2 June, 2023


How to break up the right way: some do’s and don’ts

We all dream of happiness with our loved ones by our side. But people are so different, and on the way to that happiness, we have to go through breakups sometimes. And, perhaps, everyone will agree that breakups are always painful. There is no universal way to end the relationship properly. Meetwife.com has some tips on how to break up with someone less painfully.

Burn bridges

The right breakup is the one that ends the relationship completely, and it’s no longer possible to revive it. The most important and difficult thing is to let the person out of your mind or at least remember your ex from time to time with gratitude for that time you spent together.

Indicate the reason for a breakup

Explaining to your partner why you want to break up can be very hard, especially when you got confused in countless explanations. However, to learn how to break up with someone you love, you need to try to identify the problems that made you take this step and explain why you don’t see any other way except ending the relationship. Speak clearly. Your explanations shouldn’t have a double meaning and your former partner shouldn’t misunderstand the reason for the breakup.

Don’t blame anyone

Accusations are for the weak. Don’t forget that you’re talking to a person you once loved and with whom you spent a few wonderful years (months, weeks, it doesn’t matter). Your partner doesn’t deserve humiliation at such a difficult moment of your relationship (and you’re still in the relationship). If you want to blame someone, blame yourself. Just don’t say these terrible it’s-not-about-you kinds of words that have long become a synonym for indifference. But if you want to know how to get someone to break up with you, feel free to skip this advice and put all the blame on your partner.


You’ll probably still say it differently, but repeating your breakup speech makes sense. First, it will give you confidence. Second, it will tune you into the right mood. And third, if you forget what to say at the most important moment, a couple of phrases you repeated will appear in your head and save the situation from a disaster.

Avoid romantic memories

Memories are the most difficult thing you have to overcome. How to handle a break up when you share so many pleasant moments? All those romantic walks along the seashore at sunset, all those nights of passion and early summer breakfasts on the balcony… We’re sure some of these memories will pop up in your head, so don’t mention them and don’t let your partner talk about them if they decide to remember everything that happened between you.

Choose a neutral place

This point comes from the previous one. No apartments, favorite parks, or restaurants you often visited. Of course, you shouldn’t break up with your partner at the bus stop. Choose a neutral spot. Let this be the place you and your partner have never been to. Forget about this place once everything’s over.

Don’t start yelling at each other

Cries and mutual accusations don’t help. Don’t expect that this will make your breakup easier and less painful. You may regret what you said and decide to apologise. And guess what will happen next? No, not the best sex in your life (although everything is possible, this only happens in movies). You risk going through the process of breaking up once again, with the second round of difficult conversations, tears, and all the stuff that usually happens during breakups. But this time it will be even more painful.

How to know when to break up? Once you feel your relationship choking you, it’s time to end it. And after you make this decision, be sure to follow all these tips to make everything right.

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