29 February, 2024


Have You Ever Heard Of A King Dutugemunu Who Put The Ten Great Warriors Into Jail?

By Hema Senanayake –  

Hema Senanayake

Hema Senanayake

We the people have a great human quality. It is imbedded into our mind. That important quality is sympathy. It is this quality of sympathy which leads you to offer money or food to a panhandler. Sympathy is a wonderful feeling. Some people abuse the sympathy of others.

In the coming presidential election it seems that the government is going to exploit the peoples’ sympathy to the highest possible level. How do they do it? They say, “If the president Rajapkasa is defeated, the Tamil diaspora is hatching an international conspiracy to take him before the International War Tribunal by April 2015.” They further insist that the common candidate of the opposition is aiding and abetting this conspiracy. Why do they say this?

Not because it is true, but because they want to exploit the peoples’ sympathy shamelessly. This seems to be the government’s main strategy in the political campaign. If the above allegation is true, no president would declare an election while having two more years to serve before expiration of his current term. The government wants win or more correctly abuse the sympathy of people. On the contrary the opposition candidate wants to launch a campaign on policy issues. In this regard his policy on war heroes is clear.

Mahinda - ShiranthiYou do not want any of the war heroes to be charged before any court no matter whether it is national or international tribunal. You feel that way because you want to be grateful for the service they have done for the country. But it seems that the president Mahinda Rajapaksa did not have that much of gratefulness or he does not have it now.  If any recent war hero was punished by any court, then it was done not by an International War Tribunal but by a War Tribunal set up by the president himself. The whole country believes that the president or somebody in the administration fixed Sarath Fonseka so as to be punished and put him into jail.

The King Dutugemunu unified the country. From the history books even a child knows that the King had Ten Great Warriors (Dasa Maha Yodayo). Perhaps without them, the King Dutugemunu would not have been able to win the war. Put all the ten great warriors together, then, you have General Sarath Fonseka, the great warrior of the contemporary history of Sri Lanka.

But, have you ever heard of a Dutugemunu who put the Ten Great Warriors into jail? Perhaps you may not. But, President Mahinda Rajapksa has done it. He put General Fonseka into jail. One might think that this is “the most unkindest cut of all.” As far as I know still General Fonseka’s civil rights are not restored.

Contrary to the President Rjapaksa’s approach on war heroes, the common candidate has promised that he would not allow any war hero to be tried before any International War Tribunal. He points out that Sri Lanka is not a signatory to the International War Tribunal, hence Sri Lanka is not bounded legally to appear or participate in the proceedings of the court. However his stance will make him voluntarily bounded to expedite reconciliation process meaningfully.

Also, this does not mean that the Ealam diaspora is not looking avenues to bring war heroes before an international court. Their effort is known to everybody. The government knows about it and so is the opposition. However, this effort can be defeated only with one strategy. That is to isolate LTTE diaspora while Sri Lanka being not isolated among the international community. That is the strategy devised by late former Foreign Minister Kadirgamar. This is a job entrusted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Sri Lanka is failing in this strategy now.

We need two things to do if we do not want to be isolated and want to isolate LTTE diaspora. Firstly, we need to have a system of good governance domestically. Secondly, we need to have the best diplomats placed in strategically important duty stations and let them do their job freely, creatively and respectfully. Today, Rajapaksa administration is far away from both these requirements. Recently this was shown to the whole world beyond any doubt. That was when a monitoring MP Sajin De Vass Gunawardena physically assaulted the High Commissioner of United Kingdom, Dr. Chris Nonis.

The assault took place. It was accepted by the Cabinet Spokesman. The Venerable Sobitha told about it to the media. Yet, Sajin De Vasa Gunawardena was not required even to make an apology. In one assault Sajin De Vass destroyed the respect of our all diplomatic officials. By allowing Sajin De Vass not accountable for his action, the President proved the world that Sri Lanka has no system of good governance which upholds the basic principle of accountability.

It is well known that the President want to rescue all his men when they do punishable offences. He was open and admitted about it. Until recently what was not open was his willingness to fix others when they go against him. He now declares that he has “files” of others. May be he can use those files if he wants to fix others, if necessary.

The whole country and the international community now know that his willingness to prevent his “men” being accountable and his willingness to fix others, have gone too far. The first casualty of this behavior is the breakdown of good governance. This is the first reason for Sri Lanka being isolated among the international community. Not the past war crime allegations. Therefore, good governance is not an abstract concept; instead it has very practical impact in our daily lives. Also, establishing good governance domestically is highly important in winning the fight in GENEVA.

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      Hema Senanayake –

      Posters for “King Dutigamunu” by MaRa. Let’s Post the Common sense Pamphlet.

      Video: Here’s the truth


      Media, on several occasions, revealed that employees and vehicles of Road Development Authority were being deployed to paste posters of Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa’s election campaign. ‘Sirasa’ TV telecast a video yesterday (28th) confirming this.

      The video shows an employee of RDA pasting a poster in Chilaw area and his views regarding the job he has been assigned to do. The video reveals real situation these employees are confronted with.


      News 1st –


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      Hema Senanayake –

      RE: Have You Ever Heard Of A King Dutugemunu Who Put The Ten Great Warriors Into Jail

      See below what the Economist is Saying.

      A fault in his stars?


      A fault in his stars? The Geocentric Model?

      Some see the president as the fulfilment of an ancient prophecy, the reincarnation of a great southern king (who also had combed-back hair and a lush moustache). He is destined to make Sri Lanka prosper, says the astrologer, and will be the best friend of Buddhism, its main religion: “There is no temple he has not visited.”

      Mahinda Rajapaksa expected a coronation. Instead he faces a tricky election
      Nov 29th 2014

      “AN INVINCIBLE personality, a blessed man, he will win a big victory.” In the opinion of Sumanadasa Abeygunawardena, issued from his swish astrological headquarters in the southern port of Galle, the prospects for Sri Lanka’s president are unambiguously bright. Percy Mahinda Rajapaksa has called an election two years early, to seek an unprecedented third term. Why not? Polling will happen on January 8th, and eight is a lucky number. For Mr Rajapaksa, a Virgo, the stars are benign. Some see the president as the fulfilment of an ancient prophecy, the reincarnation of a great southern king (who also had combed-back hair and a lush moustache). He is destined to make Sri Lanka prosper, says the astrologer, and will be the best friend of Buddhism, its main religion: “There is no temple he has not visited.”

      Adorned with gold rings and precious stones, Mr Abeygunawardena is in effect astrologer to the Rajapaksa court. “I very often see the president,” he says, taking a call from the office of the First Lady who wants an auspicious time for refitting a school. The Rajapaksas are superstitious. Like four brothers, and his son—important politicians all—the president, who has ruled for a decade, takes advice on such matters as when best to step outside, or on which gems or jewellery ward off bad luck. Mr Rajapaksa usually carries a cylindrical gold talisman, supposedly with powers to enchant. The astrologer scoffs at this. But he says another piece of bling—the golden amulet on a chain around the presidential neck—truly is effective.

      The president has led a charmed political life and is easily the country’s most charismatic campaigner. Ordinary Sinhalese Buddhists (around 70% of the population) like his rural past and that he crushed Tamil separatists in 2009, ending nearly three decades of war. Suggestions that tens of thousands of Tamils were massacred in the process, and talk of war crimes, are dismissed as intended only to denigrate the country. Few outside the Tamil-dominated north and east hold the accusations against him. Drive along miles of new tarmac around Mr Rajapaksa’s southern home, where a big new airport and harbour have sprouted, and enthusiasm for him is obvious. Life-size placards of his grinning figure adorn highways. In Medamulana, his ancestral home, students tour a mausoleum to his family, with a waxworks and a hefty gold-plated sculpture of his father’s head. Across the country there are rebuilt railways, new houses and expanded cities.

      The building splurge has piled up oodles of debt: opposition MPs say $6 billion-8 billion are owed to China alone, though details are murky. The government prefers perky economic statistics. Unemployment is low and GDP is rising fast enough for Sri Lanka next year to rank as a mid-range middle-income country with national income per person of around $4,000. Tourism blossoms and inflation has been in single digits for 52 months, exults Basil Rajapaksa, the presidential brother running the economy (doing himself down; it is actually 69 months and counting). He is “very confident” about the future. Parliament this week passed a budget crammed with goodies for voters. To the suggestion that this was brazen populism, he chortles that “all our budgets are pre-election ones”. The local World Bank office is perhaps even more gung-ho about Sri Lanka’s starry economic future.

      Nor is Mr Rajapaksa shy of using the benefits of incumbency, deploying arms of government at will. A car-park in Hambantota, in the south, is crammed with hundreds of red motorbikes, pre-election gifts for local officials, a pattern repeated countrywide. In Tamil areas security men intimidate politicians and activists. Even in Colombo, the biggest city, opposition figures say they suspect spies jam their mobile phones. They are denied public spaces for rallies. Most of the press fawns on Mr Rajapaksa; television shows involving opposition figures go mysteriously off air. Both the courts and electoral commission are widely seen as partisan.

      All that had pointed to an easy victory for Mr Rajapaksa. Yet those magic charms are suddenly malfunctioning. The various opposition parties have, surprisingly, come up with a credible joint candidate. Maithripala Sirisena, a minister until last week and leading light in the ruling Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP), defected on November 21st with a few supporters. Ordinary Sinhalese like him, because he seems more one of them than does Mr Rajapaksa. His promise to abolish the over-strong presidency in 100 days appeals to those who fear decades of dynastic rule by the Rajapaksas. (Older SLFP leaders have long groused about misrule by “one family”.) Mr Sirisena can tap into public resentment of worsening corruption. Businesses often complain that only insiders win official contracts. Sri Lanka fell 14 places this year in the World Bank’s ranking of the ease of doing business.

      Third time less lucky
      Moreover, the economy is not inevitably a vote-winner. Every voter Banyan met in the south grumbled about living costs, notably about pricey rice and milk. A former two-term president, Chandrika Kumaratunga, back in Colombo to help Mr Sirisena, accuses Mr Rajapaksa of being a “racist” Tamil-hater, and adds that those official inflation figures are “trumped-up”. As for mid-income prosperity, an opposition MP says officials dare not publish a figure from a new survey of household spending showing real incomes, after inflation, up by only 3% since 2006.

      Mr Rajapaksa’s popularity is slipping. The SLFP won provincial elections in the southern province of Uva in September less comfortably than expected. At the last presidential poll in 2010, soon after the war, Mr Rajapaksa took 57% of the votes (less if you accept claims of modest rigging), so not a landslide. Assume that Tamils, Muslims and Christians, who are 30% of the electorate, mostly prefer Mr Sirisena, then even a third of the Sinhalese vote could swing it in his favour. The stars still probably favour the president, but horoscopes often disappoint.

      From the print edition: Asia

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      The joint opposition has been totally uninspiring thus far after the initial buzz about Siripala. The Joint opposition seems set to LOOSE the election at this time.

      1. As Hema has said here “what president would declare an election while having two more years to serve before expiration of his current term if he thought he would face a war crimes trial later?”. Maiti Siripala has shown that he is a FOOL. He has fallen for Jarapassa’s lies and is promising not to have war crimes trail against Jarapassa and his corrupt family, rather than pointing out the logical fallacy of Jarapassa’s greed and lies in calling an ILLEGAL Presidential elections 2 years early!

      2. Instead of taking their case and talking to the VOTERS and the PUBLIC on policies and speaking to and EDUCATING VOTERS on the CORRUPTION Of Jarapassa, the so-called joint opposition is discussing symbols and busy trying to get CORRUPT politicians and Ministerial RATS on Jarapassa’s ship to cross over! Horse trading of corruption and disease ridden horses seems the name of the opposition game!

      3. Rajitha Seniviratne who has become the mouth piece of the Joint opposition, is the worst, has a mouth like a sewer and is constantly talking about cross overs that do NOT materialize.

      4. Meanwhile, precious time to speak to the VOTERS in lost in the horse trading circus that is taking place ELECTIONS ARE NOT WON OR LOST IN a CORRUPT PARLIAMENT. They are won and lost on the streets and by engaging with VOTERS..

      5. Women are conspicuously absent from Joint Opposition except for CBK. This is a mistake as WOMEN VOTERS are over half the population.

      The Joint opposition seems set to LOOSE the election at this time – since the choice seems to be between more and less corruption, and as the saying goes, the know devil is better than the unknown!.

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    I wonder whether Mahinda R. believed that he was to be the next Nissankamalla, and acted accordingly.

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    And sacked the remaining war heroes with posh postings abroad so he can claim all credit for war victory.

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    Hema Senanayake –

    RE:Have You Ever Heard Of A King Dutugemunu Who Put The Ten Great Warriors Into Jail?

    No.Not heard of it, except MaRa, the impostor from Medamulana.

    This is more materials for your Common Sense Pamphlet. You better Hurry.

    Election is on Jan 8, 2015. You need to write it. Printers can be found easily., Distributors can be found easily as well

    Would you do it for Lanka, the Land of Native Veddah Aethho?

    Common Sense (pamphlet)


    Common Sense[1] is a pamphlet written by Thomas Paine in 1775–76 that inspired people in the Thirteen Colonies to declare and fight for independence from Great Britain in the summer of 1776. In clear, simple language it explained the advantages of and the need for immediate independence. It was published anonymously on January 10, 1776, at the beginning of the American Revolution and became an immediate sensation. It was sold and distributed widely and read aloud at taverns and meeting places. Washington had it read to all his troops, which at the time had surrounded the British army in Boston. In proportion to the population of the colonies at that time (2.5 million), it had the largest sale and circulation of any book published in American history.[2]

    Common Sense presented the American colonists with an argument for freedom from British rule at a time when the question of whether or not to seek independence was the central issue of the day. Paine wrote and reasoned in a style that common people understood. Forgoing the philosophical and Latin references used by Enlightenment era writers, he structured Common Sense as if it were a sermon, and relied on Biblical references to make his case to the people.[3] He connected independence with common dissenting Protestant beliefs as a means to present a distinctly American political identity.[4] Historian Gordon S. Wood described Common Sense as “the most incendiary and popular pamphlet of the entire revolutionary era”.[5]

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    Does Hema wants our inhabitants to believe that Ms Pillai wasted her last five years of UN money for nothing?..

    Does he think LTTE Surendran from London, who stitched up Ranil with the UNP in England, is kind to our Armed Forces and want our inhabitants to live in peace and harmony?..

    Does Ranil have a soft spot for our brave Army Commanders and the soldiers ?

    If he has , can Hema point to a few examples?..

    Why did Surendran and Reverend stop the President coming to London not once but twice?..

    May be Hema must have come out of an induced coma. to fight for CBK’s ex Servant….

    • 5

      K.A Sumanasekera

      “Does Ranil have a soft spot for our brave Army Commanders and the soldiers ? “

      War criminals should not expect nor demand love and affection from War crime victims. However most victims and their kith and kin have big heart to forgive the criminals only when they confessed to their crime and provide detailed information about their criminal acts.

      Ranil might have a soft spot for you, ask him.

      Here is his contact details:

      United National Party Head Office,
      Sirikotha Mandiraya,
      No. 400,
      Sri Lanka

      E-mail: info@unp.lk

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        ah how unfortunate is MRS K A Sumanasekera,first her hubby goes after Sambandan ,then wooes Surendran and now NV trying to fix him with Ranil…..while poor MRS K A Sumanasekera waits at hoping her husband will stop being so Gay ;-)

        • 4

          Peace Lover

          K.A Sumanasekera is a loner.

          He never had a partner.

          He never had friends

          He lacks social skills

          He never made love to another person.

          He is confused

          He lives in a bunker (like VP)

          CT forum is the only outside contact

          He knows the going rates of prostitutes from Alabama to Anuradhapura but never experienced sex.



          • 1

            aha that expalains a lot,

            what have you got to say MR K A Sumanasekera

            • 0

              Peace Lover,

              Sumanaya must be thinking of [Edited out]

    • 2

      Hello my friend Sumanasekeram, is Navi Pillai a Dalit or Vellala Tamil Anglican Tamil, who also happens to be a diasporian? Hahahaha

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    Hema Senanayake has said everything that needs to be said about avoiding war heroes being charged in the international court.

    A war is, at times, a necessary part of good governance. But, only at times.

    No hero, who had served the country dutifully, deserves to be punished either nationally or internationally. That includes Sarath Fonseka.

    The question facing us is not about how to be grateful or ungrateful, but about the role our shabby governance played in having to wage that war.

    Take your own family. If your family has two siblings, and if you show favouritism towards one (this is a common occurrence in our homes) you end up with the other sibling revolting, isn’t it. What do you do as the head of the household, shoot down the revolting child?

    That is not only bad parenting but also terrible criminality.

    There were alternate ways to handle the rebellious Tamil youths.

    Good governance, not war, would have been the best answer.

    Establishing good governance at home is the safest way to win the fight against international scrutiny.

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    Very good discussion.

    Think about what the PResident said, I have files of all the defectors.

    That means, if he becomes the president for the third time, he will get the bribary commission and courts to jail his opponents who came to contest against him.

    I think, he is pushing the country towards the eventual ARAB SPRING.

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    Mahinda Rajapakse was grateful to humiliate the General who made him the winner and his senior military who made win the war become income-less, humiliated to their families by being penniless and ALSO PENSIONLESS.

  • 0

    It is well known that the President want to rescue all his men when they do punishable offences.

    By allowing Sajin De Vass not accountable for his action, the President proved the world that Sri Lanka has no system of good governance which upholds the basic principle of accountability.

    You do not want any of the war Criminals to be charged before any court no matter whether it is national or international tribunal.

    You feel that way because you want to be grateful for the service they have done for the country.

    It is well known that the President want to rescue all his men when they do punishable offences.

    the opposition candidate wants to launch a campaign on political issues

    This seems to be the oppositions’s main strategy in the political campaign.

    One might think that this is “the most unkindest cut of all time”

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    Thank you Hema Senanayake for enlightening the citizens/voters of Sri Lanka. It is a timely one.

    I would like to add the following comment to your factual analysis :

    President MaRa says ” I am the only one who can abolish the executive PresiJ VP andcy “
    – in the coalition too were elected by the peopleaily Mirror .lk 29/11/ 2014.
    He has forgotten that people elected him and all the political parties that were part of his coalition . Further those MP s who crossed over to his govt were elected under other parties names.

    After obtaining 2/ 3 rd majority and making use of LSSP, CP, JHU, L P, JVP and the illegal crossovers
    , now he roars that only he has the 2/ 3 rd majority to abolish the EP.
    Maithiri Maithiri with the support of all other parties who are not with MR and with the support of the ordinary people you can garner 2/ 3 rd majority Maithiri.
    So do not worry plod on on your forward journey.

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    To the people of this country,

    If you want to protect war heroes, MR, GORA et al do not vote for MR because if Mahinda is in power the proceedings at Geneva, UN, US, UK, EU, diaspora and elsewhere will proceed and achieve its ultimate goal of hauling MR et al to the Hague Tribunal. MR cannot prevent this from happening. There is another danger democlous if MR comes to power for the 3rd time which is partition of the North and East into Elam state because under MR there wont be any political solution, good governance, human rights and all those civilized things expected in a civilized country. On the contrary and as promised by the CC and the common opposition no war hero including Rajapakshas would be surrendered to the war crime tribunal if the CC comes to power. Therefore if anybody loves, likes Rajapakshas and wants to protect them he should vote for Maithreepala.

    • 0

      Your presented facts logically. .. But if/when MR defeated in election, how could Gota/ Basil/Namal .. other sons and their sports cars Lamboghinis survive in SL… More than MR, Gota/Namal and siblings shouldn’t be defeated, it is live or die situation for them, none of them can’t escape to the West….
      So my argument is if people do not want to see military coup and lot of killings, vote for MR…..

      • 0


        Your reasoning relapses your post 2rd term Rajapaksha goodies to my logical outcome that external forces would use MR regime as a catalyst to achieve partition of NE, keep SL in a prolonged state of political and economic turmoil for long term geopolitical needs, exploitation of its resources human and material by the exploiters like China, India and others etc. Besides 3rd term means lifetime and Hitler/North Korea like situation where all of Sri Lanka’s inhabitants would be enslaved to live like prisoners suppressed, oppressed, deprived and depraved, devoid of any human rights. In North Korea people have to even cut their hair the way their top idiot cuts ’em and the contrary is an offence to invoke the wrath of their dear leader! You do not have an inkling of knowledge of what is going to befall on you. You are cracking jokes with the devil that is lurking to devour before you. This is precisely what SF implied when he commented on the danger of becoming CC. The losers wont spare the wrath of the Rajapakshas because he wants to make sure that there won’t be a CC at 4th time or when a descendent of the kings runs next time. All discordant voices would be systematically, meticulously and relentlessly neutralized which means all hopes of all the people will be shattered, destroyed and decimated. Yours and mine posterity with their backbones broken, arms shackled, voices chocked and lives enslaved would be fodder feed for ruling clans’ plump and void headed buffaloes. Just have a look at the Gon Vassa Sajin Vas Gunawardena to understand what I say-an empty pimp yet very vociferous and proactive in country’s international affairs! Whaat a fucking twist of fate is this?! You would never walk out of this torrid terrain without losing everything you used to have by reelecting this Rajapaksha mutt. Therefore run to under that famous Goni Padanguwa on the 8 and cast your vote for Maithripala Sirisena to seal the fate of Rajapaksha clan and breath air of freedom and dignity. All manner of matters that matter would thereafter find answers. This is the last train and don’t miss it.

    • 2


      “If you want to protect war heroes, MR, GORA et al do not vote for MR because if Mahinda is in power the proceedings at Geneva, UN, US, UK, EU, diaspora and elsewhere will proceed and achieve its ultimate goal of hauling MR et al to the Hague Tribunal.”

      What is your advice to those war criminals and those innocent war victims?

      Shouldn’t the war victims have the right to seek justice?

      “On the contrary and as promised by the CC and the common opposition no war hero including Rajapakshas would be surrendered to the war crime tribunal if the CC comes to power.”

      Remember there is no single war hero in this land as you laud instead you have quite a large number of war criminals and war crime deniers, dead and living.

      Had there been a genuine process of war crime investigation neither IC nor Diaspora would be drag this issue for years.

      Just accept it, Sinhala/Buddhists have no intention of addressing the real issue of addressing war crimes and crimes against humanity.

      The state has to address all war crimes committed on this soil since 5th April 1971. There is no short cut nor there any escape route. The Common Candidate should be reminded of victims seeking justice. Sirisena has promised to bury it.

      • 0


        I understand your concerns. I also understand the concerns of Goddess Themis. But most unfortunately God Themis is incarnated by the stupid brats who wield a stupid pencil and a piece of paper on the 8th. How do you address the ignorance ingrained in the hollow heads of Kalawaddas who fervently believe God Themis spreads out her legs whenever they want to burry their dildos? Be patient, sometimes the chemist wraps the bitter pill in sweet to carry the effect.

    • 0

      The loan…..The ports that nuclear summaries have licence to birth…. the Hambantotta Bunker…..with many modern arsenals…. Colombo harbor- South Terminal, under the contract to hide electronic arms….

      the due date passed interest and principal….

      China will stuck more in to the throat of CC…..

      Take and dance for the for the music of corruption…….

      If throw up……..run to West and surrender…

      war crime will wake up……

      This World is a real place made of sand, water, air, sky and fire. Not by Dreams.

      Maitri will catch and hand over the… That looks like very possible. If that fails. King will surrender himself to the west.

      The NGO, not Suren Surenthiran, after this, do not do any trade with Lanka. Their constraint is only they wait for the money from the west. Just for that underestimating them much below their value face value is a fault. That is why the NGOs are number one enemies of Ranil and the King. King understand that. Ranil understands that. Better the third person the CC also start to understand that.

      • 0

        What is nuclear summaries ?

        Tamils don’t know English and don’t want to write in Tamil.

        • 0

          My English is more than enough for my need.

          UN uses four languages. For your need, if not in English, make sure you and your gang become fluent in at least one of them. After the election, the main event in Lanka is going to be the prize winning Holywood, Bolywood…. drama “The Electric Chair”.

          Some of us in the Diaspora community are determined to bring out the hidden messages in the election campaign to be as identifiable messages to the common man. Then the average person will be able to get it and they will create the needed suspicion in the minds of the Sinhala Buddhist, who are much below to average persons. So there is no need that our Language should smooth enough to Sinhala Buddhist like you understand.

          Further, we all know that will be more painful to UNP than you (UPFA). Because, this time they are the one in need to tell tales to fool the people and go them on their side. Unless UNP openly declares that it will carry out an inquiry at the level of international standard or fully corporate with the UNHRC to proceed in meaningful way so the culprits can be identified and punished, we will do our contribution also to make the Lankans staying from voting to UNP. So, kindly, take it as our support to your gang to come back to power.

          Though it is going to end up as our support to you, your usual Gilmart is more than enough for the coming election. But after election, the regular election dupes that have made the Sinhala Intellectual winning the elections may not be enough you to avoid the electric chair.

          To counter your election propagandas, UNP giving false promise that they will save you. The UN SG, who has a personal friendship with King, has told Ranil that not to expect the report of Expert Panel will be lost anywhere in the UN floor. That is not a very happy message for you. Forget about my English. Bring the UNP’s past success of saving you to the light. You tell your Sinhala Buddhist comrades that when the King sends Ranil to New York with the promise of Executive Prime Minister Post under a National Government, he miserably failed and came back. Tell your fellow henchmen “Than Kaiyee Thankkuthavi”. (One’s own hand can only save one). You are real need of winning the election. Stay focused on that.

          For your information, you misunderstood who the Tamils are. Tamils are the one taught the English up to Kanangara so that he can nationalize the Tamils schools and destroy their education while building more school in Sinhala South with government funds. I feel always proud of my achievement in English and the three professional degrees in different area, even after that nationalization, standardization and destroying our wealth so that we use them to study. I still have the accepted letters from two universities to continue my studies up to PhD level which I did not because of external circumstances existed that time. I like to write in Tamil. Those who know me know that. I will return back to that, when I feel I don’t have any other contribution to do for the Tamils liberation object.

  • 1

    “If the above allegation is true, no president would declare an election while having two more years to serve before expiration of his current term. “

    Mr Senanayake has revealed a great hypocrisy, dimwittedness and danger dangling by the Rajapakshas.

    Given the claimed intentions of the Tiger Diaspora, any sensible man would not court danger by going for elections at this inauspicious time with still 2 years to go in the office because if the incumbent loses power it open flood gates of foreign/UN incursions and intervention into the country as the very substance of the meaning of the implications of this matter entails. This is plain endangering the country and its peoiple by the Rajapakshas purely for safeguarding and continuation of their family bandysm and corruption. They don’t care two hoots for the country.

    Does anybody want to entrust the rule of the country to such an idiotic bunch of stupid family?

  • 2

    [Edited out] Hema

    if nandimitra was intent on performing a coup after the defeat of elara do you think dutugemunu would have waited and done nothing . what a moron



    • 1


      Stupid brat crouching countlessly for the Rajapakshas, was Dutugamunu a born rogue and a [Edited out] like MARA to hide behind mercenaries for Nandimitra to perform a coup? This problem of difficulty in discerning the truth and fallacy happens with people like you who are used to sit on the brain.

      • 1

        Silva goiia

        Were you alive during the Dutugemunu time . Do you know if during his time people approved his mega projects to honor his family ?



        • 1


          Why, did you witness Nandimithra’s coup while being in Elara’s father’s testicles?

  • 3

    “He is destined to make Sri Lanka prosper, says the astrologer, and will be the best friend of Buddhism, its main religion: “There is no temple he has not visited.” “

    Visiting Temples does not make Someone a Good Buddhist!

    “Those who recite many Scriptures, but Fail to Practise The Buddha’s Teachings, are like a Cowherd Counting another’s Cows”
    Verse 19 The Dhammapada, Buddha

  • 1

    What hypocrisy, what mendacity! All these days the refrain was that there was an international conspiracy to topple MR and his government. ( Funny how a conspiracy, which by its very nature is a covert undertaking, should be so widely known to the SL government; does not say much for the conspirators, does it? ) The tune now is that the Opposition is seeking to defeat MR and then hand him over to be tried for Human Rights violations. What poppy-cock! This is just a bit of desperate scare mongering by a President who will not hesitate to use any ruse to remain in power.

    The fact is (despite the boast of the GTF) that the likelihood of MR being hauled before an international tribunal will not be any greater than it is now, if he is beaten in the Presidential polls. He’s just playing on the sympathetic sentiments of the voters. Perhaps someone should also remind that a certain General Sarath Fonseka who was so prominent in defeating the LTTE, also deserves a lot of sympathy for the manner in which he was incarcerated for the time he was.

    BTW, did not the great leader once make the proud boast of how he was prepared to face any tribunal, it did not matter what, in defence of the brave forces who defeated the LTTE?

  • 2

    Mara is no warrior. In the opinion of people this coward is only a mass murderer and a master of thievery. On the other hand, whether people like it or not Sarath Fonseka did fight in the war and almost lost his life to a suicide bomber. No one can deny that. Dutegemunu fought Ellalan (Ellara) at the battle front and killed him when King Ellara fell off the elephant, which was against the rules of war at that time and Ellara was an old man and Dutegemunu was a young man. Dutegemunu felt so bad, that he killed an old king when he fell down and built a monument for him and respected the dead king. Here we have this coward/thief/murderer after winning the war he put SF in prison and continued to plunder the country. SF was the man who led the forces to victory. Mara is NO Dutegemunu. Dutegemunu was a warrior and he united the people at the end. Therefore, Hema Senanayake it is incorrect to compare the great Dutegemunu to this hoodlum.

  • 0

    Formost thank MR for advancing the PE 2 yrs. ahead and the 10 Judges
    for blindly supporting it. Now it is a question of My3 or My1 !!

    There is going to be Regime change of a different sort – MR has
    to be credited with a nasty hidden plan. He has Army camps in 26 Districts and can “arrange” for a Coup when suitable, with CJ will be ruling that under the prevailing threat to Sovereignty by UN and IC the current National Leaders will continue until the Army releases its grip – like accepted in some other Countries. MR has had tuition from Burma in his May 2009 visit? Racial controls are in place like in Burma even with CW Membership. Isint the appointment for the 1st time a Chinese Defence Attache to its Embassy an indicator? Did India move in Paki, B-desh Dictatorships?

    The active Army Officers seconded under MEA have been given a luxurious rest-period and are kept to be summoned to manage the “Coup” in the next stage of “Governance”. They have Files connected to war-crimes. Sanctions are nothing to the Royal family. All Dayan/Rajiva types will be paid Consultant fees to keep silent and manage propaganda. Media will be under strict Army censorship. Supporting Media firms will in return be paid heavily with Advt. costs so that they don’t close down.

    The Sinhala intellectuals in the Legal/Medical/Health sectors will just hang-out, as now, some taking wings reading this insight(?) as one possibility. Anti MR TU Leaders will all be bought-over with hidden Chinese funds. Henchmen and cohorts will happily continue for a decade at least. All politicians making a noise(e.g Mangala) will be taken-in under the PTA by the Dist. Army camps for long-term questioning. NP is already under Chandrasiri & Douglas – a successful trial. Awaiting the correct time, even astrologically, is MR forte. If China can have its own Dictator here, like in Burma it will be 50% Geo-politics success with its new Naval-Air Base in Trincomalee.

    If this fertile imagination is good – will it come into play? Lets wait and see

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