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He Is No Criminal

By Helasingha Bandara

Dayasiri Jayasekara’s (DJ) victory against all odds has to be looked at from various angles. I am undecided as to go from the worst to the best or the other way around. Yet a comedy ending with ‘they happily lived ever after’ could always be a good choice.

They have still voted

Dayasiri Jayasekara

Despite being disappointed election after election that the elected did not look back to do something for the people who elected them but looked for personal glory and amassing personal wealth, the masses have not learnt that they should avoid the corrupt system of polling. Indeed it was not a free and fair election. On the day of the election it could have been free. Prior to the election it was never fair. The representatives of the UPFA abused state resources including the police and the armed forces, used intimidatory tactics, violence, cunning and all other possible corrupt means to win the elections. People still went to the polling stations although the percentage of voter turnout has dwindled from high 70s to 50s. Whose fault is that? This can happen only in the fools’ paradise.

They have still voted for the UPFA

There is no doubt that this regime is corrupt from top to bottom. When LTTE terrorism was defeated, the entire country felt that it is in the good hands of Rajpakshas that the dream of becoming the greatest nation in South Asia was not distant. Indeed Rajas had the best strengths and opportunity and the absence of threats at the time. Sadly Rajas were neither intelligent nor educated enough to understand the difference that  a leader with billions of Dollars in his account but runs a failed state does not earn international acceptance, recognition or respect  whereas  a penniless leader who runs a successful country does. The country has become completely lawless for the powerless with crime rate sky rocketing, a young woman cannot walk the streets without hearing the whistles and cat calls of unruly men during the day let alone night, the entire wealth of the country is misappropriated between the politicians and their cronies and the police have been made cowards. The list is endless. Still people have elected UPFA. Whose fault is that? This can happen only in the fools’ paradise.

They have still voted for Johann Fernando

Despite the fact that Johnston Fernando was one of the most corrupt politicians in the Island, despite his intimidatory and violent campaign on behalf of his young and inexperienced son, a  considerable number of people has voted for Johann. Johnston is corrupting the entire NCP with the alleged introduction of drugs, prostitution and various other nefarious activities of which poor youth of the region fall prey to. Then he uses them to unleash violence against those who oppose them. For example he sent his men and smashed a vehicle that belongs to Jayarathna Herath camp that was engaged in election activities at Nikaweratiya. Then he asked the assailants to smash one of their own houses and lodge a complaint at the Nikeweratiya police against the victims of his violence. That is the likes of this man. He crossed over to the Government at a time that he felt he would be cornered for alleged LTTE connections. To ease his crossover and receive high profile portfolio within the government he gave false evidence against former Army Commander Sarath Fonseka. Despite all that people have not rejected his son. Whose fault is that? This can happen only in the fools’ paradise.

Dayasiri is no criminal

Despite the fact that Dayasiri’s political principles can be questioned he is not reputed for violence. Having heard one of his supporters was assaulted on the 22nd at Nikeweratiya he seems to have said (yoko api dinalath guti kanda oneda?) are we destined to get assaulted even while winning? That shows his humorous personality that has no place for violence. Mervin Silva and the likes, Geetha Kumarasingha and the likes have come to ask people to vote for Johann. Unfortunately there had been no one to ask on what grounds did they ask so. What qualifies those two to ask so? The big wigs of the Government did not side with Dayasiri. But he has won the preferential vote with a huge margin. He has received more than double of what Johann received. At least once the not so foolish people of the paradise have shown Johnston that violence has no place in the Wanniya.

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