23 July, 2024


Helping Gotabaya To Murder Democracy?

By Tisaranee Gunasekara

“I have only two groups, you know. That is people who want to fight terrorism and the terrorists. Two groups. Whether you are in terrorist (laughs) or a person who is fighting the terrorists.” ~ Gotabaya Rajapaksa (Interview with Chris Morris of the BBC)

In 2015, a majority of Lankans voted to give themselves a democratic government. Do we vote to keep that democratic space? Or do we become witting/unwitting participants in its murder?

During the Sirisena-Rajapaksa coup of 2018, Mahinda Rajapaksa advised Maithripala Sirisena to ignore unfavourable judicial verdicts and to go for an unlawful election, according to the Irida Divaina of December 2nd 2018. Mr. Sirisena opted to ignore that advice.

That story is an indication what the future holds for Sri Lanka, if we allow to win the presidential election.

The Rajapaksas have no respect for democracy or rule of law. And no member of this tyrannical family is as tyrannical as Gotabaya Rajapaksa. If he emerges the winner on the 17th, he, his family and their party will move with ruthless speed to destroy the democratic space we gained in January 2015, and return Sri Lanka to the grip of tyranny.

If there was such a thing as a multi-party monarchy, where various royal families contest elections at regular intervals, the SLPP would have been a sure fit there.

The SLPP is the only political party in the history of Ceylon/Sri Lanka that was formed to serve as a vehicle for the political project of a single family. It is quintessentially a Rajapaksa party, with brothers, uncles, sons and nephews occupying the summit. Even the party’s colour is maroon, the hue of the trademark Rajapaksa shawl. The party’s reason for coming into being, its reason for existence is to enable the Rajapaksas to make Sri Lanka a familial fief again. In this imperium in imperio, the naked emperor would be none other than Gotabaya Rajapaksa. 

The Presidential election campaign so far has been the most peaceful in the history of presidential election campaigns. Violence and violations are minimal. That is due to the democratic change we effected in January 2015, and saved in August 2015 (from Mahinda Sulanga) and in October-December 2018 (from the Sirisena-Rajapaksa coup). 

If Gotabaya Rajapaksa wins the presidency, this will be the last bloodless election Sri Lanka would know for a long time to come. 

The choice today is the same as it was in January 2015 – between flawed democracy and organised tyranny, between citizenship and subject-hood. The time to debate on the merits and demerits of the UNP’s candidate is done. The only way we can ensure the defeat of Gotabaya Rajapaksa in the first round is to vote for Sajith Premadasa. If we are serious about our democracy, there’s no other way to go. 

Will extreme political purity pave the way for tyranny?

When the main oppositional formation, the government-in-waiting, is anti-democratic by nature, elections can bring about disaster. That is the plight of Sri Lanka today. 

A democratic government alone cannot save democracy. To be complete and secure, a democracy requires a democratic opposition as well. It is only then that democratic elections can ensure an outcome which strengthens rather than subverts democracy. 

The 2015 presidential election delivered a democratic government. But it couldn’t deliver a democratic opposition.

In 2019, we have a chance of ending that lacuna, and to commence the democratisation of the oppositional space. 

If Gotabaya Rajapaksa is defeated, it will send the Rajapaksa project into a terminal crisis. The first faint signs of a war of brothers are already present. At SLPP rallies in Alawwa and Hasalka, some participants reportedly shouted interrupting Mahinda Rajapaksa’s speech. Mahinda Rajapaksa being heckled at a SLPP rally was unthinkable just a month ago. Today it is happening. If Gotabaya Rajapaksa is defeated the SLPP is likely to break into acrimonious factions. 

The weakening of the Rajapaksa factor will free the oppositional space to an extent. This would give the SLFP, the JVP and independent figures like Mahesh Senanayake a chance to claim a bigger portion of the Southern electoral pie. They can then become a strong democratic opposition capable of holding the government to account.  

With a democratic government, a democratic opposition, Lankan democracy has a chance to stabilise. 

But everything depends on one condition. Gotabaya Rajapaksa must be defeated.

Gotabaya Rajapaksa entered the race with a lead. That lead has narrowed over the last few weeks. With Tamil and Muslim support coalescing around the only viable anti-Gotabaya candidate and Chandrika Bandaranaike returning to lead the anti-Rajapaksa faction of the SLFP, something of the victorious 2015 coalition has been recreated.

There is a great absence though. The JVP is contesting separately. The JVP’s presence or absence in the fray has played a crucial role in deciding the outcome of many of the previous presidential elections. For instance, in 2015, Maithripala Sirisena would not have won an outright victory, had the JVP contested separately. In 2005, Mahinda Rajapaksa would have lost the even with the Tiger-ordered boycott, had the JVP contested separately. 

The outcome this time could depend entirely on whether or not the JVP asks its voters to cast a second preference to Sajith Premadasa. The JVP has already sent a signal, but that might not be enough. The JVP should make the request openly, making clear what is really at stake. It must explain to its voters why it is necessary vote not just for the compass but also for the swan. 

Giving the second preference for Sajith Premadsasa is also a way of ensuring the JVP’s own survival and growth as a democratic party. 

In 2014, an opinion piece under Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s name appeared in PRISM, the magazine of the Centre for Complex Operations (CCO) which is attached to US Department of Defense. In it, a list of threats to Sri Lanka’s national security was mentioned. Item No. 2 was The emergence of other extremist groups. The explanation that followed made clear that this meant the JVP. 

“These are the remnants of the radical groups that were involved in previous insurgencies. Some…..are trying to…mobilize people to once again take up their extreme left wing causes. There is information that some of these groups have started to establish ties to LTTE-linked agents….. Some of their activities include radicalizing students and encouraging them to take to the streets in various protests.”

If the JVP fails to ask its voters to give the second preference to Sajith Premadasa, and thereby open a door to Gotabaya Rajapaksa victory, it might find itself hounded and driven underground as a threat to national security. Gotabaya Rajapaksa will win thanks indirectly to the JVP’s misguided sense of political purity, and pick his first victims from among the JVP. A strike, a demonstration or even a blistering speech by Anura Kumara Dissanayake would be all the excuse he needs. 

Rathupaswala 2013 was a preview of the future that could be ours post-November 16th 2019. A factory ignored environmental laws and poisoned groundwater. The people demonstrated demanding clean drinking water. They did not protest against the government. Water and not politics was their concern. But the factory was owned by a Rajapaksa-acolyte. The Siblings perceived the protest as a political threat. The army was sent, armed to the teeth, led by a brigadier no less. Three people died and scores were injured. 

If he is elected president, one of the first tasks of Gotabaya Rajapaksa would be to destroy the democratic space that came into being in 2015. He, his family and the SLPP will labour tirelessly to ensure that the 2020 parliamentary election is held under conditions that are as non-democratic as possible. The UNP, the JVP and those SLFPers who refuse to kowtow to the Rajapaksas will be particularly targeted. Constitution will be ignored and laws violated. By the time the parliamentary election is held, the voters will effectively have only one choice, irrespective of how many party symbols figure on the ballot papers.

Gotabaya Rajapaksa believes he is Sri Lanka. “If you harm me, it’s the country you harm,” he said, when he was just the Defence Secretary. He thinks the country is yearning for a tough grip. His. He is surrounded by retired generals and admirals and active businessmen who dream of reducing dissenting citizens to obedient subjects and employees with rights to wage-slaves. In Gotabaya Rajapaksa they have a leader who is willing to lead them to that heaven, even at cost of a new uprising.

Gotabaya Rajapaksa is even more impatient of limitations than his brothers. In his eyes, every contradiction is an inimical one. He doesn’t like questions or protests. Violence is his first response to any sign of discontent. His extremism can give rise to a cycle of violence and counter-violence undermining political stability and retarding economic growth. Those who are willing to trade in their freedom for security or profit may end up with neither.

A democracy that wants to survive must democratically defeat and peacefully marginalise such cankers. The upcoming presidential election gives us that chance.

Gotabaya, Myth and Reality

Gotabaya Rajapaksa obviously knows something about military operations. Given his experience beautifying Colombo, he should be able to start a prime exterior and interior decorating business. 

Governing a country requires a different skill-set.

His lack of knowledge about seminal issues of governance is why he avoids even friendly debates. It also has dangerous implications for Sri Lanka’s economic future. At his first – and so far only – media conference, he was asked how he would deal with the debt crisis. He ducked the question. He clearly knows nothing of the debt crisis and cares even less. He was even more clueless about how he was going to find money to finance his promises. Just as he believes he can violate the law and the constitution with impunity, he also believes he can spend money he doesn’t have, with impunity. 

That approach fits with his record. A man who takes over a profit-making institution and turns it into a loss-making one is not a good manager. Until Gotabaya Rajapaksa grabbed the UDA for himself, that institution never made a loss. After it came under Mr. Rajapaksa’s capable and iron control, it never made a profit. According to the Auditor General’s report, the UDA’s accumulated losses for the period of 2006-2011 alone amounted to over Rs. 1,230 million (1.23 billion rupees). 

The Sirisena-Wickremesinghe administration mishandled the debt crisis, thereby worsening it. But it was not their creation. It was a Rajapaksa legacy, the result of a flurry of high-interest borrowings from 2009 to 2014 to finance a slew of vanity projects. The end result was a threefold increase in the government debt and a doubling of external debt. The Rajapaksas also “utilized state-owned enterprises to take out additional loans on its behalf. While the full extent of this extracurricular lending seems unknown, current estimates peg it at a minimum of $9.5 billion — which is all off the books of the finance ministry” (Forbes – 30.9.2016). 2013 marked the apogee of this crazy borrowing spree, when the Brothers Inc. obtained loans totalling $750 million from international markets at an interest rate of 8.9% when the global benchmark rate was 1.3%. A President Gotabaya is likely to take this approach to its illogical end. Once we are on the brink of bankruptcy, there’s always Beijing to step in.

To deal with political opposition and popular discontent, new laws will be introduced, including ones the Rajapaksas tried to enact and failed during their last tenure. 

Let us remember the Sacred Areas Act which would have empowered the Minister of Buddha Sasana to takeover ‘any area of land’ in ‘any municipal area, an urban development area or any trunk road development area’ or any land defined as a ‘Protection area’, a ‘Conservation area’, an ‘Architectural’ area or a ‘Historic Area’, or a ‘Sacred Area’. Let us remember the code of ethics for the media the Rajapaksas tried to enact in 2013. Amongst the 13 subjects it sought to criminalise were publications that affect foreign relations, promote anti-national attitudes, or damage the integrity of the Executive, Judiciary and Legislative.  

The fundamental rights of citizens will be replaced by the fundamental right of the state to do whatever it wished to the said citizens.

In 2015, a majority of electorate understood what was at stake. That clarity is absent today, thanks to the idiocies of the government. The sense of hope and enthusiasm that was obvious in 2015 has been replaced by disillusion and lethargy.

The mindset of indifference and despair is understandable but unaffordable. If we give into it, we will facilitate the replacement of a bad present with an infinitely worse future.

Joseph Roth, in his essay, Going for a walk, asked, “Strolling around on a May morning, what do I care about the vast issues of world history as expressed in newspaper editorials?”(What I saw – Reports from Berlin – 1920-1933). That was written in 1921. Roth would soon see that the ‘truly microscopic, the diminutive of parts’ that he celebrates in his early essays were impacted on and irrevocably changed by the vast issues he wanted to ignore, particularly the growing Nazi menace.  

However much we may dislike politics (and politicians), we can never escape its effects. If we make the wrong choice on the 16th, it will affect even the microscopic and diminutive parts of our lives. That is why not voting for Gotabaya Rajapaksa is not enough. On the 16th, we must vote against him. 

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Latest comments

  • 18

    All those who consider what.GR did since 2010 election and death and dis appearance before 2010 want voters to reject him. But they have not supported prosecution of GR, MR and those down the line of command killing surrendered ltte soldiers and civilians including 16 year old Child of prabaharan in soldiers custody in cold blood.
    Ranil and Sajith publicly say there were no crimes committed. Are they afraid of loosing the election if they ask for Sri Lanka Judiciary to investigate?
    The evidence in the unhrc resolution is overwhelming enough to start prosecution and give the accused a chance to defend themselves. Were they not crimes as forced disappearances and killings under their watch? Ltte committed war crimes and crimes against humanity. Those responsible were killed in battle or took their own lives. If any of them are living they should be prosecuted.
    GR need to become president to have immunity from prosecution for 5 years. Sri Lanka’s democracy has hit a point where moderates want lesser of the two evil. And a majority want a candidate to prevent the candidate from prosecution for war crimes and crimes against humanity.
    May be Tissaranee want Sajith to win to prevent GR getting immunity. But Sajith will save him and MR by appointing them as ambassadors to China and Russia. Of course GR and MR may have other plans if they loose.

    • 8

      N. Ethirveerasingam,

      If you want to prosecute GR for war crimes, you also have to prosecute the Tamil diaspora who funded and supported drug trafficking, suicide bombing, use of child soldiers, lamp post hanging, ethnic cleansing, massacre of Muslims in the mosques, extortion, money laundering, weapons smuggling, and the assassination of dozens of heads of state. Compared to the LTTE, GR looks like the Pope.

      • 1

        This what I have been advocating all time. What they practiced in Sri lanka in the case of war is completely legal. They followed the US law and other western countries .
        Why Western countries who support Israel from all fronts cannot accept what Sri lanka. did.
        Sri lanka did no go invading any other country. What they did is completely internal matter and self defence

    • 9

      Legal action related crimes and lands etc.. take years mate.
      For example take the royal park murder that happened in 2005. He was given death sentence only in 2012. Almost 7 years after the crime.

      Ask anyone involved in lands related legal matters. Those takes sometimes generations.. This is the situation in Sri Lanka.

  • 22

    Fantastic article Thisaranee,
    Don’t worry, we will make sure the party and Goata is MAROONED for the moron’s. “Even the party’s colour is maroon, the hue of the trademark Rajapaksa shawl.” I only hope this will be the color that will remain after the election and will not turn red in a blood bath. All these Rajapaksha murderers will not be here contesting if Sira, Mara, Mull Sara, Goata, Basil, Chamal, Namal and the Mahinda Mafia were allowed to perform a pub;lic expose and sex act on the same bed. Had we followed the examples of Mahatir in Malaysia and Imran’s Pakistan, all these thieves would be hanging by their own satakaya or noose around their necks. Better if all of them were castrated and hung by their balls if a few like Ponna Ranil had balls!

  • 14

    Remember the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) hosted in Colombo in November 2014? Several countries showed their feelings through boycott or downgraded delegations. The then British PM David Cameron raised the Christmas Day 2011 murder of Briton, Khuram Shaikh Zaman and gang rape of his Russian girlfriend in a resort in Tangalle?
    The then Australian PM Tony Abbott supported MR and hinted “A bit of torture is necessary”. Today Tony is a nobody! Expat GR was employed as the Defense Secretary. On a visit to Australia, GR demanded and got a Guard of Honour.
    Can this man lead us? And the MR regime?

  • 13

    The ‘Culture’ of corruption/nepotism/impunity led to the erosion of Law & Order, media freedom etc. The 2015 elections did not dent the ‘Culture’ but we saw signs of media freedom and improvements in Law & Order.
    Yes, we have to choose between ‘bads’. Which is the ‘badest’?

  • 8

    “The Rajapaksas have no respect for democracy or rule of law” But the Rajapaksas think that they were born to rule with threat and violence. and many people support them Why? Because the country is wholesale corrupt. It is THE POWER and THE MONEY .that everybody, the rich, the poor and the middle, seek in Sri Lanka and that is why Corruption takes pride in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is land of commission. Without paying commission , one cannot do anything is Sri Lanka. can anybody change it? No.. Money is the source of all evils.

  • 6

    Gota rejects demands of nationally accepted Tamil political party calling them terrorist demands while accepting demands from a real terrorist that attacked Dalada Maligawa and killed Sinhalese in cold blood.

    “Former LTTE commander and ex-UPFA MP Vinayagamoorthy Muralitharan alias Karuna Amman who recently pledged support to the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna presidential candidate, said the Tamils of the North and East will be given some land and police powers if Gotabaya Rajapaksa wins the November 16 election.
    Speaking to the Sunday Observer, Karuna Amman, the current leader of the Tamil United Freedom Party (TUFP) claimed that he has personally presented a number of demands to Gotabaya Rakapaksa when he announced his decision to extend support to the SLPP candidate and former Defence Secretary.”

  • 2

    Another example for baseless Gota /Rajapase phobia.

    It’s correct that a family tree is in action/in the offing but MR & GR are peoples’ choice.

    After them (MR & GR) people won’t go for them though Namal has a dream.

    Professor GLP & BG will have to accept the leadership.

    It’s similar to UNP, Sajith came because of RP.

    • 0

      During the last election Reuter news agency predicted and all the polls predicted Hillary will win but she lost. No dynasty in America.

  • 8

    What will happen if Gotabaya is not elected?

    1. Expect more inflation (high cost of living) as the SLR continues to lose value
    2.High unemployment
    3.Collaborating with foreign elements to divide the country
    4.Further attacks similar to Easter Sunday
    5.A federal state for Tamils (first step in creating a new country)
    6. More bondscams and other financial crimes
    7. Hyperinflation and a total crash of the economy if the JVP goes berserk with economic policy. Similar to Zimbabwe.

    Whatever your opinion of Gotabaya, look at the alternatives, they are much worse. You will not be safe, even in Colombo. If you are Sinhalese or Muslim, you will not be able to live in the Tamil federal state. Slow economic growth means few opportunities for your children. Brain drain will continue. Your “leaders” will be communists and -onnayas.

  • 4

    Thanks Thisaranee for your efforts for the best for the country but one more thing you should do (or have you) is to produce this piece of writing in Singhalese, for all the known reasons.

    • 1

      Exactly. It must published in Sinhala too see and read for lower middle class and below.

  • 4

    Did we have a democracy last years. What happened to the elections. That is the number one indicator of the democracy.

  • 3

    The writer, a well known hater of Sinhalese culture, Buddhism, and anything remotely likely to uplift this poor country, has written what the writer seems to think is a wake up call to people of Lanka. However, not once has the writer mentioned the greatest menace that Lanka faces in the next 10 years, the growing fanatic, Jihadi, ISIS menace, Moslem terrorism and the eventual apocalypse of Moslem majority Lanka. The only man who can save Lanka from this disaster in the one she hates. The reader should be able to see through this easily and act decisively to vote for Gotaby and save Lanka from this apocalypse.

  • 7

    Sri Lankans must chose very carefully a Leader , not a Ruler who will through democratic means take Sri Lanka out of this current political, social and financial conundrum, this Presidential Election. These can be reversed over a period of time, but requires intelligent and cool head with a vision. Most of the countries which are very successful today in the international arena, such as Singapore, Ireland, Austria & Croatia had similar or worst situations. Sri Lanka being multi ethnic, multi religious and has deep rooted democratic history must fall into the failed state category. And the people of Sri Lanka must use their head not their heart when it comes to chose the way they want to live in the 21st century.

  • 1

    On the first instance, as Tissaranee Gunasekara guessing, Old Brother Prince winning the election can wipe out JVP (+ Anura). We cannot say where the roulette is going to rest, and who would win, at this time. We know there are some other possibilities too can develop. Further, whether Old Brother Prince gets support beyond the Old Royals last there elections’, i.e. 43%, the chance of Old Brother Prince winning is enhanced or diminished by Anura’s actions. So Anura should be ready to take the result of his action, as he is in the election voluntarily, with whoever the side would benefit by his action. .Then, leaving those there, we can look at some other possibilities too. But they are not the only possibilities now present on the theater. But if they become reality, they will play dominant role and the results will be interesting.
    Slap Party is only for two people (Old King and Old Son Prince), not for anybody else, including the family members. This is only about recreating the dynasty of Tamil-Hindu King, Dutugamunu. All others barking from inside that compound are pooches Pomeranian, and Pekingese, the lap or toy pets. Old Brother Prince’s presence in this election cannot be called as Old Royals’ candidate. He doesn’t have any citizenship and neither a party. In last two terms, Old King used him artistically. But he is now outgrown. So Old King wanted to leave the Polar bear cup in the wilderness of tundra (- America). But after so many times Old King had sent him there, he kept coming back to Wildlife Sanctuary Sinhala Lankawe, and now has him inserted into the election forcefully, too. This current situation is cooked up Rani. He saved the whole family from being caught on criminal cases.

  • 1

    Then he created an extremely complex situation with 19A, (Two terms restriction on Old King and a feeble Citizenship condition for other two brothers and age limit for son), the main intention of it was to save his PM position from a SLFP president. Recently, he and his niece turned around and promoted Old Brother Prince through the Singapore heart disease ward to break the citizenship law. Now this is an Idiyappa entanglement, possibly, key to detangle which may be within the hand of Anura.

    Our interest is, if Anura is not using his key and untangling the knots, what will happen. After election victory, if the democracy is wiped out, for cleaning the rest, Anura is one of the persons perceived as obstacle and he would go. But Old Brother Prince would be an orphan, at the start of his term. He doesn’t have a party and citizenship. Ranil created tangling only for this opportunity. Then Ranil may start to work on a National Unity government. Many SLFPyers from the breakaway faction, SLFP neutrals (Like Duminda Dissa…) and SLFP Saving (CBK’s) Faction will be in that, sans hard core Old King’s supporters. This coalition would be right wing, unlike Ranil’s China bent past four years. This Coalition would be willing to work with West. So Ranil and Old Brother Prince have to respect Western norms to deal with them. If all these happen very quickly, Anura will be safe, but his wish of taking Lankawe on left side will be gone permanently. Ceylon will never after that even dream about left. If Ranil fails in forging a coalition and Old King embrace Old Brother Prince, then Old King will have destroyed Old Brother Prince Sooner or later. Nothing much of him will be left in him to destroy anyone. That part will Old King’s empire. Anura is physically safe, politically so- so. The time frame for that is next parliamentary election.

  • 6

    Ali Sabry is makibg a big noise. How come he did not table the document he was waving abt? Let the media have copies and present a copy to the monk on a death fast. Simple. The fact they r not doing it is extremely suspicious.

    • 6

      Ranvir – Aliya Sabe is a pompous ass unfortunately, he is NOT “Kemo Sabe” depicted in The Lone Ranger comic books. A briefless barrister, singing for his supper!

  • 8

    Some people are making the claim the during the Rajapakashe era the Sri Lankan Growth rate was 6% and now that this has dropped to 2%. I have never heard such mendacious rubbish uttered in all my life regarding economics. First of all Nivard Cabraal cooked the books. He even went one step further buying junk worthless Greek bonds which resulted in a total write off of our precious reserves. He also signed a hedging deal at the peak in price of the global oil market. Only a moron or a devious cunning scoundrel would do this in order to take back handed kickbacks from these two transactions. Hidden in that 6% growth is the construction activity to build a worthless port and an even more worthless airport in the middle of a jungle. These are sins committed against this nation. When there is no return on investment and the loans come due what was touted as growth ends up being a drag on the economy. Then there is the deliberate mass murder carried out on Easter Sunday preceded by the coup. Both these incidents caused a terrible flight of FDI from this country. Both these incidents are the result of a conspiracy by Gotler and his fascist former generals to take power first thru a coup and then when that failed thru mass murder. The locking up in jail of DIG TID Nalaka Silva on trumped up charges is the clearest evidence of this conspiracy. Anybody who goes shopping for these monsters touting lies about anything and everything are traitors to this country.

  • 7

    Considering the evil monster Gotlar almost trying to enter the house, people should rally around the lesser evil and defeat the evil monster.

    If we look carefully American Gota is a dangerous threat. He gets angry for even a small incident ,so not suitable at all even for a chairman post in a company.

  • 7

    Ali Sabry was disp;aying a passport said to be that of Gotabay’s passport with a cancelled stamp on it.
    This cancelled stamp is on an irrelevant page of the passport. We the people need to see the pages of the passport showing full details especially the expiry date as well as the photo of Gotabaya with the words CANCELLED stamped across these pages of his passport.
    Common Sabry you may con the idots but you cannot con most of us.

  • 2

    We have had nearly 5 years of so called “democracy”. We have the CB robbery and lowest of the low growth rate of 1.62 to show. Do we want things to get worse???

  • 10

    To murder democracy ,The Truth is we never ever had real democracy.

    Only hope is infuture if we have a supreme parliment , may then, yes We will have true democracy in 70 odd years.

    If we have a powerful peoples parliment, we need to fear or worry who gets elected and we will not have 30 odd candidates linedup and may even have to plead for politicians to run for elections ,
    Because the system will discourage those who enter politics with only self intrest in mind not people or Country.

  • 5

    Excellent. Someone translate this to Anura and enlighten him please.
    If Gota elected, Mirak and Raj will be brutally murderde and Banda becomes a slave. That’s the irony.

  • 4

    Look @ what’s happening today.

    MS, the president has pardoned a convicted criminal.

    Even though he has a vested power for that, it should not exceed ethical limits.

    Who made him the president & why?

    RW benefited.

    This time a talkative (probably after an energy drink) party man has been made the candidate & RW going to enjoy power.

    In the meantime that candidate is giving promises to give plantation lands to Tamil workers.

    It was the British that grabbed lands from Sinhalese & if they’re given to people 1st of all they should be given back to Sinhala people.

    Give Tamil workers decent housing & living but not property.

    People want Sajith to withdraw the promise unless no votes for him.

    • 5

      IS it MS’s fault?
      We the people gave him that power as Executive President and who knows under what pressure he had to do it?

      And what is the guarantee the next President ,Whoever it may be won’t do it again ?

      And just imagine if The 19th amenment is reversed what could happen ?
      Remember what JR said what The Excutive President can do and can not ?

      THE WHOLE PROBLEM IS IN OUR CONSTITUTION, if The President did not have the power he would never have done it , In the future with such powers anyone can even be blackmailed and pressured to break any law and ethics won’t have any significance.

      No matter what anyone have to say , as far as I am concerned, none of the politicians under the present system is accountable for all their past actions , present and future.

      As it is very clear, The larger segment of the people do not want change and most of them even want the full executive powers reinstated .

      When the people are willing to only change politicians every five years and not the system which is corrupt , people should NOT COMPLAINT.
      Period. Subject closed , The President did not break any law , he just used the powers he is fully entitled to and given to him on a platter by the people

  • 3

    The writer facts are base on nonsense, she has no sense of political theories and practices in Sri lanka.
    She is far from reality of an Island society ,the writer seems to be making hate speech and writing….against GR and their families .
    She is unable to get-out from her vicious cycles of politics by an adventurism.
    That is a politics of old days of that LSSP in representatives early period of that late 1930 ..???? In fact outdated by her thinking .
    She has to learn more of that ground reality of Sri Lankan history and its society

  • 1

    Yes we all should not be a part to Gotta becoming a murderer of the democracy in this sacred, beautiful Island of ours! Instead all of us should commit ourselves to elect a new President/government to ensure that Gota and his clan be brought to face the judiciary for the murderers and other crimes committed in the past. If not we will never be able to rid this country of all these acts of violence committed against the humanity.

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