4 June, 2023


Heartbreaking News From Kekirilanthaya – II

By Sudat Pasqual

Sudat Pasqual

Sudat Pasqual

1. The Attorney General’s office has informed the Supreme Court that all who have been accused and convicted of felonies between 2005-2014 will be allowed to use “Rajapakses did it” and “Rajapakses forced me to do it” as valid and acceptable arguments in their defense and/or appeal of their convictions even if there is no credible evidence to validate those arguments.

2. GOSL has announced that the freedom of the media comes at a price. According to Rajitha Senaratne, the self-appointed czar of disinformation, each published and telecast syllable will cost Rs.10 to the publisher/telecaster. However, government friendlies will be able to claim the cost as a refundable business expense like the value added tax. Hostiles will have to suck it up, Senaratne further elaborated.

3. Tamilnet, the long shunned LTTE mouthpiece, has been rehabilitated under the Yahapalana program of President Sirisena. President Sirisena has informed all media organizations to consider the terrorist sympathizing pseudo news web as a legitimate source of information during the 100-day dream cruise

4. With the ascension of Ranil Wickramasinghe to the position of Prime Minister, the stock prices of certain lubricants have reached all-time highs. There have been heavy trading in stocks such as Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and Jaffna produced Extra Virgin Gingelly Oil. Stock prices of these 2 commodities have gone through the ceiling since Wickramasinghe took over the Premiership.

5. It has been estimated that Sri Lanka’s former Governor of the Central Bank Cabraal has incurred almost 10 billion in loses to the country by merely breathing during the last 9 years. Janata Vimuthi Peramuna has filed an injunction in Colombo High Court seeking an immediate cessation of Cabraal’ s obnoxious practice of breathing while incompetent.

Mohan6. The initial probe into Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) has confirmed the long held suspicion that there was absolutely no intelligent life in the whole organization.

7. While the probe-rs were not surprised to find no intelligent life at Sri Lanka Cricket, they were astounded to witness so many spineless creatures walk upright. The matter has been referred to the Medical Research Institute (MRI) for further probing.

8. The cost of the SLC probe will exceed the cost of Voyager (probe to Mars) and will be funded by Turf Accountants of Sri Lanka

9. After thanking American Secretary of State Kerry for offering to strengthen democracy in Sri Lanka; President Sirisena said that he would be glad to send Election Commissioner Deshapriya to Florida in the event Jeb Bush became the Republican nominee for President in 2016.

10. When asked by reporters whether he took over the supervision of the Central Bank and the Stock Exchange because he didn’t trust his minister of finance; the Prime Minister rubbished the idea and said that he absolutely trusted his finance minister 49% of the time and it was only the other 51% that had him worried.

11. At the request of MP’s Sherlock Senasinghe and Watson Hadunhetti, the President has extended the period of paliganima to February 1. After that, “vengeance will be mine” he said.

12. Raj Rajaratnam, the much misunderstood philanthropist who is free on bail in the US has been appointed as an advisor to Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Finance. He will be offered US $ 3 million worth of Union Bank shares as compensation.

13. In an unrelated to Raj Rajaranam news item, the Colombo High Court has postponed all cases scheduled for January 29, 2015 till year 2020.

14. Chief Justice of Sri Lanka has been appointed as Ambassador to Pandaemonium, Capital of Hell in Paradise Lost. Chief Justice had requested Sodom and Gomorrah but it had been promised to the retiring Anglican Bishop of Kurunegala.

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  • 22

    Mostly written with poor taste and unlike some others on CT, miserably failing at satire. Not everyone can pull it off, you can’t.

  • 8

    Wow! Another set of gems from Sudath. The best is Cabrals obnoxious practice of breathing while incompetent (Item No 5). Another of this goons obnoxious practices is talking economics through his posterior orifice.But unfortunately the Colombo High Court cannot do anything about the injunction filed because it is a natural phenomenon of this idiot -to speak on any matter financial or otherwise, through this orifice of his.

    The other gem is item No 10 where RW could certainly trust his new finance 49% of the time. Isnt 49% sufficient for a Finance Minister who is facing money laundering charges even before he was appointed?Certainly 49% trust is more than sufficient and I can understand how much RW is pleased with this amount of trust that he can vest in his new Finance Minister.

    Next is the news item (No 12)about the self-philanthropist Raj Rajaratnam who is going to be appointed advisor to the Ministry of Finance. Well, did he not scratch RaviK’s back (btw,thank god it was only his back and nothing else).One good turn deserves another. aint it fellas?

  • 8

    Lampooning at its worse!

  • 6

    good one – v. funny

  • 1

    SP is really hitting the depths. Such a pity.

  • 3

    I thought CT was a serious site? This one comes from probably “yes minister”. What waste of time!!!

  • 6

    You should be sticking to whatever you do coz you definitely can’t write.

  • 4

    What a poor writer. He must have read a lot before writing in his own.

  • 3

    Pls don’t waste ur time writing this garbage man! Come on now!

  • 1

    Please keep writing. Enjoy your pieces very much. When is Series 3 coming?

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