8 August, 2022


Hejaaz Detention: Fort Magistrate Orders CID To Submit All Statements Obtained In Investigations

Following submissions by Defence Counsel that the Criminal Investigations Department is selectively reporting facts to the Magistrate in order to malign Hejaaz Hizbullah, Fort Magistrate today ordered the Criminal Investigations Department to submit a report of all statements obtained by them from persons relating to the investigations of Hizbullah.

Lawyer Hejaaz Hizbullah

When the case was taken up today. Counsel for the Defence informed Court that the Criminal Investigations Department had obtained statements from all persons of the Save the Pearls Charity and the Teachers and Board of Management of the Al-Zuhriya Madarasa.

However, none of those statements had been produced to date.

They said that the statements would reveal that all the allegations made by the CID are a fabrication and were made in order to malign Hizbullah and that the suppression of those statements is because it would vindicate Hizbullah of the charges against him.

Magistrate Ranga Dissanayake ordered to submit a comprehensive report containing all statements made by persons in the investigations related to Hizbullah.

Earlier the Magistrate also ordered the CID to submit a report on the investigations into how confidential statements were leaked to the media. Two confidential statements made by children had been leaked to the media and the Magistrate ordered an investigations as to how these statements were leaked when they were made only to him.

The Western Province DIG failed to submit any report on the investigations today after which the Magistrate made order to submit the report.

Hejaaz Hizbullah a prominent Lawyer was arrest on the 14th of April 2020, under the Prevention of Terrorism Act. The Criminal Investigations Department filed reports stating that children of the Al-Zuhriya Madrasa to whom Save the Pearls – a charity in which Hizbullah was the President – had said that they were given weapons training.

The Children with their parents filed Complaints to the Human Rights Commission and the Supreme Court alleging that they were coerced into giving statements after being taken alone without their parents throughout a period of 3 days, from dawn to dusk.

Counsel Wasantha Nawarathna Bandara with a team of lawyers appeared for Hizbullah today.

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Latest comments

  • 29

    Bless you Your Lordship, Hon. Mr. Ranga Dissanayake for upholding the honor of the Court. It is an act of preserving the Human Rights of the citizens of the Nation.

  • 24

    Being a victim of a false arrest connived by a woman lusting bribe-taking DIG who anyway by his actions motivated me to get out of the hellhole in 1987.
    This poor soul is being illegally held without being ever produced in court under the draconian PTA act which is easily used by the state to hide its innocent victims from exposing the truth to the world.
    Now with the maioyakah eating Sinhala MKR modayas who have abused their sacred vote to give the Rajapuka’s the majority they were greedy for the power they will crush one and all who stand in their way.
    They will even attempt to take over the judiciary and convert it to function similar to their kitchens where the appropriate decisions to appease their tastes.
    Hon. Ranga D seems to have the courage and the honesty to stand up to the bullying haphazard tactics to prevent this purported to be accused of being given a fair go.
    As the new Minister of Justice quite correctly stated that the POLICE are the No.1 corrupt force in the nation of hoodwinkers.
    Hopefully, he will stand by his convictions and meet out a fair go to his fellow brother.?

  • 13

    What does this say about our justice system and the leaders responsible? Is anyone surprised that nations that send us aid has been consistently questioning our leaders, the breaking of our laws, acting like they are above it, and getting away with human rights abuses. This is why they keep asking for investigations and accountability. Journalists are being threatened, kidnapped, or killed, doctors are imprisoned because of fake complaints based on racism and professional envy, and lawyers are being arrested for no valid reasons, not given proper representation, have to face charges that are yet not proved, and much of it fake news. This poor man has been used as a political pawn based on racism, his family distraught, and his reputation tarnished, just like the Muslim doctor. If there are serious charges, state it, prove it, and let the law and the courts, take over.

  • 2

    Minister Azhkaperumaan (Lord Muruga) said it was a CEB engineer created the trouble. He said same problem has happened four times already.
    Well, would like to hear if detailed investigation will follow to determine if the officer was criminally negligent. Would they put this out to a court to determine the liability?

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