16 May, 2022


Historically A Third Term Means Lifetime!

By S. V. Kirubaharan

S. V. Kirubaharan

S. V. Kirubaharan

“The elections were pointless, as the outcome would be determined by Mugabe himself” –The opposition leader of Zimbabwe, Morgan Tsvangirai

Well known types of ruling systems fall into categories: – democracy, dictatorship, republic, monarchy / kingdom, communist and socialist.

In brief, let’s look at the main features of those ruling systems:

If it is a democratic state, there will be equality before the law, due process of law, constitutional limits on government, equal rights, social economic and political pluralism, sovereignty of the people, freedom of speech, freedom of press, etc. Failed states which conduct manipulated elections, also consider themselves democrats. They talk about elections but not about how they are done.

In a state where dictatorship is practiced, political power is held in the hands of a single individual. This is a carbon copy of monocratic and autocratic rule.

Mahinda Rajapaksa RIn a republic, political power should be decided by the people. But now-a-days it is questionable whether people have this right!

In a monarchy/kingdom, political power is in the hands of a single, often self appointed, ruler. The constitutional/ceremonial monarchies are not the same as the absolute monarchies in the Middle East and elsewhere.

In a communist state, there is no question of multi-party rule. The one-party-rule ideology is based on Maoism, Marxism, and Leninism according to political theories on the potential of the working class.

In the recent past, socialist states have re-emerged along anti-imperialist lines, rejecting neo-liberalism. Venezuela and Bolivia are good examples.

These ruling systems can be researched and debated for days. Their definitions and their features are complicated and can differ in practice.

The interesting point is that many states like to have the word – ’republic’, ‘democratic’ or ‘socialist’ written into their name. The country’s governance may bear absolutely no resemblance to the political philosophy associated with the name.

 J. R. Jayewardene

In 1978 Sri Lanka was named the “Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka”. The late President J. R. Jayewardene introduced the Executive Presidency to Sri Lanka. It was he who gave the country these names. When introducing the Executive Presidency, he said that the Executive President could do anything, except turn “a man into a woman”. Therefore, he must have realized that the Executive Presidency, with so much power in the hands of a single individual would have values based neither on socialism, democracy nor a republic. This may be the reason why he wanted Sri Lanka, at least in name, to remain a ‘Democratic Socialist Republic’!

In Tamil there is a proverb that says: “Termites dig the hole and the snake lives”. This is what is happening today as a consequence of the Executive Presidency in Sri Lanka.

The 1978 constitution stated firmly that no President could stand for a 3rd term. But this was amended on 9th September 2010, using the two-third majority that Mahinda Rajapaksa has in parliament, now permits him to seek re-election any number of times in future.

 Ethnic conflict

More than 60 years of bloody ethnic conflict continue without any viable solution. In the past, each Sri Lankan government gave a pretext to the international community, saying that they were unable to settle the ethnic conflict because they didn’t have a two-third majority in parliament.

But Rajapaksa who has a two-third majority in parliament is using it, to strengthen and prolong his power! In the past, he told the international community that as soon as the war came to an end, he would give the political solution to the people in the North and East. Today, he says, “there is no minority as such and there is no ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka”!

The world has seen many dictators and monarchies that captured power in military coups and assassinations of heads of states, staying in power until they died or were chased away by the people.

The Shah of Iran was an example of a monarchy chased away by the people. Suharto of Indonesia, Sadam-Hussain of Iraq, Col Gaddafi of Libya, Hosni Mubarak of Egypt and Zine El Abidine Ben Ali of Tunisia are some examples of autocratic states.

Then we come to ‘failed states’ and their power-hungry leaders. These came to power by ballot and then rule the country through manipulation, intimidation and bullet. Good examples are Francoise Duvalier (Papa Doc) of Haiti, Ferdinand Marcos of Philippines, Alberto Fujimori of Peru, Alexander Lukashenka of Belarus, Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe. There are a few others.

Piggish for power

We can see two very good examples towards which Mahinda Rajapaksa is heading today. They are Ferdinand Marcos of Philippines and Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe.

Ferdinand Marcos of Philippines was an elected President in 1965 for the first term. In 1969 he was re-elected for the second term. Due to leftist unrest in 1970, he declared Martial Law in 1972, and amended the constitution allowing him to contest in the presidential election for more than the two term limit. Elections for the third term were held soon after Martial Law was lifted in January 1981. In other words, twelve years after the previous presidential election.

In February 1986, Marcos called for a snap Presidential election. In this election, even though Marcos was declared winner, widespread violence and tampering of election results were reported. The National Citizens’ Movement for Free Elections – NAMFREL, an election watchdog in the Philippines declared, Corazon Aquino as the winner. Corazon Aquino is the widow of Senator Benigno Aquino Jr., the leader of the opposition who was assassinated by Marcos government at Manila Airport in August 1983.  Soon after the Presidential election in 1986, People Power Revolution forced Marcos to flee Philippines.

When will a courageous Sri Lankan Corazon Aquino appear, to re-instate democracy in Sri Lanka?

In April 1979, black people in former Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) voted for the first time in a democratic election. The majority of the people supported Abel Muzorewa, the bishop in the United Methodist Church. He was the first black prime minister of Zimbabwe.

Within a year, in 1980, another election was held in Zimbabwe. In this election Robert Mugabe won the majority of the vote through intimidation and threat. He openly said that if he lost the election there would be a civil war. In 1980, Mugabe became the Prime Minister for the first time. Since then until today, he and his political party continued to win every election through his usual tactics of manipulation, intimidation and vote-rigging.

Robert Mugabe was the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe from 1980 to 1987 and in December 1987, he was declared Executive President of Zimbabwe by parliament.

Since 1980, six parliamentary elections (1980, 1985, 1995, 2000, 2005, 2008) and since 1990 four presidential elections (1990, 1996, 2002, 2013) have been held in Zimbabwe. In all parliamentary elections Robert Mugabe’s “Zimbabwe African National – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF)” won with a huge majority. Robert Mugabe won in all presidential elections, except a constitutional referendum which took place in February 2000. The result of the referendum was a great victory for the opposition group, Movement for Democratic Change – MDC, lead by Morgan Tsvangirai.

Will this be the fate of Sri Lanka in the near future?

Failed states

Francoise Duvalier (Papa Doc) of Haiti was elected as the President in 1957, remaining in power until he died in 1971. He was succeeded by his 19 year old son, Jean-Claude Duvalier, who was overthrown by an uprising in 1986.

Alberto Fujimori of Peru won the presidential election for the first term in 1990, and the second term in 1993. Due to the constitutional limits for presidency of two terms, in 1998 a referendum was conducted by Fujimori to repeal this law, but it failed. Anyhow he stood for the third term and claimed victory. Election irregularities were reported.

In November 2000 when Fujimori went to attend a Conference in Brunei, a vote of no-confidence was passed in parliament and Fujimori lost his presidency. From Brunei he went to Japan and remained in self-imposed exile.

In the first democratic presidential election in Belarus in July 1994 Alexander Lukashenka won. In another presidential election held in September 2001, Alexander Lukasheno won his second term. For the third term, Lukashenka won ‘with a landslide victory’, amid vote-rigging and fear of violence, in elections held in March 2006. He contested the fourth term in an election that took place in December 2010. He won with his usual manipulations and election irregularities.


History teaches us that no President who amended a constitution to contest for the third term has ever given up power until either he was dead or chased away by the people. There have been occasions such as when President Francoise Duvalier of Haiti transferred power to his son. This happens in failed states ‘in the name of democracy’.

In monocratic or autocratic state like North Korea, Nicaragua, Azerbaijan, Democratic Republic of the Congo – DRC, Syria, Qatar, Cuba and in a few other countries, the power has been transferred from father to son or to a family member.

However the world has taught us that whoever is piggish for power meets with a sad ending; forced to flee the country and their generation has to live with shame and humiliation.

Let us see what is going to happen to Rajapaksa’s rule in Sri Lanka.

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Latest comments

  • 7

    Hello there Kirubaharan,

    You sound like a model “human rights champion”. Although you are no better than many other Tamil frauds are you really?

    British Police investigating LTTE Human Rights champion S V Kirubakaran

    The British police have commenced an investigation into a death threat made by S V Kirubakaran, an LTTE human rights champion who was only earlier this month, submitting before the UN in Geneva that the Sri Lankan state is involved in killings and disappearances.

    S V Kirubakaran of 9, rue des Peupliers, 95140 – Garges les Gonesse, FRANCE is accused of threatening Douglas Wickremaratne, a British national living in London with the same fate as Lakshman Kadirgamar, the Sri Lankan foreign minister who was assassinated by a LTTE death squad.


    • 13

      Do you have any comments on what has been written?

      • 8

        OK. It’s been 4 years, so what is happening now? What did they find?

        • 7

          Dogs bark and caravan move, not just one or two years, more than two decades.

          Bravo Kirubaharan

    • 4

      Thanks for exposing the fraud. There are many others who fraudulently portray themselves as human rights activists while working for the LTTE. The latter is certainly NOT dead.

      • 4

        Why do CT give them free publicity just because they are against MR?

        • 4

          Now you also got your publicity in the CT

    • 13

      What Kirupakaran said about the Sri Lankan democracy in the hands of Sinhalese frauds are accurate and true reflection of the state. It is a very good article.

    • 5

      The monkey has just jumped from Usha Sriskantharajah to Kirubaharan.

      Good luck

      • 6

        Ganesh, Ajith, Sritharan it is people like you who give a bad name to Tamils and as a result will ensure that Rajapakse wins. He paid the LTTE, maybe he is paying you.

        • 3

          Don’t cry for Ranil

          Once Ranil Wickremasinghe wins the election, either you can re-start your container business or Ranil can designate you as the Ambassador for US.

          Don Gnana, not only Rajapaksa paid money to the LTTE, you and your late brother also paid.

          Have you got an acknowledgement for the money that you both paid to the LTTE? If not, we can substantiate it with photographs.

          • 0

            I hope Ranil wins but I doubt it because he is not proactive. The only excuse I can think of for his silence, is that MR will undermine his campaign. So he is waiting for the election date to be announced before starting. It may be too late.

            • 6


              Are you referring this to Chandrika?

              “When will a courageous Sri Lankan Corazon Aquino appear, to re-instate democracy in Sri Lanka?”

              Get this translated into Singhalese and Tamil.

              This article should be seen by every voter in Sri Lanka.

              These are marvellous points to alert the voters.

              Well done Kirubaharan, you have made Mahinda Rajapaksa’s popularity to touch the ground.

              Take care!

    • 8


      The very fact that SVK is being investigated is proof of democracy in UK.
      I await the verdict.

      In sri lanka, the PTA prevails over all laws of the country.
      Citizens are picked up & disappear, are held in secret prisons for long periods without trial, are “sent” for “rehabilitation” to secret army camps.
      PTA will vastly aid the state in the run up to the pending election.

    • 2

      [Edited out]

    • 8


      According to UK media, S V Kirubakaran was arrested by the British police and sentenced to life imprisonment.

      He wrote his latest article from the British prison. Does this make Vibhushana² happy?

      Now have a scotch and continue your outrage on Usha Sriskantharajah

      S V Kirubakaran is giving something new to the readers. What have you accomplished in your life?

      Right from the beginning you write insulting comments about Kirubakaran. Has this ever stopped his writings? Soon or later you are going to end-up in Psychiatrist hospital.

      Unfortunately Soori (Dr. Thuraisamy Sooriabalan) passed away. Otherwise he would have helped you.

      Bible Verses –

      “But a stupid man will get understanding when a wild donkey’s colt is born a man!” (Job 11:12)

    • 3

      Yes, Sri Lankans will re-elect President Rajapakse who ended the dreaded terrorism the likes of you (Pirapakaran, Kirubakaran, all the same) were perpetrating on innocent Tamil, Sinhala and Muslim people of Sri Lanka. We surely want to keep him in power for life.

      If you want to prevent that happening, come back here and try to stop. We are ready to do the needful to all mongrels who want to continue Pirapakaran’s terrorism.

      Come if you are brave.

    • 2


      Kirubaharan had been investigated in 2007.

      • 0

        Hey Jim Softy, if Kirubaharan has been investigated in 2007, that is because he lives abroad where the law is in effect. If he was a Jarapakse crony living in SL, he will be a government minister.

    • 1

      Vibhushana the Braindead

      Of course it is too much to expect you to read and understand the content of the Article. Hence your totally unrelated comment.

      Pray tell us, and satisfy our curiosity. Did the British investigation find Kirubaharan guilty of threatening to assassinate Wickremaratna?

    • 1

      unfortunately Douglas Wickremaratne has escapped. damn it.

    • 0

      unfortunately Douglas Wickremaratne has escaped. damn it.

  • 6

    We all are beating the dead horse. That is what has been let with Tamils for last 65 years. So beating it for another 99 nine years may not suggest anything different on their mind. Their fate was decided long before from today by Donomore and Soulbury. The earliest decision on that was 1931 and the last one in 1944. So Tamil have been given to Sinhala Intellectual for 99 or 165 years lease (Total years of the lease, I am not sure; nor can predict anything on that). The Sinhalese has a different situation. The 18A is about third term. The popular talks are about the third term. The Supreme Court verdict is about third term. The coming election is about third term. But there was(is) never, ever a third term existed in the real political sky. The “third term” is only an illusionary or virtual phenomenon. I can site the Cinnamon Lake Hotel drama, in 2010, as the day the decision was made. Then I might end up suggesting there was a second term, not third term. In fact, elsewhere I had already done that occasionally too. But, now I cannot conceive the percentage of the accuracy of that kind of statement.

    The war was fought by Tamils youth for the right to study, work and have a family. When one starts a war, there is nobody to insure the outcome. That is only a pure risk taking activity. But the LTTE was not fighting in that kind of dark. There were many elements clear and bright enough to predict. Rather than getting into all of them and muddle through, we just can look at the one, that the one IC and UN’s let down the Tamil. By 2007, UN had already passed its opinion about Lanka and had sent the Bahawati commission before the war. SLMM had operated inside the land, claiming the warring parties were brutally killing each other. There was a reasonable expectation from the Tamils, that they had the right to fight for their deprived right. After all what happened in Lanka different from all these. In fact it had cast its shadow on the future of the Lanka; that is whether it is going to be only First term or second term or third term.

    Tamils and Diasporas were the only impediment to establish an autocratic rule in Lanka. So, the rebels were put down more violently than Idi Amin. It was not the rebels were put down at that time; it was the wipe out of Vanni in the name of putting down the rebels. America was in the scene. Western countries were there. UN was there. Amnesty international, ICG … everyone was there. Life after life, body after body… like never heard even in the World Wars’ histories, Tamils were murdered. Tamils’ expectation of that, under the Sky where the sun comes, in the presence of International community, they had a right to fight for their lost place was shuttered. The IC kept their eyes closed. So it all happened like a dream. But there is more than that.

    The international community kept is eyes shut. But it was not an accidental or natural incident. It was a really well planned scheme. Japan, Norway, America, Europe, Israel were put in their hand by that time Lankan government, under CBK. Such a master plan was handed over from one EP to another. Then the plan was expanded. Now the India and China were taken in. Even in ISIL situation, western world is maintaining decency. India has the reputation of handling its North and Eastern states. Communist China is known for the human rights violations. With the newly added partners, borders of the war ethics were redrawn. Old partners sidelined. The master scheme started to turning towards hell. Nevertheless the schemers did know that the old partners will help for the war, but they will request the accountability too. This is why the war had to be turned into “war without witnesses”.

    Those who did plan the war planned it as “war without witnesses”. To create autocracy, Tamils have to wipe out. To wipe out Tamils, the war has to be “war without witnesses”. To achieve that just expelling few foreign would not do. Wiping out of Tamils have be a perfect genocide, without even a grass or shrub reaming on the land, to give anybody any kind of clue. The decision made on the child Balachandran life is the confirmation of this. The Schemers, who draw this plan, draw one more safety value for their safety. That is the decision, if necessary, no more elections! 99 years lease! The lease is, in fact started, with holding fake elections, all over the country. This was not possible in North. So, at the start, North was discarded for election. But India needed that election. So that had been temporally held and the defeat was accepted. South cannot be so easily discarded like that. The elections over there have been orchestrated like the masterpieces of the century. Fonseka, after the Cinnamon Lake Hotel Drama, decided there will be no third term for him. Sobitha like inexperienced ones who were betting on CC for third term have been converted. So now it is very clear that the 99 years lease is not going to start. In fact, it had stated in 2005. It was then, one after other plans to do without election were drawn.

    This was Posted somewhere else (in CT )on November 17, 2014 at 9:15 am

  • 9

    The trio Mugabe-Marcos-Mahinda have the same pattern. If Mugabe`s
    democracy can give him a 99% victory, cannot the Chairman of the
    Commonwealth make it 100% in his 3rd Term!!!!

    This early PE is more worthy to China as it is financed by them – the
    bribes of Motor-cycles etc. will be paid via future Projects as probably agreed by Basil during his last visit to China?

    Gota`s Plan B would be a “Palace-coup” using his Army cohorts if things
    go wrong, when his friend Mohan P will rule that the Army will over-see
    Governance, making way for the “99 year lease” to Rajapakse Family! This has occured in East Asia. The 26 Dist. Cantonments will house arrest the Opposition of all kinds. The Media will ensure dead silence. A “Maynmmar” will be baptised by China and Western sanctions will be overcome as China will defy same. This plausible senario has to
    to be in the minds of all Politicians opposing the Regime.

    Is JHU now a re-birth of Somarama? What does Astronomy say?
    SB Voters must decide wisely, as MR and 10 Judges for an unknown reasons have given you an opportunity 2 yrs.ahead for a “S.B.Spring” !!

  • 1

    Didn’t Kiruba’s Thavalar ruled the Vellalas for thirty years ,

    That is equivalent to Three decades..or Five Six Year Terms,, Right,

    What would Kiruba call that.. Two life times perhaps…

    Just imagine the Francc Kiruba has forked out to keep the Thavalar in good shape ?.

    Or was he just an Agent like the the Western Money changers in Wellal Gardens ?….

    • 0

      You lacks History knowledge Kamakaaran!(Like “you honor”; That is how a Vellala supposed to be addressed. LOL.)

      If you count like that you have to start for King from the years he was living in the jungle with JVP. That 10 terms for the King.

      Further Ratwatte and Shive Shankar Mennen did not allow Thalivar to rule all his period. Rnil gave by left hand took it off by right hand. In fact here ruled only four five years. But in the mean time, he has been preparing TNA from dis-organized factions, unlike King who dismantle SLFP by equally recruiting UNPer into that.

  • 1

    A few moments ago I had to take a moist towel and clean my computer screen.

    You see, the Article incorporates a picture of His Excellency Mahinda Percy Rajafuksa. I saw his face adorned by his wily smile, hands held together in sanctimonious obeisance to the People, or maybe his Deities, the Cronies dutifully lined up behind him, and the yellow robes stacked behind him to provide legitimacy and respectability. In a flash I was enlightened. The ridiculous state the Nation has been reduced to flashed in my mind’s eye. I got an overpowering feeling to do something, anything, to redeem the honour of Mother Lanka.

    For a long time I stared at the picture. Overcome by a feeling of utter hopelessness I screamed “Thoo Nodakin” and spat at the computer screen.

  • 1

    Historically A Third Term Means Lifetime! Rocket science vision by S,V. Kirubaharan

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