26 May, 2022


Harsha Says ECTA Won’t Jeopardize Jobs For Lankans

Amidst mounting concerns over the proposed Economic and Technology Cooperative Agreement (ETCA), deputy foreign minister Dr. Harsha de Silva assured that the agreement in no way jeopardizes the jobs of Sri Lankan professionals.

Harsha De Silva Colombo telegraph“Indian Interior designers can’t just come to Sri Lanka and start businesses, doctors can’t just come here and open up dispensaries. There is no such clause in the proposed agreement,” he told a news conference at the information department today.

He noted that there are differences between the two countries, as India had a comparatively larger economy compared to Sri Lanka, and therefore the agreement will look at developing important sectors such as technology, services among others via ECTA.

De Silva however noted that in the event there was a dearth for perhaps dockyard workers or ship repair workers, then the ECTA can be used to resolve this issue. “Other than that, it is not like we are opening the gates and welcoming them with open arms and asking them to come work here,” he added.

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    Dockyard workers and Ship repair workers? So, you are planning on importing the poor Indians to Sri Lanka? Best to prepare for Massive slums in Sri Lanka? Where do you propose to house these people? Are you going to be building high rise apartment buildings similar to the ones they have in the UAE, where the foreign workers are stacked like sardines? Harsha, you need to be realistic. When Indians go to a country they don’t go in one or two’s they go in the thousands and never leave. Example: the U.S.A. There are whole cities that have only Indians. You need to think far ahead what the repercussions will be for Sri Lanka in 10, 20,30 years. It won’t be a Sri Lankan nation anymore. It will just be an extension of India. If you want to preserve the uniqueness of Sri Lanka keep away the Indians from the country. Importing them to do the lowly work will not help. Reminds me of the British Raj importing Indians as estate workers. Has anyone left and gone back? NO. Mind you, you are importing these lowly workers to establish themselves in the midst of the Colombo Elite. I wonder what they have to say!

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      Dr. Harsha is an nice economist and NOT a POLITICAL ECONOMIST or foreign policy strategic thinker.. Dr. Harsha is very naive and sees India through rosy glasses. as a nerdy dot com techie boy! He should be more be careful.

      India has messed around with Nepal with an ‘open border’ which has economically DE-DEVELOPED Nepal and made it a peripheral province of India.

      This is due to India’s fear of China, Nepal has become a colony. India will do the same in Lanka – given a chance. India has a history of messing up its neighbours.

      One does not need to be a Sinhala nationalist to recognize this about India’s engagement with its neighbours!

      Ironically, the LTTE kept India at bay and Sinhala nationalists should be thankful to VP for this!

      India used economic arguments to force the open border with Nepal and look as the electricity, energy problems, never mind the political and economic problems of Nepal as a result of this..

      Sri Lanka should remember that GOOD FENCES MAKE GOOD NEIGBOURS in the case of India. Britain in the EU is another example of engagement with neighbours at an arms length.

      The agreement should be very carefully studied and NOT HASTILY acceeded to because India is in a hurry to tie Sri Lanka to it because of fear of Chinese influence.

      This is what has happened to Nepal. T

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        You could add Indian manipulation of Bhutanese elections not long ago since the old regime wanted to develop ties with China.
        Recently India meddled in the Maldives, rather in a bull-in-the-china-shop fashion, and burned its fingers.
        (We have long forgotten the annexation of Sikkim.)

        India and the US invested a lot to bring in “Yahapalanaya”. Debts have to be repaid in cash or kind.

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          Hindians never went away from this island.

          Hindians believe this island is the Sinhala state of Hindia.

          You are rest assured, however much you kick and scream Hindia is not going away as it did in the past thousands of years.

          It would be a futile attempt to relocate India to the Artic or Antartica.

          You should learn to work around the problem in order to create a win-win situation for all people.

          For that to happen you need people with wisdom and clear vision.

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      Millions of Srilankans working abroad by their own choice or by forced exit. Let’s see the argument here.
      “”Foreign workers /professionals will take away the jobs meant for the locals “” , Decades ago the “PROPAGANDA TAMILS ARE COMING TO TAKE OUR JOBS AND OUR WOMEN ” These narrow minded punnakkus can only spread terror tactics.
      See what happened we lost thousands of doctors ,scientists and professionals to other countries gains.

      For god’s sake these people are coming with qualifications and issued visas on conditions set out by our government.
      It is for the prosperity of our cursed nation not to deprive our local graduates.
      This method will help Srilankan Economy on the whole not negatively.
      In UK ,USA, SINGAPORE ,MALAYSIA ,CHINA ECT how many foreign professionals are called to improve the finance companies , Education, technology etc.

      It’s not good just sit in the same country ,sit in the same job , and eating PUNNAKKU but no profit in the making!!
      Why because they cannot compete internationally.


      The tactics made against the Tamils who belonged to this country were scare mongered by these dirty politicians for their own gain, NO FEELINGS FOR THE PROSPERITY OF THEIR COUNTRY JUST PROPAGANDISTS.

      Why the last Regime spent Billions of Ruppes the tax payers money on employing the PR Companies to speak on their behalves to the foreigners because the Expat professionals were below the par??
      No ! not the reason , you need a mix of nationals to speak for you either in China, India, or Timbucto.
      The understanding of gets easier in a mixed pile.
      At this rate with all the negative propaganda we are only heading for DISASTER TO CONTINUE IN THIS CURSED COUNTRY.

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      Dr Harsha

      Educate the uneducated on how this method will work , The Masses need to know because they only know one method that is “FOREIGNERS ARE COMMING TO GET US”

      Educate Educate Educate
      The ship load of Indians are not coming to take the local jobs as they imagine or preached.
      It’s the other wY round to improve the systems and communicate internationally for a prosperous SRILANKA.

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        Placards were bought and bribed , ushered the Middleeast expat servants to hold placards against the progressive thinking of the new governments plans to bulldoze the future of our country in front of the SL Highcommission in the UK. By Curtesy of the Website ” Sesatha”

        All because the propagandists are working overtime in bribing the maids and labourers from the Middle East in the UK to hold placards for the return of ANARCHISM IN SL.

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        Well said Analysis.. When Abrahim Lincoin trying to pass antislavery laws in 1870s, he managed to pass those laws by only one vote in the parliament. Now in year 2000. all Americans thank him for his vision.. Australia has anti mongoloid and anti brownies of South East Asia in their constitution until 1970. Only the visionary wanted to change this and by the year 2000, Australia is “blessed” with millions of Sri Lankan and Indian curries and Chinese, Japanese mongoloids.. Now in Sydney, Melbourne, we hardly see white Caucasians in urban areas :) … Harsha De Silva is not Abrahim Lincoin or Steve Jobs, but I believe he is well ahead of most SL politicians and general public.
        All our Gods, load Buddha, and religions are from India. Music, traditional food like Kawum, Appa, Idiappa, Pittu are from India. Most of traditional customs are from India… Then why can’t we hold hands with our big brother for better future? Indian Buddha will be very disappointed if we haven’t learn to respect and love our neighbour India after 2500 of his teachings ..

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          yes, you can eat all kawum, appa, idiappa, pittu from india. be careful because you will be obese, high cholesterol and stroke for sure of eating all those high carbohydrate diet. same thing will happen if we open our doors to india.

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            “you can eat all kawum, appa, idiappa, pittu from india. be careful because you will be obese, high cholesterol and stroke for sure of eating all those high carbohydrate diet.”

            You can also import medicine from India as you do now for your obese, high cholesterol and stroke.

            Why don’t you import some Yoga teachers who can take care of your imbalances in Vata, Pitta and Kapha?

            He/she will attempt to cleanse your mind too.

            By the way, what do you eat now?

            Do you eat any of the following

            Yakizakana, Tempura, Soba, Donburi, Natto, Kaiseki ryori, Chuāncài, Guangzhou dim sum, Mapo Tofu, ….. Fattoush, Sfiha?

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              yes, not only yoga teachers, you will important some diseases as well.

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                “you will important some diseases as well.”

                So now you believe you have 100% healthy population without any diseases.

                Then I suppose you could close down most of the hospitals, including mental health asylums and special units for sexually transmitted diseases.

                Why not ban Indian tourists (316,247 -2015), onion, parrippu, Hindi movies, sarees, pharmaceutical products, …… ?

                I suggest once in a while you pull your head where it is now and see what is happening all around you.

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          “All our Gods, load Buddha, and religions are from India. Music, traditional food like Kawum, Appa, Idiappa, Pittu are from India. Most of traditional customs are from India… Then why can’t we hold hands with our big brother for better future? Indian Buddha will be very disappointed if we haven’t learn to respect and love our neighbour India after 2500 of his teachings ..”

          This is the biggest load of cockamamie tripe I have ever read in a public forum.

          I support Ranil to the hilt, not due to party politics but because SL has to modernise and he is the only current SL politician who has even an inkling how to do it – sometimes a very foolish one at that. But us Lankan beggars cant be choosers; he’s all we got!

          But Ranil or Harsha has a DUTY to give a plausible explanation to the SL citizens on whose behalf they are signing this agreement – at the instigation of India I am sure. How getting down Indian IT personnel is going to create jobs – Ranil wants to create a million jobs – for the Lankan youth? Not cockamamie Kawum-Appa talk but a real-world practical answer with facts and figures!

          If people can get over their bugaboos about JVP’s stupid violent past history and focus on just what he is saying, so far the only person who has given a practical real-world explanation with fact and figures is Anura Kumara Dissanayake. And I can’t dispute his logic.

          Anura Disanayake Speaks at No ”ETCA” – Seminar on 18.02.2016

          His point is that, the best Indian IT personnel will go to the USA, UK, Europe or Australia. The second tier will remain in India. As there is no real incentive for anyone to come to SL other than to find a job (a job they are unable to find in India) – for God’s sake leave aside Indians, I know vast number of Lankans who don’t want to come to SL – we will end up with the lowest tier of Indians who can’t find work in the West or in India.

          Can anyone explain with facts and figure how this is going to create jobs for Lankans? Please, no platitudes, but a logical, real-world, practical explanation that we all can comprehend.

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            nimal fernando

            “we will end up with the lowest tier of Indians who can’t find work in the West or in India.”

            Anura Kumara Disanayake talks bull, you follow him.

            Those employers who recruit IT staff will have an IT budget and job specification. They want profits therefore they want the best IT personnel at minimum cost.

            Employers will have to determine whether a candidate is suitable for their IT objectives. They will not recruit any Tom, Dick and Harry just because politicians have signed an agreement with India.

            In this globalised world there are numerous opportunities which we have missed in the past as the stupid parochial nationalists do not understand international trade, technology, knowledge economy, transfer of skills, ………….. IT architecture which doesn’t confined to a particular geographical area.

            Dell computer suppliers are spread over 20 countries though the end product is assembled in Malaysia and dispatch to rest of the world.

            Could you let Anura knows that he shouldn’t be sitting in Southern comfort get out and learn about how technology, skills, labour, capital, products and knowledge economy are being transferred and dispersed all over the world.

            However Anura was mum when Chinese brought 30,000 unskilled workers to work in various projects, which should have been given to the local people.

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      “So, you are planning on importing the poor Indians to Sri Lanka?”

      Maldives GDP per capita ($7000) is 3 times bigger than SL. I am wondering whether Maldivian people are planing to build slums for poor Lankans as there are couple trade agreement they have with Sri Lanka and already lot of Sri Lankans are working there?????

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      Dr. Harsha de Silva

      “The agreement should be very carefully studied and NOT HASTILY acceeded to because India is in a hurry to tie Sri Lanka to it because of fear of Chinese influence.”

      This has to be limited to sectors. with Sunset clauses, so that, if it NOT in Sri Lanka’s, well being and interest, Sri Lanka should be able to get out of it.

      All clauses shoyld be transparent, so that everybody understand the pros and cons

      Ever since independence Sri Lanka had made many political errors, and is this a continuation of that tradition in the Economic realm?.

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      You talk with a superior complex- as if we are superior to americans or developed western europeans…- I know what kind of lankens that have come to italy for example are like almost very poor people from srilanka. Most of them roam in Rome city not being able to find a job fo themselves. Last time, had a business trip to Rome, there I got to know few sinhalalese (say 19- to 30years)that have not found jobs as they were promised before being left the motherland. Italians in general hurt the foreginers- so do Germans, French or other west europeans. They may feel they would have no chance with jobs srilankens or other folks keep enterin the country. Just looking down upon indians your way is not fair- see it in mirror plesae who we are. We are all the same – I mean the south asians. You are right indians migrate to developed countries in thousands. That is common to England or other european coutries – not restricting to the US. That has lot to do with their population bomb- the same is done by chinese. With all respect to those who go against trade agreements – but they can still sign them with limitations. Just denying fully will not bring us anywhere. WE CANT BE WITHOUT INDIANS AND CHINESE if we the nation will want to develop our economy. I know all these well having lived here for the last 3 decades.

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    Can you give guarantees and make a solemn promise to RESIGN if your claims are proven wrong? Why are there Illegal immigrants already from S . India? Do you know what NAFTA did? What is the situation in Nepal? India has too many desperately poor people.

    Give a guarantee: say “I will resign if Sri Lanka gets overrun with illegal immigrants, Indian doctors, Indian labourers, Indian IT workers etc.,”

    • 5

      The only reason that could happen is if Sri Lankan corporates invite them over. We don’t have an open borders policy where workers from India can just “migrate” at the drop of a hat.

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    Konde bandapu Cheennunta owa kiyapan … :)

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    The number of “professionals” in Sri Lanka commenting, condemning, and complaining about an agreement that
    a) has not been drafted
    b) few, if any, of them understand the mechanics of

    is alarming. This is because they clearly don’t understand that Sri Lanka is effectively economically isolated, and a few successfully companies like WSO2 doesn’t mean that the lot of the other 20 million citizens is automatically improved.

    What is even more alarming is the government’s seeming lack of a cohesive communication plan on this matter, a lack of engagement, and a complete ‘to hell with it’ attitude to the fact that such things can destroy them as a legitimately elected government in a short period of time. Whilst it’s good to see people of reasonable intellect in the government, such as Harsha, finally opening up a little bit about this, it is too little and far too late.

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      Economic isolation ? Destroy the country for ever.

      West is bankrupt.

      Oil price gone down, because, world does not need much oil as the production has gone down. Even Saudi arabia is preparing for austerity measures.

      It all depends on what will be written in the ECTA agreement.

      Sri lankan won’t be able to survive with big big india. @0 million against one billion. India will never sign anything that if they don’t have the upper hand.

      Even right now, Sri lanka is in purpetual debt to India because of high trade imbalance.

      • 2

        Since you bring up long term debt, it is curious that there is no public debate about the Free Trade Agreement that is being negotiated with China, which has an infinitely higher probability of having disruptive impacts on local manufacturing and services enterprises. If there is any country that understands the meaning of “cheap labour” properly, it is China. Where was all this outcry when Chinese prison gangs were working on the Nelum Pokuna, the Kalpitiya projects, the Port City,the Hambantota Harbour etc? Did anyone so much as raise their voice that this was depriving local workmen of the chance to work and become skilled in these areas? What about the generations of debt to China that have been piled on now as a result of these projects and white elephants such as Mattala?

        Such hypocrites, the bunch of you.

        • 1

          ” Such hypocrites, the bunch of you.”
          On the dot, sir. The camel in the tent IS China, and nobody seems to see that. Does anyone remember that we had a nascent electronics industry in the 70’s and 80’s? It was killed off by Chinese imports.
          Not Indian ones. Indian investment has turned around Kelani Tyres and parts of the Steel Corporation. Lanka Ashok Leyland is probably the biggest motor manufacturer in SL. All this without an ECTA.
          Most objections to ECTA are based on racist primordial fears, and fear of having to work harder. In what other country does the entire workforce disappear for 3 weeks in April?

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    The scare tactics by the opposition to agitate the masses for their own benefit. They used the Modayas and not so Modayas for their selfish game.
    They just can’t stomach any thing what the good governance do.
    Like MR when he opens the mouth the disgruntled jealous nature comes.
    This is another tactics of theirs , as we know this method is only for the betterment of our country for the future of our country.

    The frogs will never learn and are against learning from foreign technologists and scientists.
    Speak Singlish and eat lunumiris live happily ever after.
    Our country men and women remains backward , and for how long these selfish politicos can preach for their gain.
    We hear some Rubbish daily.
    I can list them here all irrelevant pointless points.
    1, Country being sold to the west.
    2, ECTA will destroy the opportunity for the locals.
    3, War heroes,
    4, Media Who actually gagged the public’s mouth?? We all know it was the last government with white vans and murder. People were afraid to speak out.
    5, the step Tamils getting the separate state!!


    These are terror tactics !
    Masses should be educated fully of these new Government motions, otherwise the oppositions are likely have a field day with their vile propagandas.

  • 10

    I knew this dude is not up to scratch , when he couldn’t work out how the Jaffna peninsula had 22 % growth rate, when the national average was only 8.8 % for our post Nanthidakal Economy.

    No wonder he is now assistant to our lovely Foreign Minister..

    I am sure even our Call Centre girls wouldn’t buy this crap.let alone our MBBS and even Grad Dip in IT holders ..

    BTW , what happened to that drunk monk whom this Dr was cuddling in the back of the Tip Truck, on the way to installing this Yahapalana Government..

    He couldn’t have been from Malwatta Chapter.. Right.

    Has the Dr ditched him after Batalanada declared his Fatwa on our Dalit Sangha.?.

    • 0

      Yes, RW and MS got it right moving this Harsha person out of the Finance portfolio

    • 0

      Sumane, Sumane, Sumane again with the Dalit and Batalanda references! The internet is on to you. There are no Dalits in Sri Lanka. No Aryans either. YOU, on the other hand live your life as an outcaste boat person / aborigine in aussie land. Wake up and focus on your problems over there. Leave Sri Lanka alone.

  • 0

    I wonder how Dr. Harsha can spin following article listed in CT. https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/to-etca-or-not-to-etca-what-is-the-question/

  • 11

    My Dear Harsha, Educated people practice their profession except you.. Why?
    Don’t talk rubbish and your education background should give you some training about analysis , about past, present and future.
    Our politicos always sold countries wealth specially UNP mob, so no one trust you to take UNP torch.
    Just because you cannot practice your qualification does not mean that poor SL’s would do the same.

    • 1

      Cost of servicing Sri Lanka’s debt to China is almost US$5 Billion ANNUALLY. (Look up China People’s Daily and FT statistics).

      Was it the UNP that did that, too? I’m not denying that the UNP will do the same, but let us not be hypocritical in our analysis. Since you claim to be so good at it.

  • 4

    There are already many Indian engineers and welders working in the Colombo Dockyard Company as there is a death of suitable Sri Lankans for these jobs. Sri Lankans prefer to work abroad to earn more money for their talent. Also, many Indians are working in the manufacturing industries associated with steel fabrication. Please propose solutions to this problem where the local industries can not pay very high salaries to the Sri Lankans who prefer to work abroad.

  • 4

    Go practice your profession. Mixing p[olitics is not for you.
    Nobody for sure can give guarantees or place trust on agreements like ECTA. there are always loopholes to be exploited.

    • 2

      How do you know that? The agreement hasn’t even been drafted! Have you seen the Sino-Lanka free trade pact? Now that’s scary!

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    Many of the people commenting here have no idea about what IT is or what a shipyard worker does.
    An IT specialist is not someone who types letters on a computer, nor even one who uses Excel or Photoshop. An IT specialist is able to write software in languages like HTML or PHP .There is no such thing as a cheap Indian IT specialist, because such a person gets a premium wage in ANY country.I would say they are more skilled than doctors, because both hardware and software keep changing regularly. Doctors have to deal with only 2 versions of human- male or female!
    Dockyard workers too are highly skilled welders, fabricators and machinists. We don’t have such people (even furnace operators) because we have no heavy industries to speak of. Certainly they will not be carrying gunny bags on their backs, as some people seem to think.

    I think, if our menfolk didn’t sit on their backsides while their women slave for the Arabs, we wouldn’t have to import skilled labour.

  • 1

    Hon. Dr. Harsha De Silva,

    I am rephrasing the two questions I raised in my article appearing in CT of 12th May 2015.

    1. “What opportunities would be there for us in India through ETCA (or CEPA) other than what we enjoy without ISLFTA?”
    2. What could we expect in return in Sri Lanka through ETCA (or CEPA) other than what we get without ISLFTA?”

    And more questions:
    *What are the results of studies on potential markets in India for Sri Lankan products or services?
    *What are the results of negotiations between India and Sri Lanka on removal of non-tariff barriers in India for Sri Lankans to enter the markets in 29-Indian Federal States with one VISA from the Government of India?
    *Why India and Brazil resisted complying with WTO/GATT until 2003?
    *If the real need is recruiting 150-Underwater Welders and 100-IT Project Managers from India why is the GOSL hell bent on liberalizing entire Marine and IT Sectors?
    *Every Tom, Dick and Harry in Sri Lanka knows that countries that advertise vacancies in their countries in our Sri Lankan media allow only those “screened” and selected to work in those countries and do those countries do it under FTAs, CEPAs or ECTAs?

    And the last question:
    What are the mechanisms the GOSL has proposed to control free entry of South Asian Professionals, Skilled Workers and Unskilled Workers to SL under SAFTA, SATIS, CEPA or ECTA?

    United Professional Movement has requested the GOSL to put in place a mechanism for National Protection in Sri Lanka and they have asked the GOSL to sign 190-FTAs with all other countries in the world after such mechanisms are put in place.

    Thilina Kiringoda

    • 1

      The problem between India and Srilanka is lack of trust which had been cultivated by Srilankan Politicians have destroyed the friendship for decades and I am not sure of how many decades this hate had continued.
      There is a love hate relationship between the two countries will or cannot be removed over night.

      If India and Srilanka had progressed together in trade and technologies in partnership Definitely Srilanka would have flourished and not far behind as we are now , all because of the Suspicions .

      The Srilanka Tamil issue too is a stumbling block in continuing with highly charged trade partnership.

      The west can say to Srilanka to hold hands with India and progress and learn the Ropes from them BUT THE SUSPICIONS between the two nations will never allow to be partners .

      There will always be stone throwing at each other in both countries.

      So where do we go from here?? Change the mentality or look for another country???
      Need answers.

  • 5

    Dr. Harsha is being a little disingenuous

    Why do countries have FTA’s ?

    So that the private sector can cut costs and do things in the cheapest possible manner

    NAFTA has resulted in much manufacturing work, traditionally North American, to be exported to Mexico.

    FTA’s with China has resulted in manfacturing going there, everything from Underwear to pet food.

    FTA’s with India has resulted in technology jobs being offshored to India

    In a nutshell, it’s fine for the short term but that’s it. Once coompanies realise they can do something for 10 cents cheaper by ‘outsourcing’, then that is the path they will take.

    There WILL be unemployment

    • 3


      Japan had similar problem in early late 1960 in its ship building industry.

      The country managed to down size and come out of the slum only by its proactive initiatives.

      Anticipating glut in shipping industry Japan’s Ministry of International Trade and Industry (fondly known as MITI) started not only diversifying its industrial base but proactively invested in training and retraining its work force. MITI heavily invested in the electronic industry then became world leader.

      Its not about losing jobs, but a country’s ability to invest, innovate and export.

      It was known in the 1950s as creative destruction.

      Therefore you need MITI (elites ran the ministry, not Mervyn Silvas) manned with highly informed, energetic able young people (not brothers of minister’s mistress) highly trained, exposed to globalisation process, learn to adapt and change, proactive, creative, …..

      The other advantage of FTA is access to large market, if you have a product or service to sell and foreigners are happy to buy them. The consumers want quality products at affordable prices.

      • 0

        @Native Vedda

        Trade Agreements are fine as long as they are balanced. I am suggesting that an Indo-Lanka FTA will be heavily be tilted in India’s favour (as is usually the case between a larger economy and a smaller one)

        In which case, I am against such agreements

        Given our governments propensity for bribery and corruption, I am quite confident that the appropriate palms can be greased to make any unfavourable (to SL) agreement can be passed

        MITI has gone the way of the Dodo. One of the reasons for it’s demise may be of Interest (This is from WIKI)

        “…. intense lobbying from other countries, particularly the United States, pushed Japan to introduce more liberal trade laws that further lessened MITI’s grip over the Japanese economy. By the mid-1980s, the ministry was helping foreign corporations set up operations in Japan.”

        Galloping globalization is NOT the universal panacea. In fact, it opens up some pretty nasty doors where countries lose control over their own destiny and resources. Which I believe is dumb.

    • 1


      Once Sri Lankan companies “…realise they can do something for 10 cents cheaper by ‘outsourcing’, then that is the path they will take.”

      You are Right Maalumiris;
      “There WILL be unemployment”

      Only Politicans whose jobs are secure for another 4 years are not bothered by the Unemployment of Sri Lankans!

  • 2

    is this person a Dr? is he a medical or PhD doctor. seems to me his brain doesn’t function properly as same as his superiors. If some one loves sri lanka, hate the agreement.

  • 1

    This person is talking for some benefit. he may get huge amount of money for telling these lies. we know about your plans because your puput leaders dance according to the indian tunes.

  • 2

    We should not mix-up issues. GMOA backing MR is a well known fact. Padeniya coming out with MR after his last budget speech said it all. If GMOA members have forgotten that it is their problem. As far as GMOA goes it is a disgrace for the entire medical community. This has nothing to do with GMOA opposing the Indian Economic pact. Pm is trying to confuse the people ( PM has been off these days eg; commenting on the opera singers issue)

    If what was said by the joint opposition about the Indian Ambulance issue is true, we have heading for a major crisis. In Sri Lanka there are many ambulance operators, most of whom are single owner business with no net work operation. Indian ambulance operators are huge net works covering the entire country. For them SL will be like another state. They can easily run at loss to undercut our operators in a matter of few months. If this ambulance story is true this should be our eye opener. Why should a PM of a country present a bill to the parliament about establishment of a foreign ambulance operators even before the economic pact is signed?

    We should look at our TV industry, film industry and literary publications. Sri Lankan Tamil film industry is never going to be a possibility. The same fate will befall on all professions if this economic pact is signed. It is high time we protest against this awaiting disaster.

    MR messed up our economy in style, thanks to MS and RW for throwing out MRs corrupt regime. But that does not mean that we should accept what ever RW is trying to do. He has to listen to the people and professionals, he should not forget that professionals played a major role in overthrowing MR. The same fate will befall on MS and RW if they try to continue without listening to the professionals.

  • 1

    If SL is prepared to receive Rs. 1 for Rs 1000 given to India signing these agreements are okay. That is how India and cheap Indians (No better term to use) do business. They are upto all the crimes. Just See the Sri lankan (Ravi K. Buddy) who got caught doing insider trading in US. All his friends and business pals were Indians. I think the Indians escaped only our fool was convicted. what has happened to the US IT industry? Gobbled by Indian companies. 13 years ago I met an arts graduate from India (with a cooked resume) working as a Programmer in US under H1B program. Those who are unaware H1B is a high skilled US visa program geared to meet the Skilled labour demand in US. Unfortunately abused by companies (Indian IT) to import cheap unskilled labour from India and other countries. With the Indian Rs much stronger than Sri Lankan we will very soon find Indian companies buying SL businesses.

    • 1

      Dr Harsha, should study what has happened in Australia, before he makes a statement such as:-

      “Harsha Says ECTA Won’t Jeopardize Jobs For Lankans”

      Big Business Greed in Australia is Outsourcing IT jobs to India, because the Indian Cost is Lower, with the result that Australians are losing their IT jobs.

      However Australians are finding that the Indian IT professionals are not as Computer Literate, and often have to refer to their Australian Counterparts for help in the more Complex areas of IT. In other words, Australians are doing the Work and Training Indians who can’t cope with the high Standard required in Australia.

    • 1

      “13 years ago I met an arts graduate from India (with a cooked resume) working as a Programmer in US under H1B program. Those who are unaware H1B is a high skilled US visa”

      What a load of rubbish. How can an Arts graduate work as a programmer?
      In that case all OUR graduates would be working for Virtusa! Obviously you don’t know what programming is.

  • 2

    If a person like Dr. Harsha who considers himself an economist with a PhD and educated in the USA cannot see the ominous threat and danger by introducing ETCA, I suggest they look into the disaster that spelled doom for the US industry and trade by signing NAFTA. Ross Perot, a billionaire investor and an independent presidential candidate was damn right when he was canvassing for the US Presidential elections in 1992, and then again in 1996 who was dead against of NAFTA in questioning any benefit or strategic interest to the US at the time. Those who backed Ross Perot was some of the world best Economist and Nobel price nominees from the University of Chicago. Even today, the same concern and fears are addressed by most US senators that question the wisdom or the lack of it in signing NAFTA that was ill taught of and ill conceived. Our politicians are absolute idiots bereft of any vision for the country.

  • 1

    Nothing wrong with having international trade agreements, as long as it is in our national interest and testing factor should be how mutual the agreement is…
    Problem is elephant in the room and our politicos not realising this and some are on the take and 3 of our current ministers are heavily on the take from indians, all for the money and greed.
    Indians never agree on level playing agreement and on global level these guys are always on bad books when it come to major deals.
    I have open up colombo office for a major billion dollar network company to by pass indian dirty dealings in SL and now that office function well with our people. This gives our people international exposure with sales, BD and technical know how. Also our defence sector rely on these technologies which we do not want indians to get involve.

    I am still open re. medical sector, since SL doctors are mafia control and no accountability to our people. All private hospitals are crooks that basically push people for expensive testing and medicine which are not needed for the sick. Problem started with successive govt. not creating proper guidance for the billings and no mechanism to take crooked doctors to answer for their mis deeds. I am talking here with anecdotal evidence.
    Also indian capital has no limit with this agreement and problem is similar to chinese agreement that did not dictate to hire local labour specially low level labour and mid level professional expertise. This was a huge mistake with chinese and we should not make the same mistake with indians.
    Also UNP and Ranil always never goes to deeper analysis and take industry advise and this was the same when war was on and all their interest is money and power and not the countries long term prospects.
    Our youngsters are much smarter than indians and we should some how invest for their future and not destroy it.

  • 1

    Why do we need close door agreement, if India is bringing money to set up companies and factories to create jobs in Sri Lanka? I have the feeling that India is closing in by this agreement. Sri Lanka will lose its bargaining power with China; if India gets too close. This is not a good idea at all.

  • 0

    Why do we need closed door agreement, if India is bringing money to set up companies and factories to create jobs in Sri Lanka? I have the feeling that India is closing in by this agreement. Sri Lanka will lose its bargaining power with China; if India gets too close. This is not a good idea at all.

  • 2

    Dr. Harsha de Silva is either being very naive, or he is being disingenuous.
    If, as an academic in the world of politics, he is inclined to believe the word of his Party Leader without looking at the fine print of the documents concerned, he is NO ACADEMIC either!
    Sri Lankans have gone through the mill and are disinclined to take what the Yahapalana leaders state, as they have sadly ignoring or throwing away all the promises made before the elections.
    If Ranil means that the ONE Million jobs he promised are FOR THE INDIANS, and that may have a ring of Truth in light of what is leaking out of the ECTA Agreement…ONE CAN BE ASSURED THE JOBS ARE NOT FOR SRI LANKANS.

  • 1

    Hidden Agenda 1
    ETCA: Ealam Tamils Can Advance

    Hidden Agenda 2. Bribe from across the Pall Srait to our politicians (Crooks) to endorse ETCA – External Transactions to Crook’s-accounts Abroad (ETCA).

    • 2

      Walagemba Raja

      “Hidden Agenda 1 ETCA: Ealam Tamils Can Advance”

      Please justify.

      “Hidden Agenda 2. Bribe from across the Pall Srait to our politicians (Crooks) to endorse ETCA – External Transactions to Crook’s-accounts Abroad (ETCA).”

      After bribing the crooks what will be the Hindians left with?
      Please justify your assumptions and guesstimates.

      • 1

        Native Veddah:-
        The next step will be Ranil’s Pet Project; the building of a Bridge and/or an Underwater Tunnel, between India and Sri Lanka.

        Who will benefit by this?
        Not Sri Lanka!

        • 2


          “Who will benefit by this? Not Sri Lanka!”

          Where is you head?

          You need one to figure out the changes, rights, obligation, benefits and pitfalls of globalising world.

          One cannot ignore the humongous changes taking place out side your little Aryan kingdom.

          CountryFirst wrote that he too traveled through Channel Tunnel. Do you suggest that Brit/French should have prevented this stupid Sinhala/Buddhists petty nationalist benefiting from the tunnel?

          You should make an effort come out of your Aryan Sinhala/Buddhists build well once in a while.

          “The next step will be Ranil’s Pet Project; the building of a Bridge and/or an Underwater Tunnel, between India and Sri Lanka.”

          If technically possible and financially viable we should be building bridges to every corner of the world which should make transport possible and cost effective, so that the ordinary people too can travel, learn, work, share …. the world which is now the preserve of the rich, elites and siblings of minister’s siblings.

  • 1

    Lets examine two issues.
    India has a 1,700 mile LONG wall or fence on its border with Bangladesh. Why? Because they do not want piss poor Bengali Muslims coming into India. It is called the “Wall of death” for a reason. BSF Indian border forces SHOOT people including Cattle Rustlers and other ILLEGAL err UNDOCUMENTED workers coming in from Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a Muslim nation. So why is India doing this ?In the name of National security.

    Now here in the US Donald Trump(who might well become the next President) was the first to raise the issue of a wall on the Southern border. Again why? sad case of economic immigrants. 11 million undocumented workers here working in chicken factories, and doing all the dirty menial work Americans black, white or Asian do not want to do. Chinese also come here illegally; sex trafficking of Hispanic poor teenagers and Chinese to supply massage parlours and other spots is an open secret. 11 million Hispanics bear the brunt of the dirty low wage service jobs and farm jobs critical for a healthy economy. but Trump felt it was time the drug problem was tackled and he raised the issue.

    In Sri Lanka back in the good ole days TAFAII duty was the harshest duty for military people. What did they do? stop ILLEGAL immigrants from oppressed piss poor lower caste Tamils from swimming to SL and to stop smuggling of sarees and other contraband. In fact the Tigers were such great sea farers because they were the boys who excelled in speedboat riding and smuggling of goods.

    Now Harsha, you are looking more and more like a academic theorists again and not a pragmatic Political economists. Borders are there for a reason. Again ASK INDIA first why the bloody hell they have a wall of death with Bangladesh. Your comment about bringing low skilled S.Indian dock yard workers is scary. What will you do to send them back after a project is over? No they will not go back? OF course all of us in the ELite wil lbe happy to get more cheap Indian servants who are far more reliable and work harder than sinhalese domestics right? But as it is, we still have our poor Tamil refugees in India while at the same time India illegals are over 25,000 in number in SL. Why Sri Lanka is again a far better place than India where 600 MILLION still defecate outside.

    Please do not just repeat theory like Todaro’s theories or Kuznets hypothesis and theory of comparative advantage. All of us who were in PhD programs (even if they did not finish those) are away of the theory of comparative advantage. But then bring them in Medical and IT fields to train locals. When you cite bringing in Dockyard workers you shoot yourself in the foot. You are a good honest guy but all this theory will not work if there are no guarantees that they will be limited to projects and send back afterwards. S.Indian Tamils can blend in easily. They will create slums. Check in with Nepal and Bhutan about their concerns about what they call Biharis. We can learn a lot from India in the fields of Agriculture where their food technologies are far superior to ours. We can learn from AIIMS about medical research. We can learn and use them to improve domestic harvest and storage practices for food crops. We can learn about IT education and ENGLISH education needed to succeed. We can learn from Indian MBAs about businesses But we have nothing to gain from cheap sub educated labourers coming in. They will be happy to thrive and work hard. You and I can get cheaper more reliable cooks and servants like the Embassies in Colombo including the Indian embassy. But really why not TRAIN local work force to become skilled dockyard workers and welders and plumbers?

    I root for you even from outside SL. You can be PM one day like Manmohan Singh but ASK yourself the question. “Am I aware of the huge problems in Europe since EU started open borders?” Ask British people about the problems they face. India does not even allow Visa on arrival despite RW’s prevarications and claims. Why? India does not have open borders. What you are preaching is open borders. Unless SAARC does it(and the hell they will not!!!!) what you are preaching is academic. I am well aware of the Theory of COmparative advantage getting the highest grade in my Econ 800 level class. I dropped out because I was lazy but we can argue on the theory of trade; Kuznets hypotheses, Lewis-Ranis Fei model etc too just to show oh Harsha is smarter than the rest. BUT PRACTICE. REALITY. CULTURE and piss poor people everywhere migrate to better pastures. For millions of Indians SL will be a shitload better.

    Learned upper class Indians and even Lankans like myself migrated to the West for the same reason. Millions of Indians now isolate themselves but thrive in the US as doctors, academics, engineers etc and run shopping malls, own Patel motels, gas stations etc because USA is the land of opportunity. But for the uneducated oppressed lower caste S. Indians Sri Lanka will be the Eldorado.

    I was able to live on my salary alone as an academic instructor in the USA but neither my wife(top ten percent) nor I can afford the luxury vehicles your politicians have bought on the backs of housemaid remittances from the middle east.

    I lived and loved being in Punjab India for nearly 5 years. Saw the savage effects of Hindu massacres of Sikhs. Saw Mrs. Gandhi’s dumb attack on Golden Temple from a Sikh point of view. I admire Sikhs the most of any race in the world. If I am in a fight, I’d rather have Sikh to back me up than anyone else. You will NEVER find Sikh Beggars whereas you will find millions of Hindu beggars. I am not anti Indian. I would love for you chaps, RW and Mangy to go LEARN about Agriculture in Punjab and Haryana.

    Wish you good luck and hope you are one day the PM of SL(as long as we Sinhalese do not backstab[our favorite pasttime] and become jealous[our other sinhala trait]).

    Sorry to rant.


    • 2

      Mano Ratwatte

      Please review your typing and come back here with an improved second draft.

      You are rating for no apparent reason.

      A country’s well-being is not just measured in number of publically defecating humans but other criteria as well. According to Sri Lankan census 2011, there are about 95,000 people who do not have access to toilets.

      You should be worrying about 95,000 who do not have access to toilets and not fearing an Indian IT personnel defecating in public.

      You are talking about piss-poor Bengalis invading India, but could not bring yourself to mention the number of them already illegally made their home there. The estimates range from 3.5 to 20 millions yet you are worried about 25,000 of Indians living illegally in this island.

      Have you ever had time to count those illegal immigrants who left this island and settled down in various countries over the past three to four decades?

      ” Ask British people about the problems they face. India does not even allow Visa on arrival despite RW’s prevarications and claims.”

      Are you sure about it Ranting Ratwatte?

      You should start updating information rather than defecating in public forums.

    • 0

      i know all typical Modaya, you know what is even TN growth rate, even our “so called low caste” migrate to US or UK, not that silly pity land lanka. We are improting people from bihar, bengal to do meainal job, and you proclaim that We will migate to Silly lanka for job, even my used slipper wont touch that shore, you see! Open teh google if you are not updated, here 3 million other statemen migrated to whole of Tamil nadu to take meanial jobs which we dont do. TN was no more in 70’s and looks like you stupid never update yourself.


      You have the cheek to degrade us without even knowing minimum facts, typical sinhala modaya, you know your maids work like slaves and abused in arab, whereas our govt even care the migrants worker welfare, read above content. Typical frog in well.

      • 0

        Is that why the arabs recently cut off the hand of a TN maid?

        Whatever the economic progress your Nadu has, it is still a sh1thole and will be a one for a very long time

      • 0

        Maybe India being the most dangerous and obnoxious for women travellers.
        this year the Australia, Canada, and many other governments as well as travel agencies backed by the Japanese and Chinese governments have also issued travel advisories and warnings. Rape rates are 26.7%, according to the latest statistics from the NCRB (Indian government). The United States categorically states that women should not travel alone in India due to the likelihood of sexual assault and harassment but also lists many other hazards in India (including infectious disease, intrareligious violence, terrorism etc.)

        • 2


          “Maybe India being the most dangerous and obnoxious for women travellers”

          Maybe USA is the rape capital of the world, where a woman is being raped every 6.2 minutes (300 Million population) while in India rape is being perpetrated every 20 minutes (1.300 million population) and Sri Lanka the rate is about every 90 minutes (21 Million population).

          Would you care to tell me which is the worst country for women?

          Does the statistic make you complacent and happy?

          Comparatively speaking women shouldn’t be living in the USA.

          • 0


            India, without doubt is the worst for women. Secondary status of women is compounded and justified by the Laws of Manu.

            Based on official reported data Sweden is 2nd in rape (63), Australia 11th (28), US 14th (27), Sri Lanka 49th (7) and India 94th (1.8).

            So obviously all these other countries are worse for women compared to India.
            Or is it the definition of rape and reporting of rape.

            • 1


              This is a south Asian problem needs south asian solution.

              Let’s come back to the original discussion, ECTA.

              You should be worrying about the saffron clad thugs of Hindia for how they make India into a fascistic Hindia.

              Have you noticed how freedom of speech has been curtailed by the saffron clad thugs?

              Even the black coat clad thugs (lawyers) are beating up detainee inside the courts, and nothing has been done.

              • 0

                >Let’s come back to the original discussion, ECTA

                It is relavant to the ECTA.

                Do we want Investors/Managers who have misogynistic attitudes to women. Will those attitudes rub off on local co workers.
                At least the majority religion does not sanction discrimination.

                What about workers and environment. Indians are notoriously famous for abuse of workers. Again sanctioned by the Varna Dharma laws of Manu.

                What about the environment, will they provide toilets to workers.

                Or like Dabur (Fruit Juice Mfr) in Kotadeniyawa suck up all the groundwater to the detriment of nearby farmers.

                • 0


                  “What about the environment, will they provide toilets to workers. “

                  I suppose Taj Samudra hasn’t got toilet facilities for its employees.

                  Don’t be silly.

                  “Or like Dabur (Fruit Juice Mfr) in Kotadeniyawa suck up all the groundwater to the detriment of nearby farmers.”

                  I suppose Coca Cola produces it’s range of drinks out of thin air, perhaps water from moon.

  • 1

    There are so many people without jobs in Sri Lanka and yet they want to bring Indians to do even the most ordinary/meager jobs out there???

    The issue is not about our folks going abroad.. that’s a personal decision but this blunder is a betrayal to the people of Sri Lanka.

    where did this nutjob get his PhD from? was it the same one Mervyn Silva got his?

    • 2


      “There are so many people without jobs in Sri Lanka and yet they want to bring Indians to do even the most ordinary/meager jobs out there??? “

      Why this island is unable to create jobs for all who want to work?

      Basic economics states that the country needs to increase its gross national products so that more employment opportunities are created.

      In order to grow, you need capital, quality labour, technology, skills, etc. If the country is lacking in resources then of course import of such resources inevitable.

      One has to bake a large cake in order to share a larger piece among the cake eaters. Similarly if domestic demand does not absorb what you produce, then you need an export market. Foreign market demands quality product at affordable prices and the products they want to buy.

      Quality labour, imported raw materials are need if you plan to produce for export market.

      How come this island is not producing export quality mobile phone, sophisticated medical instruments, computers, auto mobiles, ….. not even considering rockets to International space station?

      Simply because you lose the sight of bigger picture and are caught in the vicious down wards spiral.

      Think about it.

      • 0

        the govt should focus on setting up vocational centers to get our people working and not the Indians. How many months of training will it take to become a dockyard worker?

        we still have an unemployment rate of 5% and we should work on reducing this figure.

        Highly skilled jobs require the inevitable importation of foreign labour but that too the govt could send graduates to learn those skills in foreign countries.

        You too must look at the big picture.. how many Indians do you think will be required to make an impact on our economy?

        • 1


          “the govt should focus on setting up vocational centers to get our people working and not the Indians.”

          It would take more than 10 years for the vocational trainees to catch up with the rest of the world.

          The potential employers would have wanted experts yesterday tomorrow is no good for them. Employers would rather close down his business and become a thieving politician.

          If there is no demand for high quality IT/Engineering personnel why should/would come here? Are you going pay them hand outs for being idles? Or you going to employ them as domestic servants?

          By keeping the focus on unemployment you will only worsen it. Rather you should be focussing on how to grow the economy, faster, larger, serves the purpose of its people, and how to kick-start the economy, divercsify it, creating good jobs, increasing skill level, introducing technology, how best to educate the young generation, …. how to best to transfer technology, …… increase productivity, …

          Since you are focussed on Indians, you find it difficult to see beyond your nose, then of course, you will still be moaning about unemployment, Indians, …………. we have seen the naysayers in the past and with your mentality we won’t miss them in the future.

          If you need to produce something that people want to buy at an affordable price, then first change your outlook, and look around you.

          If we need to import capital, labour and resources so be it.

          “You too must look at the big picture.. how many Indians do you think will be required to make an impact on our economy?”

          I am looking at the big picture from my cave, the only difference between you and I is that I can see beyond my nose.

  • 0

    Punjab was the most prosperous state in India. Migrant labour from Rajasthan and Bihar etc came there every crop harvesting season in millions. I am very proud of SIKHS. Hindu racist Cong I thugs attacked them after Mrs. Gandhi was assassinated.

    India ARMED TRAINED AND FINANCED TERRORIST separatism in Sri Lanka. You go ahead old chap calling someone a modaya. I lived in Punjab and traveled quite a bit. I also know about racism and skin color bias in India. I also know black African students were derisively referred to as “habshi” by people in N. India.

    So for the guys who sign under pen names FACT IS THAT BECAUSE OF JRJ and SL veering towards US paranoid Mrs. Gandhi decided to destablise Sri Lanka. Those of us like maybe stuck in the past but that past is prorogue dudes. INDIA IS the reason there was a prolonged war and curse on the foolish sinhala and tamil sri lankans. Tamil INDIANS are poaching in SL waters and depriving SRI LANKAN tamils of their livelihood.

    Ok TN is now one of the booming states so I will update my stance. SL needs to bring innocent SRI LANKAN tamil refugees back. They deserve to come back to their motherland. As for illegals facts are facts. Back in the 1960s TAFAII duty was responsible for intercepting illegal immigrants.

    So anyway why does India have a wall and still Indians in USA oppose Trump for wanting wall? We can gain a lot from India but I would prefer we look towards industrious Punjabi Sikhs as well and not just TN. I also suggest we look at Kerala because Sinhala-Tamil-Malayali are ALL dravidian. I am dravidian. Kerala culture and food like indiappam, pittu and even appam are SL foods because of the Kerala malayali connection. Ipso facto. Sinhalese are NOT aryan.

    I signed as my own because of my life experiences and not just being abusive hiding behind a nom de guerre. TRADE is great but why import low skilled labour when SL has an unemployment problem? Why not impart technical skills like shipyard skills and welding skills to the workers in the nascent ship building industry in SL? Colombo Dockyards is a great example of Sri Lankan industry is it not?

    Ask Jeyalalathi Aunty to stop fomenting trouble and tell her to get her fishermen to stop stealing fish from Lankan Tamils. period. Caste is a huge inherent problem with Indians. You can get your knickers in knot over and deny it but even at parties when Indian colleagues and even friends drink and chat with me we hear their stories. Yes indeed I do mingle and have an amazing ability to be friends with many nationalities and races unlike most S.Asians who stick to their groups even after decades of living in USA. They do not ever want to interact outside work with other Americans. why?

    • 2

      Mano Ranting Ratwatte

      In 1971 Hindia was the first country on the ground protecting vital installation.

      Within 5 hours of tsunami hitting this island Hindians were delivering relief packages to the poor and the needy, within few weeks Hindians surveyed the sees around this island to see the established sea lanes had any major changes, from 2005 on wards Hindians provided everything needed to finish off LTTE, and protected MR his war criminals from serious prosecutions working with USA, …… 50,000 houses for the poor and the war devastated section of the population, ….

      If the Indians didn’t use publicly defecated fertiliser you would not have eaten and enjoyed Parrippu, Bombay Onions, …… and other ingredients.

      JR being clever dick asked for trouble. He had plateful.

      “India ARMED TRAINED AND FINANCED TERRORIST separatism in Sri Lanka.”

      Of course Hindia armed, trained and financed terrorism but not separatism.

      If this is what you think you know, I would say spending many years in India did not teach you anything.

      In the 1960s & 1970s why India chose Punjab as the key area to promote its green revolution is well known. Later it was successfully introduced in Tamil Nadu as well.

      If travelling does not make you wise then what will?

  • 0

    I am sure in Dr de Silva’s mind this agreement won’t jeopardise jobs of Sri Lankan professionals. If he is a true economist rather than making blanket statements like this he should let the intelligent public of Sri Lanka know his argument clearly showing the cost and benefits to SL and with projections for the next few years on what will happen.
    The reputation of Indian IT professional is highly exaggerated. We are led to think that India produces the best IT people. As someone mentioned here, those who have studied, worked and living overseas know that anyone can become an IT professional these days by just doing some course. I know several individuals who have done degrees such fields as philosophy, business studies, geography, who have now become IT professionals. These are the people who take care of IT systems in businesses, universities, hospitals, communications companies, etc, just ensuring the systems are run properly and taking care of minor faults and issues. Then there are real IT guys who have degrees in engineering, computer science, mathematics and other highly quantitative field who become programmers, software designers and all those people who do wonderful things.
    It is unlikely that we will get any of those people under this agreement who are willing to come and work in Sri Lanka. Any benefit would be accrued to those who are coming to work and to India. Unless government is able to clearly show how SL would benefit and this agreement and let the country achieve the 1m job goal, the benefits of this agreement would remain and figment of imagination in the minds of RW and Dr de Silva.

    • 1


      “I am sure in Dr de Silva’s mind this agreement won’t jeopardise jobs of Sri Lankan professionals. “

      It won’t jeopardise jobs of hard working, modernisers, intelligent, experienced and qualified Sri Lankan professionals (how many professionals do you recon we have in this island? a handful perhaps), it will definitely jeopardise the jobs of pen pushers, bull s******s, lazy unqualified, inexperienced, loud mouth, …. b***s carriers, siblings of ministers’ mistresses, …..

      “intelligent public of Sri Lanka”

      Are you being serious?

      “The reputation of Indian IT professional is highly exaggerated. We are led to think that India produces the best IT people.”

      It is for the potential employer to decide and recruit. The employer is not going to tolerate an inept IT person just because he is cheap and lives in the neighbourhood. The employer wants 100,000 times in return for every pittance the IT personal is paid. I hope the ministers stop influencing the employers to fix their hangers-on to top jobs.

      ” It is unlikely that we will get any of those people under this agreement who are willing to come and work in Sri Lanka.”

      Why do you need highly qualified engineers and programmers from outside to run your hospitality service oriented hotel trade? You need them only if you have highly complicated, advanced …. economy where complex engineering and communication systems are in place or in the offing.

      Please stop moaning, read up on successful economies and its subsectors. Even then your ignorance and bigotry take precedent than any economic sense.

  • 1

    Lol NV

    I sure with renowned economist like you and Dr de Silva and progressive leaders like RW and MS and a neighbor like India which is ozzing with talent the future of SL is in good hands.

    If we don’t need higghly talented people why do we need to get rubbish from cessppit?

    I also have a feeling that the people you know in SL are not the highly talented people that I know of. I guess you don’t get to move in the same circles.

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