23 June, 2024


Hirunika Makes Fiery Speech In Parliament: Severely Criticises Sirisena For Attempting To Grant Presidential Pardon To Duminda Silva

UNP Parliamentarian Hirunika Premachandra made a fiery speech in Parliament today severely criticising President Maithripala Sirisena over his alleged attempts to grant a presidential pardon to Duminda Silva who is convicted of Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra’s murder.

Premachandra said Silva’s supporters were signing public letters in the Kolonnawa area requesting a pardon for the former MP. “They had told the people in the area that they were signing the letter on the advice of the President. I this because they have even visited the houses of my father’s former supporters. I cannot say Silva’s supporters are lying about the President’s advice, as I am not privy to the discussions between President Sirisena and Duminda Silva’s brother.”

The Parliamentarian also said there was no reason to believe that the same President who architected the constitutional coup on October 26 would not grant a presidential pardon to a man convicted of a heinous murder.

“We have seen how other Presidents lost their popularity during their second terms. But this President, unfortunately, has lost his public support even before the end of his first term. I am ashamed of the sacrifices I made to bring him to power in 2015,” Premachandra added.

She also stated that the recommendation of the Justice Minister and the Attorney General should be obtained before granting Presidential pardon to a prisoner under usual circumstances. “I am convinced that the Justice Minister of ours cannot be bought over. She will act according to her conscience.”

If Presidential pardon is granted to Duminda Silva, Premachandra said, other prisoners serving sentences for serious crimes will also seek similar redresses from the President. “How can the President reject their requests after granting presidential pardon to Duminda Silva?” the Parliamentarian asked in Parliament today.

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    Hirunika’s anxiety is understandable. However a pardon to Duminda Silva will cause an unmanageable furore and fallout.
    One wonders about the clumsy drama in flying Duminda to Singapore and his long stay there at taxpayer’s expense.
    Of course Hirunika will not speak in Parliament regarding her mission seeking a short cut method to finish off the Dematagoda abduction case.

    • 13

      K Pillai,
      I wonder why lankens laws seem to have no provisions to corner DUMINDA or the like forever.
      Alone the man – a lawyer (Kalumahaththaya ) is no longer there who then brought doctored medical records into public discussion at the time, this high criminal was hospitalized in Singapore for such along time, at least partly on state funds.
      Then PM Dimu Jayaratna to that time had revealed Duminda had visited his hospital bed at the time PM had been taking treatements in the same hospital.
      However, RAJAKASHE PROPAGANDA units block and took every measures not leaking the news – to that time itself, reports revealed no such FATAL injuries ever found on Duminda Skull.
      On his return to lanka after 2 years o so, the bugger Rajakashes appointed him as the KOLLONAWA SLFP organiser. remember ?.
      There, the bugger DUMINDA had no whatsoever signs gave him to have gone through any kind of brain surgeries.
      Now Rajitha Senaratna should reveal the world, – WHAT he knew about DUMINDA SILVA to that time, since Rajitha Senaratna was like SUPER NANNY to MR regime in those very days. :

    • 7

      “However a pardon to Duminda Silva will cause an unmanageable furore and fallout.”

      For sure! ……….. but do you think it will stop them from attempting? If they were dumb enough to carry out the unbelievably stupid putsch?

      The Supreme Court was able to put it right. ………… But who is going to put Duminda back in prison once he has got a presidential pardon?

      Whatever the political-divide/side ……. Lankan pols are a special privileged breed and above the rest; they can get away with anything.

      ………. because whatever the crime people on each side will always defend “their man.”

      If something is a crime or not, depends on who commits it!

      Everything “your man” does is a crime ……….. every crime “my man” commits is patriotism!

      The fault is in the logic.

    • 1

      Muderous type of mind, only will release another muderer
      Hope President will not do such thing, and classified himself under
      This group

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    Gemini Cricket, You said it. I was about to type some thing nasty, but then saw your comment and realized there is no better way to say.The beauty of a Shit Hole Country. If Dumina and Ganasara deserve presidential pardon then who else dosent. Come to think of it Lankan prisons should be empty by the time our Thatha leaves the presidency (hopefully) . In the mean time after Philippines he will be off to Singapore soon with another bunch of party clowns.(how fare is Singapore from Philippines) The so called simple/humble common/village man has made up is mind to have fun at nation,s expense. This is what Lanka is worth. Talking about religion, Buddhism , Mahavamsa, Old/made up glories , How bad some other countries are, artificial greatness, nationalism, party politics, finger pointing, mud slinging,statements from religious heads and howling from roof tops will not take away facts or loosing face. A failed nation of retards. Even the god (who ever may be) cannot end the rot.

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    I hope justice will be held up for Hirunika. But to expect this Pissu Sira to have any moral compass is nothing short of naive stupidity on our part.

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    Hirunika is fighting for her own issues apart from that she never thinks of people who helped her to live a luxurious life.

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    According to the rule for a murder convict to be pardoned, I understand one of the prerequisites is for the victims family to also agree. A convicted murderer cannot escape to freedom without the agreement of the victim’s family.

  • 0

    Native Veddtha…
    If you read which defined by Neo-Liberalism of Democracy that JRJ’s- UNP and voice of that Democracy that discard by politics of UNP ‘s undermined principle norms democracy .

    1 Indefinitely pospsonted that right to vote suppressed that buying vote against Vote by UNP -JRJ!
    Look at so-called referderam 1982 was that vote by pospsonted elected member of Parliament by UNP regime.

    2 Taken letters of from MPs that resigned undated taken also by JRJ of UNP, different mode Neo-Liberalism that was an introduce by UNP leadership.

    3 Attacked Judges residents of by JVP ex cadres of Kalu Luckey has not charge by judiciary of Island.
    How is that UNP Neo-Liberalist democracy implemented by JRJ regime?

    4 JRJ run Parliament without any mandate for 11 years. How is that Democracy by UNP Neo-Liberalism.

    We view that certain features of Neo-Liberals Democracy was guided by UNP of JRJ and R.Premadasa from 1977 to 1994. There is large number of that list of Politics “Neo-Liberalism of democracy” that we can provide if request by CT readers.

  • 2

    There are many accused/convicted persons who may need pardon, but only after the Tamil Political Prisoners who are in jail WITHOUT any proof of any crime.


    Ranil’s name is here above.

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    JRJ’s time rapist & under world Gonawala Sunil JP (Rani’s buddy) was pardoned.

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