Another woman stated that her husband had just returned from abroad and all her valuables such a watches, jewelry, lap-top computer and money had been taken away and bottles of arrack and cigarettes were found in the house after the riot.

A two months pregnant woman from the same village said “after hearing the announcement I left through my front entrance to get to the mosque. Then I saw attackers coming from every direction and when they saw me they started coming towards my house. I didn’t know what to do and began crying loudly. The Sinhala woman next door quickly got me into her house and called the mosque asking for help. Few men from the nearby mosque came and took me to safety. I just got married in that house and now I am pregnant without a place to live.”

On 15thJune 2014 the attacks by the BBS backed thugs against the Muslims of Aluthgama and Dharga Town also impacted Karunasenapura and Ambepitiya areas where many houses of the Muslims were burnt to ashes around 8.30 p.m. A woman from one of these villages recounting the incident and said “There were about 4 families in this village and in our house we had 16 people that day. Around 7.30 p.m. my brother got a call saying that there was tension in Dharga Town and they warned us to be careful. My brother was very worried and we decided that we should try and save our lives. So we left the CCTV camera on in our house and went to our relatives. My brother dropped us all off at our relative’s place and took my father and another brother. I called our neighbors and friends and told them about the warning we received. Around 8.30 p.m. I called my brother but couldn’t get through. Then I called a friend of my brother and he told me ‘your house is burning sister, you better pray’ I heard this and fainted. My brother’s wife is pregnant. I called a relative to ask what was happening. He said that they called the fire brigade and they have said that they would only come around 9.30 p.m. I called 119 and there was no answer. Everything has happened according to their plan. The next day my mother and I went to see our house. It was completely burned and there were people standing around and looking at it. The police came and chased us all away.”

The father of this woman said earlier on the 15/06/2014 there was a meeting held by the BBS in Aluthgama where ‘Aba-sarana’ was said to China Fort and Dharga Town. That means ‘this is the last day for these two towns.’ “When I heard this I got worried and I warned a few friends as well. I was prepared to go away. Then we got the news from Dharga Town. In a few minutes we saw about 200 armed men coming our way. Our youth had no weapons but still they resisted. I took everyone from my relative’s house and sent them to the Jamiya Nalimiya and left them there. Then I went to where the houses had been destroyed and I saw the STF standing there. I begged them to help stop this. They said troops were coming from Jaffna, Vavuniya and Anuradhapura and once they arrived they would put a stop to this. They said they have no authority to stop this. I called 119 and 999 but no response. I was distressed. We have video evidence of the attack and the attackers are people from this village and from the next village. We have informed the police but to date no arrests have taken place and I see them walking freely right in front of my eyes.

Before they began the attack they brought a Buddhist monk and kept him inside a house. I think they were planning to send him out if we retaliated. That way if the Buddhist monk was attacked, they would use that as a reason to escalate the violence. I have a gem cutting business and had 10 people working under me. I had gem cutting machines, computers and other machinery. I have lost assets worth of 80 lakhs.” While he was narrating this he began crying saying “who will compensate me for my losses?”

We met a young man (age 27) who had severe injuries to his arm. He has two daughters and was injured during the riot. His hand was cut below the wrist. “On 15/06/2014 I had just finished prayers at the Masjid and was standing outside with about 20 people. Around 300 people came to attack us and they had knives, axes and sticks. We shouted out ‘Allahu Akbar’ and attacked back. But we didn’t think we would get attacked like this. One of them tried to cut my head with a knife and I lifted my hand to prevent it and that’s how my hand was cut. If we hadn’t fought back they would have killed us and made through to the mosque, destroyed the mosque and then the China Fort.  Once my hand was cut we went to the hospital but the doctor there said he cannot help us and told us to go elsewhere. So we went to Colombo. I can’t work for the next 6 months. My family has no protection. I am unable to take care of my children and my wife. I feel so helpless.”

A villager who came and met the team stated that a few days before the riots a monk had come in a vehicle and a Muslim auto driver was also in the same traffic block. There was an argument that turned into a fight. The monk then had torn his own cloths and gone to the police stating that a ‘sonavan’ had attacked him and injured him. The next day at the BBS meeting they have said “It is our country, Sinhala government, Sinhala army and everything is ours!” and it is only after that they went on procession, destroyed the mosque and burnt the Quran.

The fact finding team was able to find out the following during its mission:

Even though Muslims have been living in this area for over centuries they are unsure whether they can continue to live there. Some women that the team interviewed stated that even Sinhala women had attacked them. And that even though there are a few Sinhalese who did not participate in the attack that they were afraid to provide any support for the Muslims. The team was also made aware of earlier attacks on them especially in 1991. The team noted that most of the survivors when got emotional switched speaking from Tamil to Sinhala, which shows how much they are intertwined with the Sinhala community.


  • The private dispute between a monk and a three wheeler driver seems to have been used to create the initial spark for these riots.
  • Initially the announcement was made that a walking procession would be undertaken for which the Muslims were prepared. However there were many eyewitness accounts that the mobsters also came in vehicles from neighboring villages.
  • Survivors’ narratives imply that the BBS was planning a procession and preparing for the riot days ahead specially stocking up knives, petrol bombs, clubs and axes in Temples and bringing in bus loads of attackers.
  • State structures like the police, STF and government hospitals seem to be complicit in this attack: 119 numbers were disconnected, ill response of fire extinguish service, hospitals refused to treat patients, the police/STF refused to take action during the riot.
  • Although the government denies involvement, people on the ground feel otherwise. The conduct of the police, STF and even government hospital doctors during the initial stages of the riots fortifies their belief.
  • No one has been brought before court for shooting, physical and arson attacks, leave alone provoking the riot.
  • There is heavy military presence like in the north and many Muslim men are afraid to go out thinking that they may get attacked again. Women and children are mainly restricted to their places of refuge and don’t want to go back.
  • Businesses have reopened but there is apprehension in regard to what may happen next.
  • Most children studied in Sinhala schools and are afraid to return to these schools.
  • During the riot and after no measures were taken to help the community that was trapped in the mosque due to the curfew. Many survivors stated that there was no food even for pregnant women, children and breast feeding mothers. No basic necessities were provided for by the government.


  • Psychosocial Support: Several people from the community suffer from severe trauma, especially women and children. Several survivors told the team that they could still hear the gun shots. So far no psychosocial and mental health support has been provided.
  • Legal Support: The community requested for additional legal support and stated that to date only Muslim lawyers had come forward and that no support had been provided by lawyers from other communities. Many stated that they have evidence including video evidence that can be used if legal action is taken.
  • Accountability: Law enforcement authorities should arrest and charge those who instigated and perpetrated violence forthwith in terms of the law and ensure fair trial through which justice could be meted out. A comprehensive and open inquiry by an independent commission that will look into reparation and justice. It should also identify and address the causes that led to the breakdown of law and order and the lapses in not being able to prevent violence and escalation to ensure non repetition. 
  • Reconciliation: Sinhalese and Muslims have been living together in this area for over centuries; however many Muslims now feel that they can no longer continue to live there. The Muslims are mostly Sinhala speakers in these areas. There is a breakdown of trust within the community and there is an urgent need to take active steps toward reconciliation in a hope to restore the community’s faith in each other. 
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    Mayka thama appe aanduwa,

    Appe aanduwa,appe aanduwa,

    Kopamana honthai!

    Very good rule of law and order indeed in our rule.

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    I wonder if all the foreign governments that provided unconditional support to the Rajapaksa regime to fight the LTTE are still of the view that the regime is genuinely treating the the minorities with respect and equality. The true colour of the Rajapaksa regime is now obvious for the whole world to see.

    State sponsored violence against the Tamils brought thirty years of war by the Tamils and now again state sponsored violence against the Muslims will surely result in another fight back by this minority to protect itself. The Tamils did not have support from foreign countries except India at the initial stages but the Muslims are very likely to get the support of the Muslim world and more importantly from extremist Muslim forces from all over the world. That will teach the Rajapaksas and the Sinhala racists a good lesson about the cost of racism.

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      You can never teach them, they will keep electing racist rulers who have taken the vow through the theros to implement the Mahanama’s vision for a monolithic Sinhala Buddhist Sri Lanka.

      They have been gradually achieving results: 1931 official statistics showed that 67% of the population was Sinhala speaking then.

      Now it is 74% – surely they must be encouraged to continue with the project to its completion.

    • 10

      `I wonder if all the foreign governments that provided unconditional support to the Rajapaksa regime to fight the LTTE are still of the view that the regime is genuinely treating the the minorities with respect and equality. The true colour of the Rajapaksa regime is now obvious for the whole world to see. ¬

      Sorry, they do know that western democracy is not for Lanka.
      The English modified the Greek version.

      What is important to the west now, is to keep humpty dumpty together again.

      after all don’t they love their croak-et?

      Aren’t they busy selling the idea that it is a one off knee jerk? ?

      Aren’t the foreign lobbyist working extra time to direct the finger at tamil terrorist behind it??

      Don’t be surprised if they create a muslim gobi called allu following the allu porote support from Sharma’s et al.

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    This Report must be filed Officially with the UNHCR direct in view of the Govts.attitude towards the victims.
    At least it will serve as a basis for any Inquiry in the future.

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    How could this happen in a country that boasts of 2600 years of Buddhism? Shame !!!

    So this was all well planned out by the BBS and its handler the Military thinking GOAT-A. BBS supporters were brought by the bus loads..a reason to not identify the culprits after the attacks. Arms were unloaded at temples in cardboard boxes, while GOATA’s police go about to the houses in Aluthgama asking to surrender, knives, swords, petrol bombs or any kind of weapons from Muslims. How ironic?

    Take the Fire department employees for neglect of duty and the Hospital staff to into custody and either strip em of their jobs and also slap a jail term. They CANNOT deny service to ANYONE seeking their service, its NOT HELP. coz its Public money that is used to pay these ASSh**** a salary to eat and feed their family. What they eat is FIRE… Moreover arrest the STF n police personnel who were deployed YES ALL OF EM for negligence of duty and prevent this inferno and riot from happening..oh yes get the goon who said this is what you all sought and now face it until the forces come from Jaffna, Anuradhapura. Well the forces WILL come from Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Middle East countries.. then SL cant ask for International help. for SL has been sidelined by MOST countries based on its Human rights record and how the Tamils were MASSACARED in the last stage of war……IN a traffic accident a motorist is charged for failure to avoid an accident.. a common charge. Same should be applied to ALL STF, POLICE, FIRE Dept and Hospital staff for their reluctance to perform their DUTY (JOBS)…

    This is just the start.. now that the International community is pressuring the govt. what will happen is.. NOT a scenario like 1983, instead they would attack Muslims at random locations so the PRESIDENT can tell the International community… Oh these r NOT MAHA LOKU incidents but sulu incidents BUT the Muslim community would be attacked randomly. This will create a LTTE from the Muslim community…if not already created. after Aluthgama. In the observations of this article they say.. Muslim men did not have weapons to defend but use bare hands.. woah..how much courage.. A Jihadist community is BORN .. welcome aboard… This isn’t going to be like the LTTE, for International Supporters would bee line into SL like in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan..

    GOAT-A cant ask for help from other countries COZ the WORLD HAS ALREADY SEEN THE BBS AND BUDDHIST EXTREMISM WHICH KILLED AND DAMAGED THE Muslim Community..And what the MUSLIM community will do is DEFEND ourselves. HOW.?. DONT ASK… it will happen. and MUSLIMS are NOT the ones to RUN. when attacked, WE STAY and fight back u know why? aaaaah u guessed it..coz WE attain MARTYRDOM..so WE r willing to lay our lives…

    Now that it has started.. its gonna be a ON ur face scenario to Goat-a, who thinks he can fight the whole world MILITARILY… lets wait and see, when all the HOUSE MAIDS and the men folk are returned to sl after revoking their visas by the Middle eastern countries and the inflow of foreign remittances grind to a standstill… The women will get GOTA-a by his balls and hang him upside down..it will happen.. MR will have to run for dear life too along with Gandassara and his ilk..

    SL has started something that they can NOT stop… yes brace urselves people… buckle up tight, for this is gonna be a LONG haul.. and a long ass war…….which is gonna be deadlier than the LTTE war.

    The Tsunami has started, now be prepared to RIDE THE TIDE..

    Oh Mother SRI-LANKA where I was born where I grew up and where I WILL die……a natural death or as a MARTYR…I weep for thee……

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    All God Fearing, Free thinking Sri Lankans should email this article to all their friends and contacts overseas not only to the Sri Lankans who are living abroad but also to all other nationals as well.

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      god fearing guy can’t be rational or free thinking,your statement is total ironic

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    Tell all Muslims not to vote for Mahinda Rajapaksa or any party affiliated to PA at all future elections, if elections are ever held. Just one way of expressing your feelings.

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    All these happenings bring to mind the incidents that occurred in the Northern and Eastern provinces during the 1980’s, 1990’s and from 2001 to 2010. But during those times and in those places the perpetrators were members of the armed forces and the police themselves. There was also extremely limited or deliberately garbled news coverage of the incidents in the local media. Much of what happened then was not reported in the Sinhala or even the English language newspapers published from Colombo.

    A very common occurrence was for a police or army vehicle to visit a household at night, arrest and take away someone, usually the breadwinner of the family for ‘questioning’. The following morning when a member of the household visited the nearest police station or army camp in search of that person, the personnel there would disclaim all knowledge of the arrest, and declare that the persons who made the arrest must have come from some other station or camp.

    Hundreds of Tamil families had been trashed in this manner and rendered destitute by illegally arresting and taking away the sole breadwinners of households, most of whom were never heard from again!

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      Yup, the ` Lying Race` & Disappearances Forced or Naked of countryfolk because these country bumpkins spoke in their language but not of the slave.

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    I read this writer narrating the stories of many people. Let me pick just one of them for the sake of an argument: We now know that ‘sharp knives, petrol bombs, clubs and axes were unloaded in many cardboard boxes from several lorries in the garden of the adjoining the Buddhist temple in the guise of a Pirith ceremony. So she says her story in the form of an anecdote. In the Koran, Muslims are allowed two forms of lying to non-believers. It is called ‘taqiyya and kitman’. And this yarn is nothing but that.

    I have no doubt properties belong to both Muslims and Sinhalas were burnt down, vandalized or even robbed. That’s what one have to expect in a mayhem. What we should explore is what and who started this anarchy?

    Two weeks before this riots, a decapitated head and the 4 hooves of an ox was left in front of Pathirajagoda temple. A complaint had been made to Aluthgama Police. Police removed the trash but hadn’t apprehend the offenders. On the Poson Poya day, a Muslim Thowheed gang had deliberately block the road and assaulted a monk and his driver who was on his way to bana. Ven. Kirama Wimalajothi questions the necessity for such an attack by Muslims gang on a Poya Day. He says the unnecessary attack is a well-planned and an organised one. Anyway as before the police failed to arrest the criminals. Consequently four or five hundred people protested in front of the police. Still police had downplayed the incident and refused to act.

    Ven. Wimalajothi also says that that has been the usual pattern in most Muslim majority areas in Aluthgama and Beruwala. Either police does not accept complaints by Buddhists against Muslims or such complaints were hushed up or muzzled on the premise that any investigation would bring about racial disharmony. So young Thowheed in Dharga town act as if the law there is unto themselves. They park their three-wheelers and motorbikes wherever they want – blocking the other road users. They ride motorcycles without helmets but press-caps. Worse, insult young monks who pass by.

    It is in that context that Ven. Gnanasaras has made his speech at a meeting that welcome the humiliated and a beaten monk coming out of the hospital who was ignored by police. Ven. Gnanasara’s speech was a rant no doubt. So Muslims can accuse it as a ‘hate speech’. But we Buddhists insist the speech is a moral support and an inspiration to invigorate and build confidence to a battered monk and the peace loving majority community.

    Whatever it is, crucial fact is; Ven. Gnanasara’s speech didn’t start the riots. After the speeches and meeting, people took the monk concerned back to his temple in a perahara. And that’s our Sinhala Buddhist tradition. The congregation of thugs that assembled at the mosque in Dharga town threw stones at that perahera. And that’s what started the riots. Muslim thugs had cast the first stone. There is an amateur video to prove this beyond doubt. So, readers must use their brains when deciding who and what started the riots.

    Another point: There had been a similar riot at Mawanella a few years back. Single story shops that were burned are risen to two or even three stories now. They seemed to be better off after the riots. Ven Gnanasara says that alone show there is an organised gang behind these burnings. Besides, in Beruwala, there is a mudalali who set fire to his own shop.

    Now the riot is over. If Sri Lanka Muslims wants to live among Sinhala Buddhists and do business with them, they must learn Sri Lanka history and ethos and learn to respect it not denigrate it as they do here. They must embrace traditional Sri Lanka Islam and shun Thowheed teaching and their way of living. Hijabs and niqab is banned in France. And last week, European Court upheld that French full veil ban. Soon many EU countries would follow suit. What about Sri Lanka?

    Sri Lanka Muslims must reject confrontational instructions by mullahs of Wahhabis, Salafis, Deobandis, Mawdudists and other Thowheeds. Otherwise, Muslims in Sri Lanka will have to face the wrath of the majority. Inevitably, that’ll lead the majority to boycott their businesses. I have already noticed, ‘No Limit’ in Maharagama has less business than usual.

    • 3

      Banda, an MP says about 3000 goats of a Muslim farmer were burned. You are trying to fool the world by saying that ‘The goats barked. we chased. They jumped into fire and died to put the blame on us!’. The world may look like foolish, but in reality they are intelligent enough to understand the truth. So please do not make yourself a joker here.

      I agree that those burned building will emerge as multi-storied buildings soon. That is the blessing the Muslims have. They get it through their hard work and sober life. The looted wealth hidden in your bedrooms may support your celebrations for a week or a month. But the savings the Muslims get from not involving with drinking and dancing will make them the ultimate champions in coming years. If the police is not helping you, better go and complain to their chief. Do you think your Buddha would support your high handed revenge? ‘NoLimit’ may be a Muslim owned business, but the Muslim society does not depend on it. If that trade industry is destroyed, the poor families of its workers both Sinhalese and Muslims alike will be affected. And again, I don’t think your Buddha would support such an anti-social campaign. So, instead of wasting your time looking at the ‘NoLimit’ with jealousy in Maharagama, just go to that cancer hospital and do some social service.

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    If you think the government is complicit in the attack why don`t you blame your own representatives, those Hon. rogues in it like Bathiudeen,azwar, Fausi, Hakeem et al.?

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    What a damming report. I hope it gets picked up by the International Agencies to be used as an authentic and factual record of events, to force the government to bring the perpetrators to justice. There are plenty of CCTV coverage posted on youtube and many other social media networks that could be used to identify and arrest those young students of Meth Sevena (declared open by Gota as vocational training centre), who were behind those attacks. They have been thoroughly brainwashed to hate Muslims, and I dare say they will carry the guilt of their crimes, and their hatred towards Muslims throughout their lifetime. There were many references to these foot soldiers previously by Gnaanasara when he said, ‘they may assasinate me, but there are 100 more, much stronger than me, trained and ready to carry forward this mission’. So we can probably expect another generation of hate mongers spawned and waiting in the wings to take over from the present brigade. Wither Sri Lanka!

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    There is justification for the US to move another resolution against this government at the UNHRC!

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    nicely fabricated article suited for bed time stories….i’m sure hans kristien anferson will envy this type of fabrication…how pathetic can you be to spread lies in this capacity…

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      “There are none so blind as those who refuse to see.”

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      sterility ele, troll getting `mew`sical with his mouse organ-

      eek, eek ●~* poof!

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        javi the minority sympathizer, get a life

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          Democracy is being there for the underdog.

          Fascism is an ungovernable Lanka infested with crime, dope and sterile ele.

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      Thana Kolla, what a pathetic comment. DONG!

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        yet another buru comment by none other than buru mike

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    Banda, your comment is no difference to that of the Police KOLAMAA, the alleged human rights violator, corrupted and biased SSP, thee Police Media Person. For your information, the so called robed one was never attacked, but only an argument with his driver, who then blew the scenario as they planned and rehearsed before hand. Even the suspects were taken into custody and then released as there was no attack has been made to the robed one, which he himself admitted to. Yet, how a mob led by a convicted IRC like Gnanasara can intervene and ask the Police to let them have the case solve their way? How can this hooligan determine and give orders to Police, how they have to function? Banda, yours are the sayings that you utter while licking the wounds. Muslims do not want to take advice from other faiths. For them there is a supreme scripture that none can match and the sayings and actions of the best ever person who lived on earth. Let Muslims live the way they want, which is NOT going to harm anyone if they were to follow their faith. Before advising others, take stock yourself and follow what your faith has insisted you to do!

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    I read this writer narrating the story of a woman carefully: She said, we now know that ‘sharp knives, petrol bombs, clubs and axes were unloaded in many cardboard boxes from several lorries in the garden of the adjoining the Buddhist temple in the guise of a Pirith ceremony. In fact she says her story in the form of an anecdote. In the Koran, there are verses that tells us two forms of lying to non-believers. It is called ‘taqiyya and kitman’. And this is both.

    I have no doubt that property belong to Muslims and Sinhalas were burnt down or vandalized or even robbed. That’s what one have to expect at a time of mayhem. What we should explore is what and who started this anarchy. All evidences show that its Thowheed Muslims thugs started the riots.

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