20 March, 2023


Herman Moved To Matara Prison Hospital

Presidential confidant Herman Guneratne, has been moved to the Matara Prison Hospital from the Merchant Ward of the Colombo National Hospital where he has spending his time in ‘remand’ since the UNP’s factional clashes on October 5.

Guneratne was arrested by Matara Police on 5 October after he used a personal weapon to shoot at pro-Ranil protestors during the clashes.


Several people including an army soldier was injured when Guneratne fired his weapon into the crowd. He is the only person in the crowd thus far that was holding a firearm during the violence.

Herman Guneratne is the father of expelled UNP reformist and Southern Provincial Councillor Maithri Guneratne who organised the “peaceful march” calling for the oust of the UNP Leader from Matara that led to the clashes.

Herman Guneratne was remanded by the Matara magistrate and asked to return to court on 7th and 21st of October but he was absent, having gotten himself moved to the Merchant Ward in Colombo.

It is expected that he will present himself before the Matara Magistrate and the Matara High Court. He is believed to have obtained a medical certificate claiming he needs to seek medical treatment in a facility in Singapore which may be presented to the Courts for injuries he sustained during the October 5 clashes.

Herman Guneratne is reported to be a close associate of President Mahinda Rajapaksa and Secretary to the Ministry of Defence Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

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    MR looks after his goons well !!

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    Herman Guneratne is highly representative of the breed of people who engauge in politics of our country.

    These undisciplined, uneducated, well-connected criminal like figures hope to replace the corrupt clan from the deep South, when they finally fall.

    Sri Lankan electorate thinks that will be progress? How dumb and stupid can you be?

    The Magistrate should consider sending this guy to a mental therapy establishment in Singapore. And cancel his passport. Therefore he never can return to SL.

    PS: Above comments are not given to back up equally rotten Ranil faction of the tragic UNP Circus.

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    Drunken thugs.

    Long live Hon. Ranil at UNP leadership.

    Herman’s attempt to kill Ranil failed.

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    /* he needs to seek medical treatment in a facility in Singapore which may be presented to the Courts */

    ha. ha!
    Follow Duminda.
    If you are with the king you will be well protected even if you are a rapist, drug mafia, killer, thief.
    miracle of Asia.

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    High time China builds a hospital for POLITICAL
    CRIMINALS,WHITE COLLAR criminals and Business cheats
    trying to avoid prison hospitals.And name it “PATHALA

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    Herman, take it easy boy. Don’t hurry to get well soon. We are really not missing you.

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    Photo of the devil. Looks ugly. External apearance says all about what is inside. Rajavassas are the same.

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