22 September, 2023


Homosexuality, Happy Marriages & Mangala Saga

By Rajiva Wijesingha

Prof. Rajiva Wijesinha MP

Prof. Rajiva Wijesinha MP

Have only just seen Mangala Samaraweera’s bizarre assertion of innocence (his name in the old days) regarding his recent visit to New York with a gentleman from his personal bureau. It must have been someone with a particularly whimsical sense of humour who declared of young Sameera, as though it would crush all rumours, that ‘Manahara is the happily married father of a beautiful baby girl’.

Did Mangala realize when he signed off on this that the implication is that, had Sameera been unmarried, there might have been cause for worry about the public funds spent? Did he realize that, had Sameera been married, but not had children, beautiful or otherwise, the country might have thought the New York stay was for ulterior motives?

All this is a great pity, because Mangala has never been hypocritical about himself, and he should have realized that the issue was the money spent, not about whether Sameera is happily or unhappily married. I now begin to understand why

Jayampathy Wickremaratne did not accept my suggestion, when we were drafting the manifesto, that the entire Bill of Rights he so efficiently put together at my urging way back in 2008/2009 be included. The Committee had been set up in accordance with a pledge in the 2005 Mahinda Chintanaya but had given up because I think Jayampathy was by then deeply suspicious of the President. Nevertheless he reactivated the Committee at my request when I became Secretary of the Ministry of Disaster Management and Human Rights (then too I had what more experienced politicians think is the simplistic view that a government should stand by the commitments in its manifesto).

The draft was good and I tried to get the Minister to put it on the agenda but he was nervous, since the President had also told him to hold back until after the election on the Human Rights Action Plan the Ministry had put together. That, thankfully, was adopted after the election even though the Ministry had been abolished. But there was no movement on the Bill of Rights, even though I asked the President to take it forward. His claim was that there were some things he did not want, and when I asked what, he said the Bill would legalize homosexuality. He declared that he would not allow prosecutions with regard to homosexuality, which seemed a silly position since the problem with the law is the fear and oppression it engenders.

But I was weak enough to suggest that he take out what he did not like and have the rest passed. He was however adamant, and said the matter could be taken up by Ranil. I suppose he thought that there was no chance of Ranil getting into power, but now that the impossible has happened, I hope the UNP at least will support the Bill when it is tabled. Perhaps we can then stop this nonsense about happy marriages, with or without beautiful daughters.

We should be concentrating on preventing waste and ensuring that public funds are spent for public purposes. I have suggested to Karu that the whole idea of a massive private office for Ministers is corrupting, with so many relations being appointed who fulfil no public purpose. But I fear that codes of conduct and streamlined administrative systems are of little interest to anyone else.

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    This is a thought provoker by this enigmatic, if not whimsically eccentric man.

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      It seems like the truth is hard to swallow for some like you.

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      It is high time to check his nose hairs first before going to attack anyone for his or her sexuality. I think just because this man s efforts ended up not being able to implement his way – now being alert to a revengeful agendas attacks current FM. What matters is his achievements. We dont he is gay, straight or transexual. It is upto him to live his life as he finds is fine. Of course the mentioned costs are by state funds, he has to pay back and FMinistry has to work on that matter. I really dont think MY3 would allow funds to be wasted if all these are true

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    There is a series of connected questions that arise.

    The first is what on earth was so called ambassador Prasad Kariyawasam doing in New York when he has enough to do in Washington ?What was he doing there when we have a distinguished diplomat ,Ambassador Dr.Palitha Kohonna in New York ?Kariyawasam was after all the man who while sitting just next to Nonis did not hear OR see Sajin Vass slap Nonis That is his calibre, a far cry from the likes of highly capable and polished Ambassadors like Jayantha Dhanapala and Earnest Corea.

    The next question is what was that woman Maheshini Colonne doing in Washington (she had detoured to Washington without going directly to New York)when her work involves New York?The truth of the matter is that unknown to Samarawera, an old and ongoing romance was rekindled between the two at the cost of a hefty amount of money belonging to poor Sri Lanka.Take one look at the bill and Maheshini has given herself an extra night too and that happens to be 14 February, Valentines Day.

    Maheshini worked openly for Sajin Vass, doing even his business correspondence letters for which she was amply rewarded.Now with a new government in office, she has magically transformed , using her brother’s connections.

    The final question is what has changed since 9th February?The simple answer is NOTHING. Kiyala wedak naha aney.

    • 28

      Washington staffer is clearly having a personal agenda to attack two very efficient officers in the Srilanka Foreign Service in this manner . And vilifying them with base , vulgar and unfounded personal attacks not only unbecoming but smacks of extreme prejudice and jealousy . By any stretch of imagination these two eminent , hard working and efficient officers who served the country for long years do not deserve such attacks and we know their conduct has been very professional and impeccable. Both are held in high esteem not only in Sri lanka but in posts they have served . In fact Washington writer seems like disgruntled colleague of theirs in the Foreign service. SLFS must get rid of such scumbags . other wise only God can save SLFS

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        Oh do not rush to judgement in classing Prasad K and Maheshini C as eminent since their record shows where their “eminence ” lies!!

        Sugee seems to be either blind OR deaf OR both just like Kariyawasam who promptly he did not see or hear Sajin slap Nonis while he was seated just next to him.I saw this incident myself and was as a Sri Lankan expatriate shocked to see Kariyawasam totally deny witnessing that disgusting incident.Until then I too had some regard for Kariyawasamas as a gentleman, since he had worked in the US previously.However as an Ambassador ,he could never ,never be in the class and ability of some eminent people who served in DC such as Jayantha Dhanapala ,Earnest Corea and in recent times Devinda Subasinghe , to name a few.But the man for all his demerits is a superb survivor.He has made a fantastic shift from the MR govt. era and having been one of its chief apologists has now joined the new government bandwagon, even to the extent of criticizing Sajin Vass openly in particular, but defending his relative MR.

        As for Maheshini Colonne, the less said the better.Can Sugee deny that she spent an extra night in New York when the invoice that appeared in CT clearly shows that she did so. It is none of our business whether Prasad and Maheshini are [Edited out] or otherwise linked.But if they are doing so at the Sri Lanka Governement expense, then we have every right to be worried even as ex Sri Lankans.Secondly, they have no right to do so openly since it is not keeping with the high standards expected of them and not certainly by Sri Lanka’s conservative values.Thirdly what was Prasad doing in New York when we had an excellent Ambassador ,Dr. Palitha Kohonne ?As for their fairy tale intimacy , Sugee need not worry for all the world knows about it except probably Sugee himself /herself. I say “probably ” since Sugee may be one of the two. The other point is what was Colonne doing in Washington when her duties are said to involve New York.Sugee can’t deny she did not come here since she was seen talking rudely to an Embassy lady at a public function in DC attended by Minister of of Foreign affairs..

        If Maheshini and Kariyawasam cannot get their act together ( I mean professionally !! ) then even god may not be able to save Sri Lanka’s Foreign Service.

        • 1

          Washington Staffer

          “Sugee seems to be either blind OR deaf OR both “

          Are you suggesting that blind and deaf people are as stupid as the one’s who defend wrong doers?

          I have met many with physical impairment who are cleverer/talented than the stupids we meet on a daily basis.

    • 3

      totally agree, Kariyawasam is not fit to be the cleaner in a embassy as he did manipulate the assault of that thug from Ambalangoda and royal pimp against Dr. NO-nis.

      Also others like Kshenuka, Kohona and the SriLankan country Manager who was the host of that dinner party are all accountable for hiding the crime against our diplomat and make our foreign service a joke.

      Even more shame on Kohona who happens to be a Australian citizen and someone worked for both the Australian Govt and UN system as well.

      These folks are even worse than the uneducated Mervyn Silva in manipulate and no backbone to come out with the truth.

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    Yes code of conduct was so impotant to you when you were part of a government murdering minorities in the thousands with billions of $ beeing plundred ?

  • 21

    The eccentric professor has no important subjects to talk about.

    • 2

      I see, the article doesn’t fit your narrative??

  • 14

    another dayan in the making

  • 12

    What matters is not whether Mangala is gay or not! He has his right to gender preference!
    When Rajiv is single or the late founder of the Liberal party leader being single, would it be right to point querying fingers at them??

    The explanations that need to be addressed are!
    * Having an affair homosexual or otherwise with a subordinate leads to conflict of interest etc.is there adequate proof?
    Isn’t it unfair to slander another person Manahara or whoever personally unless proven? When CT does not allow certain language, should they look at ethics before publishing?
    * Whether he used this amount of state money as alleged? On the other one cannot expect him to be in a backpacker’s hotel.! Also compare MaRa expenses when he took plane loads??

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    Don’t you have nothing to write about rather than gossip. Try writing about how to improve teaching of English at schools around the country. You are a professor from Sabragamuwa in that subject. You write well if one ignores the subject of what you write.

  • 4

    It seems a desperate Rajiva is a dangerous Rajiva, totally and completely eviscerated of all faculties and reason. This is what follows to all the PhDs who embraced local politics. The best is yet to come.

  • 5

    it is pity that we [Edited out]

    • 7

      it is a pity that rajiva can call him the same thing I called him [Edited out]


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    Mangala needs to answer if OUR money was ill spent. End of story.

    As for Mangala’s bedroom activities, I don’t care.
    At least he is open about it unlike a leader in the new regime who is married to a woman to hide it, which is pathetic me thinks.

    • 9

      didnt you vote for Mangala , so dont complain

  • 3

    [Edited out]

  • 4

    Rajiva., whatever.. there is a point of taking this man on state expenses are board in a Four Seasons Hotel by the Hon Minister though he is a junior staff.

    But., more importantly we can see, Mangala is doing a really good job in cleaning up the foreign service and opening the opportunities in the Western World other than your former boss, you happens to open Embassies in far away Banana Republics in Afrtican states like Swaziland and Uganda which is the Idi Amin country.

    Do you had any guts to tell the wasate of money in millions of Dollars to your former boss from Medamulana or the learned idiot called Geneve Lost Peiris?

    My guess is a firm NO?

    further the country was looked upon by the international community as a pariah and you were having a good time with all the goodies that Rajapaksas throw at you until the elections was called for.

    see who are our new friends when you were a so called law maker in that killer regime. Shame on you man.,. Pathetic.

    Sri Lanka established Diplomatic Relations with Rwanda, Republic of Congo and Mali on 20th April 2011, 01st Feb. 2012 and 19th January 2012 respectively.

    On 04th July, 2012, the Cabinet of Ministers granted approval for the Establishment of DPL relations with 15 African Countries namely Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Central African Republic, Chad, Cote d’Ivoire, Djibouti, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Gambia, Malawi, Mauritania, Niger, Sierra Leone, Togo. Formal DPL relations established with Mauritania on 21st Dec. 2012 and Burkina Faso on 15th Nov. 2012.

    • 2

      Matilda Ellepola

      “see who are our new friends when you were a so called law maker in that killer regime. Shame on you man.,. Pathetic.”

      There are no permanent friends nor enemies. Its all about self interest, particularly in Sri Lanka’s case the island serves other’s interest as you would have noticed we do not have foreign policy instead a long term policy of prostitution.

      The tried and failed foreign policy of prostitution has been formulated by the politicians and SLFS bureaucrats over the past 67 years continues as it is based on the concepts of covering one’s bum, inconsistencies, hypocrisy, protection from war crime charges, self interest, money laundering, ………….. fear, perception, …

      This island’s interest ranks at the bottom of priorities.

  • 4

    Rajive is the world’s best authority on married men (with children) who are referred to as[Edited out] (in the west) in the night . But there is nothing wrong in this as long as they pay for their own fun.

  • 3

    Its a shame that a woman voiced baby faced and an educated mutt like Rajiva has to stoop low and take a dig at someones sexual preference.. IF he was to make a speech demonizing homosexuality in the west, he would have been made to apologize and a tag would hang over his head citing discrimination. Where else can this mutt get attention than on CT now that he is just a LIST MP…. with lot of spare time..

  • 12


    You are just an English professor ?

    From which University you got your PhD ?

    Why you are no longer functioning as the University professor in English instead choose to be a politician as your livelihood ?

    Forget Mangala. If they have a Gay (actually, it becomes Bisexual for one guy) relationship, what was the woman’s- the wife of that guy – self-respect ? One politician and a husband were cheating that poor woman.

    What is the Child’s future ?

    Do you enjoy talking the sinister side of the life ?

  • 3

    Is this an article of an educated professor or an uneducated polarised brutal jealous person? Even after getting educated abroad this stupid Pundit has the audacity to bring “sex” into his writeup. This clearly shows the caliber of the author. I do not know why the members of the Liberal Party tolerate an idiot like Rajiva as their leader? Rajiva is bitter that he did not get a ministerial position. First of all he does not have a base to get elected and he came to the Parliament through a “Pina ta seat”.

  • 0

    The others in this family [Edited out]

  • 2

    agree with native vedda. washington staffer – at least respect the disabled and don’t let your venom consume you. such hatred cannot be productive or meaningful. if there are in fact serious allegations, you should take it up with the secretary of the ministry instead of hiding behind a pseudonym and casting aspersions at competent officers.

  • 1

    Yes Prasad Kariyaawasam and Maheshini Colonne cannot he compared to deaf and dumb persons. The two have no principles,no character, no honesty, no integrity. even though they can see and hear.

    Hope the young people in the Ministry of Foreign affairs don’t take Mr. Kariyawasam ànd Mrs Maheshini Kariyawasam as role models.

    • 2

      Jarvis, don’t worry in the current crop of SLFs officers almost none have the capacity and competence to match the likes of Kariyawasam and Collonne , hence there there is no question SLFS guys like you making them your role models . how can you ?where is the talent and ability. Sucking up to those in power is not enough brother. You need to deliver . Can you ? Just think . Hence just get on with work than attacking last remaining best of the best

  • 0

    Aney Sugee,

    For your info.dear a role model is one whom others follow.so if you think those two creatures are the best,as you say, then why should they not be role models.?One need not be necessarily successful but one could still try to follow a role model.For eg. Kariywasam openly admits that Jayantha Dhanapala is his role model,but Kariywasam’s record is way ,way below Dhanapala’s.Just google Dhanapala ‘s name and see for yourself.

    The truth is Mr Kariyawasam and [Edited out] are just mediocre at best. Only thing they know to do is to live it up at the tax payers expense .Just see the invoice that appeared in the CT.

    You appear so confused.As I can see you see the truth in what has been said about those two ,but for a reason you don’t wish to admit it.Hmmmm wonder why?The answer is blowing in the wind ha? !!!

    • 1

      hello Owl , you are in the habit of comparing two best officers your SLFS has ever seen, which you should not, since they two very different persons. But i just thought you should see what i saw recently in a prestigious Indian news paper about Kariyawasam . take a look at this link and see their comments; http://epaper.telegraphindia.com/details/143221-16745937.html

  • 1

    Sugee kolla and his “best of the best”.Hahaha.I think he was actually meaning “worst of the worst”

  • 1

    Its now clear that Jarvis, owl , Washington writer, etc seems one and the same or just couple of disgruntled inefficient SLFS officers who are out to get fellow officers who have risen far above them on shear ability. Everything written is highly personalized conjecture and does not seem factual at all.Instead of treading this path and wasting their time in office for such ill motivated pursuits they must get their act together in service of their Ministry . For instance have they seen recent press releases on high level visits. Ones on Qatar and now on Pakistan are pathetic to say the least.Quality of work of some SLFS folks far below average . And attacking few who do quality work is not the answer . We as citizens of this country feel that our money is wasted on some morons in the SLFS. May be time has come allow lateral entrants to weed out these scumbags

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