24 May, 2022


High Court Refuses To Lift Enjoining Orders Against Rajapaksa TV Show

Rupavahini, ITN and Swarnavahini filed 3 appeals in the Civil Appellate High Court of Colombo seeking suspension of the enjoining orders issued by the District Judge of Kaduwela.

Mahinda RajaAlthough papers were not served on the Common Candidate or his lawyers, his lawyers appeared before the Appeal Court and objected to the Appeal.

Having heard lengthy submissions by all the lawyers the Court decided that it could not set aside the enjoining order at this stage, and stated that they would be giving a ruling on 12th January on the preliminary objection raised by the common candidate’s lawyers.

Therefore the enjoining orders issued by the District Court of Kaduwela continue to remain in force.

Kushan de Alwis PC and Kaushalya Navaratne appeared for the TV stations.

Ronald Perera PC, Nalin Amarajeewa, Chathura Galhena and Suren Fernando instructed by Sandun Gamage appeared for the Common Candidate.

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  • 30

    District Court, High Court, and Supreme Court or let be International Criminal Court; MaRa doesn’t care a shit. Only court he knows is Jungle Court and the Jungle law!!!!

    • 7


      “High Court Refuses To Lift Enjoining Orders Against Rajapaksa TV Show”

      Excellent, the Shills at Rupavahini, ITN and Swarnavahini need to know that there are limits to their shilling.

  • 19

    The Govt controlled media is hell bent on violating all election laws. Why? Because unless they do so they have no chance of winning this election. The ruthless Dictator MR is not the one to bow down to the will of the people. Rather he is determined to frustrate, thwart and undermine such a result. We dot expect him, by any stretch of imagination, to conduct a free and fair election, if the events of the past few weeks are any precursor and guide.

    So people, this is the last opportunity you will get to exercise your franchise to banish this maniacal, demented, psychotic and corrupt Dictator for good peacefully. Please use your vote wisely amidst all barriers and obstructions that may be placed against you.

  • 14

    Judiciary has done justice once again and it is a great sense of consolation to the general public when the election laws are being disregarded by a candidate or his agents. If all laws are strictly enforced in this manner, the peoples frustration would be nil and this itself would enhance the quality of life of average persons.

  • 16

    At last there is a glimmer of hope with respect to the Judiciary.They have stood up against an AUTOCRAT.

  • 11

    As Tisaranee Gunasekara remarks in her piece today, “the unthinkable has happened many times this election season” and the upper judiciary is indeed beginning to find its collective-backbone.

    • 3

      “the upper judiciary is indeed beginning to find its collective-backbone” – would it continue????

  • 5

    Perhaps the judiciary has sensed the “winds of change” and rediscovered their backbone! Let us hope that the other components responsible for the rule of law will act likewise, tomorrow and the crucial days to follow.

  • 2

    The Judiciary, officials, media, retirees from armed forces and police and several others have taken their cue from coming events. They have sensed correctly and absolutely that the tide has turned.

    There is no tight race. A crushing defeat for the incumbent. If not, the CJ would have instructed the Judges how to judge.

  • 1

    How come?. Has Hon Mohan Peiris, the Politician-cum-Chief Justice, started losing control?. The one who claimed he knew the whereabout of Prageeth Eknaligoda. Is he also counting the days?.

  • 0

    Knowing our people, it is more likely that the judiciary are counting on Maithtri winning and want to keep their jobs. But one can hope….

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